Videojuegos Online de Habilidad

Captura de K-NIKA

K-NIKA es un sencillo y adictivo videojuego de habilidad en el que el usuario deberá encestar el mayor número posible de canicas en una cesta.

- jugar a K-NIKA -

Rascal Ninja
Captura de Rascal Ninja

You are Rascal Ninja, a nice guy who just wants to learn all ninja doctrines of the world by just stealing their scrolls! Run, jump and climb through 100 levels and try to not kill anybody on your journey, or better yet, try to not be detected! Use your shurikens to grab scrolls far away from you and fool your enemies with your shadow copy technique!

A/D or Arrows: Move
A/D or Arrows Twice: Run
S or Down Arrow while Running: Slide
L or Left Ctrl: Jump
K or  Space (+ direction): Shuriken
S or Down Arrow (press for 2s): Shadow Copy
W or Up Arrow (press for 2s): Invisibility
ESC: Stage Select / Title Screen / Menu

You can also double jump, wall jump and hide behind bushes and fog or underwater. And your shurikens can grab scrolls far away and bring them to you.

- jugar a Rascal Ninja -

Mad Burger 2
Captura de Mad Burger 2Mad burger is back! Launch the hot burger as far as possible, new upgrades, bonuses and lots of features included!

- jugar a Mad Burger 2 -

Devilish Moto Trial
Captura de Devilish Moto Trial

Devilish Moto Trial es un divertido juego Flash de carreras de motos. El juego ofrece 5 motocicletas diferentes para elegir y 10 espectaculares circuitos donde el usuario deberá competir contra-reloj.

- jugar a Devilish Moto Trial -

Shit Bird
Captura de Shit BirdShit happens, but there is an easy way to avoid it. Escaping from the flying shit or bombing it is up to you now.

- jugar a Shit Bird -

The Float
Captura de The Float• Breath taking avoid asteroids game! • Plan ahead or you will loose! • Stay sharp or you will loose! • You will eventually loose, but leave a mark in high scores list before you do! The Float is a simple and addictive game, that gives you control over a spaceship inside of the asteroid field. You start your engines with tap, and boost your engine with double-tap. Collect fuel, avoid asteroids, and beat other players in high scores list!

- jugar a The Float -

Farty Flappy Butt
Captura de Farty Flappy ButtAvoid plungers as a farty flappy butt. Unlock multiple play modes and write beautiful music.

- jugar a Farty Flappy Butt -

Roof runner
Captura de Roof runnerRun through the roofs of houses, try to run as far as possible. If you love parkour, this game is for you!

- jugar a Roof runner -

Steel Jack
Captura de Steel JackCartoon style level-based runner game. Run along the trail of stolen treasures controlling the brave knight to find the kidnapped king and the princess.

- jugar a Steel Jack -

Star Drive
Captura de Star DriveStar Drive is a awesome stunt game. clear all levels escape from the metal rods and bricks. Don't take too much damage or run out of time. Collect stars to boost your scorern

- jugar a Star Drive -

Destroyer Robo
Captura de Destroyer RoboIn this action game, you need to run and shoot robots. Stay alive! Destroy them all!rnrnHave fun and play some games!rnAnother great game brought to you by Enjoy and share with your friends. Follow us, like us, G+ us.rnrnUse your arrow keys and “A” to shoot.

- jugar a Destroyer Robo -

Tank battalion
Captura de Tank battalionDestroy enemy tanks defend our camp.

- jugar a Tank battalion -

Kitty Run
Captura de Kitty RunFlee with this cute cat from the avalanche of food across the kitchen and the living room. Jump over the gaps, avoid the dangerous objects and collect all of the stars. Earn every achievement for the 100% completion of the game. If you got stuck, upgrade the abilities of your cat or buy shield to protect him from dangerous objects. Do not forget to buy a skin for your cat to make your pet unique. If you got enough score, submit it to see your performance in the toplist. Good Luck See you soon it the top list!

- jugar a Kitty Run -

Neverending Chevalier
Captura de Neverending ChevalierThis game puts you in the shoes of a brave knight and his trusty steed. Faced with an intriguing, everchanging tower, there's no option but to climb it up all the way to the top. Harsh weather, strange creatures and uncooperative floor tiles will be encountered. Glory will be acquired in the convenient form of coins and trinkets. Your name will be inserted in legends. In a nutshell: Reach the top of the tower. Grab as many coins and trinkets as possible on your way up. Don't fall down. And submit your best score/time/loot to the leaderboards!

- jugar a Neverending Chevalier -

Health Food Frenzy
Captura de Health Food FrenzyHealth Food Frenzy is a side-scrolling shooter game aimed at reinforcing healthy eating habits. The player must avoid junk food and eat healthy food to earn points throughout increasing levels of difficulty.

- jugar a Health Food Frenzy -

Project "Code"
Captura de Project You control a unit in an unfamiliar environment and have to defend yourself against approaching enemies. Each one of your opponents is different from each other and the more waves you surpass, the more countermeasures those will develop against you. To be able to toughen up yourself as well you will be given a number of upgrades to choose from.

- jugar a Project "Code" -

Fruit Wars
Captura de Fruit WarsThe survival of the Earth has come to this... Collect coins to instantly upgrade weapons.. Bullet hell shoot em up flash based fruit fun...

- jugar a Fruit Wars -

Don't Let Go!
Captura de Don't Let Go!Avoid the obstacles as long as you can and "Don't Let Go!". An addictive game of skill and endurance, can you keep hold longer than your friends?

- jugar a Don't Let Go! -

Flying Skull
Captura de Flying SkullPress mouse button to fly.

- jugar a Flying Skull -

Power Glove Monkey
Captura de Power Glove MonkeyCan you smash your way to victory in this frustratingly addictive game of hand eye coordination? Retro charms and hardcore game-play lay ahead, be prepared to pull some funny "Game Over" faces!

- jugar a Power Glove Monkey -

Boss 101
Captura de Boss 101Boss 101 is an arcade action adventure with you taking the role of Max, a teenager with a jetpack, in order to save the world.

The game is designed around the concept of short arcade rounds that reward the player with cash for upgrades and hats, funny dialog, cool music and a constantly evolving sense of adventure to keep them coming back. You fight robo-animals, samurai, aliens and DINOSAURS! You heard right!

Major Features:

101 levels across 9 worlds - you travel across the globe and into space as you battle your way to the final boss.

Tons of dialog - each level features procedurally picked dialog between Max, STEVE (his jetpack) and the boss of the level. Subsequent returns to your command center also feature changing dialog to move you along with the story and help you understand what has been happening. Yes - there is an end cinematic too!

Procedural Bosses - You, the player, get to roll your own boss to fight. As you progress you face more bosses "mixed" from earlier levels

Cash and Upgrades - beating levels and bosses earns you cash for one of five major upgrades in the game. Including Super Max mode!

Customize your player with Hats - the player can outfit their character with 50 different hats, each of which grants one or more special powers like earning extra money per shot, doing more damage, health boost, damage reduction and speed boosts

Multiple powerup weapons during the rounds - rocket launchers, laser rifles, health powerups and the dreaded fist pistol are a few of the weapons you will see.

Fully orchestrated Soundtrack - each level and game screen has an orchestrated score to help drive home the AWESOME adventure the player is on.

Hard Mode - want a challenge? Try the hardest 30 levels the game has to offer!

Boss 101 and sequels - this is also meant to be the start of a series of games centered on Max and the jetpack. In fact plans for the next installment are underway and I am more than happy to work with any sponsor on the idea of a continued series.

Please feel free to leave a message in the forum or contact me via PM with any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you and I am open to any comments or suggestions.


- jugar a Boss 101 -

Dodo Bird Challenge
Captura de Dodo Bird ChallengeAccept this great challenge and help Dodo Bird fly away safely from the glacial lands before he freezes! He needs to reach the tropical lands without hitting any obstacle that might get in his way! An easy game, great fun, just perfect to help time fly by! Tap the screen to make Dodo flap his wings and dodge obstacles! Help him get as farther as he can before he freezes! ------- Coming soon: Great skill training missions Fun rewards in bonuses and badges! COOLectables during the flight! NEW characters picked out from Dodo’s friends to play with!

- jugar a Dodo Bird Challenge -

Flappy Wings
Captura de Flappy WingsFly into freedom! The game everybody is talking about -Click to flap your wings and fly -Dodge the pipes Features: - Catchy Soundtrack - Simple Controls - Multiple Backgrounds - Charming Pixel Art - Improves Flappy Bird formula - Bird design an homage to Tiny Wings

- jugar a Flappy Wings -

Military Combat 3D
Captura de Military Combat 3D3D First Person Shooter with amazing graphics. Protect your base from invading enemy soldiers, adapt your playstyle during the game - learn how to move around effectively and flank your enemies. Share your highscore with the world and become the master of FPS gaming

- jugar a Military Combat 3D -

Catch The Fruits
Captura de Catch The FruitsTry to catch the fruits of same type as many as possible !

- jugar a Catch The Fruits -

Save Kitty or Die Trying
Captura de Save Kitty or Die TryingSave Kitty or Die Trying is a short tribute to the gameboy zelda games I loved growing up. It is very short but I hope you enjoy it. Originally created for Kongregate's GITD #28, I finally got the motivation up to actually work on it and decided to just publish it already.

- jugar a Save Kitty or Die Trying -

Captura de CardinalHow many times can you escape from the box?

- jugar a Cardinal -

Captura de BoxesYour task - remove the blocks from the first to the thirtieth, in order. Trying to remove a block with the wrong number leads to loss of time - be careful. More blocks you remove - then more points you get. The game runs at a time - so hurry.

- jugar a Boxes -

Water Slide
Captura de Water SlideAnother pixel art game.

- jugar a Water Slide -

Zoombie Factory
Captura de Zoombie FactoryHeavy fighting with zoombies in order to stay alive.

- jugar a Zoombie Factory -

Boy Being Chased By Dog
Captura de Boy Being Chased By DogA boy being chased by a dog.

- jugar a Boy Being Chased By Dog -

Fly The Crow
Captura de Fly The CrowHelp this little Crow to fly and pass between the columns. You don't have to crash because then it will die. This is a very fun game. Try to beat the record and get as far as possible.

- jugar a Fly The Crow -

Flappy Birds
Captura de Flappy BirdsFlap your wings to fly

- jugar a Flappy Birds -

Egg Vs Robots
Captura de Egg Vs RobotsEscape from the attack of a robotic swarm in this addictive action shooting game. Lead Max, an incredibly brave egg, to prevent robots from taking over your farm. Use pistols, uzis, bazookas, missiles and much more. Upgrade your weapons, special powers and skills in the upgrade menu to get stronger and to escape from the evil robots.

- jugar a Egg Vs Robots -

The Apple Thief
Captura de The Apple ThiefThe Apple Thief is a run and jump game in which you play a street urchin and have to escape a chubby policeman to get home to your little sister. It features 100% hand drawn artwork inspired by the silent films of the early 20’s and the music of James P. Johnson. It’s pretty short and easy. I made it for my daughters who actually helped me out with the rotoscoping.

- jugar a The Apple Thief -

Captain DJ
Captura de Captain DJDr. Noise has stolen all the music from planet earth. Captain DJ needs your help to accomplish his mission and restore music to the planet! Your enemies will do anything to stop you.

Use the arrow keys to play this game. You can also jump using space.

- jugar a Captain DJ -

Valentine Bear
Captura de Valentine BearCute Valentine themed platformer game packed with jumping action. Jump on moving platforms, avoid enemy shots and collect hearts! Share your highscore to impress your friends

- jugar a Valentine Bear -

Space Demolishers
Captura de Space DemolishersIn this exciting space shooter game you have to fight with a lot of enemies. Earned money and upgrade shop will help you with this.

- jugar a Space Demolishers -

gold digga
Captura de gold diggagold digga is a endless level game. you digg your way down to the earth and grab some gold.

- jugar a gold digga -

Lol Eater 2
Captura de Lol Eater 2Eat the other memes to grow bigger and defeat all bosses!

- jugar a Lol Eater 2 -

Space Flash Arena
Captura de Space Flash ArenaSpace combat simulation in full 3D. Fight with AI-driven enemies, collect guns and missiles, get medals for mastering each of 6 maps!

- jugar a Space Flash Arena -

The Red Button
Captura de The Red ButtonPush the Red button and earn high score.

- jugar a The Red Button -

Turbomole Trial Run
Captura de Turbomole Trial RunTurbomole is back! In this addictive and easy-to-play game, you will control a tiny running mole collecting carrots over 16 different levels. There are many obstacles like traps, slippery tiles, etc. on the way, and you have to make mole to jump over them by using any of the ACTION keys (pls see instructions below). You will need excellent timing and good decisions to collect all carrots from each level. Have fun!

- jugar a Turbomole Trial Run -

Monkey Kong
Captura de Monkey Kong In this game, you are a little chimp called Monkey Kong. Join him in his adventure to navigate through 16 action-packed levels of thick rain forest. Collect all fruits and avoid obstacles like statues, crabs, grenades and dangerous spikes. Be aware, sometimes your enemies and obstacles are well hidden. Stay alive and survive.rnHave fun and play some games.rnAnother great game brought to you by Enjoy and share with your friends. Love us or hate us, but follow us, like us, G+ us.rn

- jugar a Monkey Kong -

Pixel Command
Captura de Pixel CommandDefend the last four cities on earth from the single remaining missile station on the planet! You'll battle wave upon wave of pixel missiles from space as Earth pins its last hope on your skills! Can you protect the last of us, or are we doomed to reach our end?!

- jugar a Pixel Command -

Captura de MasakratorMasakrator is an addictive top-bottom shoot-em-up game. The player must fight hordes of alien bugs on a remote planet. After a kill aliens drop orbs which the player can use to upgrade his weapons. But that is not enough to advance the levels which are getting more and more difficult. The player also needs to hone his skills in order to keep playing. What makes this game unique besides its great game mechanics is the original graphics and animation. Targeted for casual players but can be enjoyed even by hardcore gamers. This game includes some (fantasy) violence.

- jugar a Masakrator -

Above Average Guy
Captura de Above Average GuyPicture this – You’re sat watching TV when suddenly someone blasts through your roof, flies you to Japan and the next thing you know, you’re competing in a Japanese game show. Solve your way through 43 puzzles and show everyone you have what it takes to be above average!

- jugar a Above Average Guy -

Jungle Cafe
Captura de Jungle CafeManage your jungle restaurant where both customers and waiters are cute monkeys. Welcome busy customers with menu and serve the fruits they order. They must be attended before their waiting time runs out, otherwise they will leave angry. Purchase more fruits and upgrade your restaurant from shop using the money earned.

- jugar a Jungle Cafe -

Pig Catching Eggs
Captura de Pig Catching EggsMove the pig using the mouse to catch as many eggs as you can while avoiding knives and stones.

- jugar a Pig Catching Eggs -

Captura de AlienShooterShoot the aliens save the world. Throw grenades and launch rockets. All sorts of mechanisms to help you. - 25 levels that will not make you bored. - 3 types of different types of weapons. - Great graphics.

- jugar a AlienShooter -

Lumber John
Captura de Lumber JohnThe forest has become overrun by monsters and the beautiful songstress needs your help! Take up your axe and save the day as Lumber John, a lumberjack with nothing to fear. Numerous magical doors have been placed in the forest to help you make your way to the lairs of evil where you will do battle with the likes of wizards and dragons.

- jugar a Lumber John -

Battle Of The Arrow
Captura de Battle Of The ArrowOne day, The Fairy Country was threatened by Devil, More and more monsters attacked the Fairy Country.Soldier attacked the monster for protecting home.With the passage of time,the monster's number and level would be improved. Only upgrade soldier's weapon to eliminate them.Now let's fight! Protect The Fairy Country with your power.

- jugar a Battle Of The Arrow -

White Droid
Captura de White DroidAction of this colorful game takes on epic droid factory. Destroy them and get bonuses for improving their performance. Be prepared for the fact that with each game becomes more difficult to survive, because on the way there droids, which are not so easy to kill. To do this you as soon as possible to become stronger than they are!

- jugar a White Droid -

Killers on Blocks
Captura de Killers on BlocksWelcome to Killers on Blocks! Kill as many enemies as You can in this fantastic multiplayer game!

- jugar a Killers on Blocks -

Nam Heroes
Captura de Nam HeroesVietnam 1976 Reserved File nr. Z1758 Highest priority: recover the prisoners behind enemy lines. Use of weapons has been authorized. We trust in you! MOUSE= fire SPACEBAR= bomb Good luck Hero! Tips & Help: info (at)

- jugar a Nam Heroes -

Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas
Captura de Tower Breaker 2 Across the SeasThe Great Volcano erupted, our king must relocate his kingdom. He must travel across the seas to find a new land for his people.

Help him battle his way to this new land. He will encounter many foes, among them pirates and orcs.

Physics shooting game with breakable objects, upgrades and a complex storyline. If you like stories be sure to check the dialogues in the game.

- jugar a Tower Breaker 2 Across the Seas -

I am a Soldier
Captura de I am a SoldierIn this game, you need to run and avoid being hit by bombs. Protect your soldiers and run as far as you can without getting killed by enemy fire. Another great game brought to you by Enjoy and share with your friends. Love us or hate us, but follow us, like us, G+ us.

- jugar a I am a Soldier -

King Epicos Epic Adventure
Captura de King Epicos Epic AdventureA very original platform adventure with short but very intense levels which should grant the player to feel real accomplishments each time he beats a level. Every single level is completely unique and has something special that no other level in the game has, could be obstacles, puzzles or what you are supposed to do. Most levels you just run from left to right, but on one level you must collect 3 jewels for example. This game will test both your platform skills and challenge your brain at the same time!

- jugar a King Epicos Epic Adventure -

Zombie on Wheels: The Arrival
Captura de Zombie on Wheels: The ArrivalHelp your friends to escape from infested city

- jugar a Zombie on Wheels: The Arrival -

Space Shoe
Captura de Space ShoeSpace shooter with a very unique twist! Since you are a shoe your not only shooting your way through space, you also have to kick your way through enemies, obstacles and even light puzzle elements! Every single level is completely unique with its own set of enemies, obstacles, backgrounds and AWESOME BOSSES.

- jugar a Space Shoe -

Dan Devil
Captura de Dan DevilDan Devil is an action packed game where you have to stop a prison outbreak - IN HELL! You have less than four minutes to stop 11 bosses and minor baddies! Run, punch, jump and yank baddies from the sky before they get away! Join Dan as he fights, pulls and punches his way across the abyss stopping as many familiar monsters as he can. Pull enemies from the sky! They can't escape Dan's grasp! Pound on passing vehicles! When the battle is over -check your score against other top players!

- jugar a Dan Devil -

Risky Rocky Road
Captura de Risky Rocky RoadAvoid the falling rocks!

- jugar a Risky Rocky Road -

Captura de NeopedeHe who controls the grid controls the universe. An updated version of the (very) retro arcade classic centipede. Your mission is simple: shoot everything that moves, and if it doesn't move, shoot it anyway.

- jugar a Neopede -

knight sword
Captura de knight swordthis is a very interesting role play game, the player will become a fighting heroically called destroy evil knight of justice, the game smooth, hit the feels dye-in-the-wood, the game there are three maps, behind the two need to unlock the map to the challenge.

- jugar a knight sword -

Rocket Boots Inc.
Captura de Rocket Boots Inc.Steal the Rocket Boots from the facility and escape using their awesome rocket powers!! Avoid lasers, collect coins and buy upgrades

- jugar a Rocket Boots Inc. -

Santa Mania
Captura de Santa ManiaControl Santa with Mouse right or left and collect as many presents as you can. Avoid crows and don't forget to get the jetpack as soon as you see it! You can always jump again by clicking Santa Clause! Fun game for all ages! :)

- jugar a Santa Mania -

Double Cannon
Captura de Double CannonYou have only one life and two cannons - will you survive the massive enemies attack? Test your coordination and control both cannons the same time or grab a friend to play with you!

- jugar a Double Cannon -

Atomic Sea
Captura de Atomic SeaThis game will take you to the fish world post apocalyptic. The fish, the main character of the game has survived the devastation caused by the war in 1952. The fish has to take down hostile creatures and survive all the encountered threats. There are useful upgrades to avail during the game play. The game can be played in adventure mode or survival mode. It is not over yet.rnrnUse your mouse to move across the enemies repeatedly to chomp them. Click left mouse button to activate power skills after upgrades.

- jugar a Atomic Sea -

Robin Shoot Apple
Captura de Robin Shoot Apple"Three feet of ice cold day,Will not just one day cold"-this is a very famous proverb in China.It means if someone wants to be succeed,His has to work very hard.It is suit for Robin too.When his was youth,He try to shoot again and again.This time his is try to shoot apple.Help him to shoot all of the apples.

- jugar a Robin Shoot Apple -

Cookie Slayer
Captura de Cookie SlayerSlay as many Cookies as possible and get the highest Score in this Fruit Ninja Knock-Off!

- jugar a Cookie Slayer -

Holiday Pogo
Captura de Holiday PogoYou may be a simple pogo stick but it's up to you to save the holidays! Collect all the gifts but avoid the baddies!

- jugar a Holiday Pogo -

Bro vs Zombie
Captura de Bro vs ZombieIn Bro vs Zombie, you take control of "the Bro", helping him to survive, escape, and send the dead back to their grave. You earn money when you killed zombies, and you can use that money to upgrade your weapons (there are 4 different weapon, and each of them can be upgraded), or buy stuff that can help you escape. You can also get experience point after killing zombie, and then you can level up when you have enough experience point, and everytime you leveled up, you can learn new skills that can help you survive ! The fate of "the Bro" is in your hands !

- jugar a Bro vs Zombie -

Santa Run 2
Captura de Santa Run 2Christmas is on its way. Santa too, but he is late again! Master this funny puzzle platformer by breaking bricks, flying on balloons and even by driving cars. But take care of the wild reindeers!

- jugar a Santa Run 2 -

Zombie Killer
Captura de Zombie KillerDescription game: In this realm of zombies, between life and death, you must kill all zombie to protect yourself and pass the waves. Good luck

- jugar a Zombie Killer -

Fish Frenzy
Captura de Fish FrenzyLittle Fish, Big Fish! Eat smaller fish and grow, as you grow you can eat larger fish, watch out for fish larger than you or you'll get eaten!

- jugar a Fish Frenzy -

Stickman Runner
Captura de Stickman RunnerA bad witch has kidnapped your girlfriend! You'll have to run and jump through the platforms to rescue her. Run through 10 manually made levels with increasing difficulty and defeat the Witch in the final battle.

- jugar a Stickman Runner -

Caved In 2
Captura de Caved In 2Dig your way through treacherous caverns while saving damsels in distress in this sequel to the original Caved In. The goal of the game is to descend as deep as you can while rescuing damsels and collecting treasures. As you dig, you weaken the integrity of the level. The lower the integrity, the more often cave ins occur!

- jugar a Caved In 2 -

Captura de ArachniaArachnia is a one room survival game about the fear of spiders... in the dark.

- jugar a Arachnia -

Komodo Kangaroo
Captura de Komodo KangarooYour eggs have been stolen and spread across the city. It's up to you to jump around and get them back! Wait, why do you lay eggs if you're a kangaroo? Well, you can only jump to move around, but avoid the mechs! If you you touch them without stomping you'll really get hurt. You only have 99 seconds per level, so be quick! Collect thousands of eggs across 30 challenging levels to beat the game.

- jugar a Komodo Kangaroo -

Captura de Snake++A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!!

- jugar a Snake++ -

Great conquest
Captura de Great conquest
Сapture the enemy's castle
LEFTCLICK on any of your buildings to select it;
LEFTCLICKING on an empty space will reset any selection;
If you need to select more then one building, use SHIFT+LEFTCLICK combination.
To deselect all your buildings, just click on an empty space or use keyboard SPACE button.

- jugar a Great conquest -

Captura de IcewalkerThe man was landed on an iceland. Now it is time for him to find a way to get out
of this freezing place. Help him solve puzzles, collect coins and stay alive in this cold and dangerous world.

- jugar a Icewalker -

Saga of Ragnar
Captura de Saga of RagnarRagnar is ascending to Odin in this fun skill game and you will have to help him collect as many shields as he can on the way up and also you will have to avoid the other vikings with axes.

- jugar a Saga of Ragnar -

Skate Surfers
Captura de Skate SurfersSkate Surfers is an exciting and Free Skate game, you will be skating around whole city trying to reach the highest score! Go wild in the Skate World! The way to play is very easy! You can get the points multiplier and reach a much higher score! Turn and Run as fast as you can! Amazing sound effects! You can Post your Score to FaceBook and challenge your friends! Nice 3D Graphics! Great Graphics By Foose Games

- jugar a Skate Surfers -

Atomic Escape
Captura de Atomic EscapeAtomic Escape is a game where you control the mining laser of a robot trapped in a deep snowy pit. Make your way through 5000 meters of icy rock, explosives, rock slides and platforms to reach the top safely. Collect gems along the way that just might help out if you 'fall' into trouble.

- jugar a Atomic Escape -

Jackal Operation
Captura de Jackal OperationIn Lydonia was made a military coup. You have been sent to the group of tank unit with a view to peace in this Middle Eastern country. You will have: - 6 large levels in three locations - 3 Boss - 4 types of tanks - 19 types of enemies - Solve simple puzzles - Save your progress at any time and continue playing later

- jugar a Jackal Operation -

Lava Swing
Captura de Lava SwingThe lava is coming, use your rope and swing among cliffs. Click on cliffs to throw your rope and press SPACE to release it. Enjoy!

- jugar a Lava Swing -

Dino Run : Enter Planet D
Captura de Dino Run : Enter Planet DCan you find paradise on Planet D? Find out in this new set of weird Dino Run challenges. Crazy Dinos only!

- jugar a Dino Run : Enter Planet D -

Ufo Clash
Captura de Ufo ClashKeep the UFO flying as long as you can, avoid asteroids and shoot to aliens and junks.

- jugar a Ufo Clash -

Space Tournament
Captura de Space TournamentChoose your favorite combatant and try to survive in the Space Tournament. All combatants are different in attack, defense and speed, and they have different histories and objectives.

- jugar a Space Tournament -

Xio Wants Stars
Captura de Xio Wants StarsThe latest planet in our solar system, Xio, has no stars in his sky! Help him borrow some from other planets.

- jugar a Xio Wants Stars -

Tomatoes Vs Onions
Captura de Tomatoes Vs OnionsBattle a hundreds of Onions as they try to over take Mr. Tomato who is armed with lasers and a deflective shield.

- jugar a Tomatoes Vs Onions -

Run Jeff!
Captura de Run Jeff!Run Jeff! Now featuring SUPER RAINBOW MODE (crash into skulls and ignite them in flames while scoring loads of bonus points). Collect KEYS to unlock item powerups or even a cool pair of shades for Jeff to wear. Grab the red points multiplier to increase the value of the golden treasures. Grab the blue bonus multiplier to increase the points awarded for doing certain things. Avoid the skulls (unless rainbow mode active). Eat rare HEALTH ORBS to increase health. Have fun! Compete for a high score!

- jugar a Run Jeff! -

running ninja
Captura de running ninjaYou can play Running Ninja in your browser for free. Help ninjago to collect as many coins as possible while running. Mouse click to jump and double clicks for super jump.

- jugar a running ninja -

The Hungry Game
Captura de The Hungry GameOur pink friend is always hungry, he needs to eat to survive. He also spits fire and using it to cook the monsters. Can you help and keep our pink friend to stay alive?

- jugar a The Hungry Game -

Bow Vs Bird
Captura de Bow Vs BirdIt's 2040 and Toon-World has been over run by Cute Cuddly Blue Birds with Big Blue Eyes. You must stand up and shoot as many birds as you can to save the world from catastrophe. You've got 45 seconds to shoot as many birds as you can before time runs out. This is Bow Vs Bird!

- jugar a Bow Vs Bird -

Ninjas Vengeance
Captura de Ninjas VengeanceYour master has been killed!! Use the special abilities of your Ninjas to progress in this side-scrolling action adventure game!rnUse Arrow Keys or AWDS to move, Spacebar or E to use weapon. O to open select ninja menu (when available), P to Pause and option. Each Ninja has a unique ability which will help you to progress through the levels.

- jugar a Ninjas Vengeance -

Captura de ASt3roidsPlay the classic asteroids game.

- jugar a ASt3roids -

Captura de Sweet&Badplayer 1: Arrowsrnplayer 2: WASDrnrnLife PoweUp – add one lifernGarlic PowerUp – add ability to kill monsters by collisionrnElectro PowerUP – creates a Electro wave, which kills monstersrnCandy PowerUp – transform enemies to candies for some time

- jugar a Sweet&Bad -

Captura de NinjapengPlay as a Ninja Penguin slicing his way through a fleet of Pirate Fishes invading your kingdom. You must kill as many pirates as you can! Run n' Slice! -Endless running game -Easy controls. Use arrow keys to move up and down. -Auto attack; slice those pirates! -Tons of upgrades and achievements!

- jugar a Ninjapeng -

Zombie Trapper2
Captura de Zombie Trapper2Shooting the zombies is not enough at all, you have to trap them! A combination of platformer, shooting, defense and strategy! You cannot win by just triggering your guns, you have to use the traps! Set traps on the way that zombies pass, it helps a lot during your battle with them! Can you defeat devil's evil plan? Time to rock and roll!

- jugar a Zombie Trapper2 -

Multi Runner
Captura de Multi RunnerHelping one dude to run and jump over objects is one thing. Have you got what it takes to control 2 - 4 dudes at the same? Play through the 17 challenging levels and see how far you can get in the endless arcade mode!

- jugar a Multi Runner -

Rescue the Pirate
Captura de Rescue the PirateOops! Captain of pirate's ship has been caught. Fortunately, his men are on their way to help. Unfortunately, those two fellows doesn't seems to be very bright. The fate of the captain is in your hands. Help those two seamen to save their boss. What is included: - 32 unique and challenging levels. - 7 power-ups that makes the game even more awesome. - 2 not so bright pirates that needs your help. - 1 sea wolf in a cage. - Lots of fun.

- jugar a Rescue the Pirate -

Captura de battlewarsAn old style side scrolling beat'em up. Help Sack Head to rescue Princess Cream from the evil King Frog. An epic adventure where you have to fight, fly, run in a mix of game genres All arts and ideas from a child. Strongly inspired by beat'em up like castle crashers. Six Different worlds, weapons,items, Tons of enemies, Big Bosses and a Princess to save!

- jugar a battlewars -

Prehistoric Shark
Captura de Prehistoric SharkFor a long time it was thought that the dinosaur age came to an end as a result of a meteor or ice age. There is no longer a dispute, as the truth has come out and it hurts like getting your leg chewed in half. A megaladon intervention. It's about to get jurassic.

- jugar a Prehistoric Shark -

Captura de PiPiMANSimple and fun game, avoid obstacles and get to the exit.

- jugar a PiPiMAN -

Alien Attack
Captura de Alien Attacksave alien planet from the attack of asteroid

- jugar a Alien Attack -

El Restaurn de Los Barriguitas
Captura de El Restaurn de Los Barriguitas

Conviértete en la camarera del restaurante y atiende a todos los clientes que se sienten en las mesas. Busca los platos que te piden en la barra y llévaselo rápidamente sin equivocarte o… ¡Te montarán el pollo!

- jugar a El Restaurn de Los Barriguitas -

Gentle Gravity
Captura de Gentle GravityCollect all coins in the world to save your wife from robbers in this radial ravity platformer game! Good luck!

- jugar a Gentle Gravity -

How to make a Sequel
Captura de How to make a SequelSave the cows. Move the cows to the exit in each and every level

- jugar a How to make a Sequel -

Scarecrow VS Pumpkin
Captura de Scarecrow VS PumpkinHalloween night, lot of evil pumpkin come to earth. In order to defend the homeland, brave scarecrow picked up his weapons! Let's help he make all pumpkins go back to hell!

- jugar a Scarecrow VS Pumpkin -

Drop Dead: Escape to Heaven
Captura de Drop Dead: Escape to HeavenShoot the escaping teddy bears back to Drop Dead land.

- jugar a Drop Dead: Escape to Heaven -

Cattle Invasion
Captura de Cattle InvasionAliens have finally come and they are looking for our cows. Control a lonely cow and try to keep him alive as long as possible.

- jugar a Cattle Invasion -

Durian Revenge 2
Captura de Durian Revenge 2If durian isn't your favourite fruit? You better consider it. We give chance to durian take revenge by tearing all commoner fruit like apples and oranges and to be loved by you. Watch out to not fall from the cliff, use the ability to double jump that we give. Avoid the fruit-eating plant that can destroy your favorite Durian in seconds. And don't forget to crush every fruit in your way to keep durian stamina high. This game is very addictive and adrenaline rushing, with polished and cool artworks that can tickle your vision. Collect the adorable Durian alter-ego, from punk, hip-hop, and also renaissance style by get a high score, and play with them.

- jugar a Durian Revenge 2 -

Soul Job
Captura de Soul JobMy name is Hiro, new recruit. My job is to assist my boss in his holy mission: judge souls from Earth and send them in Heaven or Hell. Here my story... Keep the Other World's Doors is not easy. Your job is to help the guardian of the other world to judge souls. Send bad ones in hell and good ones in heaven before they escape. Riots, administrative procedures, material problems, rebel souls, invasions, there is a lot to do.

- jugar a Soul Job -

Space is Key Hell
Captura de Space is Key HellSpace is Key Hell won’t send you to Hell, but it’ll probably send a lot of keyboards there. It’s hella hard. Try to master Satan’s spacebar in this diabolical sequel to the classic Space is Key.

- jugar a Space is Key Hell -

Deadman Rush
Captura de Deadman RushLove is in the air! Even zombie has a space in heart to love and to be loved. The story seems like fairy tale, in an apocalyptic kinda way. Young zombie boy has a crush and want to take it to the next level. But real life is not always a happy ending fairy tale, some bastards human crashed his crush until it becomes dust. And revenge never come far from it. Help this broken heart young zombie to take revenge on his lover, avoid the obstacles in the way and chase the zombie slayer. Keep run and jump before the sun getting high. The zombie has 3 basic abilities to jump and skip obstacles and also bite human and robot that disrupt your way. Upgrade the zombie to become stronger, run faster, and bite harder so he can avenge his girlfriend. With unique and twisted story, you'll be entertain by how the ending would be. Find out, will the young zombie can take revenge?

- jugar a Deadman Rush -

Duck Skater
Captura de Duck SkaterRide your awesome skateboard and skate your way through the impossible skate island! Do various tricks to avoid the hazards and gain the greatest distance possible.

- jugar a Duck Skater -

Pirate Monsters
Captura de Pirate MonstersBlast all monsters off the ship. Place the tools and weapons strategically and blast them away. There are 25 levels, addicting game play and different monsters waiting for you. Drag the bombs and other weapons onto the ship. Create chain reactions and get rid of all the pirate monsters.

- jugar a Pirate Monsters -

Captura de BLYMHelp BLYM on his way through 4 big worlds in this platform puzzle game. Use his special skill to morph into blocks and move them to solve the levels.

- jugar a BLYM -

Drop Dead: Cannon
Captura de Drop Dead: CannonThe Drop Dead series is back with a big blast... from the barrel of a cannon! Shoot everything to pieces in outer space, under water, classic games and even indoors. Contains a level editor, global level sharing, and huge explosions.

- jugar a Drop Dead: Cannon -

Tank Bomber 2
Captura de Tank Bomber 2Protect your village from the incoming hostile tanks! Blast bombs at them before they crash into your cannon!

- jugar a Tank Bomber 2 -

Run Hopy Run
Captura de Run Hopy RunAll of the fruit in the kingdom was stolen by the evil wizard and Hopy is back to find all the fruit and save his kingdom!

- jugar a Run Hopy Run -

Dead and Forsaken
Captura de Dead and ForsakenDead And Forsaken is a post apocaliptic zombie survival game. In this game you must traverse a series of levels filled with scary zombies in search of a safe haven. The only thing between you and the horde of undead is your awesome crossbow.

- jugar a Dead and Forsaken -

The Egyptian Curse
Captura de The Egyptian CurseAfter months of dig your expedition has found the tomb of the pharaoh. After a few minutes of happiness you realize to be trapped inside the pyramid..... Find the exit of each room to reach the treasure of Pharaoh. ARROW KEYS= move Z= jump X= dyna Good luck, hero! Tips and help: info (at)

- jugar a The Egyptian Curse -

Oodles of Penguins
Captura de Oodles of Penguins

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your crew of penguins around.  Use your mouse to shoot at enemies.  Collect money for purchasing more penguins and upgrades.

- jugar a Oodles of Penguins -

Trapped Ball Oxide
Captura de Trapped Ball OxideTry to reach the exit into a labyrinth where is full of traps and puzzles. Games has two modes: 1 player and 2 players.

- jugar a Trapped Ball Oxide -

Agent Sky
Captura de Agent SkyPlay Agent Sky Game and enjoy all the thrilling action sequences in it. You are working as secret agent and you are dealing with a mission. To complete your mission you have to enter the enemy zone. Blow up all the enemies and find the exit path. Watch your health bar. Search and unlock secret weapons to use them. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Mouse to shoot. Have a great time!!

- jugar a Agent Sky -

Captura de BLOOMA post apocalyptic flower picking rocket game.

- jugar a BLOOM -

Barons Gate
Captura de Barons GateBarons Gate is a fantastical loot-playing game set in the deep dark dungeons of evil Barons. Defeat mystical enemies, collect gold to buy new equipment or find special loot in dangerous hidden areas.

- jugar a Barons Gate -

Fast Food Magic
Captura de Fast Food Magic- Click left mouse to throw foods to customer on windows of the building - Click Space Bar to get more food when out of them - If customer complain about service attiude than 5 times, you'll be fired.

- jugar a Fast Food Magic -

Winter Assault
Captura de Winter AssaultIn this game you must fight your enemies through 3 different levels. Each level has a boss in the end. When you kill enemies you gain expirience and your level is growing up. You loose expirience when you get hit. Collect 50 coins to gain 1 life. If you are out of lifes you need to start game from the beginning.

- jugar a Winter Assault -

Blue Ocean
Captura de Blue OceanClick left mouse to help Bi get all bin. Bi must clean this beautiful beach

- jugar a Blue Ocean -

Be Ready
Captura de Be ReadySave your kingdom! Will you be the hero that will save your queen? How fast will you do it?

- jugar a Be Ready -

Fly With The Bubble
Captura de Fly With The BubbleThe team is in clueding Na Na and Cat discovering the palace, but they have to go through mouse and water, to finally get to inside the candy factory.

- jugar a Fly With The Bubble -

Frog Love Candy
Captura de Frog Love CandyBig pota is cute frog, he very like candy. Even you feeding he many candy, he still want more. He would use his pray eyes look at you. Please give pota as much candy as you can!

- jugar a Frog Love Candy -

Attack of the Rocket Lizard
Captura de Attack of the Rocket LizardIn Attack of the Rocket Lizard, you control a plasma-spewing blue space lizard as he wreaks havoc on an alien starship. The aliens aboard this humble ship are sick of you and have devised a trap to finally catch you once and for all. All in all, though, it's a pretty fun trap. Use your plasma breath to take flight and see how long you can survive before the angry aliens finally take you down.

- jugar a Attack of the Rocket Lizard -

Click Jump Level Pack
Captura de Click Jump Level PackClick mouse on little box, jump and get fun!

- jugar a Click Jump Level Pack -

Sliding Orc
Captura de Sliding OrcOrc were collecting food for the winter to come. Help him collect all the meats while dodging all the obstacle and enemies along the way. Just make sure you're not run of time on collecting per level. Try to get all the meats as much as you can to get yourself the highest score possible.rnrnLeft Right Arrow = movernUp Arrow = jumprnP = pause

- jugar a Sliding Orc -

Captura de PixvaderControl your space ship and shoot in enemy to save the world. 8 levels 8 bosses 6 types of enemy 6 upgrades 2 bonus levels 1 bonus upgrade ( godmode )

- jugar a Pixvader -

Super Shark Shooter
Captura de Super Shark ShooterEvolution made sharks pretty tough. We finished the job. Pick your shark, get locked and loaded, then blast your way through the croc enemies.

- jugar a Super Shark Shooter -

Captura de LooterInspired by the great's Pacman, Donkey Kong, Bomb Jack and Super Crate Box, Looter pays homage to all in a fast manic game of loot collecting.

- jugar a Looter -

Zombotron 2: Time Machine
Captura de Zombotron 2: Time MachineDon't let the name fool you, zombies in Zombotron are ruthless and clever as ever, they will keep coming at you until they are completely disabled. Zombotron Time Machine is a new entry in the Zombotron universe and delivers engaging gameplay and story.

- jugar a Zombotron 2: Time Machine -

The Gentleman
Captura de The GentlemanTake your umbrella, put your top hat and try to understand the Gentleman's way of life in this classy and original adventure.

- jugar a The Gentleman -

Dino Meat Hunt
Captura de Dino Meat Hunt The two dino are hungry and need to go out to hunt some meat for themself. The big dino and the
little dino have its own ability. They need to work together to go out to the jungle and collect as much
meat as possible to feed their hungry stomach. Use your puzzle solving skill to help the dino get the meat
without getting them killed.use keyboard to play

- jugar a Dino Meat Hunt -

Balloon Journey
Captura de Balloon JourneyThe high tower full of dangerous traps. Only two balloons and a desire to fly to the top. Twenty different levels with unique day and night mode, bonus levels and cute pixelart graphics. Have fun!

- jugar a Balloon Journey -

Zombie Fight Club
Captura de Zombie Fight ClubWhat do you do when an unknown disease takes control of people and mutates them into brain hungry zombies? You put them in an arena and make them FIGHT! Upgrade your zombie in order to survive and win the leagues to become the Zombie Fight Club Champion in this turn based fighting adventure!

- jugar a Zombie Fight Club -

Bloodbath Avenue
Captura de Bloodbath AvenueTry to join your safe bunker through the zombie infested bloody streets!

- jugar a Bloodbath Avenue -

Run Baby Run
Captura de Run Baby RunThe baby has to avoid the obstacles and run forward in this game. Basic obstacles – Pits (You can jump over them) Age 5: Small disease Age 10: TV Age 15: Book Age 20: Computer Age 30: Telephone Age 40: Mini-car Age 50: Model house Age 60: Cash (또는 bill) Age 70: Cash, big disease Age 80: Big disease, small disease Control Left-click your mouse for control

- jugar a Run Baby Run -

Horse Soldier vs Horde
Captura de Horse Soldier vs HordeThe brave horse soldier is determined to repel the orkish horde's invasion. The dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the horde are in full force trying to stop him. Not only that, but our hero must also navigate the dangerous terrain.

- jugar a Horse Soldier vs Horde -

Run Ram Run
Captura de Run Ram RunHelp Ram to reach his cyberlove. Have fun with the two player option, discover the 9 cool power-ups, and find all the 'screw your opponent' surprising items, such as bombs, switch controls, break the opponent platform and many more.

2 player game developed and presented by

- jugar a Run Ram Run -

Knight VS Giant
Captura de Knight VS GiantYou Play as a White Knight with a rusty Sword to slain the Mighty Giant ,To Defeat The Giant the knight must ready him self prepare to fight with the giant by constantly upgrading weapon and skill on the Black Smith Instruction: User ASWD for Direction Movement Up = W Down = S Right = D Left = A Attack = Left Arrow Special Attack = Down Arrow Sprint = Right Arrow

- jugar a Knight VS Giant -

Captura de ZomboballYou will not believe this. The bear kills zombie-footballers by balls.

- jugar a Zomboball -

Captura de QuestopiaQuestopia is a dungeon-driven third-person pixel fantasy action/shooter where you have to beat ancient evil with sword and magic. What secrets are hidden in the tombs and what will you find? Explore this rich rpg packed with lots of items and enemies to slay.

- jugar a Questopia -

gAstro Cat
Captura de gAstro CatAs the first cat in space you must complete an important mission -- to eat as much food as possible! But, this mission is a space walk, and you pilot the rocket. Enjoy crazy physics-based fun in this easy-to-play action game.

- jugar a gAstro Cat -

Potato Run
Captura de Potato RunThere was a drought and now John cannot farm for potatoes. Help John find 30 potatoes in order to feed his family.

- jugar a Potato Run -

Angry Owls
Captura de Angry OwlsAngry Owls is a high-scoring game where you will destroy the adjacent similar blocks by clicking on them. There will be many power-ups which will help you in critical situations.

- jugar a Angry Owls -

Zombo Buster
Captura de Zombo BusterLine up your anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification in this strategy game.

- jugar a Zombo Buster -

Battlefield Medic
Captura de Battlefield MedicDuring World War 2 the medics on the battlefield had to get supplies to and from battle during some of the worst battles ever. Now is your chance to show your ability to get to your destination. Upgrade your car with better engines, wheels, fuel, armor and more in order to fight your way through enemy forces.

- jugar a Battlefield Medic -

Reverse Boots
Captura de Reverse BootsThese boots were made for walking...and magic and adventure, too!

- jugar a Reverse Boots -

Zombies in Space
Captura de Zombies in SpaceAddictive zombie survival game in space setting. Skills, level-ups, different weapons and achievements... And plenty of angry zombies to shoot! Original soundtrack included. Kill the brain-eating bastards and survive as long as you can!

- jugar a Zombies in Space -

Battleship 2013
Captura de Battleship 2013new game of inzek

- jugar a Battleship 2013 -

Doomed Estate
Captura de Doomed EstateThe wizard has entered the Doomed Estate. Help him survive & eliminate all the evil beings in the estate. Collect all the hidden treasures & kill all enemies to proceed. Enemies may drop 3 types of collectibles.

- jugar a Doomed Estate -

Captura de PyroclysmDefend civilizations from the onslaught of a massive meteor field travelling through the galaxy. Travel to different locations, upgrade your weapons and use the infamous "Wave Bomb" to destroy everything in the sky.

- jugar a Pyroclysm -

Monster Troubles
Captura de Monster TroublesPlay Monster Troubles by matching two or more of the same kind monsters, As time goes on you will meet new monsters and have to be faster at matching them to get Highscore.

- jugar a Monster Troubles -

Ninja Land
Captura de Ninja LandOur hero and his lovely princess lived happily in their castle, until one day vicious ninjas kidnapped her! Now our hero must go on a journey, where he will encounter many hostile ninjas from Ninja-Land! Can you help him on this miraculous adventure to get the love of his life back from the evil kidnappers?

- jugar a Ninja Land -

Steampunk Truck Race
Captura de Steampunk Truck RaceYou are going to have a trip on a steep steam punk monster truck. But evil robots, dangerous machinery, devious traps and enemies on dirigibles want to stop you in this steampunk city. Your task is simple - you need to get to the finish line quickly and stay alive. Accelerate, use the protective umbrella and a fire extinguisher to survive. For each level you will earn money that can be spent on improving the car. to obtain the maximum amount of points you need to try to earn all the achievements.rnrnControls:rnUse Arrow or WASD keys to DrivernUse Z or K keys for BoostrnUse X or L keys to open Umbrella and to use Extinguisher

- jugar a Steampunk Truck Race -

Water Maze
Captura de Water MazeEscape from water maze

- jugar a Water Maze -

Mochi Ninja
Captura de Mochi NinjaUse your grappling hook to reach your target. Obliterate enemies with style in this challenging action puzzle game!

- jugar a Mochi Ninja -

Burger Shop Frenzy
Captura de Burger Shop FrenzyBurger Shop Frenzy is a game that will put to test both your serving and cooking skills. You will have to prepare the appropriate items as demanded by the customers and serve them. Your efficiency will surely help you grow the business.

- jugar a Burger Shop Frenzy -

Captura de ColorfulBattleAliens come, they come in all colours and shapes. Attention, we are going to hold up, can't let the enemy before further, men cheer!

- jugar a ColorfulBattle -

Zombies Shooter
Captura de Zombies ShooterYou sheriff in a small town.One afternoon, when you sat down to drink a cup of coffee,You saw on TV something horrible, how the zombies trying to devour the people living in your city. Your job is to save people and destroy the zombies.In such cases, you have a good shotgun.

- jugar a Zombies Shooter -

Hellworm Arcade
Captura de Hellworm ArcadeAn intense arcade with a lot of blood.

Play as a gigantic worm in 3 game modes in this intense arcade game. Submit your score and compete with other players from all around the globe.

Wawe Mode - In this mode the humans come in wawes. There are both unarmed and armed humans, who will try to kill you. The goal is to eat as many humans as you can before you die.

Massacre Mode - In this mode you have a limited time of 90 seconds. There are only unarmed humans and the goal is to kill as many of them as possible before the time runs out.

Survival Mode - In this mode there are unarmed humans and humans armed with suicide bombs. The humans come in wawes and your goal is to stay alive for as long as you can by eating unarmed humans and avoiding human bombs.

The game has an included tutorial.

- jugar a Hellworm Arcade -

Priest vs Evil
Captura de Priest vs EvilPriest Vs Evil is a crazy action game packed with holy retribution and gore galore! The evil undead have risen from their graves, taking your town by storm and infecting the locals with their grotesque disease. You're no peace-loving pastor, though; you're a vengeful priest who's not afraid to get his hands dirty to save the town! Pick up every weapon you can, from baseball bats to flamethrowers in your mission to bring evil to its knees!rn

- jugar a Priest vs Evil -

Let the Bullet Fly 3
Captura de Let the Bullet Fly 3The bullet is coming back to kill some more gangsters. You are the agent from a secretrnorganization and your mission is to wide out the gangsters on the street. Use your limited bulletrnand shoot down all the gangsters.rnrnuse mouse to aim and shoot

- jugar a Let the Bullet Fly 3 -

Metal Swarm
Captura de Metal SwarmThe Earth is under attack from a Swarm of deadly Robotic Aliens! Use your Twin Blaster Spaceship to destroy the Swarm's Queen and save the Earth

- jugar a Metal Swarm -

Notebook Space Wars
Captura de Notebook Space WarsEnjoy the latest Notebook Wars game! Better than ever with lots of ships and weapons! Enemies are attacking from all directions, so try to take as much of them down before they can destroy you. Pick up coins to purchase upgrades between the battles. Much fun.

- jugar a Notebook Space Wars -

Knight Mighty Run
Captura de Knight Mighty RunrnThe might knight is on an journey to reach the castle located at the northern area.For the knight to reach the castle,rnhe would have to pass a jungle in between him and the castle. The jungle is full of trap and monsters that can take awayrnhis life instantly. Help the knight pass the jungle using his skill,armor and weapon. collect gold to buy upgrade in the rnshop to improve knight survival.rnrnrnuse keyboard to playrn

- jugar a Knight Mighty Run -

Super Furio
Captura de Super FurioSuper Furio is a colorful platformer game placed in the platform universe. Jump over obstacles, collect coins, and beat stage. Game is very similiar to the Super Mario Bros, but this game isn't not a Super Mario.

- jugar a Super Furio -

Retro Runners
Captura de Retro RunnersDescription: Guide the Retro runners as they run and jump their way through an endless horde of enemies and hazardous obstacles.rnInstructions: Up and RIGHT for player one. W and D for player two.

- jugar a Retro Runners -

Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D.
Captura de Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D.It's 2099 A.D. yet corruption is more present than ever. Government opression has merged with corporate domination. You are a lone rebel ready to take it all down! Are you prepared to create total havoc and mass mayhem? Get ready for futuristic weapons, sophisticated offense tactics and a killer mech! Complete mission objectives, upgrade your weapons and have some bloody fun.rnrnSet in the future 2099 A.D. there is even more Government opression and corporate domination. But you can take them all down with Mass Mayhem!rnrnGame controls:rnrnArrow keys to move and aim.rnSpacebar to equip and use weapons or 1 to 9.rnX to interact.rnJ to equip jet pack, up key to use.

- jugar a Mass Mayhem - 2099 A.D. -

Captura de ArrowixArrowix is an action-puzzle game where you defeat running shapes with your arrow pointing skills.

- jugar a Arrowix -

Angry Gran Toss
Captura de Angry Gran TossAngry Gran has been imprisoned in the Angry Asylum and must free herself by launching over the wall and fly away with Cannons, Jet Packs and Guns. How far can you toss gran?

- jugar a Angry Gran Toss -

StickMan Sam 9
Captura de StickMan Sam 9Light your way in this adventure, solve puzzles, avoid enemies and traps.rnCan you survive in the Dark Maze with a paintgun? You never know what's around the next corner.rnOnly one way to find out!rnrn21 surprising levelsrn1 colorful gunrnrnCustomize Your Experiencern-Characterrn-Paint color

- jugar a StickMan Sam 9 -

Captura de Warlock"Into the depths of the labyrinth I creep, lightning crackling from my fingertips. Perhaps somewhere in this labyrinth I might find the Scroll of Power that can put an end to the Warlock's evil. Things are stirring in the darkness around me... Legions of foul goblins... They are aware of my presence... I must fight." A retro action adventure game evoking the look and feel of the ZX Spectrum and 3rd Prize winner in Mochi's July 2013 retro game development competition!

- jugar a Warlock -

Pirate Bullets
Captura de Pirate BulletsThe pirates are here... for treasure! They serve as bullets in your cannon! Aim for the best shots in this nice and polished physics block shooting game. Can you get most of the treasure boxes?

- jugar a Pirate Bullets -

Captura de InvadersInvaders is a shoot'em up with a running elements. Control the bionic to eliminate all the bots that invade earth. Unlock all weapons to compete for highest score on all 3 different level and obstacles.

- jugar a Invaders -

Captura de Untamed

Untamed is game with two equally important game modes.


Challenge mode is point A to point B arcade mode that's easy to learn but hard to master. 


Exploration mode is set in open world where player has limited time to explore islands.

- jugar a Untamed -

Space Dexterity 2
Captura de Space Dexterity 2Help deliver supplies back to Earth with your superior hand eye coordination and sheer determination. Avoid obstacles and travel through wormholes to do what you must!

- jugar a Space Dexterity 2 -

Dente Hunter
Captura de Dente Hunteruse your gun to shoot as many monsters you can

- jugar a Dente Hunter -

Grandma's Got Guns
Captura de Grandma's Got GunsIn this game you will meet a great grandma. She is protecting her garden from evil kids and she is using different sort of guns. Help her to kill all of her enemies.Games ny

- jugar a Grandma's Got Guns -

Treasure Sprint
Captura de Treasure SprintLearn English the fun way with Marla ESL Games.

- jugar a Treasure Sprint -

Save the Light
Captura de Save the LightA dream to do it sometimes becomes a reality. I did this in order to continue a new one. The dark is the emptiness. The emptiness generates chaos and substance. The emptiness absorbs everything. While it realizes itself. One particle is able to create the universe inside the chaos You are this particle

- jugar a Save the Light -

Warm Up Tower
Captura de Warm Up TowerClimb the tower as fast and far as those little block legs will carry you. Press M to mute. Originally made over 2-3 days as a warm up for Ludum Dare (not made during the actual competition)

- jugar a Warm Up Tower -

Captura de EvolutePlay as a robot with customizable equips and fight against other robots in this new unique battle engine!

- jugar a Evolute -

I Will Die 2
Captura de I Will Die 2A Second series of I will Die game. Play your favorite game in three different worlds. A new strategy game with unique concept with classic sad instrumental theme. He don't want to live without her and hence he decided to die. Help him die to pass each level. Die without armor or without using any weapons. rnrnHelp :rnrnUse arrow keys to move.

- jugar a I Will Die 2 -

The Most Wanted Bandito 2
Captura de The Most Wanted Bandito 2Bandito is back! Accompanied with friends on a mission to protect what's his. Pick your most wanted bandito and unleash anarchy with his skills of shooting and horse riding, combined into a lethal weapon.

- jugar a The Most Wanted Bandito 2 -

Arcane Weapon
Captura de Arcane WeaponWhen a lonely man comes across the unknown Arcane Weapon he unleashed beast from the Netherworld! Fight your way through these beasts by learning new moves and building up your rage to throw down a mega special attacks.

- jugar a Arcane Weapon -

Kingdom Reaction
Captura de Kingdom ReactionKingdom Reaction is a chain reaction game with medieval theme. - Explode 9 kinds of enemies each with unique explosion type to make the chain reaction and pass the level - Pass through 40 levels and free your castle - Break bottles with acid and explosive to make the chain reaction bigger - Earn achievements, collect coins, chests, keys, make combos to get the higher score

- jugar a Kingdom Reaction -

Time Twist
Captura de Time TwistYou discover that you are a combat superhuman-bot trained to fight terrorism. The goverment is using you for its nefarious purposes. Run the different stages trying to find out the truth killing everybody.

- jugar a Time Twist -

Fishing Humans
Captura de Fishing HumansFishing Humans is a fun physics-based puzzler. Find a way to eat the brains of the humans, careful not to kill them in the process in this challenging flash game! Try to use the least amount of arrows for maximum score!

- jugar a Fishing Humans -

Balloons Vs Zombies 2
Captura de Balloons Vs Zombies 2Balloons vs. Zombies 2 is a fun physics-based shooting game with 21 levels of zombie-killing fun! Fight against zombies with the help of balloons, knives and grenades. Kill all zombies and save those who are alive. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

- jugar a Balloons Vs Zombies 2 -

Speedy the Bird
Captura de Speedy the BirdHelp Speedy the Bird in this game to find his way back to the bird’s nest. Run through 3 different worlds and purchase upgrades after each day to complete the story in as little days as you can. Play endless mode to run for the high score.

- jugar a Speedy the Bird -

Vampire Academy
Captura de Vampire AcademyIt is not easy to graduate from vampire academy. You must beware of the priests and the vampire hunters!

- jugar a Vampire Academy -

Captura de Suppressor5 years ago, a zombie apocalypse took place in China due to the creation of a gas that infected people being release. To prevent it spreading the UN agreed to nuke China. Although the gas was destroyed not all of the zombies were killed. You are one of the few survivors. Threatened by an army of zombies, you must protect both your village and yourself.

- jugar a Suppressor -

Kamikaze VampFlyer
Captura de Kamikaze VampFlyerAs we all know, vampires HATE zombies! That's why this kamikaze VampFlyer will give his life to kill some zombies! Kill as many zombies as you can before the sun comes up. Don't let your life be wasted for nothing, take those monsters with you to your grave!

- jugar a Kamikaze VampFlyer -

Basketball Dare 2
Captura de Basketball Dare 2Use mouse to set the power and angle. Shoot the ball towards basket.

- jugar a Basketball Dare 2 -

Farmer's Quest
Captura de Farmer's QuestHave fun this summer with this awesome farm game. Drive your tractor through the farm, gather as many stars as you can and complete all the levels. Prove to us that you have what it takes to be the master of this game. Beat the high scores and stay in top of the best players.

- jugar a Farmer's Quest -

FallDown and get Up!
Captura de FallDown and get Up!FallDown and get Up! is a simple but fast-paced and addictive game. Just use your cursor or mouse and click left and right to control the ball. Fall down through the holes and avoid getting squished at the top from the laser beam. Score points by staying alive as long as possible. You move through various stages! As you progress you find the bomb (slows you down), and the question mark ball, on the beams (gives you extra speed) The further you progress the faster the levels move, meaning you have a tricky time of ensuring you doesn’t hit the top.

- jugar a FallDown and get Up! -

99 Stakes
Captura de 99 StakesIn this physics game you control a crossbow and must kill vampires by shooting stakes at them. There are 200 vampires but you have only 99 stakes so you’ll have to figure out how to get extra stakes along the way. The game features: * 40 levels * 200 vampires to kill * 3 vampire hot spots to hit: body, head and heart * 5 different types of tiles * particle blood * realistic stakes behavior

- jugar a 99 Stakes -

Off-Road Challenge Destruction
Captura de Off-Road Challenge DestructionWe have a brand new game for you. And we bring to you a new challenge. Start your engine and go on a off-road race with this awesome car. Destroy every target in your path and win all the levels.

- jugar a Off-Road Challenge Destruction -

Space Mutators
Captura de Space MutatorsAttack of the Space Mutators is a fast paced action game, in which the players can relive, or experience the rush of the SNES-era shooting action.rnTake command of the vessel which is the only shield of humanity against the mysterious alien attackers! Avoid their attacks, and blast them back to the dark bowels of hyperspace where they emerged from!

- jugar a Space Mutators -

Police Interceptor
Captura de Police InterceptorHave you ever wanted to train as a Police Interceptor? Well your time is here! See if you can complete all the set tasks, everything from driving at speed without hitting anything to performing the pit manoeuvre and driving on ice. You can get some real speed and even try hand break turns and blast your sirens to let the people know you're coming.rn

- jugar a Police Interceptor -

Zombotron 2
Captura de Zombotron 2A good zombie - it's a dead zombie. Agree? Then you're not mistaken with the address. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies. Destroy all other enemies. And save the planet. The planet Zombotron! You won't see a shortage of weapons and ammunition. Forward! God of War is on your side.

- jugar a Zombotron 2 -

Moto Trial Fest 3
Captura de Moto Trial Fest 3New challenges await. Show your skills in trial bikes competition. Complete levels as fast as possible, spend prize money for upgrades for the bike and get addition points for showing your skills.rnControls:rnUP Arrow - Move ForwardrnDOWN Arrow - Move BackwardrnRIGHT Arrow - Balance RightrnLEFT Arrow - Balance LeftrnQ - Acceleration

- jugar a Moto Trial Fest 3 -

Jewels Hero
Captura de Jewels HeroBecome an epic warrior and defeat all your opponents using your wits and strategy. You can choose from 4 races, use items and special attacks. You will have to choose the gem that will give the winning play.

- jugar a Jewels Hero -

jelly drop
Captura de jelly dropit's funny game!

- jugar a jelly drop -

Slime Defender
Captura de Slime DefenderDefend yourself from the slimes in this tower defense game. Proudly sponsored by!

- jugar a Slime Defender -

Star Fall
Captura de Star FallShoot the star fall and upgrade your weapon to keep your live on.

- jugar a Star Fall -

Nadias Rage
Captura de Nadias RageTake control of Nadia as she completely rages through a dungeon of monsters, and traps. Destroy everything in your path in this 2 player game.

- jugar a Nadias Rage -

Terror Combat Defense
Captura de Terror Combat DefensernThe terrorist are attacking U.S army base. you are responsible to defense the base without let it fall into hand ofrnterrorist hand. Kill as many terrorist as you can to collect money to buy upgrade on your weapon,defense wall and reinforcement.rnDont shoot the doctor as they will give you jewel in return.rnrnuse mouse to aim and shoot

- jugar a Terror Combat Defense -

When I am Running
Captura de When I am RunningWhen i am running is a fun run game. Checkout the obstacles and change your color to match with exit gate color to reach your destination.Have fun!rn

- jugar a When I am Running -

Bottle Sniper
Captura de Bottle SniperYou think you've got a good reaction? Let's check it out? Try to shoot a maximum of bottles and get to the top table of records. Ready? Reload your gun! Once the bottles begin to fly shoot sparing rounds.

- jugar a Bottle Sniper -

Space Marine
Captura de Space MarineA space themed arena shooter where your goal is to defend against endless aliens attacking you. Survive as long as you can, upgrade your guns and armor, defeat bosses and much more! The fate of the universe is depending on you.

- jugar a Space Marine -

Cats Astronauts
Captura de Cats AstronautsYou have a team of specially-trained cats astronauts. Your task is to collect as-much money as you can. For this money you can improve your wards skills, buy a cannon and so on. Open up the achievements and earn more points. Become the coolest space ranger!

- jugar a Cats Astronauts -

Cave Story
Captura de Cave StoryThe main character awakens in an underground cavern with no memory of how he came to be there. He finds a village populated by rabbit-like creatures called Mimigas, who are being persecuted by the Doctor. Two of the Doctor's servants, Misery and Balrog, are looking for a Mimiga named Sue, but mistakenly abduct a Mimiga named Toroko. The player's main quest is to rescue Sue, save the Mimigas from the Doctor, and escape the floating island on which the game is set.

- jugar a Cave Story -

Kill Zombies
Captura de Kill ZombiesThe zombies finally drawn out, we want to take them before they find us hit, run out of 10 failed Olympic, more zombie you hit, scoring higher oh.

- jugar a Kill Zombies -

Beat the Street
Captura de Beat the StreetDash through busy streets (and more) as quickly as you can but remember your manners - don't run into people!

- jugar a Beat the Street -

Balloons Gozar
Captura de Balloons GozarBalloons Gozar is a high-scoring game where you will destroy the adjacent similar blocks by clicking on them. There will be many power-ups which will help you in critical situations.

- jugar a Balloons Gozar -

Leo the Lion
Captura de Leo the LionLeo is a happy lion who likes to run around the savanna. Keep the Leo happy and don't let rocks and birds to disturb him.

- jugar a Leo the Lion -

Helium Rush
Captura de Helium RushFunny and dynamic flash game with the elements of the physical puzzle is played in the same breath: blasting the balls and throwing the various items on the constructions where lurking zombies. The goal of the game - with use balloons and items that are linked to them, to destroy the building and defeat the zombies. 50 challenging levels await you!

- jugar a Helium Rush -

Select It
Captura de Select It"Select It" is simple game for everyone who likes challenges and competitions. Select all green balls and show your success to other players.

- jugar a Select It -

Ocean Odyssey
Captura de Ocean Odyssey

Control your creature from the top to the bottom of the sea while eating and growing larger and larger. The bigger you get, the more points you receive.

Sponsor Cheats (Will be taken off once sponsored) - Press h to receive 10 pearls

- jugar a Ocean Odyssey -

Sleep The Dog
Captura de Sleep The DogSleep the dog is an amazing thinking and shooting game where you have to use your skills to get the dog sleep. The dog is trying to bite the man and you have to shoot with the injection on him.

- jugar a Sleep The Dog -

Team Contraventions
Captura de Team ContraventionsGame's story takes place in a destroyed world where these groups are trying to win a small battle in an already lost war. following commanders orders is the only thing left in the lives of these soldiers. Help them accomplish there missions in the world of team contraventions.

- jugar a Team Contraventions -

Yummy Drops
Captura de Yummy DropsDrops of fun are falling from the sky in this action-packed game! Localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese!

- jugar a Yummy Drops -

Alien Anarchy
Captura de Alien AnarchyThe group of brave space voyagers made a crash landing on a distant planet. They’ve encountered hostile inhabitants who claimed to cut the invaders’ heads off. So, now you have to defend your crew as long as possible while repairing the ship. - 3 hero classes - 12 weapons - 7 weapon modifiers which provide unique abilities and unlock various strategies - 7 skills with 10 levels each - hundreds of enemies trying to get you dead or alive What else do you need to have fun? Oh, did we mention that the planet was the Earth and the voyagers were the aliens?

- jugar a Alien Anarchy -

Ripple Dot Zero
Captura de Ripple Dot ZeroRipple Dot Zero is a classic action platformer heavily influenced by the aestethics of the 16-bit era of the early 90′s. The game features 20 Levels of running, bouncing, slashing and Gyro-Blade-throwing, set to the slick beats of an original soundtrack of pure fm-funk schmaltz. Even the sound effects where made with FM-synthesis to give the game that sharp sting of early 90′s gaming.

- jugar a Ripple Dot Zero -

Guns And Golds
Captura de Guns And GoldsRespect is everything in the Tough world of The West. It was a bad day for Sheriff , he overslept after that large beer he had last night. "Sheriff , Do something the bank is being robbed" screams a random villager ,"Skull bandits are attacking the town , they are getting away with the gold". Unable to catch them on time sheriff has lost all his dignity and his only Destiny is to get it back. With support of his trusted Firearms and Ghost of his Dead Twin Brother sheriff starts his long journey to bring back his Respect. Who knows how much massacre will he have to make to avenge his dignity. Guns and Golds Is a 2d Side Scroller Action Shooter , featuring multiple Guns and ways of using them , Kill the Skull bandits and Dr.G (Boss) . Upgrade your guns to make them more and more Effective. Bring peace to your town.

- jugar a Guns And Golds -

Super Invaders
Captura de Super InvadersExciting colorful shooter with sole heroic tank defending Earth from alien invasion. Collect coins and upgrade your tank to reach alien boss ship and destroy it! Inspired by Space Invaders, includes many types of UFO, weapons and upgrades.

- jugar a Super Invaders -

Evolution Heroes
Captura de Evolution HeroesEvolution Heroes is a game about most popular old-school heroes and evolution sequence. You should help to get out of the ground and mutate to human. There 6 different character with their weapon and feature. Created special for LD24 in 2 days + 3 hours to fix.

- jugar a Evolution Heroes -

Ultimate Spaceship
Captura de Ultimate SpaceshipJoin the space war, control your spaceship, tower, factory and refinery. Take control any flying objects in this ultimate spaceship war!rnrnClick your building then click enemy building, press and hold CTRL + click building to select more than one building to attack or press SPACE BAR to select all building.

- jugar a Ultimate Spaceship -

Pixel Pilot
Captura de Pixel PilotDodge the blocks in a circular world and earn the high score!

- jugar a Pixel Pilot -

Doodle Bug TD
Captura de Doodle Bug TDTower defense action! Fight off the waves of evil bugs, flies and monstrous centipedes. Beat a map with 75 or more lives remaining for a 2 star rating or 95 lives for the 3 star rating!

- jugar a Doodle Bug TD -

The Crazy Crystalized Calamity
Captura de The Crazy Crystalized CalamityThe town of Polzvilia has caught on fire and it's up to you to save them with your amazing snowball of awesomeness!

- jugar a The Crazy Crystalized Calamity -

Tower Blocks
Captura de Tower BlocksThe humans have wanted to reach the sky since the old days. Can you construct an ultimate skyscraper which rises above everyone and everything else? In this game, your target is to release the hoisted blocks so as to construct the highest tower. When the game starts, a piece of block will be elevated by the crane and it will swing back and forth. Click to release the block when it swings to a suitable position above the base, and the block will drop. Then continue the process to construct the tower. Each piece of successfully landed block gives a base score of 100 points, and if multiple blocks can land perfectly, you will receive accumulated bonuses. The ruler at the bottom left corner of the screen will measure the current height of the tower. As the tower will begin to tremble as it gets higher, it will be harder to land new blocks. You will start the game with 3 lives, and one life will be deducted if a block fails to land. When all 3 lives are gone, the game ends. Steady the base structure and soar above the sky!

- jugar a Tower Blocks -

Pika And The Aliens
Captura de Pika And The AliensPika must fight his way through an alien world to save his friends Pika and his friends have been captured by alien chicken rustlers and taken to the aliens home planet to be processed into chicken pot pies at a later date. However Pika escapes and attempts to fight his way through the alien world to save his friends by avoiding various traps and stomping on and squashing the aliens.

- jugar a Pika And The Aliens -

Captura de PirofoxHelp Pirofox and save the World!

- jugar a Pirofox -

Captura de RETROZOIDBuild your own spacecraft pixel by pixel and destroy each pixel of over 430 unique invaders. Each color has a unique ability, unlocked by attaching it to your ship, and lost if destroyed. Additional pixel power-ups can be collected, and you can rearrange them however you like, every 5 levels.

- jugar a RETROZOID -

The Terraspheres
Captura de The TerraspheresStealth-action shooter game with radial gravity The game is given the choice of tactics for each level - you can pass the level quietly, without raising an alarm, or to arrange a real slaughter, using machine guns, grenades and even a bazooka. Ability to hide behind the scenery, to sneak up behind enemies and kill with a knife, not raising the alarm, set booby traps, and destroy the enemies of many weapons.

- jugar a The Terraspheres -

Downtown Zombies
Captura de Downtown ZombiesAn amazing zombie and shooting game waits for you to be played. Your job in each level, and there are a lot of them, is to destroy and kill all zombies using different weapons. For each killed zombie, you will earn some money. After each level you can go to the shop and buy some new and better waepon to get more power and to kill the zombies as fast as you can. You can also repair your barricade using some stuff from the shop. But for all of this you need money, which you will earn if you kill enough zombies.

- jugar a Downtown Zombies -

Lucky Toy Pop
Captura de Lucky Toy PopConnect groups of the same lucky toys in this frantic mix of collapse and connect mahjong! Your time is limited, so use the available power-ups wisely!

- jugar a Lucky Toy Pop -

Saviour of Sol
Captura de Saviour of SolDestroy aliens, upgrade your ship, and become the ulimate space commander! Save Earth across six different levels in the campaign, or test your skills in survival mode.

- jugar a Saviour of Sol -

Kitt's Kingdom
Captura de Kitt's KingdomJoin Sergeant Kitt as he defends the kingdom of Felis against the Canine Empire. Utilise a variety of weapons to defeat waves of horrible hounds, maurauding mutts, pillaging pooches and even some barking mad bosses. Upgrade your tower, recruit fellow soldiers and modify your weapons. Win the war for Felis and restore peace to the kingdom!

- jugar a Kitt's Kingdom -

Acool Fishing Master
Captura de Acool Fishing MasterAcool Fishing Master ,who is good at fishing.a fishing match is hold today,if you are a fishing master,come on to challenge this match, who can catch more fishes in the deep ocean in the limited time,who will be win.just come on!

- jugar a Acool Fishing Master -

Coin Bag
Captura de Coin BagCollect all the coins for higher score and go to the next level. Use mouse to aim.

- jugar a Coin Bag -

Papa Louie 2
Captura de Papa Louie 2Sarge and Radley Madish have kidnapped all of your customers in this long-awaited to sequel to Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! Marty and Rita will travel to the Land of Munchmore to rescue Papa Louie, and find other trapped customers along the way to help on your journey! Every customer you rescue becomes a new playable character, with unique weapons and a variety of special skills that can help you on your quest. Use your customers' skills to complete challenges across multiple worlds, and unlock all 28 playable characters on your way to defeat the wild Radley Madish!

- jugar a Papa Louie 2 -

Armored Ashura:Ultimate
Captura de Armored Ashura:Ultimate

a final compilation of popular game armored ashura

special thank to in-rage to let me use his cool song!

- jugar a Armored Ashura:Ultimate -

Captura de SeedsSend your seeds flying to the far edges of the Bird-king’s kingdom!

Upgrade the seeds and plant them at the right spots, blooming beautiful flowers in your path.

This game saves your progress. If your progress is not saved:
- Make sure your browser allows cookies.
- Make sure your browser doesn’t delete cookies on exit.
- Make sure you are not browsing in private / incognito mode.
- If you are using any software that deletes cookies (like CCleaner), disable that feature.

- Swipe left to inhale, then swipe right to blow and send the seeds flying.
- Click to drop petals.
- Swipe while seeds are flying for second wind (if you have unlocked it).

- jugar a Seeds -

Electric Boy
Captura de Electric BoyElectric Boy, this game is about one to call for the boy to save energy in the town Superman story, this action puzzle game does not require much brains, even arbitrary point can also cross the border. [Mouse] clicks

- jugar a Electric Boy -

Tamus Adventures
Captura de Tamus AdventuresExplore the mountain and talk with all the people in the world of Tamus, to see what is polluting the sky. You have to go under dangerous mines, beat treacherous creatures and solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the sun. The people of the mountain are counting on you.

- jugar a Tamus Adventures -

The Cursed Palace
Captura de The Cursed PalaceAfter receive a transmission from Dr.Karen, you head to an ancient fortress in an effort to rescue her. You must navigate through the various sectors of the island, while battling its denizens and avoiding its many dangers. Along the way, you will uncover items that will allow progress to new locations of the fortress and grant you new abilities. The impressive map contains over 100 rooms, continue points scattered throughout, and 3 different difficulty settings. There are over 15 enemy types and 1 final boss, unlimited continues.

- jugar a The Cursed Palace -

The Red Train
Captura de The Red TrainThe Red Train is a game that is a mixer of a driving game and a skill game. The aim of the game is that you clear out the path for your red little train and get your train over from one point to another and on the way clearing your way. give it a go its simple and addicting once you get the through the first 2 levels you will master the game

- jugar a The Red Train -

The Final Boss
Captura de The Final BossAction arcade game with multi-player option

- jugar a The Final Boss -

Sapphire Clix
Captura de Sapphire ClixMatch 2 or more to collapse it. On Sapphire Clix Game, you will need to do longest combo in order to gain higher score on this game, but beware when blocks will hit the upper line, you must be quick on collapsing it and do not let the blocks hit the upper line, you will getting lose if the blocks hit the upper line.

- jugar a Sapphire Clix -

Police Cars Parking
Captura de Police Cars Parking

Police Cars Parking es un divertido juego 3d donde deberás trabajar como aparcacoches en una comisaría. Aparca los coches en los espacios asignados todo lo rápido que puedas y lleva cuidado para no abollarlos.

- jugar a Police Cars Parking -

Fruit Ninja
Captura de Fruit NinjaFruit ninja. 5 levels game. Smash the fruits! You need to smash 10 fruits in the first level, but there is a 20 fruits total so you can earn some extra points. Then we have 15 fruits in the second level, then 20, 25 and in the last level we have 30 fruits required. Watch up for the bomb!

- jugar a Fruit Ninja -

Scribble Nuts
Captura de Scribble NutsGet the nuts and go to the goal. Don't run out of time and avoid all the rats and spike and get for highest score in this simple fun platform game.

- jugar a Scribble Nuts -

Sparta Fire Javelin
Captura de Sparta Fire JavelinThe army from the Persian Empire are attacking the Greece. Sparta have to fight all of them by himself. It is rnup to his last defense to drive the persian army back to where they came from. Help Sparta throw fire javelin and killrnall the incoming enemy. rnrnuse mouse to aim and shoot the javelinrn

- jugar a Sparta Fire Javelin -

Head N Gun
Captura de Head N GunShoot all the enemies with your guns. This is shooting game that you need focus and dodge many bullet. You can change weapon and mini rocket with the items you get, to kill your enemies. Features : - Need focus n shoot to play this game - 3 different weapons can be use - Use the rockets to destroy all the enmies - 12 levels fight against enemies - 4 boss waiting for you

- jugar a Head N Gun -

Special Combat Operation 2
Captura de Special Combat Operation 2Your helicopter crashed at urban war zone and your mission is to use your machine gun to shoot all enemy soldiers on your way to the extraction point.

- jugar a Special Combat Operation 2 -

Captura de MachineZumaAim with mouse and make pairs of three or more.Finish all the balls on board and proceed to next level.

- jugar a MachineZuma -

Copter Stop Stop Stop
Captura de Copter Stop Stop StopCopter Stop Stop Stop,a new and fun copter game.You are not only need to build a solid airport on the water,but also need to land your copter hurry up!finish your task!rn

- jugar a Copter Stop Stop Stop -

Dead Tread
Captura de Dead TreadClimb into your monster truck, rev your engine, and run down those angry zombies in this fast paced racing game. Who said there wouldn't be any fun when the zombie apocalypse comes? Buckle Up

- jugar a Dead Tread -

Jump Jump Pirates
Captura de Jump Jump PiratesRed Beard the pirate has to go on the top of his boat to see the water horizon. On his way, if he can catch some coins ans rum, it is for the best. Help him to jump, and jump again on this doodle jump like.

- jugar a Jump Jump Pirates -

Primal Sands
Captura de Primal SandsYour ship has crash-landed on an unknown desert planet. Use your MPTU (Multi-Purpose Tank Unit) to repair your vessel and defend it from attacking alien life forms!

- jugar a Primal Sands -

Cubikill 6
Captura de Cubikill 6Introducing a violent continuation to the Cubikill series.rnrnRick works for the same company for years now and has to tolerate his idiot co-worker Dave. Every day Dave makes Rick's life a nightmare! But Rick has had enough! Today is the rise of the I.T. guy!rnrnTake revenge on your co-worker Dave and go on a killing spree!

- jugar a Cubikill 6 -

Douchebag Workout 2
Captura de Douchebag Workout 2The sequel to our BIG hit is here!rnrnAnother Douche wanna be! Help this poor weak guy get into shape, start a social life, get some awesome swag to finally get with the ladies! Do you have what it takes to become big, tanned and ripped? A hilarious game of upgrades and deep social exploration! rnrnSubscribe to the program, get muscles, get swag, get popular and get with the ladies! Good luck Douche!

- jugar a Douchebag Workout 2 -

Zombie Bros
Captura de Zombie BrosZombie bros collect some mushrooms in forest, as their dinner."Where are my mushrooms? I ask you take care of them, but you lost all of them!?". One Zombie blaming the other zombie. Please help them take back all of the mushrooms in forest, them get back home to complete a level. The forest is was dangerous area,please help the poor zombie bros.

- jugar a Zombie Bros -

Bow and arrow
Captura de Bow and arrowBow and arrow

- jugar a Bow and arrow -

Pets Balls
Captura de Pets BallsNow you can have even more fun with animals! What will happen if you replace an ordinary ball with a fancy animal? You can have a lot of fun, that’s what! Your task is very simple – you must get as many points as you can by kicking the ball up with your mouse and collecting stars. But you must be careful and don’t let your round fuzzy friend fall on the ground. Every missed catch will reduce the number of player’s attempts, and every 10 stars will open a new even cuter animal.

- jugar a Pets Balls -

Pimp My Ship
Captura de Pimp My Ship

An extraordinary voyage around the world... and beyond!

Avoid perilous enemies... or fight them head on!

Collect wonderful treasures... and improve your airship!

- jugar a Pimp My Ship -

City Skate Foranza
Captura de City Skate Foranza

Escape from the evil death machine!
Collect Rings to earn points!
Step on Accelerators to gain speed: when you become fast enough, you can escape from the death machine.

Avoid obstacles.

- jugar a City Skate Foranza -

Hungry Frog
Captura de Hungry FrogHelp the hungry frog eat all fruits before time runs out.

- jugar a Hungry Frog -

Jumping Arrows
Captura de Jumping ArrowsCharge into the temple with clever leaps and the trophy shall be yours! As an adventurer, you have arrived at a mysterious temple which contains a lot of buried treasure. In order to seize the golds, you have to jump across the traps at the entrance of the temple as quickly as possible. Press the arrow keys on your keyboard according to the markings on the ground, and avoid making a mistake or you will be punished by a lightning. Take notice of the time you spent, collect your prizes with swift actions and make yourself a golden crown!

- jugar a Jumping Arrows -

Captura de NNNumbersNNNumbers is just a simple but yet thrilling game about reaction. Hover 8 numbers in the right order to survive each round of the game. If you're able to reach round 16 or 17 you're a master... ;)

- jugar a NNNumbers -

Captura de LightningCan you press the shutter when you catch a glimpse of the lightning? As an enthusiast of photography, your goal is to take a beautiful photo of the lightning during a thunderstorm. Since the lightning may strike at any moment, you need to get ready and prepare to hit the shutter. Remember not to shoot before the lightning appears, or you will lose. Click to take a photo when a bolt of lightning lights up the sky; the quicker you react, the better your picture looks. Your score will be determined according to your reaction time in milliseconds, so response promptly and rocket to the top!

- jugar a Lightning -

Monster Truck Taxi
Captura de Monster Truck TaxiRide your way through these courses and get your passenger to her destination by any means possible!

- jugar a Monster Truck Taxi -

Spank Beauty Booty
Captura de Spank Beauty BootyThe beauty made something wrong,the only way to make her correct is spank her ass.move mouse to the ass and release it with the sufficient intensity.There are different flash display effects, according to the intensity you use.

- jugar a Spank Beauty Booty -

Frog's Panic
Captura de Frog's PanicHelp the frogs to avoid cannonballs through 10 challenging levels! Collect bonuses to increase your score!

- jugar a Frog's Panic -

Feed Us 5
Captura de Feed Us 5Another killer species is free from captivity and out for blood! Our favourite Piranha has escaped the local Aquarium and is terrorizing various surroundings, but this time he has found grim allies. The objective is to eat as much as you can, complete objectives, upgrade your fish and call on your allies when you need them.

- jugar a Feed Us 5 -

Snow Mow
Captura de Snow MowPick all the flower and go to the goal. Don't run out of time and avoid all the creature and spike and get for highest score in this simple fun platform game.rnrnLeft Right Arrow = movernUp Arrow = jumprnP = pause

- jugar a Snow Mow -

Captura de CatowarA strategy action game (multi language), become the leader of the of the cat army. Win battles against the dogs and rats. Capture the enemy towers and fight battles in this tactical strategy game. Upgrade the barracks and towers and defeat the rats and dogs.rnrnMouse, drag the army from your building to the enemy building. See in game instructions.

- jugar a Catowar -

Virus Purge
Captura de Virus PurgeYou need to kill the virus with good aim. Make sure you line the shot up right and get those pesky bugs. Kill them all and save your body from the evil virus.rnUse the mouse to aim and shoot.

- jugar a Virus Purge -

Captura de MontrisYour favorite arcade classic has come back to life and is waiting for your challenge! In the game of Montris, your goal is to rotate the groups of blocks so that they fill the rows in the play area and then be destroyed. When the game starts, a group of blocks will descend from the top of the play area, and the next group will be displayed at the top left corner of the play area for your reference. You can press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the group of blocks, the up arrow key or X key to rotate the block in clockwise direction, the Z key for counterclockwise rotation, and the down arrow key to drop the block. When the groups of blocks fill a complete row, they will be removed from the play area. Each level has a specific number of rows to be filled, as shown on the right of the screen. You need to fulfill the requirement in order to proceed. If the blocks pile up and reach the top of the play area, the game ends. Charge into the electrifying cascades for unlimited excitement!

- jugar a Montris -

Captura de RancherAn 8 leveled game with superb game play small but smart way of finishing. Its definitely challenging enough to pull the gammers towards game.

- jugar a Rancher -

In Death We Rise 2
Captura de In Death We Rise 2You are in danger. The world was dominated by bloodthirsty zombies.rnrnYour only chance to survive is to kill all zombies. For that you has a gun and plenty of ammo. Do not skimp shots.

- jugar a In Death We Rise 2 -

Wonder Rocket
Captura de Wonder Rocket

Launch your rocket into Wonder Land.  Many Upgrades, Bonuses and Achievements.  Lots of fun collectables and obstacles.

I made Gum Drop Hop 4 and other great games.

- jugar a Wonder Rocket -

Off Road Jeep Hazard
Captura de Off Road Jeep HazardWhat better vehicle to drive on an off road than an awesome jeep? Try to drive it as fast as possible while keeping your balance at the same time so you do not crash. Be aware of your time because it is an important component of your score and do not waste your turbo power as it can get you out of difficult situations. Pick up golden stars on your way to increase your score with some bonus points. Have a blast with this incredible game!rnControls: Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key for turbo.

- jugar a Off Road Jeep Hazard -

Epic 911 Battle
Captura de Epic 911 BattleJoin this epic battle between the firefighters, emergency trucks and policemen! You can choose your team and then crash against the vehicles of your opponents until you destroy them. But avoid damaging your teammates, because they are actually helping you. Between levels you can buy new awesome cars, upgrade the ones you have or repair them and during the battle you can pick up power ups! See if you are really between the city's finest! Good luck!rnControls: Use your arrow keys to drive, your X to activate turbo and your Z to drop mines.

- jugar a Epic 911 Battle -

Warp Tag
Captura de Warp TagTeleport your way past rockets and spikes to get the box to the goal.

- jugar a Warp Tag -

Captura de LazermanYou are a victim of an experiment conducted by a secret military lab. You head has been detached from your body. Your mission is to return your body. Remember that you are free to smash the entire lab into pieces!

- jugar a Lazerman -

Rise of the Cowboy
Captura de Rise of the CowboyRise of the Cowboy is an action packed game.Choose your mode of difficulty before you start the game.Shoot your opponents before they shoot you.Buy grenades and upgrade your health in store.

- jugar a Rise of the Cowboy -

Brave Soldier
Captura de Brave SoldierYour brave soldier is on mission. His objective is to defend the army base building. Shoot all the enemies to kill them. Hire gunman and craftsman in your army.Upgrade your weapons in store and Use them wisely. Watch your health bar and upgrade it after each level.

- jugar a Brave Soldier -

Feed the Animals
Captura de Feed the AnimalsUse your cannon to feed cute animals and put them to sleep.

- jugar a Feed the Animals -

Strike Force Heroes 2
Captura de Strike Force Heroes 2Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign for an action packed continuation of the Strike Force Heroes storyline or try your luck at the new slot machine to win rare weapons and hop into a custom game.

- jugar a Strike Force Heroes 2 -

Marvelites FTW
Captura de Marvelites FTWThese obsessive comic book fans are trolling the message boards and comment threads relentlessly. Now is the time to place them where they really belongs

- jugar a Marvelites FTW -

Red Ball 4 (vol.2)
Captura de Red Ball 4 (vol.2)

Roll and jump your way through a deep forest and stop evil squares from taking over the world in this physics-based platformer.

- jugar a Red Ball 4 (vol.2) -

Fire Unicorn Gunner
Captura de Fire Unicorn GunnerGold Gun sequel Fire Unicorn Gunner .rnrnenemy attacked of Matt`s City,rnrnand now he was homeless,rnrnwrath of the Matt took his Fire Unicorn went deep into the enemy,rnrngoal is to kill all the enemies!

- jugar a Fire Unicorn Gunner -

Captura de BABOOM!Baboom is platform game. This is the story of "Baboom", a baboon who wants to conquer all the trees of the mountain where he lives. For this, he must defeat all other baboons.

- jugar a BABOOM! -

Cat crazy shooting
Captura de Cat crazy shootingBlack Cat is a sharpshooter. He is in a balloon shooting game now

- jugar a Cat crazy shooting -

Ninja Gravity
Captura de Ninja GravityThe little ninja is trapped inside a tomb. There are monsters and undeads inside the tomb and they will rnattacks any living thing they see. Use the force of gravity to hit the monsters with ninja weapon.rnrnuse mouse to aim and shoot ninjia weaponrn

- jugar a Ninja Gravity -

Rectangle Avoider
Captura de Rectangle AvoiderYou are a rectangle, you know triangle and circle are pretty dangerous, so you have to avoid them to survive. Good look rectangle!

- jugar a Rectangle Avoider -

Physical Tank
Captura de Physical Tankarrow keys to move,mouse to fire

- jugar a Physical Tank -

Crazy Monster Truck
Captura de Crazy Monster TruckHead towards the finish line in the crazy monster truck game, Crush what ever come in your way Finish the race in 1st place and unlock new levels... Enjoy

- jugar a Crazy Monster Truck -

Pyroclastic Flow
Captura de Pyroclastic FlowFlee from the volcano in an infinitely-side-scrolling platforming challenge. Use your elemental powers to aid your escape.

- jugar a Pyroclastic Flow -

Scary Cannon
Captura de Scary CannonPull the cannon nobe to the fire. Burn up the Pumkins/skulls using the cannon to release the evil spirits. Use the mouse to control your navigation

- jugar a Scary Cannon -

Jump Over Danger
Captura de Jump Over DangerJump over stuff as you jump across 40 EXCITING levels! Jump over spikes! Jump over blocks! Jump over enemies! Keep jumping and don't stop jumping! Jump! Jump! Juuuuuuuuump!

- jugar a Jump Over Danger -

Freedom Tower : The Invasion
Captura de Freedom Tower : The InvasionResist the human invasion on your home planet by using the Freedom Tower to destroy all attacking forces. Buy upgrades, unlock achievements, collect power ups and much more in this defense game. Enjoy the incredible experience through 16 levels,destroy a powerful boss and complete the game in the 3 difficulty modes.

- jugar a Freedom Tower : The Invasion -

Ank Coin
Captura de Ank CoinCollect as much as possible coins in this simple platform game just for fun. Don't run out of time and avoid all the spiked cactus and creatures then get for the highest score.rn

- jugar a Ank Coin -

Pirate's Time 2 fans' pack
Captura de Pirate's Time 2 fans' packSay "Yarrrhhgg!" and sail to the new adventure! 15 more levels in this exciting cannon game will help you to spend your time with fun. Bombs, sophisticated enemy fortifications and BIG cannon - that's your best choice!

- jugar a Pirate's Time 2 fans' pack -

Lunar Plasmid X
Captura de Lunar Plasmid XFight off an oncoming stream of enemies in this WASD + Mouse combo action game! The various enemy types, powerup, and special effects will leave players coming back to play it again and again to beat their high score. Instructions are included in game.

- jugar a Lunar Plasmid X -

Bounce 2013
Captura de Bounce 2013Collect all stars and escape from the balls killer. Good Luck!

- jugar a Bounce 2013 -

Twister Roundup
Captura de Twister RoundupHowdy partner! Round up as many animals as you can while avoiding deadly debris being hurled at you by a twister!

- jugar a Twister Roundup -

Sky Hounds
Captura de Sky HoundsThis is a 2D, horizontal scrolling shoot’em up in the spirit of classic games such as R-type and Gradius. Play as a small, round mech, Dizzy, and his human co-pilot, Charley, in a search to find and rescue their friends after an alien invasion. The Game features five areas all with completely distinct, parallax scrolling backgrounds and each with its own unique, multi-staged boss. It also features over a dozen unique enemies to destroy. This is a dense game, and if it’s not enough, unlock new game plus mode for an even greater challenge. Farm money by playing or replaying levels, and buy a variety of weapons and equipment to ease your struggle. Also buy and deploy “pods” which are small floating entities that attack or provide utility.

- jugar a Sky Hounds -

Mad Pixel Run
Captura de Mad Pixel RunMad Pixel is a crazy highscores go-to-distance game with a twist! Simple but addicting!

- jugar a Mad Pixel Run -

LCD Angry Chicks
Captura de LCD Angry ChicksWelcome to the past! You have a game console with LCD screen and one button to play. Cats have stolen the chicken eggs. The chicks are really angry and want to take revenge on them! Win as many points as you can and match with another players!

- jugar a LCD Angry Chicks -

Abe Droid Zone
Captura de Abe Droid ZoneThe droid last resistance. Equip all your arsenal and clear those enemies that block your way to the gateway. And remember, don't lose your time to much, and equip your most powerfull weapon or you'll die.

- jugar a Abe Droid Zone -

Parking Hooligan 2
Captura de Parking Hooligan 2Parking Hooligan is back! Destroy everything! Use your car to hit everything on the road/platform, do not leave a single tree standing...

- jugar a Parking Hooligan 2 -

Zombie Payback: Steel and Rainbows
Captura de Zombie Payback: Steel and RainbowsYou've been created with only one goal: destroy all zombies! Use different combinations of attacks and collect as many coins as possible to increase your character's abilities even more! Can you achieve the highest score?

- jugar a Zombie Payback: Steel and Rainbows -

Blokk Party
Captura de Blokk PartyClear 20 levels of progressive difficulty set to dubstep beats in this breakout style game. Weave in and out of drops to collect buffs, valuable fragments, or power-ups to enter bonus mode for extra challenges with a hardcore dubstep music track and distracting effects for much greater rewards.

- jugar a Blokk Party -

The Naked Alien
Captura de The Naked AlienTake on the role of a nudist alien explorer as he hops and bops his way through a surreal lunar landscape.

- jugar a The Naked Alien -

Amber Helix
Captura de Amber HelixJoin the captain in his glorious quest to find the Amber Helix.

- jugar a Amber Helix -

Siege Knight
Captura de Siege KnightA fun defense and shooting game hybrid. Defeat wave after wave of enemies through strategic trap placement and fast shooting! Level up and spend points to upgrade your characters abilities.

- jugar a Siege Knight -

Toast Bear in Pirate Land
Captura de Toast Bear in Pirate LandPlatform game with a bear that loves toasts and hates pirates.

- jugar a Toast Bear in Pirate Land -

Captura de CygnusGuide your ship past the obstacles. Survive as long as possible to prove your worth to the Cygnus flight school.

- jugar a Cygnus -

Man Soldier
Captura de Man SoldierYou are man soldier and your mission is to destroy enemy forces and take cover to survive.

- jugar a Man Soldier -

Stick out Bike Challenge
Captura de Stick out Bike Challenge Play An exciting bike challenge game Ride your bike and clear the obstacles to complete the level. Collect coins to score points All the best!

- jugar a Stick out Bike Challenge -

Abe Clone Wars
Captura de Abe Clone WarsThe droid start attacking the remaining human resistance with they clone assault robot. It is controled via main server unit that deployed on each region of their attack. Your duty to disable this server unit and disarmed their clone robot.

- jugar a Abe Clone Wars -

Treasure of the Abandoned City
Captura de Treasure of the Abandoned CityWASD- Move

Mouse/Arrow Keys - Shoot

E - Interact

Q - Switch Weapon

Space - Inventory

M - Mute

The Captain's search for Laserbeard's treasure takes him to the gates of an ancient abandoned city. However, getting the treasure be easy. The city gates are sealed and the city surrounded by malevolent stone golems. In his quest, the Captain will uncover the treacherous history of the city, and discover how it became abandoned.

>An episode of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series. The episode was designed to stand on it's own and act as a good jumping on point for the series. You can find the other episodes here: /games/

You can also pay-what-you-want (min $1) for a standalone version + the soundtrack and some bonus art: /treasure-of-the-abandone d-city/

- jugar a Treasure of the Abandoned City -

Alienball back home
Captura de Alienball back homeThe best action game you want to play Alienball's UFO is crashed,You need to help alienball back to UFO.

- jugar a Alienball back home -

One Way Dungeon
Captura de One Way DungeonRun through the dungeon, slay monsters, jump over traps... Oh, just one thing: you can't stop!

- jugar a One Way Dungeon -

Castle Defense
Captura de Castle DefenseTry to defend your Castle on this awesome shooting game!

- jugar a Castle Defense -

Dick Douche Zombie Lab
Captura de Dick Douche Zombie LabSlaughter hordes of zombies with your bare hands.
You are Dick Douche, the douchiest zombie slayer in town. Level up, buy equipments, and learn new skills to finish all the arenas in this RPB/Brawler mix.

- jugar a Dick Douche Zombie Lab -

Tank Storm 2
Captura de Tank Storm 2Control a battle tank, destroy enemy vehicles and shoot soldiers to get through enemy territory and complete the main mission - destroy the enemy base.

- jugar a Tank Storm 2 -

Trans Atlantic Flight
Captura de Trans Atlantic FlightTrans Atlantic Flight - an endless game with interesting flight mechanics. Keep your plane in the air by avoiding some mad birds, collect points and various power ups such as extra speed, points and fuel. Fly as long as you can!

- jugar a Trans Atlantic Flight -

Taxi trip
Captura de Taxi tripTry to master handle your taxi car and do a perfect parking in the designated parking spot on the busy streets of the metropolis. If every parking action you do will be successful, you can pass to the next level and prove you're the best driver in Taxi trip games online. Each level will unlock more parking places but you have to be very careful to the traffic around you, because any impact with the passing by train will not only damage the car you need to park, but will also decrease the life of your car. Find the perfect parking place and demonstrates that you are the best taxi driver ever met. Good luck!

- jugar a Taxi trip -

10 Wheeler crazy FREIGHT
Captura de 10 Wheeler crazy FREIGHT10 Wheeler crazy FREIGHT, you need safe transportation of the goods to the site.

- jugar a 10 Wheeler crazy FREIGHT -

Hopy Go Go
Captura de Hopy Go GoHopy was about to be crowned the King but his throne was stolen by the evil forces! Help Hopy become the king again!

- jugar a Hopy Go Go -

FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal Temple
Captura de FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal TempleControls
Use A,W,D to move WaterGirl and the ArrowKeys to move FireBoy.
Click the green gem on the bottom of the screen or press "P" to pause the game.

- jugar a FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal Temple -

running chicken
Captura de running chickenThe number of ball will continue to increase, How long can chicken hold? A great game test your reaction

- jugar a running chicken -

Paid Tiger
Captura de Paid TigerCrazy platformer in which your goal - hurt myself, but not to collect various goodies!

- jugar a Paid Tiger -

Cat Jump
Captura de Cat JumpJump higher and make the best score in this funny jumping game. Collect golds to jump, avod of traps, don't miss bonuses on your way to make the highest score.

- jugar a Cat Jump -

Big Bubble Pro
Captura de Big Bubble ProFast pacing skill based game. Grow green bubbles and avoid to touch other ones.

- jugar a Big Bubble Pro -

Cloud Wars
Captura de Cloud WarsIn this addictive Strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions.

- jugar a Cloud Wars -

Green Farm
Captura de Green FarmYou'll love this! Green Farm is a cool bubble game, with tons of power ups and tons of fun!

- jugar a Green Farm -

Captain Black's Treasure Chest
Captura de Captain Black's Treasure ChestCaptain Black was the greatest pirate of all times. Governments feared him, women loved him, and all boys wanted to be just like him. As legends about his great treasure were told long after he was gone, many went looking after it. Become one of those treasure hunters and find the legendary treasure chest. Complete each level collecting as many coins as you can. But remember, levels are completed only if you collect all rubins from the screen. Goood luck!

- jugar a Captain Black's Treasure Chest -

Captura de EncoreDestroy your enemies through a mix of micro management skill and strategy in this circular shooter. Encore is like a mix between a tower defense game and space invaders. You control a centered turret that fights off the invaders assisted by semi-automatic orbs. Upgrade your turret and orbs between levels to build the ultimate defense. 21 stages and three bosses await. For questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports you can reach us at

- jugar a Encore -

Canimals: Night Sky
Captura de Canimals: Night SkyControl Pow the owl as he flies through the night sky. Collect cans and avoid bats along the way! Catch the Canimals every day on CITV and look out for the brand-new Canimals toys in stores near you. Visit for games, comps and the latest Canimals news.

- jugar a Canimals: Night Sky -

Super Bouncy Ball
Captura de Super Bouncy BallSuper Bouncy Ball is a very fun game of physics. You need to be delicate on picking the position, the strength, and the direction to hit the blocks off the platforms.

- jugar a Super Bouncy Ball -

Captura de MadBurgerDo you love burgers? A vacation in the fresh air? Then you should play in our game! Your goal throw burger very far, so he flew to a hungry man!rnrnFeatures:rn5 performance improvements!rn5 bonuses!rn4 level upgrades of Burger!rnProfessional Music and SoundsFX!rnAmazing colorful art!rnrnrnEnjoy, BlackSquare

- jugar a MadBurger -

Jewel Collector
Captura de Jewel CollectorCollect all the jewels to successfully pass levels, unlocking the next one. Jewels lose value over time so the sooner you collect them, the more points you get. There are 3 types of enemies; Zombies moves back and forth, Mummies circle either ClockWise or CounterClockWise direction, Vampires patrol randomly.

- jugar a Jewel Collector -

Nocran Space
Captura de Nocran SpaceStop the Nocran army from reaching planet Earth in this epic top-down shooter

- jugar a Nocran Space -

Space Mole, The Treasure Hunt
Captura de Space Mole, The Treasure Hunt

The items in this game are all well known in mangas and animes. Hope someone can list them all! lol!

Help our mole find the treasures and collect the stars to buy a new house. 

The game has a 360 direction gravity, which will adventure you through the different planets and inside them. The game has 42 levels, with 4 bosses and also 5 endings! There is a total of 20 treasures. Can you collect all the stars in this galaxy?! 

Use the arrows to move, and the -Space- key to dig! The -P- key pauses/ resumes the game, while the -M- key turns the music on/ off.

- jugar a Space Mole, The Treasure Hunt -

Rocket Retro
Captura de Rocket RetroOnce again go to Mars with your upgradable rocket. Catch bonuses and gold in the sky. But be carefull if you grab too much coins you may be too heavy to fly high

- jugar a Rocket Retro -

Captura de VoodoomA new challenging remake of Load Runner

- jugar a Voodoom -

Penguins Counter Attack
Captura de Penguins Counter AttackA suicide squad of penguin warriors

- jugar a Penguins Counter Attack -

Quarantine Road
Captura de Quarantine RoadIt's your last stand against the zombie horde so it's time to make a break for it. This road is your only chance out how bad could it be, right?

- jugar a Quarantine Road -

Death Race Arena
Captura de Death Race ArenaThe death race is an unforgiving competition where only the strongest and the more skilled survive. Join the arena and drive your car, crashing into the others and destroying their vehicles, before they get the chance to destroy yours. Pick up power ups that will help you, buy upgrades and repair your car between levels and try to complete them all, so you can be the last one standing. Have a wonderful time playing this awesome game!

- jugar a Death Race Arena -

Mass Mayhem Zombie Expansion
Captura de Mass Mayhem Zombie ExpansionThis bloody expansion to the Mass Mayhem series introduces a kick-ass robot mech! Now you can kill waves and waves of zombies with your favourite weapon or use this killer robot. Both weapons and your robot can be upgraded.

- jugar a Mass Mayhem Zombie Expansion -

Abe Zombie Rescue
Captura de Abe Zombie RescueThe droids out of nowhere attacking using biological weapons. Their bombs deploy everywhere infecting all the civillians. Save all the survivor while avoid all the bombs and save the humankind from extinction. Compete for a high score and see how great of a solider you are compared to the rest of the world.

- jugar a Abe Zombie Rescue -

Craft Hunter
Captura de Craft HunterBattle against invading alien spaceships.

- jugar a Craft Hunter -

Bottle On Head
Captura de Bottle On HeadShoot all the bottles down from little cowboy's head in this cute western themed physics puzzle game. 15 levels of fun will test your shooting skills.

- jugar a Bottle On Head -

Monster Truck Trip 3
Captura de Monster Truck Trip 3Crash, Smash and Destroy everything on your way, collect stars, gain bonus for speed and win prize money for each race. Upgrade your Monster Truck and be prepared for new challenges.rnrnControls:rnUP / DOWN Arrows - Forward / BackrnLEFT / RIGHT Arrows - Tilt Left / RightrnZ - Nitro

- jugar a Monster Truck Trip 3 -

Deep Space Dash
Captura de Deep Space DashTake control of your deep space dasher, and dodge your way through the layers of ship security. Collect power cores and complete challenges along the way to buy helmets to enhance your abilities.

- jugar a Deep Space Dash -

Cyclomaniacs Epic
Captura de Cyclomaniacs EpicCyclomaniacs are back, with another silly storyline and lots of characters and levels to unlock!

- jugar a Cyclomaniacs Epic -

Vatican Quest
Captura de Vatican QuestUse the arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump and Z to attack. Grab the children and deliver them to cardinals. Reporters can only hurt you when you're carrying a child.

- jugar a Vatican Quest -

Captura de CleansingA creature comes across a small town in the night...

- jugar a Cleansing -

Candy Cat
Captura de Candy CatMove the cat with the mouse, accelerate with left mouse button, collect sweets.

- jugar a Candy Cat -

The Empires 2
Captura de The Empires 2Your kingdom is under attack once again, build up your empire and defend your citizens from certain doom.rnUse the mouse in game.rn

- jugar a The Empires 2 -

Gold Rush Mania
Captura de Gold Rush Maniaelp our hero get rich by collecting as much gold as possible. Use your arrow keys to control his cartwheel through the mines and your space bar to jump. Try to be very fast because there are other gold diggers out there just waiting to snatch his gold. Just be careful not to crash or fall into the void, because you might lose the level. Try to get the highest score possible in all of the six available levels. Have a wonderful time!

- jugar a Gold Rush Mania -

Contra twins
Captura de Contra twinsWhen evil guys attack the city, when they did bad things,who do you turn to?The Contra twins! They are coming! fighting! save the world!

- jugar a Contra twins -

The 99: Light Runner
Captura de The 99: Light RunnerJabbar the Powerful is in a holographic training lab. Help him avoid obstacles and collect light orbs along the way. Collect 3 special gems to activate different power boosts - light speed, magnetic power, and Light orb generator. Run for as long as you can, collecting orbs to achieve your highest score.

- jugar a The 99: Light Runner -

Cube Eater
Captura de Cube EaterHi all! I cube eater, let's go on an adventure and a little something to eat. You have to jump on the blocks and collect the food, if you fall to the bottom of the losers. Dial as many points.

- jugar a Cube Eater -

Captura de _lockoutUnlock the mystery of Anna and unveil the reason why are you in a place where death is welcomed as the main guest.

- jugar a _lockout -

Velocity Raptor
Captura de Velocity RaptorHave you ever wondered what happens near the speed of light? What this "relativity" is that everyone is talking about? Well, leave your textbooks at home, because today you'll experience the real thing! This is a place where objects shrink before your eyes, colors shift across the spectrum, and bullets travel in strange paths. Confused yet? Good. Then you're well on your way...

- jugar a Velocity Raptor -

Subs Away
Captura de Subs AwayDive into the deep ocean and fight off any swarm of angry attacking fish.

- jugar a Subs Away -

Captura de HubrisSTAN is lonely! The world's last Sentient Technological Artificial Neohuman (STAN) is tired of being the only robot around, and sets out on a mission to find a friend. The SkyCity above seems to humm with a faint radio signal - it's up to you to find the source!

- jugar a Hubris -

Build Up
Captura de Build UpAre you the ultimate builder? Do you have what it takes to build it up? Build everything from a rocket launch platform to the pyramids, while perfecting your skills as the ultimate builder.rnUse the mouse to click and drag beams across connectors.rn

- jugar a Build Up -

Gerard Scooter game
Captura de Gerard Scooter gameHelp gerard the famous french actor to avoid tax by driving with his scooter to moscow.

- jugar a Gerard Scooter game -

Dummy Crusher 2
Captura de Dummy Crusher 2Cause destruction and mayhem in this action packed sequel! Dummy Crusher 2 is here, and it's absolutely crazy! Everything about it is improved, from the amount of action on screen to the variety of weapons you have! You can even control a heat seeking bee. That's pretty rad in my book. Can you beat all the levels in this challenging game? Good luck!

- jugar a Dummy Crusher 2 -

Ricochet Kills 3 LP
Captura de Ricochet Kills 3 LPBounce your bullets off the walls to kill all bad guys. They must die beautifully.

- jugar a Ricochet Kills 3 LP -

Nasty Sniper
Captura de Nasty SniperAs a vicious sharpshooter you are called to eliminate your assigned targets. Read the mission briefings accurately and take out your victims all around the world quick and clear.

- jugar a Nasty Sniper -

Sky Kings Wars
Captura de Sky Kings Wars

Sky Kings Wars es un frenético arcade de aviones donde el usuario tomará el papel de un heroico piloto que deberá recorrer 40 niveles repletos de aviones, tanques, zeppelines y barcos enemigos.

- jugar a Sky Kings Wars -

Down to Hell 2
Captura de Down to Hell 2Kill the devil in his lair. Use multiple weapons through many levels. Defeat the evil in this pure arcade game.

- jugar a Down to Hell 2 -

Knight vs Planes
Captura de Knight vs PlanesKnight vs planes is a top down shooter with 6 unique enemies and 5 unique weapons and 20 stages. It also has 2 unique abilties. Weapons and abilities are buyable and upgradeable with money that drops from enemies.

- jugar a Knight vs Planes -

Captura de GalooxagalaIn year 2960 the Earth Federation is almost eliminated. The territories that are out of solar system has been attacked for an alien enemy. All the battleships has been destroyed, just one last ship remains. Take control of that ship and defend the federation territories among all the 15 bases that has been overruned by alien ships.

- jugar a Galooxagala -

Captura de LoxHybrid of the Platformer and Shoot-em-up genres. Run and jump across the ground shooting at flying foes.

- jugar a Lox -

Nuke Train
Captura de Nuke TrainA shooter/tower defense hybrid built around action packed combat and tactical upgrading.

- jugar a Nuke Train -

Flaming Train
Captura de Flaming TrainThe trains on fire and it's your job to put it out. Be sure and use water and not oil!

- jugar a Flaming Train -

Abutu the Hunter
Captura de Abutu the HunterYou are a female hunter in Africa. Let's put your gun skills to the test. Shoot down as many birds as you can.

- jugar a Abutu the Hunter -

panda gun shop
Captura de panda gun shopThis is a small bar, shabby little wooden door, very ordinary. but there are often some dealings, here sell what is it? Enter the store, in the secret place see the shopkeeper, originally this is illegal trafficking guns place, because the shopkeeper warm hospitality, price justice. so more ane more people come here to bu guns. all kinds of guns for the guests choose and buy. the shopkeeper was besieged with, so high salary hired an saaistant, that is you. Want to get high salary isn't easy, come here to buy guns customers aviolent temper, if delay time, customers but to wipe gun fire. and there is some jealous store business bad often came to make trouble. how can we let shop safe and a thriving business?

- jugar a panda gun shop -

Danger Donuts
Captura de Danger DonutsEat them before they takeover the world.

- jugar a Danger Donuts -

Captura de ColorRunnerRun! Run as fast as you can! But don't forget to get the coins and bring the colors back to this world. As it gets more colorful, more ways shall appear.

- jugar a ColorRunner -

Rocket Shiisa
Captura de Rocket ShiisaDefeat enemies and aim for the top of an elevator!

- jugar a Rocket Shiisa -

Happy Passage
Captura de Happy PassageHappy people can infect other people with happiness and increase the happy energy. Hopeless people will make surrounding people sad, let happy people infect them as soon as possible, otherwise the happy energy will keep running low. Once the energy runs out, the game is over. Hopeless people will dispel the happy fog, be careful!

- jugar a Happy Passage -

Crazy Digger
Captura de Crazy DiggerCollect all diamonds to complete level. Dig through green tiles and don't let stones and diamonds to fall on your head.

- jugar a Crazy Digger -

crazy chopped fruit
Captura de crazy chopped fruitcut the fruits! Avoid cutting cut the bomb ! Move the mouse to cut fruits as fast as you can!

- jugar a crazy chopped fruit -

Wild guns
Captura de Wild gunsGreat Shooter Game for one or two players. Play and be one of the best shooting cowboy on the wild west.

- jugar a Wild guns -

Urban ATV Racing
Captura de Urban ATV RacingDrive the ATV through the urban town, crash everything on your way, do tricks and flips to gain score points.rnrnControls:rnUse arrow keys to drive and balance your ATV and Z or K to perform tricks.

- jugar a Urban ATV Racing -

West Intruder 2
Captura de West Intruder 2Buy weapons and shoot the west intruder, kill all of the west intruder before they destory your house.

- jugar a West Intruder 2 -

Damig War
Captura de Damig WarIn 2020,the forces and rebels are fighting for seizing the rest resources,they fight against each other at all costs.Who is the final victory?

- jugar a Damig War -

Captura de ThoreauYou wake up outside on a patch of grass, not knowing who you are or where you are, you start walking and exploring your surroundings in the hopes that you will figure out who you are. Listen carefully and pay attention to what happens around you, you are vulnerable to every single trap.

- jugar a Thoreau -

Super Xalaxer
Captura de Super XalaxerPilot two ships at once as you take on thousands of enemies! Arcade mode has you travelling across eight unique stages, each with their own boss. You can also test your skills in the never ending high-score mode, or boss rush mode.

CONTROLS: A and S to move the blue ship, and Mouse to move the green one. You can also change to "keyboard only" mode on the title screen to control the green ship with arrow keys.

- jugar a Super Xalaxer -

Brainless Zombie
Captura de Brainless Zombiemagic block before you grab the brain. When you are playing with the zombie the blocks can fall, use them wisely.

- jugar a Brainless Zombie -

Silly Ghosts
Captura de Silly GhostsThese Silly Ghosts need Your help. Take a role of a skeleton flying cab driver and take Ghosts to their destination. Have fun helping Silly Ghost on 20 different levels with challenging layout and weather - fly through labyrinths in the rain, snow and wind.

- jugar a Silly Ghosts -

Bunker Defense: Swarm of the Infected
Captura de Bunker Defense: Swarm of the InfectedYour bunker is in the middle of the battleground and infected enemy mutants will come to destroy you from every angle. Move the mouse to aim your bunker’s cannon. Click to fire a bullet (click and hold if you’ve obtained the flamethrower or hailstorm abilities). Use the three spells at opportune times (flare, blizzard and restore). Spend gold that you’ve earned from mutant kills wisely to upgrade your bunker and abilities. There are 20 levels and as you progress through the game you will meet stronger and faster enemies. On each level, kill all enemies before they reach your tank to earn a master badge for that level.

- jugar a Bunker Defense: Swarm of the Infected -

Axes of Terror
Captura de Axes of TerrorLaunch three axes to the nearest body of this unfortunate human target to be able to score crazy.

- jugar a Axes of Terror -

Captura de TUBControl the ship as long as you can across the TUB

- jugar a TUB -

Diamonds and Dragons
Captura de Diamonds and DragonsTry to get the diamonds out of the box, don't let the dragon catch you...

- jugar a Diamonds and Dragons -

Chocolate Run
Captura de Chocolate RunCollect as much chocolate as you can before fuel runs out. Trade it for gifts you can send your loved ones!

- jugar a Chocolate Run -

Deeper in the ocean
Captura de Deeper in the oceanExplore the seabed and find the pumps oxygen to power down the lowest possible attention to sharks, moray eels and poisonous anemones. Create your own game with the integrated level editor.

- jugar a Deeper in the ocean -

Pirates of the Stupid Seas
Captura de Pirates of the Stupid SeasSet sail for adventure and riches upon the Stupid Seas! Collect amazing treasures and upgrade your pirate ship as you battle the Royal Navy, other pirates, and mythical creatures too horrible to mention!

- jugar a Pirates of the Stupid Seas -

Bip the Caveboy 2
Captura de Bip the Caveboy 2A retro mario-style platform game following Bip a young caveboy set in prehistoric time. Collect coins, kill enemies, find hidden passages and explore the levels. Bip is back!

- jugar a Bip the Caveboy 2 -

Fruit Snatcher
Captura de Fruit SnatcherNilmerg is a creature who loves fruits but is too lazy to get them himself. Help him on his crazy plan to steal the fruits from birds who carry them.rnrn- INSTRUCTIONS COMMON TO ALL LEVELS:rnrnrnYou will control a contraption equipped with a launcher and two baskets for collecting fruits. This contraption follows the mouse horizontal movements. The launcher is activated by pressing the left mouse button.rnrnrnThe goal of every level is to collect a certain number of fruits under a time limit.rnrnrnBesides fruits, a small clock may appear, which will extend the level time when collected.rnrnrnIf Nilmerg falls off the contraption, move that near him. Someone will come to kick him back.rnrnrn- 'NORMAL' LEVELS:rnrnrnOn normal levels busy birds are flying around carrying their fruits. Nilmerg have to hit them to make the fruit fall. Points are awarded if also he knocks birds off.rnrnrnAs the game progress, on some normal levels you may encounter two more characters:rnrnrn- THE NINJA, which will try to steal the fruits before you collect them. You can knock him off to make him drop the fruits he steals and get some points too.rnrnrn- BIG BIRDS, which can't be knocked off, so they become in the way too often. Also as the levels progress, more will appear, and they will become more annoying by pooping into the contraption if the Nilmerg makes them angry. Poo may fill the baskets preventing fruits from being collected.rnrnrn- FRUITY RAIN LEVELS:rnrnrnOn Fruity Rain levels, as the name suggets, is raining fruit. No birds or enemies, just fruit.rnrnrn- SEARCH THE NEST LEVELS:rnrnrnOn these levels Nilmerg will be stealing from bird's nests. You will find out that he needs to get inside the nests, as just hitting them from below is not enough to make the fruit bounce off. So you must make Nilmerg bounce around to get inside. Birds won't like it for sure and will kick Nilmerg out, but at least he might be able to push some fruits out before that, for the contraption to collect.rnrnrn- HIT THE GONG LEVELS:rnrnrnOn these levels you will have to hit a gong to make a fruit fall from the sky. Some stones may get on the way.rnrnrn- STEAL FROM THE GIANT BIRD LEVELS:rnrnrnOn these levels you face a giant bird who carries a basket with fruits. You must figure out how to steal from him. Hitting him to make him angry so he swings more the basket to make fruits fall, or making Nilmerg jump inside the basket so he can throw fruits out too.

- jugar a Fruit Snatcher -

Captura de SupercopsThis is a classic old-school platformer with 14 different and exciting levels. Players will get engaged with his progressive increase of difficulty.

- jugar a Supercops -

Cart Rider
Captura de Cart RiderRide through the green lands and collect stars while avoiding all the dangers of the world. Move your cart up and down to extend/compress it to gain the highest score possible!

- jugar a Cart Rider -

Stop GMO 2
Captura de Stop GMO 2The angry rabbit is back! help him to stop the GMO! Upgrade your abilities and win the game! In other words, make a salad or they will make you a salad.

- jugar a Stop GMO 2 -

Monster Truck Survival
Captura de Monster Truck SurvivalSurvive in the epic battle of Monster Trucks and see if you can be the last one standing. You have to destroy your opponents before they damage your car. You can get help from awesome power ups that will pop up in the arena from time to time. Between levels you can repair your car, upgrade it and even buy a new and better one. You can also use your points to buy additional upgrades for your game, making you able to use turbo power or drop mines. Have a lot of fun!

- jugar a Monster Truck Survival -

3D Pipe Racing
Captura de 3D Pipe RacingRace with a space ship through tunnels. Avoid all the obstacles and try to complete all the 25 levels. Buy upgrades for better handling and a better shield etc. A futuristic racing game, each level will become more difficult to complete.

- jugar a 3D Pipe Racing -

Captura de iWar

Real Time Tactics game with a story line. You control a group of soldiers on a mission.

Controls are like a normal RTS or RTT:

Use mouse to select your soldiers and order them to attack.

space  - deselect troops
up - move map up
down - move map down 

Enjoy it

- jugar a iWar -

Path Defense
Captura de Path DefenseMultiplayer tower defense! Forge your own path, and see how long you can survive - unlimited waves, 6 unique turrets, and a sick 8-bit aesthetic.

- jugar a Path Defense -

Captura de HC-unitThe great shooter you've been looking for is there. It will be frequently updated to make it stay tuned!

- jugar a HC-unit -

TacoMazing Lvl 1-2
Captura de TacoMazing Lvl 1-2Tacos! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat every taco on screen, and then hoard as many nacho chips as you can in the bonus round. Are you up to the challenge?

- jugar a TacoMazing Lvl 1-2 -

Little Bullets 2
Captura de Little Bullets 2A little small bullet hell shoot'em up for testing your reflexes. Fly and shoot as many enemy as you can!

- jugar a Little Bullets 2 -

Eagle snatches kid
Captura de Eagle snatches kidThis is your science project! Your task is to catch 9 kids with your trained eagle as fast as possible. Using space button or mouse click, dive in and grab them one by one.

- jugar a Eagle snatches kid -

noitcelfeR 2
Captura de noitcelfeR 2Use reflections to jump across obstacles in the sequel to the new concept puzzle platformer. Play levels that other people have created and create your own for the world to play!

- jugar a noitcelfeR 2 -

Super Pixel Rusher
Captura de Super Pixel RusherSurvive as long as you can to get the highest score possible in this addicting procedurally generated retro-styled arcade game.

- jugar a Super Pixel Rusher -

Toe Nail Wheel 2
Captura de Toe Nail Wheel 2

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and the mouse to shoot. You can buy upgrades and skills by clicking the buttons in the lower right corner.  Have fun, I hope you like it!

- jugar a Toe Nail Wheel 2 -

Captura de CMYKIn CMYK you take charge of the 'Inkjet', navigating the inner battlefield of a cluttered & jammed desktop printer. Evade stationary at blazing speeds or blow them away with ink in this colorful & endless vertical shooter. CMYK fuses intuitive mouse controls with challenging quick reaction gameplay that is highly replayable, Can you get the high score?

- jugar a CMYK -

The Little Who
Captura de The Little WhoImmerse yourself in this stylish puzzle platformer as the fully voiced story unfolds across over 30 brain-busting levels!

- jugar a The Little Who -

bombman - rabbit
Captura de bombman - rabbitThis time,our lovely rabbit becomes a super bomb man.She needs to destroy every thing to win the game.But you must be careful,because other competitors have joined in the game too.Every bomb is very dangerous contain yours.Trust me,it is not easy to be winner.Do you dare to do this?Come on!

- jugar a bombman - rabbit -

TacoMazing Lvl 1-1
Captura de TacoMazing Lvl 1-1Tacos! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat every taco on screen, and then hoard as many nacho chips as you can in the bonus round. Are you up to the challenge?

- jugar a TacoMazing Lvl 1-1 -

Modern Trooper Shooter Level Pack
Captura de Modern Trooper Shooter Level PackYou are modern trooper and your mission is to explore dangerous factory buildings and shoot hordes of zombies and enemy mercenaries using different types of weapons.

- jugar a Modern Trooper Shooter Level Pack -

Chicken Leap
Captura de Chicken LeapHelp the chickens to jump between two skyscrapers.

- jugar a Chicken Leap -

Captura de TheBallHelp ‘TheBall’ to accomplish his journey by jumping and rolling in this platformer with unique graphic style. 20 challenging levels will test your reflexes. ‘You want More?’Three gold medals can be earned in each level for the most persevering and skilled players.

- jugar a TheBall -

Ball Separation
Captura de Ball SeparationTame the wild bouncing balls and separate them with moving walls! In this game, your goal is to make use of the gap on a movable separator so that the balls can be divided into 2 groups by the colors of the balls as well as the colors of the play area. You will be given a play area divided into two sides by a separator in the middle, and some blue and yellow balls will be bouncing around. You can use your mouse to drag the separator so that the balls can pass through the gap and move to the other side. Continue the process until the balls are separated by the colors of the balls as well as the colors of the play area. The timer at the bottom left corner of the screen will show the remaining time, and if the balls cannot be separated before the time runs out, you lose. Be sure to act swiftly in order to proceed!

- jugar a Ball Separation -

Captura de TadpoleOne tadpole against the world. This is the journey of a tadpole to the egg, race to the end and learn about how it all works. Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you! Game features: * Easy to learn! * 30 levels; * Physics based action game; * Many links to sponsor site! * Walkthrough video; * Autosaves; * Completely re-playable; * Simple instructions;

- jugar a Tadpole -

Mobile Tournament
Captura de Mobile TournamentFight in an amazing mobile tournament vs friend or machine.

- jugar a Mobile Tournament -

Screen Lock Hacker
Captura de Screen Lock HackerJoin the dots trying to match a pattern given to you by the CPU. Try to match as many patterns as possible before the time goes up. Hope you like it!

- jugar a Screen Lock Hacker -

Green it. 2: Nitro Blast
Captura de Green it. 2: Nitro BlastUse your mouse to guide a green blade past enemies, collecting up gold orbs. Collect up power ups and boost your nitro to achieve the highest score possible. Can you rule the leader boards?

- jugar a Green it. 2: Nitro Blast -

Lemic Zone
Captura de Lemic ZoneHelp Gecko to get to the infected zone. Do it as quickly as possible to get the best reward.

- jugar a Lemic Zone -

I Shot The Sheriff
Captura de I Shot The SheriffTake down as many targets as possible and prove that you're the new sharpshooter star, the new John Wayne reborn from this ashes!

- jugar a I Shot The Sheriff -

Ninja Mafia War
Captura de Ninja Mafia WarThe ninja town become unsafe again because of a mafia organization. Help the Ninjas to fight against the Mafias by using various weapons and high-level skills. Show them the power of a real Ninja, defend the town at all cost!rnrnControls:rnUse your mouse to control. Use Hot Key 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to select ninja then press anywhere on the ground to unleash the ninja. Press Space Bar to open skill menu and pause. Press M: Toggle Music. Press B: toggle blood. Press Q: toggle quality. Press S: toggle speed. Others, see in-game instructions.

- jugar a Ninja Mafia War -

Incoming Again
Captura de Incoming AgainYour base is under attack by enemy soldiers and it's your job to take them out! You can buy new weapons with the money you earned after each day is finished! Can you hold down the fort until all 19 days have passed? Don't forget to try out the survival mode on FunnyGames!

- jugar a Incoming Again -

RuddyJelly adventure
Captura de RuddyJelly adventureRuddyJelly has no place on this planet, you should find a place where he will be fine. The purpose of the game is to jump on the platforms and collect power-ups. Each jump costs energy, and when the energy depletes, RuddyJelly will fall. After each attempt you'll be rewarded with coins. Spend them in the shop to buy the upgrades.

- jugar a RuddyJelly adventure -

Captura de CirconautsTouch screen to control the jet. Fly around the asteroids and circus props. Collect all coins on your way and reach the finish line.rnThis story was happened in not to distant future with young man named Luke the Jetman. He want fame and success and he precisely know how to reach it! – He will organize own super-cool jet-flying show in Space Circus of Galactic No.5. But unfortunately Luke does not know much about jets. There are a lot of dangerous obstacles on his way now – one careless touch and show is over! Will he able to handle this? Is up to you to decide.rnrnKey features:rnFun gravity physics gameplayrnCircus in the SpacernOne touch for fly uprn20 challenging levelsrnCollect tons of coins

- jugar a Circonauts -

Lost Space
Captura de Lost SpaceYou pilot a spaceship. During hibernation your ship arrived to the alien space station. And now you need to find an exit. The station is literally littered with a variety of traps, automatic turrets and other mechanical devices.

In addition, you are also a great mechanic. That would quickly get out of the station, you have decided to improve your spaceship at the first available opportunity. Buy upgrades, improve your ship, and you can quickly fly to your planet.

Find a exit! Save your team!

See details and updates at:

- jugar a Lost Space -

Brick Suppression
Captura de Brick SuppressionUse the paddle to knock balls into the bricks and break them.Use special ball types to keep smashing bricks and keep them from crossing the red line.

- jugar a Brick Suppression -

Epic Zombies
Captura de Epic ZombiesHow long can you survive the hordes of zombies? Come and test your shooting instincts to blow them off!!!

- jugar a Epic Zombies -

People on My Lawn 2
Captura de People on My Lawn 2Sequel of the People on My Lawn with lots of new features, 50 levels, updated control scheme and new cool art.

- jugar a People on My Lawn 2 -

Depth Dive
Captura de Depth DiveNavigate your AquaTank into the depths of the ocean.

- jugar a Depth Dive -

Catch a Duck
Captura de Catch a DuckFinding a way to catch a duck will be quite a challenge when you have to run away from hungry wolves, angry bears and crazy hunters shooting to everything that is moving. This amazing and yet simple puzzle game will be your new online survival kit boosted with lots of fun!

- jugar a Catch a Duck -

Gravity Duck 3
Captura de Gravity Duck 3Arrow keys to move! Press Space to change the gravity direction! Touch the key to open the gate! Press Space to restart !

- jugar a Gravity Duck 3 -

The Most Wanted Bandito
Captura de The Most Wanted BanditoPlay as the most wanted Bandito and shoot all your enemies before they reach you!

- jugar a The Most Wanted Bandito -

Spaceman vs Monsters
Captura de Spaceman vs MonstersHelp a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters

- jugar a Spaceman vs Monsters -

Ballons vs Zombies
Captura de Ballons vs ZombiesBalloons Vs Zombies is a game where your brave hero lost all of his weapon except for the cannon that shoots with knives and a balloon gun and having only them he is supposed to kill all the dead guys and save those who are alive.

- jugar a Ballons vs Zombies -

Shape Matcher
Captura de Shape MatcherSwap the shapes to match 3 and clear all black squares to complete the level! There are 5 types of bombs that you can unlock by matching 5 or more shapes. You will need them to help you through difficult parts of the game. With 25 levels, this game has plenty of challenges for you!

- jugar a Shape Matcher -

Mango Shooter
Captura de Mango ShooterCollect the target mangoes using sling shots with the limited number of stones. Also you can hit the pink birds to avoid them eating the mangoes and hit the violet birds get bonus stones.

- jugar a Mango Shooter -

Gravity Racer
Captura de Gravity RacerA simple and addictive one button mulitplayer game (simulated) that everyone can enjoy. Easy to pick up and play. Sponsored by

- jugar a Gravity Racer -

Rainbow Tunnel
Captura de Rainbow TunnelGuide your ship through the rainbow tunnel without hitting the walls.

- jugar a Rainbow Tunnel -

Colorful Invaders !
Captura de Colorful Invaders !Colorful Invaders is a tribute to Space Invaders. Basically you have to shoot enemies before they hit you or reach your ship. Get powerups to increase your firepower or earn more points. The graphics were drawn only with 5 markers, which gives an unique look to the game.

- jugar a Colorful Invaders ! -

Crazy Raccoon
Captura de Crazy RaccoonAngry fox took away the bunnies. Raccoon on a jet bike saves them. Take to the air items from the ground using balloons and attack fox.

- jugar a Crazy Raccoon -

It's Raining Swords!
Captura de It's Raining Swords!An evil cloud has suddenly appeared, raining swords onto innocent people! Help Joe avoid them for as long as you can!

- jugar a It's Raining Swords! -

Alone in the Park
Captura de Alone in the ParkAre you ready to fight hundreds and hundreds of cute but evil mushrooms to get out of the park? Story: After a hard-work day, john the cook closes his restaurant and goes home. But it's very very late, nobody is around in the city, and home is far away, so John decides to pass trought through the abandoned park to make his way shorter. The Park is strangely lighted with a strong blue white light... he enters to look for the reason.. a strange portal stands in the center of the park. It seems to call him next to it... He finds himself pushed into a strange park, with unnatural colors, a starless sky with 2 moons...maybe another dimension? The portal disappears ... and now John is... ...Alone in the Park

- jugar a Alone in the Park -

Precision Strike 2
Captura de Precision Strike 2Soldier! Aim your grenades carefully to destroy the evil and win the war!

- jugar a Precision Strike 2 -

Cat vs Rats
Captura de Cat vs Rats

The rats have a plan to attack the fridge. Your mission is protect it!
Use guns, turrets, specials and upgrades to eliminate the rats and stop them steal your food.


WS or ↑↓ for movement
Q for change gun
1-4 for change specials
SPACEBAR for special
Z for Zoom in/out
X for Turbo on/off

- jugar a Cat vs Rats -

Georganism 3
Captura de Georganism 3Explore mystical islands and decorate their ancient totems in this puzzle platformer.

- jugar a Georganism 3 -

Jake the Snake
Captura de Jake the SnakeMeet Jake. This friendly creature really needs your help. Move the snake around to collect as much fruit as you can. Watch out for the earthworm!

- jugar a Jake the Snake -

Sonic Bubbles
Captura de Sonic BubblesClear the field by bouncing a ball against all musical spheres, using only your sonic bubbles. Gain extra balls and unlock different bubbles. Hit the spheres until they disappear. Above all, make your own melody while you play! A relaxing, soothing and colorful physics game, full of music. A pleasure to the senses.

- jugar a Sonic Bubbles -

Konkey Dong
Captura de Konkey DongKonkey Dong was originally created for Ludum Dare 25. The theme was "You Are The Villain". Take the role of KD and throw barrels at incoming little italian dudes.

- jugar a Konkey Dong -

Biomix 2
Captura de Biomix 2Control the Xeno-Jade Spaceship in trough 20 Levels in 3 different planets. Each stage has troops waiting for you to lift them to their base. Do so while avoiding the planet's tanks, air crafts & turrets. Purchase items to equip for your spaceship such as triple shot & lazer beam and play the Mine-Sweeper like bonus level based on our Mine-Zone game to earn more coins for additional purchases To download Biomix 2 to your computer follow this link:

- jugar a Biomix 2 -

Jump Mouse Jump
Captura de Jump Mouse JumpPhysics arcade. Use the rope as a slingshot, collect hearts and find your beloved.

- jugar a Jump Mouse Jump -

Dot-Matrix Shooter 2
Captura de Dot-Matrix Shooter 2The city is on fire, it's attacked by falling meteors, bombs, rockets and aliens. And you have to avoid them, shoot at them, and survive.rnThe game features fast-paced arcade/shooting gameplay, lots of enemies and bonuses with retro-styled graphics.

- jugar a Dot-Matrix Shooter 2 -

Survive Popo
Captura de Survive PopoCollect coins while doing 60 in total missions, upgrading your character, using powerups and powerdowns, and have some serious fun.

- jugar a Survive Popo -

Mini story
Captura de Mini story ministory is a mini vertical shooter. You have to protect the planet and destroy 20 enemy waves and 4 special bosses. The more accurate, the more points.

- jugar a Mini story -

Vampire Cannon LP
Captura de Vampire Cannon LPShoot with vampires at humans. Turn all humans into vampires or kill them. To do this you will need to solve physics puzzles

- jugar a Vampire Cannon LP -

Maus Trap II
Captura de Maus Trap IIPeanut the mouse has found herself trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy and dangerous machinery. Help lead her to freedom through 27 levels of challenge.

- jugar a Maus Trap II -

Fort Blaster. Ahoy There!
Captura de Fort Blaster. Ahoy There!What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort? That's right! Blast it! Ahoy there! Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Destroy everything on your way to the booty! Earn achievements and collect the entire collection of trophies! Arrgh!!!

- jugar a Fort Blaster. Ahoy There! -

Captura de RobowariumSimple robot shooter

- jugar a Robowarium -

Dillo Hills
Captura de Dillo HillsThis tiny armadillo’s biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. But without any wings, he’ll have to improvise! Slide along hills to build up speed, then take to the sky and soar!

- jugar a Dillo Hills -

Pinball Flash : The Magik
Captura de Pinball Flash : The MagikPinball Flash - The Magik is a pinball flash game which is medieval, magical and fantasy-themed. There are 3 bosses: Wiza, Sorc and Monsta.

Spacebar to Launch, Arrow Left or A for Left flipper, Arrow Right or D for Right Flipper, Esc to Pause.

- jugar a Pinball Flash : The Magik -

Cowboys Vs Pirates
Captura de Cowboys Vs PiratesHarry Hotdog never believed the myths and legends told of the Dead Man’s Curse Saloon. He thought it was just a good way to draw the crowds. They also serve the best darn whiskey in all the territory and more importantly, let him run a tab. It’s a crying shame that it turns out the stories were true. Underneath the saloon, a whole mob of pirates were buried, and they’ve come back to life. Hungry for brains and thirsty for rum. But Harry Hotdog ain’t giving up his favourite watering hole without a fight.... Fight with Harry Hotdog in a arcade shoot em’ up including two game modes to play: Story and Multiplayer Battle. Story mode introduces the first chapter of this epic fight for survival: “The Quick and The Undead.” There are 32 stages of fast and furious shoot ‘em up fun. As well as your trusty six-shooter, you’ll find a host of different weapons to take down the relentless dead. These include the spinning fury of the saw-disc-gun and the ever faithful boom-stick. Collect loot and search for treasure to buy upgrades to your stats and weapons. Multiplayer Battles allows you to compete against up to 5 online players to see who’s the meanest zombie pirate slayer in town. There are 3 different challenge modes, 8 different arenas and 3 levels of difficulty depending on how lily-livered you are! Special pick-ups are available which can really mess up the opposition. The best gunslingers get to improve their stats and work their way up on the global high scores list.

- jugar a Cowboys Vs Pirates -

Nuke Gun
Captura de Nuke GunProtect your land from invaders. Fire back enemies, fight huge bosses, build defenses and buy upgrades. Make a weapon of mass destruction from your gun!

- jugar a Nuke Gun -

Disaster Firework
Captura de Disaster FireworkWhen the new year's event turned into a disaster.

- jugar a Disaster Firework -

Dinos vs Monsters
Captura de Dinos vs MonstersSave dinos from angry monsters )) Use keyboard arrows or wsad...

- jugar a Dinos vs Monsters -

Honey Hunt
Captura de Honey HuntHelp Honey Bear to protect his honey deposit from other animals. Hit the animals who trying to steal the honey using different weapons. Don’t hit the bees which help to deposit honey, which may cause lose your points. Hits the birds to collect coins and fruits which will help you to earn more points. As level progresses you have to safeguard more honey from more animals. Purchase new weapons with the money earned. Also you can purchase traps, bombs etc and place them on field to head off enemies in reaching the honey.

- jugar a Honey Hunt -

Captura de ShootMiniShooting mini game .

- jugar a ShootMini -

Bobbie Jumper
Captura de Bobbie JumperDescription:
A boy named Bobby wants to look at the cosmos. Dressing up a suit, he decided to get to cosmos jumping on the cloud.

Climb high as you can, jumping on platforms.
Use the left and right arrows to control the player.
Buy in store bonuses like rocket or springs to climb even higher.

Controls: mouse, keyboard

- jugar a Bobbie Jumper -

Flying Cookie Quest
Captura de Flying Cookie QuestLaunch Rocket Panda into the land of Cookies. With the help of low-flying sharks, hang-gliding sheep and Rocket Badger, can you defeat the all powerful Biscuit Head? Defeat All enemies of cookies in this launcher game.

- jugar a Flying Cookie Quest -

Yeee! Yeti Chase!
Captura de Yeee! Yeti Chase!Melody has run off, trying to collect all the sausages she can. Unfortunately, some dangerous Yeti live in the area. Collect as many sausages as you can before you are run down.

- jugar a Yeee! Yeti Chase! -

Santa Situation
Captura de Santa SituationSanta had an unpleasant accident, and all his gift and reindeers got away. Help Santa to collect all his lost gifts and reindeers, and save Christmas for everyone.

- jugar a Santa Situation -

Santa Saves Christmas
Captura de Santa Saves ChristmasSanta Saves Christmas is a side-scrolling horizontal shooter game in which you must defeat waves on robotic and avian enemies using your army of up to 9 souped-up laser-fitted reindeer of love and Christmas cheer. The game features 4 lengthy levels with a boss fight at the end of each one. You must hire and customise up to 9 reindeer to carry Santa to victory. Each reindeer can be equipped with 1 weapon and 2 passive upgrades ranging from increased rate of fire to shield piercing shots and beyond. The reindeer gain stat increases with every level they clear, these bonuses are wiped out if they ever fall during a flight. The player can unlock weapons/perks from each level by completing 4 goals, these items are necessary in defeating the increasingly difficult enemies ahead. STORY: The Grouch is engineering a fleet of ships, tanks and birds to help him destroy the magic of Christmas! It is up to Santa to round up his reindeer and defeat the Grouch in an aeronautical stand-off.

- jugar a Santa Saves Christmas -

Epic Hammer
Captura de Epic HammerSmash creeps with your giant hammer.

- jugar a Epic Hammer -

Screwball Cat Pinball
Captura de Screwball Cat PinballPlay weird pinball levels made by other players from the level database, or create your own using the built-in editor.

- jugar a Screwball Cat Pinball -

Christmas Express
Captura de Christmas ExpressYou're a strange one-eyed christmas alien, and your job is to catch Rudolph's presents and bounce them towards Santa! Weird, but fun!

- jugar a Christmas Express -

Feed Us 4 - Xmas Xpension
Captura de Feed Us 4 - Xmas XpensionGet ready for this icy version of our bloody serie! This Expesion contains 10 new missions. The fourth game in the action series gives you even more flesh off the bone. A new plot with a new map, more dangerous obstacles to avoid, treasures to find, but most importantly; much more humans to devour!

- jugar a Feed Us 4 - Xmas Xpension -

lil' Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army
Captura de lil' Commando Episode 1 : The Secret ArmyLil Do has been living in a secluded village trying to forget about the war when they are attacked by a secret army on the same day the Mayan calendar ends. Lil Do much defend the peaceful village from annihilation.

- jugar a lil' Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army -

Orbit Plus
Captura de Orbit PlusAn arcade space shooter filled with explosions, rainbows, and vector graphics

- jugar a Orbit Plus -

Berzerk Ball 2
Captura de Berzerk Ball 2Let out some rage on internet geeks and smash them into oblivion! Berzerk Ball 2 is finally here! Your objective is simple; select a character, build a geek, then smash him as far as you can! It won't be easy; he'll insult you and make fun of you in 1337 speak as you repeatedly hit him further and further! Best of all, you can upgrade your character learn new moves, earn new weapons, and other items that increase your stats and impact the overall damage you do to your nerd!

- jugar a Berzerk Ball 2 -

Captura de FroogsClick drag and drop game

- jugar a Froogs -

Captura de PRISONHOOD: On The RunYou broke the law. You’re a criminal. And now you’re on the run! But you know the drill. You’ve been busted before. If you get nabbed, it’s a direct line from the courts to the can. Going back to the can for 15-plus is not an option for you. So you have no choice. You need to run. This is Prisonhood: On The Run. You need to run. You need to jump. You need to dodge. You need to do anything to avoid capture from the boys in blue. So how far can you run before getting busted?

- jugar a PRISONHOOD: On The Run -

Mouse Go Home
Captura de Mouse Go HomeHelp the little mouse eat cheese and exit the cave! But look out the dogs and traps!

- jugar a Mouse Go Home -

Mr Rager
Captura de Mr RagerWander through the abyss and darkness of the Nether Realm, destroying the evil sticks with your raging powers! You are Mr Stickson, a fighter who discovered a powerful drink called Rage Serus that increase his fighting skills, making him an Invicible Fighter. Using this power you will have to defeat all the Evil Stickmen in this Stylish 13 Levels and 4 Bosses Side Scrolling Fighting Game.

The real innovation of this game it's the mouse-only control, that make it addicting and original, also because you'll have to learn how to use it at the best. The gold tip is: don't click fast and randomly. ;)

- jugar a Mr Rager -

Slay With Santa
Captura de Slay With SantaZombies, creepies and other assorted bad guys have invaded Santa's lair this christmas! Help the red guy suit up and blast those suckers away to the tune of some Xmas dubstep!

- jugar a Slay With Santa -

sushi ninja
Captura de sushi ninjaShow your skills as sushi master! Funny arcade sushi slash game.

- jugar a sushi ninja -

Elephant Safari
Captura de Elephant SafariElephants hate mice and elephants love fruit so keep that in mind when you drive elephants, avoid elephants, do donuts and push that roaring engine to the limits!! Fasten your seat belt and take an exciting safari through Africa. Slide and drift your way through all 14 events setting the best time you can.

- jugar a Elephant Safari -

Captura de GuardiansHit the enemy off the edge of the screen to move through the levels. Try to avoid letting the enemy fire at you and knock you off the edge of the screen. There are 25 levels to puzzle your way through in this flash game.

- jugar a Guardians -

Captura de Harry-The-Hamster-2Make your way through those obstacles in the game by collecting things. Keep in mind that you can collect only one thing at a time. Move in the labyrinth with this sweet hamster. Use arrow keys to move and space to collect items. Good luck!

- jugar a Harry-The-Hamster-2 -

Captura de Sniper-Assassin-3After the sniper found the killer of his wife he will turn into an assassin and the story will get more complex for him. Your main objective is to revenge your wife and destroy her killer. Pay attention at the mission then use your left click on your mouse to shoot at your targets.

- jugar a Sniper-Assassin-3 -

Total Mission 2
Captura de Total Mission 2You are a soldier of the elite anti-terrorist squad and your mission is to eliminate all terrorist in the region.

- jugar a Total Mission 2 -

Mad Trucker: Last Pursuit
Captura de Mad Trucker: Last PursuitGotta drive to survive, baby! You just want to take a drive, but cops, choppers and assault fighters are on your case. Bummer! Powerups and hazards are all over the place. Watch your rocket supply; they dont grow on trees, you know. Keep your hammer down and your frown upside down, good buddy!

- jugar a Mad Trucker: Last Pursuit -

Billy Square
Captura de Billy SquareBilly needs to be dragged to the goal of each level. The levels are filled with spikes, coins and red force fields. Collect as many coins as possible and avoid the spikes!

- jugar a Billy Square -

Bush Meat
Captura de Bush MeatDefend your livestock from hungry and possessed wild animals. Pick up health packs and guns from dropped boxes.

- jugar a Bush Meat -

Unbalanced Platformer
Captura de Unbalanced PlatformerThis is actually just a very generic and simple platformer game. And have only one level. But unfortunately, this game is made by a very lazy programmers. He is too lazy to balance the level. So, it's now your turn to do his job and also complete the only one level in this game! Game Features: 1. Extremely high replay value... Yeah no doubt about it, as you'll replay the only one level again and again. LOL 2. Two game modes: Normal & Hardcore mode. 3. Cute one eyed creature. 4. Shiny deadly spikes. 5. A lot of pink thingy. 6. Maximum frustration and boredom. 7. err... 8. Only one level... Heck, how many times I said about that?

- jugar a Unbalanced Platformer -

Airport Control
Captura de Airport ControlYou work for ATC, Airport Traffic Control. Click an airplane before it goes out of screen to make it land. Perform the tasks to gain points. Make sure the planes don’t collide. Be fast or you may loose some cash.

- jugar a Airport Control -

War of Trolls
Captura de War of Trollsfight with your gun, open fire in the battle by click, you will have in another levels fragmentation grenade and missile attacks, the shooting accuracy it's really important

- jugar a War of Trolls -

60 seconds Santa Run
Captura de 60 seconds Santa RunIt's Xmas soon, and you are late! Get the fat Santa through 8 challenging platform puzzle levels and to the toy factory before the time runs out! Use arrows or AWD to jump and run.

- jugar a 60 seconds Santa Run -

Captura de SkullFaceMassive Action platformer spanning 45 levels across 3 unique worlds. Features: final boss, high scores, original soundtrack and a jetpack!

- jugar a SkullFace -

Double dimension
Captura de Double dimensionA neat running game where you must match the color of the ground to keep on running (by pushing the space key). Grab coins for bonus time points, and make sure you beware of the spikes! See how long you can survive for!

- jugar a Double dimension -

Invisible RGB
Captura de Invisible RGBYou can change the color of your character by pressing K. When your character changes its color, the platforms with that color will highlight. Most of the times, you rnwill have to switch colors when in air since changing it before leaving a platform will make it invisible.

- jugar a Invisible RGB -

Cloud Blocks
Captura de Cloud BlocksPress space bar to start. Move left right arrow keys.

- jugar a Cloud Blocks -

Farm Strikes Back
Captura de Farm Strikes BackEscape the evil of the Mavericks dropped the bomb, left and right to control movement, space shooting, bomb nipped in the air.

- jugar a Farm Strikes Back -

Dark Warrior
Captura de Dark WarriorMove arrow keys. Fire Space bar.

- jugar a Dark Warrior -

Fleefies Reaction
Captura de Fleefies ReactionMeet Fleefies, the most furry, funny and adorable creatures you've ever seen. To complete each level, you need to capture at least the minimal required number of fleefies. If you catch more, you'll receive bonus points. And all you need to do to start catching is to place the black one among them.

- jugar a Fleefies Reaction -

Matrix Avoider
Captura de Matrix AvoiderAvoid enemies, slow down time, survive as long as you can.

- jugar a Matrix Avoider -

Bubble Fleefies
Captura de Bubble FleefiesLoad, aim and shoot to pop the eggs and set Fleefies free. Add new egg to a group of the same colour. You need to use a sling to throw the egg. Click on the sling to start aiming and release it to shoot. You need to make your way through each level before time runs out.

- jugar a Bubble Fleefies -

Captura de PoP-Em-UpPop-em-up is a simple mouse playing game designed for kids, enjoy the smooth music and pop all the buttons as fast as you can.

- jugar a PoP-Em-Up -

Mind It
Captura de Mind ItIt doesn't get simpler than this! Mine the green rocks with the green drill and the purple rocks with the purple drill. Space bar changes drill head. Note the portal at the bottom of the pit, it'll reset your position but with the same velocity you entered it.

- jugar a Mind It -

Cobra Squad
Captura de Cobra SquadIn Cobra Squad, you will control 20 special forces by using variety of weapons, items and power ups, defeat all the enemies to prove your best squad!rnrnControls: Use mouse to control, see in-game instructions.

- jugar a Cobra Squad -

Bike Mania Reborn
Captura de Bike Mania RebornBike Mania is BACK, but now its REBORN! Test your riding skills over these mad obstacles in the old ancient Aztec Trial.

- jugar a Bike Mania Reborn -

The Zombie Feeder
Captura de The Zombie FeederThe Zombie Feeder is a funny action game, where you role the little zombie and he is in great danger, he is starving and needs to be fed! Catch the falling human parts and money, so you can unlock whole humans and upgrade your abilities! Avoid the anvil, it will hurt the zombie and freeze him! How many days do you need to get your hero to zombie heaven?

- jugar a The Zombie Feeder -

Epic Droids Factory
Captura de Epic Droids FactoryRetro shooter. Fight enemy droids, collect bonuses and upgrade your droid to survive in that hard game.

- jugar a Epic Droids Factory -

Doggy Day Care
Captura de Doggy Day CareThese charming dogs need your help today! Your task is to take care of small puppies. They will be hungry, thirsty and they will want to play toys. Just drag and drop the desired item to the dog to satisfy its wishes. Do it on time and win these 8 funny and addicting levels.

- jugar a Doggy Day Care -

Lakes laugh
Captura de Lakes laughWu Di was often bullied by person, always clever Wu Di has followed the hit over hit, hit and run principle, developed a good pair of legs. This day, due to a few two rich generation, and they kick, hurry to help him escape, two rich generation after the call.

- jugar a Lakes laugh -

Hell Archery
Captura de Hell ArcheryA demon got bored guarding the lava pits when he suddenly got a bright and fun idea to entertain himself!

- jugar a Hell Archery -

Planet Blirp 2
Captura de Planet Blirp 2Fend off aliens as you find your crew-mates and escape the dreaded Planet Blirp.

- jugar a Planet Blirp 2 -

Ms. Mouse
Captura de Ms. MouseCan you handle a mouse? A kiss of Ms. Mouse will require a steady hand and a good mouse. Don't even think of the touchpad!

- jugar a Ms. Mouse -

Dragon Fist 3D
Captura de Dragon Fist 3D

Intro to Dragon Fist Series


The dragon fist series is one of my oldest game series and has always been close to my heart. The last game: Dragon Fist 3, was made 6 years ago and I still get more emails about it than any other game I have made. I don't have any stats for it, because I don't know if any way of collecting stats existed back then. But I suspect it may have been my biggest game to date.


Dragon Fist 3D


A 1v1 fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat, street fighter etc. Themed around chinese kung fu cinema


We have tried to make it more realistic fighting, and more accessible to players than normal.



  • 17 Playable Characters
  • rn
  • 9 fighting styles
  • rn
  • A special move for each character
  • rn
  • Character editor
  • rn
  • Full 3D engine with different camera effects etc
  • rn
  • Potential for microtransactions, a facebook version, mobile versions
  • rn

- jugar a Dragon Fist 3D -

Soccer Balls 2
Captura de Soccer Balls 2The Soccer Ballers are back for more puzzle action. This time we have large scrolling levels, and the ability to define your own teams to play with (and against) If you like, search for all the hidden coins and trophies, to unlock fun extras (and score more points)

- jugar a Soccer Balls 2 -

Monstrosi Stacks
Captura de Monstrosi StacksIn a secret lab deep below the Nevada desert, the Monstrosi, a new breed of adorably vicious monsters, have breached their containment unit. Catch as many as you can before they escape! Monstrosi Stacks is a matching puzzle game featuring cute monsters. The game has a novel mechanic for rearranging the columns of the puzzle rather than swapping individual pieces.

- jugar a Monstrosi Stacks -

Firing Machine
Captura de Firing MachineA new tank game with new mission to accomplish. Drive your tank and shoot all the enemies to exit the path. Earn money with every mission. Purchase new tank in upgrade store. Watch your health bar. All the best.

- jugar a Firing Machine -

Pinata hunter 2
Captura de Pinata hunter 2The Pinata Hunter is back! more Pinatas, more action! Who will be the fastest? who will beat all 3 pinatas?

- jugar a Pinata hunter 2 -

Explosion hit pineal
Captura de Explosion hit pinealDing Ding and the robot than strength, have a look who can put the pineal hit farther? Have a look up a challenge! As far as possible the fruit fly fly farther, challenge high! Click on the mouse!

- jugar a Explosion hit pineal -

Fish And Destroy
Captura de Fish And DestroySee how quick your reflexes are by trying to survive in this unique surreal universe. Explore its mysterious wonders as long as you can.To have the strength to go further eat the sulky fishes.As they are attracted by your light and use their bones as bullets to destroy enemies.Meanwhile collect batteries to charge your bulb.But dont forget to turn it off to avoid the sneaky devil fish,and always remember if you see a shark dont hesitate to shoot it right away-Its your bones or his-Toiching enemies is deadly so make sure you take all the hearts you can to keep you alive. Watch out for the other enemies who are surprisingly unfriendly in this fish and destroy world game.

- jugar a Fish And Destroy -

Rock It!
Captura de Rock It!Mine the colored space rocks rotating around the asteroid in this bubble shooter match 3 game! Play alone against time, or play against a computer opponent. Let's Rock It!

- jugar a Rock It! -

Busy Cupid
Captura de Busy CupidHave you been wandering around in the tedious days, trying hard to amuse yourself with some random playful shots, little Cupid? Finally it's time to do the lonely hearts a favor in Valentine's Day! In the park of romance, the bachelors and bachelorettes are roaming around, thinking about their desired partners. Your goal is to act as a go-between by pairing the lovers up and lead them to each other's embrace. When the game starts, you will be given 5 arrows as shown at the top of the screen. A number of male and female characters at the bottom, each has a desired person in mind. Click to shoot an arrow at a character to plant the seed of love, then fire at another to match the pair. If the characters are destined soulmates of each other, they will fall deeply in love and you will receive 500 points. But if the couple is a mismatch, no points will be awarded and you will lose arrows based on the number of discrepancy. For example, if one character desires another but not vice versa, 1 arrow will be deducted. If both of them are not into each other, you will lose 2 arrows. Complete the level by matching the required number of pairs as displayed at the top left corner, but note that only 10 seconds are allowed for each match. When the timer at the top of the screen counts down to zero, the pair of soulmates will be automatically matched and 2 arrows will be deducted. If all arrows are gone, you lose. The number of characters and required matches will gradually increase as you advance in the game, and some animals may appear randomly to distract you. If time allows, you may shoot and pair the animals up to receive a bonus arrow, but remember to avoid the terrible disaster of matching a human with an animal, or 1 arrow will be deducted. Mind your aim, bless the wandering hearts and light up their lives with the sweetest love!

- jugar a Busy Cupid -

Gabal 2
Captura de Gabal 2Play the role of a leader of a WWII commando who is infiltrating ennemy lines, you can upgrade your leader and make a team of 3 more mercenaries who can be upgraded too All of this in a cartoonisitc ambiance

- jugar a Gabal 2 -

The Rock
Captura de The RockCow sitting cute space car, accidentally into the demon city, taking a bite, destroy the devil bandit.→←↑↓move,space ―Shooting!

- jugar a The Rock -

Square Invaders
Captura de Square InvadersFight square invaders in square galactics and upgrade your spaceship

- jugar a Square Invaders -

miniQuest: Trials
Captura de miniQuest: TrialsminiQuest: Trials is a 2D room based Platformer with beautiful Pixel-art graphics where it takes speed, skill, and fast reactions to beat each level in as little time as possible. Can you beat all the levels and SECRET levels?

- jugar a miniQuest: Trials -

Planet Defense: Outpost Sikyon
Captura de Planet Defense: Outpost SikyonSwarms of enemies are trying to invade your planet. Match the color of your cursor to the enemy ship to destroy them before it's too late.

- jugar a Planet Defense: Outpost Sikyon -

Pleiades 2
Captura de Pleiades 2

My take on the skill genre and continuation of the story of mythological Pleiades. This sequel is a child avoiders and shooters never had. It begins simply just like any avoider but soon you're thrown into a difficult shooter where you can only take 7 hits and  each of these hits count.


Oh and you're being chased.




- Many enemies ( including 14 bosses)


- Thought out rpg-ish system of upgrades.


- 7 achievements




-Mouse to move


-Click to become invulnerable for a short time


-Space bar to shoot


-Enter to pause


-M to mute

- jugar a Pleiades 2 -

Space Fighters
Captura de Space FightersAn old school space shoot'em up game. Fight against hundreds of enemies, gain access to their ships. Upgrade your weapons. Make your way through dangerous asteroid fields.

- jugar a Space Fighters -

Robo Tanks
Captura de Robo TanksDrive your robotank and shoot enemys!

- jugar a Robo Tanks -

Zombies Island 2
Captura de Zombies Island 2Your next mission starts now. Your objective is to kill all zombies in the island to complete level. Use your weapons wisely to end the evil era. Watch your health bar. Best of Luck!

- jugar a Zombies Island 2 -

Through the Pacific
Captura de Through the Pacific

A little dolphin decided to travel around the world. He had a big and beautiful balloon. He was traveling near Chile’s coasts when the great storm had started. The balloon was crashed and the dolphin was all alone in cold water of the Pacific Ocean.

Help him to get Through the Pacific using different upgrades and getting bonuses. Try to find all the pieces of his balloon, that was lost on the bottom. Don’t forget to feed him!

Control dolphin with your mouse. Hold LMB to accelerate. Press B to call the balloon, T – torpedo.

- jugar a Through the Pacific -

Zombogrinder 2: Revenge
Captura de Zombogrinder 2: RevengeYou destroyed the zombies in round one of Zombogrinder but now the zombies are back, and they want REVENGE in the 2nd edition of this zombie apocalypse distance game. Upgrade your ride and slice and destroy the undead.

- jugar a Zombogrinder 2: Revenge -

Droid Hunter
Captura de Droid HunterDroids invaded city .Anybody dont know where they came from but they are controling everything in the city .You must eleminate droids and take control back in the city . You must collect energy cells ,armor cells and upgrade cells. Pink cells are upgrade cells and you can upgrade your weapon with them.

- jugar a Droid Hunter -

Captura de BoxBreakerShooting physics game that requires a bit of thinking, Your goal is to knock orange objects off the platform and to get enough points to proceed to the next level. Blue objects are bad! There are a total of 25 levels, towords the end it will get a little difficult.

- jugar a BoxBreaker -

Cannon Basketball
Captura de Cannon BasketballShoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. The game combines classic cannon play with competitive puzzles to give you the challenge you’ve never faced thus far. You will have to find unlocking mechanism for clearing your way to the basket first before you can put a ball into it. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb up the level ladder and open new puzzles and new ways of reaching the basket.

- jugar a Cannon Basketball -

Age OF War
Captura de Age OF Warveary fun

- jugar a Age OF War -

Escaping Ben
Captura de Escaping BenCheck out the gravity! At least that's what Ben would be saying. Our beloved character Ben wakes up in this mad platformer game. Help him and his friend through 15 challenging levels.

- jugar a Escaping Ben -

Save Izis 2
Captura de Save Izis 2

Casual platformer with elements of physics.
Very beautiful graphics and fun gameplay.

With the hook can engage and overcome obstacles.

- real Physics
- casual gameplay
- funny characters
- beautiful graphics
- 11 levels
- 55 game elements
- And many others ...



- jugar a Save Izis 2 -

The Last Dino
Captura de The Last Dino One button adventure about a dinosaur attempt at saving his kind by using a couple of abilities, but only one at a time.rnWith letters to collect to reveal the true ending.rnrnuse mouse and keyboard to to playrn

- jugar a The Last Dino -

Numbers and Cannons: Rounding
Captura de Numbers and Cannons: RoundingThe object of the game is to destroy all of the barrels on each level. Destroy a barrel by rounding the number in it to the nearest 10. Load the cannon with that rounded number by using your mouse to click the number button at the bottom of the screen. Use the mouse to aim and adjust the power of the shot. Left mouse click to fire cannon.

- jugar a Numbers and Cannons: Rounding -

Bullets And Blocks 2
Captura de Bullets And Blocks 2Upgrade your tank-block and shoot enemy blocks. Epic bosses included!

- jugar a Bullets And Blocks 2 -

Mutant Alien Assault
Captura de Mutant Alien AssaultMutant aliens, guns, gore and dub step! What more could you ask for in this frantic, platform arena, combat game. Vicious aliens are boarding your ship. Hyper jump is your only chance to escape. Fend off the mutants with a variety of weapons while you fuel the ship's reactor core. Can you survive the alien assault though 5 Sci-Fi inspired levels? Yes? Then test your mettle in survival mode and compete with the world to see just how long you can survive.

- jugar a Mutant Alien Assault -

Gangnam Dance Training
Captura de Gangnam Dance TrainingFollow the Gangnam dance steps with arrow keys, key Q and W!

- jugar a Gangnam Dance Training -

Flash Punker
Captura de Flash PunkerA very addictive Action Platformer game with zombies and kick-ass guns. Kill zombies, collect apples, food, coins and make the highest score. Browse through 12 items at the shop and upgrade your character to be a more efficient zombie killer.

- jugar a Flash Punker -

That Girl With a Gun
Captura de That Girl With a GunSurvive for as long as possible by shooting zombies with your shotgun, you're a girl with a gun in a quick side-scrolling shooter.

- jugar a That Girl With a Gun -

Minimen Live
Captura de Minimen LiveLead your army of miniature soldiers to victory in this multiplayer turn based shootout!

- jugar a Minimen Live -

Orbit Run
Captura de Orbit RunJump and run over floating platforms in the sky without falling down and try to reach the top score.

- jugar a Orbit Run -

Space Patrolling
Captura de Space PatrollingSpace Patrolling is an optimum blend of offence and defense. Here you must to survive for a long fight.. you must kill enemies to win. The ultimate goal of the game to complete all challenges. There are a lot of challenging goals in the game.

- jugar a Space Patrolling -

Rocket! Up
Captura de Rocket! UpMove mouse to control the direction of rocket; Step on gems to upthrust; Step on birds to get additional scores; Press Space to fly continuously when power is full.

- jugar a Rocket! Up -

Feber Cup
Captura de Feber CupSelecciona uno de los 10 vehículos disponibles y compite en una frenética carrera a lo largo de 6 escenarios diferentes.

- jugar a Feber Cup -

Tribe Ares
Captura de Tribe AresThere is a saying in the tribe of Virgin that god of war, Ares, will choose one of the strongest and bravest warrior in this tribe as his successor. To become the new generation of Ares, you must go through the test of strength and wisdom.

- jugar a Tribe Ares -

Pixel Raid
Captura de Pixel RaidDefend yourself against waves of a variety of enemies by shooting them, collecting power-ups and causing chaos with bombs. Upgrades are available as you progress through the game, and the Gun can be customized in-game; choose from a variety of skins to enhance your gaming experience!

- jugar a Pixel Raid -

3D Tank Racing
Captura de 3D Tank RacingRace with tanks on various 3D tracks. Race against other tanks or drive the time trial.

- jugar a 3D Tank Racing -

Flawed dimension
Captura de Flawed dimensionTwo boys got lost in the forest and were taken to another dimension.Transformed into a hideous creature in a parallel universe they are nowLooking for a way home. Those 2 as 1 are now coming through a strange place.What was going to follow is definitely terrible.
Two Player game modes:
1 player!
2 player!

- jugar a Flawed dimension -

Stop GMO
Captura de Stop GMOFight the modified vegetables or they will make a salad out of you!

- jugar a Stop GMO -

Hordes and Lords
Captura de Hordes and Lords

Hordes and lords is realtime tactical wargame.
The game has high quality prerendered 3D graphics in medieval setting and unique engine that showing up to 200-300 units approximately, with physics and effects at once.
There are 15 missions with completely different locations connected with humoristic plot (about 30-45 minutes of gameplay) and the "survival map" with highscores.
Player has some squads with different stats (that can be upgraded between missions) and must control them to destroy enemies.

- jugar a Hordes and Lords -

Berzerker Stick
Captura de Berzerker StickEliminate the invading blue stickmen threat! Take the role of "Blaze" and use your "10th Weapon" powers to decimate the enemy!

- jugar a Berzerker Stick -

Ultimate Assault
Captura de Ultimate AssaultYou are a killing machine. Utilize your tank to break through enemy defenses!

- jugar a Ultimate Assault -

Captura de ColorazeRace to the finish while figuring out levels and navigating obstacle courses to try to get the gold medal! Play the built in levels, or make your own and share them with the rest of the world!

- jugar a Coloraze -

Captura de PandaVentureHelp this little cute panda to escape from abandonned mine

- jugar a PandaVenture -

The Greatest Archer 2
Captura de The Greatest Archer 2The sequel to the popular and fun online archer game, The Greatest Archer 2. You have 40 arrows to prove your worth. Online high score included for the best archers in the world

- jugar a The Greatest Archer 2 -

Fish Shooting Time
Captura de Fish Shooting TimeJohnny has been bullied around for a while by the other big fishes in the ocean. Now it is his time for him to stand up and defend his territory. Shoot all the fishes that come in his area, kill a certain amount of fish to advance to the next level.

- jugar a Fish Shooting Time -

When Asteroids Attack!
Captura de When Asteroids Attack!When Asteroids Attack is an homage to great arcade action games and sci fi all in one! Remember the days when you could pick a game up and play it and have fun? When a score was a score, and not an elaborate system to power you up until you're invincible and the game loses all of its fun? When you didn't need a hundred buttons to play a game?rnrnWhen Asteroids Attack is a simple, yet addicting and challenging game of relentless annihilation... often including your own ship! The game keeps things fresh, though, by using all kinds of levels... Sidescrollers? Check! Chain reaction levels? Check! Crazy control-editing sun waves? Check! Once you double-click that .exe file, you'll be on the edge of your seat or bed or whatever you're on until the game is over!rnrnNote that this is a DEMO, which allows for unlimited play of the first 16 levels of the game.

- jugar a When Asteroids Attack! -

Canadian Border Getaway
Captura de Canadian Border GetawayDrive as fast as you can and try to reach the Canadian Border before the time runs out! Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake and try to gather as many power ups along the way as possible. They will help you improve your health, get a shield or they will give you a speed boost. Do not crash into other vehicles, because you car could get damaged. See if you can complete all levels. Have a great time!

- jugar a Canadian Border Getaway -

Artillery Rush
Captura de Artillery RushDiscover the World War 2. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible.

- jugar a Artillery Rush -

City Siege 4: Alien Siege
Captura de City Siege 4: Alien SiegeThe fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns and take on the evil plants from this crazy world. After all they have valuable gems we need... Oh, and there are also some humans they abducted for you to save. Get out there and kick some alien-plant butt!

- jugar a City Siege 4: Alien Siege -

Scarcity Tales
Captura de Scarcity TalesAs a result of genetic experiments, a highly mutated plant fights its way through the rough desert. Threatened by burning heat, creepy creatures and a permanent lack of water. Its only chance to survive is to reproduce, so the goal is to collect all of the last seeds around the place. Godspeed!

- jugar a Scarcity Tales -

Ufoider Game
Captura de Ufoider GameYour goal is to reach the end of the way avoiding all obstacles. You need a fuel for moving.Collect components to upgrade your ship. Skills wanted.

- jugar a Ufoider Game -

Captura de DONUT GET!Donut Get! A game about a cop eating donuts raining from the sky. The Donut Shoppe is ablaze, Donuts are raining from the sky and citizens occupy the streets. Police Officer Brown must create order by eating as many donuts as he can until the fire department comes.

- jugar a DONUT GET! -

Legend of Awakened
Captura de Legend of AwakenedWhenever the evil forces gather together, disaster will come to the world and certainly a hero would stand out to against them! Here it happens again!

- jugar a Legend of Awakened -

Captura de Twenty9You take control of 'slug', a master air jumping mollusk, sent in to each of the '29' to retreive the golden spinners. Problem is, the water is rising! You must make your way to the top of each level to enter the exit pod, whilst collecting golden spinners along the way - and trying to pick up bonus spinners in awkward spots. Avoid water at all costs! Can you make it to level 29 ?

- jugar a Twenty9 -

Evil Sun
Captura de Evil Sun"Evil sun" loves greenhouse gas factory because greenhouse gases allows sun to heat harder. But ecologists will try do the best to destroy factory that spoiling air.

- jugar a Evil Sun -

Corrupt Cop
Captura de Corrupt CopYou control a police car in an overview 3D world where your main objective is to destroy the cars around you. There 28 levels, 5 types of cars, and 3 types of laser to avoid. Every level gives you a ranking depending on how fast you completed it. Are you the fastest driver alive? Then master drifting and try to set the fastest high scores in all the levels! Good luck!rnrnHold up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to reverse. Right and left to steer. Hold Z while driving to drift and drive faster. Hold X to shoot. O opens options during gameplay, P pauses the game. Controls are explained in the game and are changeable

- jugar a Corrupt Cop -

Captura de UndeadifiedProtect your city and yourself from the Undeadified that are coming your way to destroy you. Before they try to do that, you hit them very fast with dart arrows.
For each and every killed undead you earn money and you need the money to buy much more powerful arrows. You have X2 damage arrow, splash damage arrow and nuke power arrow which is the best. The number of the undead rises as your level rises.

- jugar a Undeadified -

The Robot Adventure 2
Captura de The Robot Adventure 2Let's Robot new Adventure Starts!
The dream of our nice Robot is to have an adventure in the deep space, travelling among all the worlds.
In his travel he has been attacked by 4 evil robots and take his lovely jetpack.
Help robot to find his jetpack and join this epic adventure!

Play through 14 levels and four different worlds with an innovative way to play and high end graphics!
You can collect the Gears to get score, special Gold Gear and a hidden prizes.

Make your way trough along the level to find the teleporter to the next level. You will get a better rank if you die less.

Let's start to help the Robot.


★ 14 challenging levels
★ Fight one big boss
★ Different worlds
★ Use the special missil to destroy your enemies
★ Use your brain to find special hidden places
★ Amazing graphics and animations
★ Easy to play

- jugar a The Robot Adventure 2 -

Captura de BugongoIn Bugongo you play as a little green dragon who is desperately trying to chase and at the same time protect his egg from the dangerous viridian hills of the world!
The main feature of the game is the ability to control both Bugongo and his egg, and start running because, believe me, the egg will not wait for you!

- 20+ addicting levels
- 57 hidden Golden Eggs
- 15 unlockable Medals
- 3 Egg's Power Up
- Giant Bosses
- Global Leaderboard and single leaderboard for each level!

Run the first level to learn the game mechanics and key mapping.

- Arrow Keys (or W, A, S, D) = Move your character.
- “Z” button (or N) = Jump/Double Jump
- “X” button (or B) = Dash
- “UP” and “DOWN” (or “W” and “S”) = Control the Egg.
- "SPACEBAR" = Activate Egg's Power

- jugar a Bugongo -

Bloosso Run
Captura de Bloosso RunAn addictive running action game. Something really terrible has happened in the land of Bloosso! Run for your life, unlock achievements, collect resources to buy cool items.

- jugar a Bloosso Run -

Bounzy Bloodlust
Captura de Bounzy BloodlustBounzy Bloodlust is a level pack containing 30 completely new levels, scarier monsters to kill and much more humor

- jugar a Bounzy Bloodlust -

Super Splash Cannon
Captura de Super Splash CannonA top down shooting game where you must conserve water.

- jugar a Super Splash Cannon -

Glowrunner 2
Captura de Glowrunner 2Run for as long as you can using just one button to jump from platform to platform. The game will try to throw you off by making the world quirky and confusing. If you're a risk taker, jump as often as you can to increase your score multiplier.

- jugar a Glowrunner 2 -

Zombie Match 3
Captura de Zombie Match 3Slide and match zombies in this thrilling match 3 slider! Use a shovel to kick a zombie out if it gets in your way. This game is easy to learn, but hard to complete. With it's colorful and funny zombies, it's entertaining for kids and the whole family!

- jugar a Zombie Match 3 -

Zuper Green
Captura de Zuper GreenZuper Green is a Platformer Action game with addictive gameplay. Upgrade Mr Green using the coins to survive as long as you can. Shoot zombies, jump, collect coins, apples, cakes and make the highest score. The shop features 24 unlockable items like hats, capes and badass weapons which give you additional bonuses.

- jugar a Zuper Green -

Destructo Dog 2
Captura de Destructo Dog 2This is the 2nd part of the Destructo Dog story. He is from the Mars. He can fly! And he is brave! He came to this planet to help the residents and defeat the evil cats!

- jugar a Destructo Dog 2 -

Captura de AstrobotDefend our lunar-base and destroy the alien robots nest! Campaign mode for casual players and Survival mode for hardcore ones.

- jugar a Astrobot -

Blue Battlefield
Captura de Blue BattlefieldBlue battlefield is a new minimalistic arcade shooter. You have to survive as long as you can, and to make a new records. It isn't so easy as you can think - just try it.

- jugar a Blue Battlefield -

Numbers and Cannons
Captura de Numbers and CannonsShoot those numbers on each level but be careful not to touch those numbers with each other Load your cannon to match the type of number you want to shoot. Do it quickly to earn rewards in each level.

- jugar a Numbers and Cannons -

Captura de crab_shooterit's nice physics game!

- jugar a crab_shooter -

Free the fish
Captura de Free the fishFree these lovely fish.

- jugar a Free the fish -

Fast Monster Shooter
Captura de Fast Monster ShooterMonster troopers attacked the space base and you must shoot fast to destroy them in this shooter game.

- jugar a Fast Monster Shooter -

Captura de SNIPER OMOHAomo is the 1987 establishment of the elite special forces, its main task is to prevent crime and annihilate the drug dealers. And in great condition occurs, Aomo often and Alfa ( two largest Russian special forces one, another one is called " signal flag" ) alongside. In 2002 October, the Chechen militants Russian opera hostage incident, Aomo and Alfa in order to rescue the hostages and made a significant contribution.

- jugar a SNIPER OMOH -

Grab That Cash
Captura de Grab That CashYou have to stop a bank robbery, catching all the thieves and get the stolen money bags back! You can also make money dealing with the gangster of the city, who will offer trades, deals and gamble.

- jugar a Grab That Cash -

Slender - Bones of Children 2
Captura de Slender - Bones of Children 2Slender is an evil character living in the forests. Faceless, he walks silently in his black suit. To defeat him find and break all seven bones of children... Children he has killed. Slender will follow you, unseen. Look for blood on the ground, as his bloodstained shoes always leave a trail. Spotted, he will stop motionless. The longer you observe him, the more dangerous he will become. After finding each and every bone, he will be more relentless, following you closer, his breath heard around you. Bones are scattered around in random places. The more of them you will find, the more determind Slender will be to defend the remaining ones. Each close encounter with Slender will end the same way - with a gruesome demise.

- jugar a Slender - Bones of Children 2 -

Cork the cubes
Captura de Cork the cubesThe cute and awesome graphics multi level game is a game of time limit. You are supposed to shoot all the cubes with the help of the cork that shoots out of the wine bottle. But you must be conscious of the time so that to move forward to the next level. Very challenging and one of the best casual games test your shooting capabilities.

- jugar a Cork the cubes -

Neon Jump
Captura de Neon JumpJump Jump Jump

- jugar a Neon Jump -

Vile Invaders
Captura de Vile InvadersDestroy the viles by turning 3 or more ships in a row the same color, while not letting the viles get too close. DON'T miss and DON'T match the colors of the plasma ball and ship, otherwise the plasma ball will target you! DON'T let the viles get to close or you will feel the sting of their lasers! The controls are very simple - only the mouse is used and plasma balls are fired by pointing and clicking. Clicking close enough to an invader ship will make the plasma balls auto-track the enemy.

- jugar a Vile Invaders -

Snowball Siege
Captura de Snowball SiegeBreak ice blocks by accurately throwing snowballs, solve fun winter physics-based puzzles and plant trees while removing the bad plants!

- jugar a Snowball Siege -

Snoring 2. Wild West
Captura de Snoring 2. Wild WestSolve each puzzle to help the animals wake the elephant—and put a stop to his rumbling snores.

- jugar a Snoring 2. Wild West -

Backyard Alien Defense
Captura de Backyard Alien DefenseSimple point and shoot game. Your backyard is being invaded by creepy aliens and you need to defend it. Start with a basic gun and upgrade to better ones as you progress through the game. The game ends when you defeat the boss.

- jugar a Backyard Alien Defense -

Night Of Zombies
Captura de Night Of ZombiesShoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!

- jugar a Night Of Zombies -

Demon Destroyer
Captura de Demon DestroyerDestroy evil demons using your destructive balls. These balls have different attributes that allow you to accurately demolish all demons on the screen. Collect the stars and unlock bonus levels.

- jugar a Demon Destroyer -

Captura de WarMagicA game about the battle mages in which you will be one of the fighters and fight with opponents.

- jugar a WarMagic -

The Pacific - Battle of Iwo Jima
Captura de The Pacific - Battle of Iwo JimaThe Battle of Iwo Jima was the American capture of the island of Iwo Jima from the Japanese during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. Ground fighting on the island lasted from the landings of February 19 to a final Japanese charge the morning of March 26, 1945. The U.S. invasion, known as Operation Detachment, was charged with the mission of capturing the airfields on Iwo Jima. On the night of March 25, a 300-man Japanese force launched a final counterattack in the vicinity of Airfield Number 2. Army pilots, Seabees and Marines of the 5th Pioneer Battalion and 28th Marines fought the Japanese force until morning but suffered heavy casualties—more than 100 were killed and another 200 Americans were wounded. The island was officially declared "secured" the following day.

- jugar a The Pacific - Battle of Iwo Jima -

Little Bullets
Captura de Little BulletsA little small bullet hell game to test your reflex. Go and shoot down as many enemy as you can! Control: Play with mouse.

- jugar a Little Bullets -

Conan, the Mighty Pig
Captura de Conan, the Mighty PigExplore and gather truffles. Taste different foods for unexpected flavors. Be aware of the wild beasts that crave your truffles. Use arrow keys or W A S D to move. Use SPACE to interact with food and travel gates. R - restart M - minimap

- jugar a Conan, the Mighty Pig -

Pix Mania
Captura de Pix ManiaControl a single pixel and survive for as long as you can. Collect golden pixels, avoid the red ones and gather the blue ones for bonus points.

- jugar a Pix Mania -

Captura de ExoskeletonSimple point & click top down shooter.

- jugar a Exoskeleton -

Mighty Squirrel
Captura de Mighty SquirrelThe Lovely Squirrel is on the way to help his friends,come to help him!!

- jugar a Mighty Squirrel -

Night Strike Command
Captura de Night Strike CommandSeemingly calm night, but the bloodshed, the enemy is hidden in every corner of the, you put them all to find out, destroyed!

- jugar a Night Strike Command -

Captura de BombinLike to blow stuff up? Then lets go Bombin. Click bombs to blow them up. Any bombs of the same color that are touching will explode too. Bombs that are blinking will explode if they are touching any exploding bomb, potentially causing massive chain reactions. Watch out for the dreaded Skwids, and blow up the really big bombs for huge bonuses. Addicting and fun.

- jugar a Bombin -

Death vs Monstars 2
Captura de Death vs Monstars 2Death vs Monstars 2 is a multi directional arena shooter, bullet hell game with a lot of new features and the solid gameplay of the original. 4 bosses, shields, bullet time, outfits, upgrades, beam weapons etc.

- jugar a Death vs Monstars 2 -

Bouncy Boxer
Captura de Bouncy BoxerBouncy Boxer is the nickname that this cute kangaroo has and here in Australia he is already a star because he helps the community get rid of all the bullies. Play this fun skill game and help him on his mission.

- jugar a Bouncy Boxer -

Heavenly resistance
Captura de Heavenly resistanceYou get behind enemy lines, with one sole mission go all the way to the end. You are the captain of the best aircraft. On your way will come across hordes of enemies. For shooting down planes get points, bonuses and better weapons.

- jugar a Heavenly resistance -

Pumpkin Boy
Captura de Pumpkin BoyThe good spirits of Pumpkin boy's world have been trapped by the unknown evil force and scattered throughout the land. You will have to find the golden key on each level and then open the chest to release the captured good spirit.

- jugar a Pumpkin Boy -

They Took Our Candy
Captura de They Took Our CandyAliens are ruining Halloween and stealing all the candy! Assemble a team of vengeful Trick-or-Treaters to rid the streets of the extraterrestrial invaders!

- jugar a They Took Our Candy -

Space Trooper Shooter Level Pack
Captura de Space Trooper Shooter Level PackShoot enemy space-troopers and find the exit on each level in order to escape the martian base in this 3D shooter game.

- jugar a Space Trooper Shooter Level Pack -

Hammering Halloween
Captura de Hammering HalloweenToss the pumpkin as far as you can!

- jugar a Hammering Halloween -

Blonde Parking Havoc
Captura de Blonde Parking HavocPlay as a blonde driver and try to park your car in the parking lot of a mall. Use your arrow keys to control your car and the space bar to brake. Try not to hit things because they will damage your car, and also take notice of the time as it is limited. Complete all twelve levels with the highest score and have a lot of fun! Are you up for it?

- jugar a Blonde Parking Havoc -

Valentine Bubbles
Captura de Valentine BubblesHelp Cupid bring much love on Valentine's Day. He needs to make sure his arrow matches the right people. That is why he needs to do some training on these bubbles. Make sure Cupid improves his skills by getting more points!

- jugar a Valentine Bubbles -

3D Police Monster Trucks
Captura de 3D Police Monster TrucksA cool 3D racing game with Police Monster Trucks. Drive on tracks in Las Vegas, New York, Rome and Paris. Race on all the tracks or pick a single track to set the fastest time.

- jugar a 3D Police Monster Trucks -

Alien Hunter 3
Captura de Alien Hunter 3The planet earth is already suffering from the attack of the aliens. Alien Hunter~ You are the one who can save the planet earth from the alien invasion. Let us defeat the green monsters with quick reactions!

- jugar a Alien Hunter 3 -

Jumping Bob
Captura de Jumping BobA nasty bird has kidnapped your girlfriend Lucy. It is your duty to rescue her. Move in a 2D platform world and turn off the switch to stop the chainsaw before she is killed. Touching any enemy or falling from too high results in death and the loss of one life. When all lives are gone you can continue the game but the score resets. You have to collect all the 11 keys to gain access to final level and face the nasty bird.

- jugar a Jumping Bob -

Captura de ImpactComets are heading earth. You are the only one who can save mankind. Fire missiles at the asteroids before they are reaching your stations. Do you have what it takes? How long can you survive? Enjoy adrenaline pumping action in this classic arcade action game. Upgrade your weapon power. Travel between the lava and ice region and save mankind.

- jugar a Impact -

Human Darts
Captura de Human DartsHow good is your aim? Select your victim, then start throwing darts at the targets without trying to hit the person! You'll score more points if you hit the targets right in the middle!

- jugar a Human Darts -

Robotic Invasion Legacy
Captura de Robotic Invasion LegacyIn this double game you must rescue the inhabitants of Greenytoria! Greeny must travel through grassy levels, the lurky undergrounds, desolate sand dunes and a giant pyramid. Greeny can shoot and jump, pick up items and use them in his quest to save his friends. At the end of each game awaits a tricky boss fight. Try out the Time Attack and see if you can reach the top, and see how many achievements you can earn along the way. Good luck!

- jugar a Robotic Invasion Legacy -

Office Zombies
Captura de Office ZombiesFight the zombies horde. Collect points, upgrade and buy new weapons.

- jugar a Office Zombies -

The Evener
Captura de The EvenerBalance as many boxes as you can in this simple, yet challenging interactive physics game.

- jugar a The Evener -

Alien Hunter 2
Captura de Alien Hunter 2The planet earth is already suffering from the attack of the aliens. Alien Hunter~ You are the one who can save the planet earth from the alien invasion. Let us defeat the green monsters with quick reactions!

- jugar a Alien Hunter 2 -

Captura de CastaneaIt's autumn. Try to knock down all conkers from the tree with least throws possible.

- jugar a Castanea -

Battle Arkade
Captura de Battle ArkadeBattle Arkade is a action game, inspired by the classic arkanoid. With a modern style, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, boss battles, achievements, shop and spectacular music.

- jugar a Battle Arkade -

Captura de DuckmageddonEnjoy yourself on a good weather duck hunting spree.

- jugar a Duckmageddon -

SAS: Zombie Assault TD
Captura de SAS: Zombie Assault TDHordes of undead are approaching! Your mission is to stop them in their tracks by deploying your SAS men and automated turrets in strategic locations throughout each area. SAS Zombie Assault returns as a Tower Defense game! Play 6 maps in Normal, Elite, Nightmare or Apocalypse modes. Pass each map to earn achievements and Awesome points, and also earn valuable SAS dollars to unlock powerful upgrades, buy helicopters, airstrikes and even nukes to help you out. Play SAS Zombie Assault TD now!

- jugar a SAS: Zombie Assault TD -

Flight Of The Glory
Captura de Flight Of The Glory Lead the battle to the enemy. Bullets are flying everywhere you must take out the enemy. How far can you make it? Will you put your life on the line for your country? rnUse the mouse to play.

- jugar a Flight Of The Glory -

Matt Hatter Cave Run
Captura de Matt Hatter Cave RunCollect the crystal skulls and don't fall!

- jugar a Matt Hatter Cave Run -

Fall Ninja
Captura de Fall NinjaCan you become a Fall Ninja? Dodge your way through 40 waves to find out!

- jugar a Fall Ninja -

Total Mission
Captura de Total MissionYou are a soldier of the elite anti-terrorist squad and your mission is to eliminate all terrorist in the region.

- jugar a Total Mission -

Space Action
Captura de Space ActionSpace Action is a single player game with 3d pre-rendered graphics. You are a Space soldier, which appears on the bottom side of the screen. A variety of enemy appear on the top and move toward your space ship. These include small and large enemy space ships. Your objective is to shoot down all enemies, scoring as many points as possible, while at the same time avoiding enemy fire. To complete the game you have to clean 6 stages. 2012. Ronaldo Obaski. Telêmaco Borba, PR - Brazil.

- jugar a Space Action -

Chicken House 2
Captura de Chicken House  2The chickens are back with vengeance! Destroy all the chickens in each level before they destroy you...dun dun dun. Use your trusty ax to chop through wood and cause damage to the chickens and their eggs...the perfect puzzle game to release some anger on these little devils.

- jugar a Chicken House 2 -

Go Robots
Captura de Go RobotsHelp the robots get to their bases

- jugar a Go Robots -

Bob the Alien
Captura de Bob the AlienHelp Bob the alien reach his home planet by navigating him through a magical galaxy far away.

- jugar a Bob the Alien -

Captura de Rip7Run, avoid enemies, collect things.! Have fun!

- jugar a Rip7 -

Rapid 2
Captura de Rapid 2Rapid river race game. It's a game where you have to race to checkpoints before you run out of fuel while avoiding obstacles. The further forward you move, the faster you go and the more points you get. As the levels progress, the game speed increases.

- jugar a Rapid 2 -

DuckLife2: World Championship
Captura de DuckLife2: World ChampionshipThe sequel to the duck training sim. Travel the globe racing your duck to become the world champion. Run, swim, fly and now climb to best the competition and become the best duck racer in the world!

- jugar a DuckLife2: World Championship -

Green Cloud Smasher
Captura de Green Cloud SmasherGreen Cloud Runner is a Ball your Fist-Up, Pounding, Busting, Braking, Smashing Action Game. Exciting, Addicting and a New Fast Action Smashing Game! Defeat the Eco Enemies by Smash'em Up & Let the Good Fellas Fall Down! :) Features: Easy and Fast Action Game Play - Smash'em Up! Amazing Super Graphics and Sharp Bright Color 4 Eco - Enemies - 4 Good Fellas Exciting Smashing Sounds Arcade Mode and Classic Mode Challenging to Master! ... Smash'em Up! Incredible Powerful Power - Ups!

- jugar a Green Cloud Smasher -

violent couple
Captura de violent coupleSingle mode: "↑.↓.←.→"Move,"<"Attack,">"Action(Energy tank full grid after blasting gas) Double mode: TINA(woman): "↑.↓.←.→"Move,"<"Attack,">"Action(Energy tank full grid after blasting gas)

- jugar a violent couple -

Captura de SunshineSunshine is a brutal fast-paced orbital platformer that's sure to knock your socks off. Reality is in danger, the Black Holes have taken direct control of the Suns and are shining Nothingness all over the Multiverse. The Photons need a true hero to bring back life and happyness in all the Systems. That hero is YOU! Take control of a simple photon, jump your way through the Multiverse and become the Sunshine. Can you Shine enough?

- jugar a Sunshine -

Farmyard Flight
Captura de Farmyard FlightFarmer Brown's animals are racing to the moon. Pick your pilot and click to keep the rocket from crashing. Avoid the UFOs and collect the balloons for a bonus. The fastest time wins.

- jugar a Farmyard Flight -

Raccoon Jump
Captura de Raccoon JumpArrow Keys/SFED to move and jump.

- jugar a Raccoon Jump -

Xonix3D levelpack
Captura de Xonix3D levelpackLevelpack for remake of the famous Xonix game in 3D. Inspired by AirXonix. Awesome 3d engine, with reflections and fullscreen effects. Sponsored by saaravr (

- jugar a Xonix3D levelpack -

City Siege Sniper
Captura de City Siege SniperTake on the role of a lone sniper in the City Siege universe and save SNAFU Island from the Baddies. - Throw stones to distract the Baddies and allow the Civilians to escape before going to town with your heavy weapons for some massive combos - Take Cover to avoid enemy fire - Purchase and upgrade 9 different weapons, ranging from Sniper Rifles and Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers, Cluster Bombs and Molotovs - Call in Air Strikes and Nepalm Strikes - 25 levels set on various parts of SNAFU Island, beaches, jungles, volcanos, favela etc. - Take all your weapons in to each level, you decide how to take out the Baddies - Maximum Destruction, as you would expect from a City Siege game City Siege Sniper takes City Siege and combines it with Sieger, a bit of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and throws in a few puzzle elements as well.

- jugar a City Siege Sniper -

Humaliens VS Battle Gear 2
Captura de Humaliens VS Battle Gear 2Battle Gear troops were attacked by the Humaliens troops. Now they are revenge and strike back! Prepare your alien troops to defend your base from the mighty Battle Gear troops!

- jugar a Humaliens VS Battle Gear 2 -

Robinson vs. birds
Captura de Robinson vs. birdsHelp Robinson to send the annoying birds off. You can hit them with a coconut if you are skilled enough.

- jugar a Robinson vs. birds -

ManiaCity Dodgeball
Captura de ManiaCity DodgeballPlay in the High School Dodgeball tournament. Can you win the trophy?

- jugar a ManiaCity Dodgeball -

Lawman of the Future
Captura de Lawman of the FutureA midair failure forced you to eject from your aircraft. Unfortunately, you landed directly in the middle of territory controlled by the enemy. Your mission is one of survival.

- jugar a Lawman of the Future -

Lost Nuke
Captura de Lost Nuke* 7 levelsrn* 7 types of enemiesrn* 5 types of gunsrn* 5 items in shoprn* Combo systemrn* bonusesrnrnControls:rnrn* click to shootrn* Left (A), Right (D) or arrows -move,rn* ckick on gun icon - select gun

- jugar a Lost Nuke -

Madness Day
Captura de Madness DayCan you survive the madness? Kill as many enemies as you can.

- jugar a Madness Day -

Captura de AstravoidYou're flying a saucer through an endless asteroid field; how long can you last?

- jugar a Astravoid -

Box Dude Tower Defence
Captura de Box Dude Tower DefenceStop the BoxDude's Invasions using 4 unique turrets across 3 maps! Can you complete all 10 rounds for each map and reach the highscores?!

- jugar a Box Dude Tower Defence -

Bomb Town 2: Blow Up Paris
Captura de Bomb Town 2: Blow Up ParisBlow up Paris! The goal of the game is to destroy all the houses and reach maximum destruction level. Explosion in a slow motion.

- jugar a Bomb Town 2: Blow Up Paris -

Raptor Rampage
Captura de Raptor RampageCollect eggs in your jumping journey!

- jugar a Raptor Rampage -

Captura de ClimberA climbing game. Climb as high as possible. Use left arrow/right arrow to jump.

- jugar a Climber -

Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse
Captura de Mass Mayhem Zombie ApocalypseProtect your bunker, upgrade your weapons and go on crazy zombie killing spree!rnrnGame controls:rnrnArrow keys to move and jump / aim turret and rocket.rnSpacebar to fire or use weapons.rn1 to 10 to select weaponsrnX key to use vehicle, open crates and use turret

- jugar a Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse -

Wildcat Asteroid Miner
Captura de Wildcat Asteroid MinerSelf-Replicating Robot Drones have taken over the entire Asteroid Diamond Mining Industry driving human wages down to near zero. But a few mavericks are still hidden among the planetoids and rocks, scratching out a dangerous and profitible living the old fashioned way: With reflexes and hot plasma blasters. Your goal is simple: Collect all the diamonds you need to upgrade your ship and destroy the drone base. Can you defeat the robot hive?

- jugar a Wildcat Asteroid Miner -

Catch the stickman
Captura de Catch the stickmanWatch out! The fire covered several high-rise buildings. In panic attacks stickmen began jumping from the windows of they own apartments! And only two smartest guy picked up the blanket and began to rescue the insane stickmen from imminent death. Will they? The fate of the inhabitants of houses in your hands.

- jugar a Catch the stickman -

Color Wars
Captura de Color WarsProtect your space base from enemy color

- jugar a Color Wars -

Rocket Game 2: Space Survivor
Captura de Rocket Game 2: Space SurvivorFly your space rocket, kill as many aliens ships as possible and collect stars to unlock new upgrades!

- jugar a Rocket Game 2: Space Survivor -

Duck hunter: Riverside
Captura de Duck hunter: RiversideThe big hunt begins. You need to shoot the ducks to score the maximum number of points. The Blue watch added a time. The Red clock takes a time. The star adds extra points. Show your agility and prove that you are the best hunter. Happy hunting.

- jugar a Duck hunter: Riverside -

Carbon Fiber Showdown
Captura de Carbon Fiber ShowdownPick the car you like the most, change the color with the hot vinyls, your car has to be the coolest on the tracks. Some starting money is given to do upgrades with, acceleration and speed is crucial, try to focus on those. The awards will rise with the levels, so don't hesitate and start playing. Use the Arrow keys to navigate the car, press the space bar if you have to use the brakes and the X key when you're in need of a pinch of extra speed. Have fun!

- jugar a Carbon Fiber Showdown -

Cookieland 2
Captura de Cookieland 2Stevie's hungry. Shoot him cookies from the cannon, using the mouse to aim and power up your shot. Need more time or cookies? Press Space to rewind time.

- jugar a Cookieland 2 -

Escape from the Very Bad Planet
Captura de Escape from the Very Bad PlanetUpgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game! Game was featured on Newgrounds

- jugar a Escape from the Very Bad Planet -

Premium Pool
Captura de Premium PoolUse the pool cue to shoot and pocket the billiard balls.

- jugar a Premium Pool -

Kash For Chickens
Captura de Kash For ChickensPata (People for the Awesome Treatment of Animals) wants this chicken establishment out of business by sending waves of lethal chickens your way. Upgrade, earn massive combos, and stop Pata!

- jugar a Kash For Chickens -

CrossFire Madness
Captura de CrossFire MadnessGoal Revenge your planet destroyed by the aliens Controls Mouse : Move Your ship Space : Open and Close the upgrade Menu Auto Shooting Features Leveling system to get more starting Gold Able to attach Orbs onto your ship A dozen of stuff to upgrade your equipment and make the battle easier 6 unique Boss Fights Breathtaking gameplay

- jugar a CrossFire Madness -

RicoshooteR 2
Captura de RicoshooteR 2Prepare for the exciting battle with alien robots. Kill them all in ricochet style to pass the level. Choose the best place for the shot by moving your character.

- jugar a RicoshooteR 2 -

Captura de PandamoniumYou went to the beach and when you arrive there... it was full of Pandas. Now you need to scare them away, so you can have a place to seat. Click around - to throw the ball - and scare them. Red Pandas means danger. STAY AWAY!

- jugar a Pandamonium -

1vs1 Pow! Pinball
Captura de 1vs1 Pow! PinballThe game is similar to a pinball machine, but with two opposing players. Each player must try to score a point by throwing the ball over the opponent's defenses. The player who scores most points wins the game. Collect multipler-score-bonus and get extra-time-bonus to extend play. Left and right arrow keys controls flippers.

- jugar a 1vs1 Pow! Pinball -

Who Am I?
Captura de Who Am I?Elk does not know who he is. Help him to know - who is he.

- jugar a Who Am I? -

Automaton 2016
Captura de Automaton 2016The alien robots are attacking area 51!

- jugar a Automaton 2016 -

Traffic Blitz
Captura de Traffic BlitzYou are an officer who has the sole goal in life to direct traffic. There are no traffic lights at the intersection you have been assigned. The only thing keeping cars from crashing is you. Simply click cars once to stop them, and click stopped cars to accelerate them. Every car that makes it successfully across will earn you $10. Money can be spent at the shop by pressing "S" on items like the Oil Slick, Land Mine, Teleporter, and Barricade. After purchasing an item, the demand for it skyrockets so the price increases by $1. There are three upgrades for each item as well. If you allow three crashes to occur, HQ will promptly fire you but you will be able to submit your number of total cars.

- jugar a Traffic Blitz -

Captura de GravshooterMatch balls of the same color to destroy them and earn score. Fill the special bar to get bonuses and powerups. Features: 8 colors of bubbles; 15 achievements; 8 special bonuses; Gravity!

- jugar a Gravshooter -

Hard road
Captura de Hard roadShooter game with of elements racing. 9 unique levels. Traps, gravity fields, different type of enemies. 3 type of location. 3 different weapons.

- jugar a Hard road -

Angry Zeppelins 2
Captura de Angry Zeppelins 2Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction to angry zeppelins!

- jugar a Angry Zeppelins 2 -

Rebel Fortress Survival
Captura de Rebel Fortress SurvivalThe rebel fortress is being attacked by a never-ending onslaught of enemy soldiers, jeeps, tanks, artillery and helicopters. Kill and decimate as many of them as you can before they finally destroy it.

- jugar a Rebel Fortress Survival -

Kolobok 2012
Captura de Kolobok 2012Kolobok's adventures in 21st century forest.

- jugar a Kolobok 2012 -

Fight Back To Heaven
Captura de Fight Back To HeavenHell has just led a surprise attack on Heaven. Fight your way through demons and monsters as you attempt to save all of existence from eternal darkness.

- jugar a Fight Back To Heaven -

Shooter Whacker
Captura de Shooter WhackerShoot and survive as long as you can with the help of powerups and skills!

- jugar a Shooter Whacker -

Captura de SolarisProtect your solar system! You play as the sun, and your job is to destroy any object that comes near you. Over Over time you evolve and get more planets and moons to help you with your defense.

- jugar a Solaris -

Decision 2: New City
Captura de Decision 2: New CityTake under control another city full of evil creatures.

- jugar a Decision 2: New City -

Captura de DecisionClean up the city from hordes of zombies! Recon territories, destroy enemies, capture factories and towers,upgrade weapons and abilities. Capture and pump up each area.

- jugar a Decision -

Art of War Omaha
Captura de Art of War OmahaJune 6th, 1944. You are a private in the US Army about to hit Omaha beach. A grueling run awaits you, filled with enemies, explosions and barbed wire. Can you run all the way to the end of the beach?

- jugar a Art of War Omaha -

Bite Fruit
Captura de Bite FruitYou only move your mouth, so just open our mouths to bite the fruit will eat the rest into the designated garbage baskets, pay attention to the protection of your teeth, hateful caterpillars

- jugar a Bite Fruit -

Rock Rush: Classic II
Captura de Rock Rush: Classic IIFresh off the code press from us at Retrocade is Rock Rush, our very own Flash version of the classic Boulder Dash! Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp...rnrnCLASSIC II: Continuing from the first classic levelset, these boards are taken from Boulder Dash II, the official sequel to the original. Will you be able to help our hero grab all those shiny gems and escape without being crushed or exploded? Good luck!

- jugar a Rock Rush: Classic II -

Keep Learning
Captura de Keep LearningSchool's coming! Sad, isn't it? Don't worry! Spend some minutes playing this fun game and remember how fun school is! You, the little pencil, will have to pass different quests regarding school lessons. English, Geography, Math and Music, each of these 4 lessons will have 3 levels each. Try to be fast and precise, relax and don't worry, and you'll get A+! Earn A+ and buy cool stuff from the store! Hats and different screen mods! Watch out for the secret codes around the game! Whenever you find one, just type the code on your keyboard, you'll gonna earn extra A+! Pause the game by pressing the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard. *Remember* You cannot pause the game while playing 'Music' levels! Also, you cannot replay a level, you'll have to start the game again! This will remove your progress! GAME MADE WITH AS2. -Enjoy!

- jugar a Keep Learning -

Death Call
Captura de Death CallYou're the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the Wild West. Do you have the skill to face down bandits, assassins, and mechanical monstrosities? Play as Jedediah Wolfe, a Federal Marshall on a mission to hunt down and destroy the dangerous weapons smuggler known as Saul Ramone. Blast your way through Saul's personal army of depraved outlaws using your arsenal of weapons and government-issued upgrades, staying one step ahead of your insane foe. Use your wits to decode secret messages and reveal more of the mystery surrounding your mission as you fight towards the final showdown.

- jugar a Death Call -

Evil Spots
Captura de Evil SpotsTest your reflexes with thousands of spots spawning and moving across the screen.

- jugar a Evil Spots -

Captura de MONSTRENew Physics Crush Puzzle !!! Destroy all and kill monsters !!!

- jugar a MONSTRE -

Screws and Robots
Captura de Screws and RobotsShoot flying robots and collect screws

- jugar a Screws and Robots -

Green Apple Stacker
Captura de Green Apple StackerGreen Apple Stacker is the ultimate physics playground game! You start with 10 Green Apple Mascots, try to stack them in order for the blue squids to pick them up! While your stacking crazy Mr. Knocker the big boulder..drives around and knocks your stacks down! try to stack high to reach the purple grapes on the vine! if you hit those they drop to the ground and over time you hatch 3 extra purple grape mascots to stack! Over time you can get 12 purple grape mascots! Stack them up so the purple squid can collect for double points! Us the chunks of ice to freeze Mr .Knocker in his tracks! This gives you time to create multiple stacks! try lifting an entire stack into the air to hit grapes..this trick sometimes works! watch out for the red squid..he only needs one pickup and you'll lose the game! if you like fun physics environment games..this one is like no other!

- jugar a Green Apple Stacker -

Ice Cream Catapult
Captura de Ice Cream CatapultAim the catapult to launch the ice creams to the building. Try to kill all the kittens and children!

- jugar a Ice Cream Catapult -

Captura de IndestructoLaunchTime for blast off! A Launch game to launch a game! To celebrate the launch of IndestructoTank on iPhone, get ready to launch into orbit in search of a rogue Enemy Satellite. Collect coins and upgrade your tank to get higher each time. Good luck!

- jugar a IndestructoLaunch -

Captura de Runk!A run tank game. Penetrate through enemy lines with your tank!

- jugar a Runk! -

Captura de ZomballoonsAs the doorman to a spiffy and very classy hotel, it's up to you to prevent peasants and other rabble from encroaching on your fine establishment. So when Zombies turn up looking to party in the penthouse, it's up to you to make sure they never make it that high!

- jugar a Zomballoons -

Cutting the Salad
Captura de Cutting the SaladCut salad in as many pieces as possible. Avoid cutting unsafe ingredients. Try to pass all levels and win the most points.

- jugar a Cutting the Salad -

Temple Glider
Captura de Temple GliderUnique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs.

- jugar a Temple Glider -

Micro Tanks
Captura de Micro TanksThis is an enhanced flash tank war game. The games has simple graphics, lots of levels, two player option and a lot of action. Take control of a micro tank and destroy your opponent by shooting bouncing canon balls. You can always use your brain to figure out cunning tactics and ambush the enemy tank. Take the challenge and try to win all the increasingly difficult levels.

- jugar a Micro Tanks -

Desert Defender 3
Captura de Desert Defender 3Your helicopter crashed on hostile territory and you must defend it from incoming enemy forces in this shooter game.

- jugar a Desert Defender 3 -

Rocket Game
Captura de Rocket GameFly your space rocket and kill as many aliens ships as possible

- jugar a Rocket Game -

Lily Fighters
Captura de Lily FightersTwo hippies in the not too distant future want to end a war and bring peace to their people. Chris Bannister is leading the fight from HQ whilst Tal Cooper fights the evil (and fat) General Montegrosso and his army. Being hippies they don't really want to kill anyone, so they invented bullets that turn things to flowers.

- jugar a Lily Fighters -

Green it.
Captura de Green it.Dodge red orbs, collect up gold ones and gain massive points in 5 Stadiums and 3 different modes. Can you reach the highscore boards?

- jugar a Green it. -

Zombie Balloon Heads 3
Captura de Zombie Balloon Heads 3Johnny's back in school, and he loves his History class! So many zombie possibilities to imagine! Run and shoot through Johnny's class notes. Soak the sketched zombies with ink 'till their heads pop!

- jugar a Zombie Balloon Heads 3 -

oni samurai
Captura de oni samuraia samurai warrior try to protect his village from ghost invation.

- jugar a oni samurai -

Moon delivery
Captura de Moon deliveryGame of the ship, which must deliver the goods from planet to the moon. Collecting goods in outer space. Struggling against gravity. Avoiding asteroids, volcanoes, and cryo-volcanoes. In a collision with an asteroid ship damage. When injected into the volcano ship is damaged, and if it was frozen thawed. When injected into the cryo-volcano ship frozen for some time.

- jugar a Moon delivery -

Kulkis: Hard Edition
Captura de Kulkis: Hard EditionAfter having fallen down a pit, a young Kulkis - a bouncy-bodied spherical creature - is trapped and needs your help to escape. The Kulkis can destroy any like-coloured block, and can switch colours by hitting the oil-like patches that are scattered around most levels. Once all the blocks are destroyed the exit will open and you can proceed deeper and hopefully closer to escape! Play this extremely hard version of the original title! Kulkis: Hard Edition sets the difficulty to an unimaginable levels!

- jugar a Kulkis: Hard Edition -

The Pyro Guy
Captura de The Pyro GuyThen this little platform game will definitely please you. You are Pyro Guy, a bomb expert and your objective is to destroy precise targets. Avoid the guards and use your explosives wisely. Infiltrate a social network giant, take down a space centre and blow up a nuclear plant. All in a days work for the Pyro Guy!

- jugar a The Pyro Guy -

Mission to Mercury
Captura de Mission to MercuryMission to Mercury also known as 7 minutes of terror.

- jugar a Mission to Mercury -

Viaduct Designer
Captura de Viaduct DesignerUnique action puzzle game in steampunk style. Design bridge, deliver cargo. rnHow to play: Arrow keys to change speed.rnSpace - to enter designer mode, to kick away animals.rnB - beep.rnR - to restart level.

- jugar a Viaduct Designer -

Back To The Shockway
Captura de Back To The ShockwayNobody walks in the city of future. Fight your way through 8 city districts and survive.

- jugar a Back To The Shockway -

Fat Ninja Avenge
Captura de Fat Ninja AvengeIn this game you are a ninja who assign a mission by your master to return the secret scroll from the evil ninja.

- jugar a Fat Ninja Avenge -

Monster Run
Captura de Monster RunHelp your monster collect as many cakes as possible!

- jugar a Monster Run -

Tower of Kanthor
Captura de Tower of KanthorThe evil Kanthor lives on top of the tower. Fight your way up to destroy him!

- jugar a Tower of Kanthor -

Captura de ZombudoyHungry zombies are coming to eat your food. Defent it!rnMany kinds of zombies, a shop full of weapons...rnPure fun.

- jugar a Zombudoy -

Killer Trucks 2
Captura de Killer Trucks 2Riots have broken out on the streets. Use one of your police vehicles to take these criminals down. Leave NOTHING standing! Win back control of the city!

- jugar a Killer Trucks 2 -

Bug Blaster
Captura de Bug BlasterBug Blaster is a very high paced action shooter. You are a bug defending your crop from hungry insects, although outnumbered, you have some mega firepower to kill them

- jugar a Bug Blaster -

Flood Runner 4
Captura de Flood Runner 4Flood Runner 4 : The fourth in its series. Flood Runner 4 is bigger and better than ever before. Run jump and glide, while avoiding obstacles. There is an auto upgrade feature. The more you play the more you unlock and the more things you can do. There are 30 levels of upgrading all of which is automated. The more experience you earn the more levels you will unlock. You will unlock dragons, panthers and more.

- jugar a Flood Runner 4 -

Pet Care Rush
Captura de Pet Care RushIt is a new online virtual pets game where your task is to help Anita to take care about cute pets running her Animal Care Store while she goes on vacation. Serve animals according what they need and try to do that on time before the time runs out and pets lose their patience.
Use your mouse to drag and drop different items to the animals when they ask. Follow the arrow directions while doing any procedure with a pet.

- jugar a Pet Care Rush -

zombie balls
Captura de zombie ballsMake zombies! Conquer the world!

- jugar a zombie balls -

Candy Thief
Captura de Candy ThiefNaughty children, friends, candy balcony of the house wants to play. Let's help him.

- jugar a Candy Thief -

Pigs Ahoy
Captura de Pigs Ahoy

Pigs CAN fly!

Throw your awesome Pigs to the sky in this exciting arcade highscore game!

7 Pigs and 6 Cannons to choose from!

Beat the highscore and challenge your friends!

- jugar a Pigs Ahoy -

Captura de PolitricksMr. President is on the mission to deal with the US national debt once and for all. Help him to save the country from going bunkrupt!

- jugar a Politricks -

Kung Fu Gauntlet
Captura de Kung Fu Gauntlethelp the kung fu student to avoid every obstacle and to get as many points as possible

- jugar a Kung Fu Gauntlet -

Note Snake
Captura de Note SnakeThe dream has become a reality! Snake on a sheet of notebook! Play!

- jugar a Note Snake -

Stargem Frenzy
Captura de Stargem FrenzyStargem Frenzy is an action-style matching game, pitting your quick wit and reflexes against an onslaught of lightning firing UFOs! Match gems to increase your score and empower counter attack abilities before the UFOs zap you into oblivion.

- jugar a Stargem Frenzy -

Bomb Town
Captura de Bomb TownThe goal of the game is to destroy all the houses and reach maximum destruction level.

- jugar a Bomb Town -

HQ Guardians
Captura de HQ GuardiansA gorgeous defence-strategy game with smart AI. General Gohn is struggling to conquer your territory. Guard your HQs with your armies,build their factories,control & upgrade them,conquer all waves! 2 Play Modes are available : Adventure and Survival !rnrnAll controls by mouse.

- jugar a HQ Guardians -

Captura de SpaceticusSpaceticus is a battle in space, you are the lone space gladiator that must survive wave after wave of space minions, aliens and asteroids of all shapes and sizes are trying to kill you, but don't worry you have some pretty made skills yourself. Defend yourself and show them who is the champion.rnUse the mouse to move and shoot.

- jugar a Spaceticus -

Run Robo Run
Captura de Run Robo RunEscape an oppressive robot factory in Run Robo Run, an addictive jump-and-run game from Kano Games! Leap platforms, smash power cells, upgrade your robot and collect energy orbs to run farther and escape your evil human masters before they slag you! Run Robo Run delivers intense, fast-paced jump-and-run fun!

- jugar a Run Robo Run -

Color Man
Captura de Color ManDefeat Enemies with a gun that shoots colored bullets!rnrnYou can only hurt enemies with their contrasting color!rnrnControls:rnWASD/Arrow Keys Move and jumprnLeft Mouse ShootrnSpace Bar/SHIFT Scroll through colors

- jugar a Color Man -

Zombie Home Run 2
Captura de Zombie Home Run 2

That kid with the bat is back!

(Imagine the following read in that epic action movie trailer guy's voice)

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do. Zeus himself has commanded him, and armed with the only weapon he knows how to use, he must fight for mankind!

Featuring an intriguing storyline (honestly! it's intriguing!), memorable characters (you won't forget them...) and more zombies than you can swing a bat at, it's ZOMBIE HOME RUN 2: REVENGE OF THE ATTACK OF THE HAMBURGER TWINS.

- jugar a Zombie Home Run 2 -

Summer Shot
Captura de Summer ShotTry to hit the pink bubbles and pins to complete the level. You only have a specific supply of balls for each level.

- jugar a Summer Shot -

Captura de ElectroComboFun chain reaction game. Multiple elements and effects, upgrades - go through 40 levels. Sandbox included to create all kind of scenarios.

- jugar a ElectroCombo -

Muffin Rush
Captura de Muffin RushHave you ever dream about opening Muffin Shop ? Here your dream come true. Manage and serve customers, give special muffin, trade, buy recipe and combine muffin in the oven to make new one. Have lots to do! :)

- jugar a Muffin Rush -

Angry Zeppelins
Captura de Angry ZeppelinsRide the tank and shoot zeppelins.

- jugar a Angry Zeppelins -

Kill those ponies
Captura de Kill those ponies"Ponies! Ponies everywhere on the Internet! I can not take it anymore! Time to shoot to kill! Oh no! Fans of little ponies are coming! They won't let me shoot! I have to stop them or they may talk me out of my insanity!" Sounds crazy? Well this is pretty much what the game is about! This game is a parody of that popular show with little ponies which involve lots of guns and blood. The game is hi-score based and uses a cover/change weapon/reload mechanic inspired by the popular "Time Crisis" series. Features 4 different weapons: handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and grenade. All graphics used in this game are based on "that pony show", but redrawn in a different art style. No art from the parodied material was used.

- jugar a Kill those ponies -

Captura de MeteoroidHelp the robot to defence the planet, using a shield. If you do everything right, your robot can get rich.

- jugar a Meteoroid -

Modern Trooper Shooter
Captura de Modern Trooper ShooterUse different weapons to destroy hordes of enemy troopers and zombies in order to survive and safely reach the exit on each level in this 3D shooter game.

- jugar a Modern Trooper Shooter -

Captura de Chasmizer_4kOld-school blasting action! Written in 3 hours for a 4KB programming competition (ads & high-score table make it bigger!)

- jugar a Chasmizer_4k -

Fruit Defense
Captura de Fruit Defense

Use your mouse to control.
Use Key 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 to use items.
See in-game instructions.

- jugar a Fruit Defense -

Cubikill 5
Captura de Cubikill 5No vacation for you! Try to hit every combo and survive as long as you can.rnrnGame controls: Arrows

- jugar a Cubikill 5 -

Sift Heads Assault 2
Captura de Sift Heads Assault 2The sequel to the action shooter side game Sift Heads Assault with more rivals and new bloody challenges!

Game controls: A or D to run, W to jump, Spacebar to pick up items or cover, Press down (S) while running to roll or hold to move objects, Q to change weapons, R to reload and P to pause the game.

- jugar a Sift Heads Assault 2 -

Captura de BoundlingBoundling is an incredibly challenging game, packed with exciting levels, dangerous explosion patterns and tons of fun! Circumvent the system or get splattered in this fast paced game of skill and reflexes. How long will you survive?

- jugar a Boundling -

kungfu rabbit
Captura de kungfu rabbitA rabid Lions led the army to attack the city,he intends to put here as a base.There are two rabbit with superb sword, use sword to defend the city.We need to help them defeat the lion to save the small animals in the city.Player can get the gold by killing enemy,and then purchase skills in store to upgrade your power.

- jugar a kungfu rabbit -

defense ghost-building
Captura de defense ghost-buildingyou need defense the ghost attack,you can buy good weapon and employ more mans for your work!

- jugar a defense ghost-building -

Snake Revolution
Captura de Snake RevolutionClassic Snake gameplay, but now eat other snakes to grow instead of apples, while avoiding larger snakes. Also, when did snakes learn how to jump…? Avoid red snakes, eat green snakes to grow, and collect the yellow-orange power-ups to slow down enemies temporarily. In campaign mode, each time you complete a level, all snakes increase their lengths by 1. As always, 100% of all revenue goes straight to charity. Thank you!

- jugar a Snake Revolution -

Zombie Rescue Squad
Captura de Zombie Rescue SquadA strange plague has spread and infected almost everyone on earth. This catastrophic event has paralyzed the world and a cure for the plague is desperately needed. One man is now on a mission to gather all remaining scientists so they can find a solution to this problem. This one man rescue squad is our last hope!

- jugar a Zombie Rescue Squad -

Sky Kings Racing
Captura de Sky Kings Racing

Sky Kings Racing es un trepidante juego 3D inspirado en las carreras de aviones acrobáticas. El juego está formado por 3 islas y 30 circuitos contra-reloj que el usuario deberá recorrer en el tiempo límite con uno de los 6 aviones disponibles.

- jugar a Sky Kings Racing -

Canoe Sprint
Captura de Canoe SprintGet your paddles ready for the canoe sprint! Canoe sprint is a retro themed sporting game with three different distances and three different skills to master, all using only one button. Whether powering ahead in the 200m, pacing yourself in the 500m or conserving your energy for the 1000m, can you beat the best?

- jugar a Canoe Sprint -

rabbit eats carrot
Captura de rabbit eats carrotClassic cut-rope game, little rabbit also come to play. feed the rabbit baby carrots, let us compare who can make the rabbit baby eat more.

- jugar a rabbit eats carrot -

Resurrection: Genesis
Captura de Resurrection: GenesisThe gaming experience is a combination of adventure, platforms and puzzle. Although some influences can be seen, the game has a very distinctive, dark atmosphere, and it still keeps its own identity and strong personality that make a unique experience of it. The game is quick, accurate and easy to play, but it demands a lot from the player. It is necessary to get used to the keypad controllers and also to the physics of the main character in order to enjoy the game at its most.

- jugar a Resurrection: Genesis -

Captura de Tris


Tris is side scrolling run forever game where you control a "Tri" in a retro styled cave world composed of simple blocks. You can stretch your "Tri" to make it thin and fast or push it in to slow it down. You have to dynamically change your speed to help dodge the incoming blocks, while gaining points for surviving.

Tris is cooperatively developed by krangGAMES (Nick Yonge) and Darryl Spratt. Original music by b-ry productions.


  • Control your speed and shape. Going slow has advantages of being cautious while being thin has advantages of going crazy fast.

  • Original Techno Soundtrack. Tris' soundtrack is made by professional audio designer b-ry productions. It's fully licensed and hugely enhances the game's unique psychedelic visuals.

  • Randomly generated world. Tris' world is made up of thousands of blocks randomly stacked together. Because of this system, every play session is a new experience!

  • Global Leaderboard. While actual implementation is up to the sponsor, Tris is totally ready to implement a global scoreboard or any other API you might want.

  • Charge Up. Holding the left mouse charges your Tri's energy. Once you activate it, you gain health back, go invincible for a few seconds and get a burst of speed.


All sponsorship, business, or misc. inquiries:


  • 640x480 resolution

  • 6.7mb Approx.

- jugar a Tris -

Swimming Race
Captura de Swimming RaceSwim against your opponents and beat their time to become world champion

- jugar a Swimming Race -

Pacific War
Captura de Pacific WarBecome the pilot of a top-tier, top-secret mission and help the Allied forces crush the enemy opposition once and for all.

- jugar a Pacific War -

Warflash 2
Captura de Warflash 2Clean prison blocks from enemy mercenaries using different weapons and find the exit in order to complete each level in this 3d shooter game.

- jugar a Warflash 2 -

Streets of Z
Captura de Streets of ZFight the zombie hordes as they try and convert your town, use a ton of weapons to aid you. rnWASD to move, mouse to shoot.

- jugar a Streets of Z -

shoot frozen bubble
Captura de shoot frozen bubblefrozen bubble powered by box2d,more fun with more real physical behavior.

- jugar a shoot frozen bubble -

ANGEL Ball Breaker
Captura de ANGEL Ball BreakerMove the racquet to hit the ball, dont miss 3 balls or its GAME OVER. Use UP DOWN for move and SPACE to launch

- jugar a ANGEL Ball Breaker -

Angel in Heaven 3
Captura de Angel in Heaven 3Action adventure game

- jugar a Angel in Heaven 3 -

Captura de ZniperTrapped on a rooftop. Zombies everywhere. What do you do? Well that's obvious right, call in your fellow sniper from the other building. Now you are the sniper. It is your goal to save the helpless victims from the zombies. Try to keep the zombies of the victims for 60 seconds when the rescue chopper arrives.

- jugar a Zniper -

100m Race
Captura de 100m RaceRace against your opponents to win gold

- jugar a 100m Race -

Operation Elephant
Captura de Operation ElephantYour comrades have been captured in the infamous Elephant Prison! Drop in your team of elephant commandos to crush the enemy infantry, pulverize tanks, artillery and helicopters, and demolish evil anti-elephant facilities. Your team starts off with a single ordinary elephant, but with your help can multiply and get suited with top-of-the-line military gear. You have five objectives to destroy before you can save your friends – do you have what it takes?

- jugar a Operation Elephant -

Intruder Combat Training
Captura de Intruder Combat Training! [ Intense physics and graphics - dual core recommended! ] ! [ Play the tutorial! ] ! [ play on newgrounds and log in - the game uses online saves (and local for safety) and is saving everything automatically ] :::::::::::::::: It's been way too long but it's finally here! I'm very proud to present my first full-fledged game. More than a year in the making, Intruder CT is an action-packed, 2d side-scrolling tactical shooter ("multiplayer" with bots), built on one of the most advanced 2d shooter engines - mGine by Welcome to the elite international special forces recruitment program. In order to become the "Intruder", you need to complete the Combat Training. Engage in DM or TDM matches on 5 beautiful and unique maps and complete missions in order to unlock new equipment, gear and weapons for characters or just have a blast in the free play mode. Logged in users can unlock medals and get the top high score for finishing the missions. (you can see you missions score by clicking stats in the customization menu) While designing this game I tried to focus on creating an amazing action packed experience with deep gameplay mechanics so i had to create a top-notch engine that uses techniques known from modern console and PC titles - fluid skeletal animations, particle effects with full physics, detailed graphics, full sound system with stereo and destruction physics. I hope you'll love it as I do and you'll see how much work I've put into it and how this game goes beyond typical flash games in both details and the presentation - everything for you guys! This is only the beginning... Now go play and kill! Leave your review and vote high, maybe give me a fav, would you kindly? Thx to everyone who helped me: my friends, the fans on my NG blog who bothered me about the release and didn't forget it! Also Tom and all Newgrounds for sponsoring,mike for helping with the save api implementation and MindChamber for testing since the beginning. More details in the game's credits! Choppy fps? Play with the options - turning off HQ particles, decals and anti-aliasing will help the most ::::::::::::: Sorry for the spawn system problems! I'm designing a new system that hopefully will work much better - the current one is the 3rd in this game and i was satisfied with it but seeing many complaints i'll try to do something about it. The spawing is not random, the system is going through all spawn positions and checking if they're safe but you must understand that finding a good spot on the maps with 4 players DM is really hard that's why the system has problems. :::::::::::::: [ you can freely distribute this game on your sites, if you want the file or a site lock license mail me: contact [at] mmankt [dot] com ]

- jugar a Intruder Combat Training -

Unusual Way
Captura de Unusual WayAim of the game is to reach the exit without dying.

- jugar a Unusual Way -

Lazy Birds
Captura de Lazy BirdsHelp Lazy Birds to collect all Olympic rings.

- jugar a Lazy Birds -

Kitten & Bubbles
Captura de Kitten & BubblesThe grandmother has left the kittens without food, and they know how to get it. Blow up the balls of the same color uniting them with one another and so fall fish bones. Surely you dare to play many levels to bring happiness to these little felines.

- jugar a Kitten & Bubbles -

Roadside Circus
Captura de Roadside CircusThe dart wheel is spinning! Impress the audience of your Roadside circus by flawlessly hitting targets around your "eager" helper.

- jugar a Roadside Circus -

More Than Survive: Level Pack
Captura de More Than Survive: Level PackSurvive and upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction!

- jugar a More Than Survive: Level Pack -

Eleventh Hour
Captura de Eleventh HourEleventh Hour is an exploration based game in which you must race against the clock to find your daughter before your town is destroyed by a nuclear strike. The only problem is that your town has turned into a hive of undead monsters. Can you discover the mystery of it all and rescue your daughter within the time limit?

- jugar a Eleventh Hour -

Gem Cave Adventure
Captura de Gem Cave AdventureJump, run and swing around to collect all diamonds in gem cave. Collect diamonds or complete quests to get money and spend this money for your town. Plant trees, build houses or even castles! Find hidden treasure chests to get even more money. Unlock new outfits for your charakter as you spend money for your town. Do you have enough skills to collect all 50 diamonds? Can you beat the record in every cave?

- jugar a Gem Cave Adventure -

Carnival Shark
Captura de Carnival SharkPlay as a hungry shark who will eat everything in his way as he attempts to reach the carnival. Stay airborne as long as possible by munching on everything in sight. All sharks love carnivals!

- jugar a Carnival Shark -

Captura de BombustionBombustion is a simple game, based around the concept of the chain reaction. The playing field is littered with bombs, which bounce around the screen. You control a target cursor with your mouse, and a single click will activate all bombs within. The explosions set off nearby bombs as well, with explosive and colorful results!

- jugar a Bombustion -

Captura de CanaryExplore the mines using your laser cannon to carve through the rocks.

- jugar a Canary -

Doodle Duck Hunting
Captura de Doodle Duck HuntingShoot as many ducks as you can. For each dead duck you get 3 more seconds. Reloading will cost you 5 seconds.

- jugar a Doodle Duck Hunting -

Wizard Walls
Captura de Wizard WallsArcade defense game featuring original gameplay. Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers.

- jugar a Wizard Walls -

Hexagon Planet TD
Captura de Hexagon Planet TDYear 2222. People invented a portal - the technology making the movement of objects at any distance available through the use of the so-called mole hole. Self-supporting ships with the portal on the board are sent for the search of habitable planets to every corner of the universe... Year 2281. The first habitable planet is found... it's colonization is made through portals.. it turns out that humans are not the only sentient race in the universe ... and the other sentience is not friendly at all.

- jugar a Hexagon Planet TD -

Scorched Cosmos
Captura de Scorched CosmosFight the cosmic invaders! Buy new ship hulls, weapons and upgrades. Reach a higher score, earn more money and unlock achievements.

- jugar a Scorched Cosmos -

The Difficult Shooter
Captura de The Difficult ShooterThis is not an ordinary shooter.. This is the difficult shooter! Navigate your ship through waves of enemy spaceships and destroy as many as you can. Earn money and buy upgrades in the shop. Be awesome, be victorious and try to get the highest score in this side scroller shooter!

- jugar a The Difficult Shooter -

Captura de CattossRobot and cat are on their run to escape from the burning lava, that might brake their friendship! Toss the cat, to collect crystals and speed up the robot so lava can't hurt you! Watch out on obstacles, they might slow you down, and even kill your cat! Earn various achievements as you go for the highest score!

- jugar a Cattoss -

Worms And Spiders
Captura de Worms And SpidersThousands of worms, giant spiders, mutant ascaris, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught?

- jugar a Worms And Spiders -

Dead Zed
Captura de Dead ZedShoot down zombies and carefully utilize other survivors in order to ensure your continued survival during a zombie apocalypse.

- jugar a Dead Zed -

Mini Crash Boy
Captura de Mini Crash BoyHow far can you crash in 60 seconds ?

- jugar a Mini Crash Boy -

Captura de D-StrikeInstructions: WASD to move, Space to change weapon, Mouse to fire

- jugar a D-Strike -

Pothead Zombies 2
Captura de Pothead Zombies 2Action-base defense game where you need to survive thousands of a very particular kind of zombies: pothead ones.
This second game includes 42 unique weapons, 15 different enemies with very distinct behavior on 15 game waves and 3 bosses.
You need to use left click to shoot. There is a coop shooter to assist you, that can learn how to use weapons better during the game.
You can buy weapons and place then on your weapon slots to change then real time.
Some weapons are better suited for an ocasion than others

- jugar a Pothead Zombies 2 -

Hambo 2
Captura de Hambo 2Hambo is back, this time in Chicago trying to clean the swines out of the city using a variety of weapons. Oh and wormholes, no idea how they fit in, but people seem to like wormholes in games. Can you get to to Pig Capone’s stronghold and deliver him an explosive pineapple ? Do you even want to ? Probably not :)

- jugar a Hambo 2 -

Effing Worms 2
Captura de Effing Worms 2

Eat people, get bigger, and evolve! After a 2 year hibernation, your worm shrunk back down but it still has it's wings!

- jugar a Effing Worms 2 -

Lama's Way
Captura de Lama's WayPoor Lama was punished and sent to the very bottom of the Underworld for her terrestrial sins!"Why didn't you share food with other Lamas? Why did you use bad language and why didn't you have respect for older Lamas?
Why? WHY???" - these questions spin in Lama's head every time she jumps up.

- jugar a Lama's Way -

But RoboPolice Are...
Captura de But RoboPolice Are...Though they are police they would even destroy the city to capture the great big villain with dot eyes (You) !

Different from the other runner games! Lots of upgrades and achievements!

Arrows to move!

- jugar a But RoboPolice Are... -

Just a Random Day
Captura de Just a Random DayControl an upgradable tank to destroy random enemies. It will be the weirdest day you ever had. Fight Mad Old Ladies, Mega Cannons, Evil Bunnies, T Rex and more. Every weird thing is out to get you. But you do have a rather large arsenal of weapons at your disposal including the plain Gatling guns to sniper rifles, tanks , sonars and some really Big Super Weapons to help you survive the 45 levels of madness.

- jugar a Just a Random Day -

snowman can jump
Captura de snowman can jumpClick to move,collect snowflakes to jump,dodge the meteor and the waves! 点击鼠标移动,收集雪花来跳跃,躲避流星和波浪!

- jugar a snowman can jump -

Nerd vs Zombies
Captura de Nerd vs ZombiesFight the zombies. Upgrade your nerd and buy new weapons.

- jugar a Nerd vs Zombies -

Haters War 2
Captura de Haters War 2Select your favorite geek fanboy and go head to head in this intense and funny shooter game! Select various weapons and try to dominate every game play.

- jugar a Haters War 2 -

Wonderland Cosa Nostra
Captura de Wonderland Cosa NostraA wondrous scrolling-shooter and defense hybrid game, served with exclusive assets, fresh (yet classic) graphics and catchy music tunes. Protect the cute little boss; Raffles, from bad monsters with your LIMITED savings! Money management, decision making, awareness are the key to beat the challenges!

- jugar a Wonderland Cosa Nostra -

Dogfight Aces
Captura de Dogfight AcesTake off with your WWI airplane, earn rewards, upgrade your plane and become the "Ace of Aces" in this stunning biplane shooter action game.

- jugar a Dogfight Aces -

Super Threadmill
Captura de Super Threadmill

Help Billy burn his fat by exercising on uncle Rico's Super Treadmill.

- jugar a Super Threadmill -

Cube Tank Arena
Captura de Cube Tank ArenaCube Tank Arena is an action-packed 3D shooting tank game. Across five arenas, you must blast your way though waves of minibots before taking on a challenging boss, loaded with powerful weaponry that'll turn you to scrap if you don't keep your cool. In spite of the odds, you're not completely without hope; you can rack up coinage from destroying enemies, and use the cash you upgrade your arsenal so that it will hold their own even against the champions of the arena!rnMovement - Arrow keys Aim - Use the mouse to aim, left click to shootrn

- jugar a Cube Tank Arena -

Combo Killer
Captura de Combo KillerCombo Killer is an action shoter where you need to beat the ultimate combo spree. Are you able to beat this challenge?

- jugar a Combo Killer -

Space Trooper Shooter
Captura de Space Trooper ShooterUse different weapons to destroy enemy space-troopers and escape the martian base in this 3d shooter game.

- jugar a Space Trooper Shooter -

Papa Salad
Captura de Papa SaladQuickly slice all the ingredients on the screen to make a delicious salad. The finer you slice, the more points you get. Watch out for rotten ingredients, frogs and mirrors!

- jugar a Papa Salad -

Castle Survive
Captura de Castle SurviveKill monsters, collect weapons, explore. Find keys and run out of the castle.

- jugar a Castle Survive -

orange goalie
Captura de orange goalieas an orange need to get kicked to the goal!
go for it!!

- jugar a orange goalie -

War Elephant
Captura de War Elephant Face hordes of the world's most vicious warriors as you lead your army to glory in your quest for the legendary axe!rnMove elephants - Use arrow keys, or click directional arrow buttons. Summon squads - Press viking/archer buttons. Fire arrows - Press the various arrow buttons on the left Charge elephant - Press elephant buttonrn

- jugar a War Elephant -

Zelda the Welder
Captura de Zelda the WelderThis game is for the Newgrounds Game Jam #7. The programmer (me) was MonoFlauta, artist Aigis, Musician Intero and WildCard RedHarvest! We worked really hard on it and we are proud to show you what we did. Our topic was weld.rnrnSo you are Zelda the welder, no no wait, not any welder, THE BEST WELDER in the world! You get the most difficult works in your office and you have to make them in time or your customer will get furious with you. To make magic, or should I say welding, happen you dont only have your welder, you also have a saw to open things and metal plates to close after you are done.rnrnSo, are you ready to take the challenge?

- jugar a Zelda the Welder -

Zombie Driver
Captura de Zombie  DriverShoot all the zombies who are trying to get after you as you get to the hospital. Run over them with your car as you try keep the city safe from ZOMBIES!

- jugar a Zombie Driver -

Candy Stars
Captura de Candy StarsCollect all the candies, avoid and destroy the brocoli and enemies. The goal is to obtain all the candies you can. When you get the star you are invincible by 4 seconds.

- jugar a Candy Stars -

The Pirate
Captura de The PirateAncient Pirate game: remove all the discs from the pirate deck.

- jugar a The Pirate -

Jump Face
Captura de Jump FaceHelp Jump Face reach the goal! Dash through 50 levels with difficulties ranging from simple to finger numbing intense!! Replay levels to earn better times and get yourself on the high score boards.

- jugar a Jump Face -

Scroll Lock
Captura de Scroll LockScroll Lock. Who would have guessed that the once most useless piece of plastic in your keyboard would be a TRUE SAVIOR OF STICKMEN!? This game was created to grant the wish of many users that felt bad for the forever alone Scroll Lock key.

- jugar a Scroll Lock -

Reactance 2
Captura de Reactance 2With 35 items, 25 levels (plus 3 bonus levels), 20 multi-leveled achievements to earn, and plenty of challenging bosses, even the most skilled of players will be kept busy for hours in this action packed top-down shooter.rnrn:Controls:rnMouse or arrows/WASD (depending on the option set)- Move the shiprnShift- Slow-mornF- Toggle weapon formationrnZ- Move slowerrnEsc- Pause

- jugar a Reactance 2 -

Sydney Hunter
Captura de Sydney HunterSydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death is a retro styled platformer in the vein of classic MSX games.

- jugar a Sydney Hunter -

Captura de KABOOMRule the forest with your machinegun

- jugar a KABOOM -

Tank-Tank Level Pack
Captura de Tank-Tank Level PackDestroy the enemy forces to earn powerfull upgrades and badges!

- jugar a Tank-Tank Level Pack -

Edge of Glory
Captura de Edge of GloryThere's no Lady Gaga, yet the Edge of Glory is ready to rock your world. Keep the crowd happy by giving them a fantastic fireworks show! Aim the fireworks by moving the mouse. Click to launch the fireworks at the target that matches the fireworks color. Click the mouse again to detonate the fireworks over a target. The closer you detonate the fireworks to the center of the target, the more points you will earn. Each time you hit the same target, its point value will increase. Hit the highlighted target to set off a chain reaction and score tons of points. Hit targets behind clouds by bouncing the fireworks off the sides of the screen and clouds. Meet your goal and keep the audience awake to beat the level.

- jugar a Edge of Glory -

Captura de FortitudeFortitude is a unique shooter/puzzle hybrid. Shoot colored balls together to open a hole in your enemy's defenses, then blast the red king into oblivion!

- jugar a Fortitude -

Button Masters
Captura de Button MastersMy first submission to the Mochi 60 second contest, Button Masters. Designed with the intent of mobile application, Button Masters is a fast paced reaction game. You may choose one of two characters to battle out in a button pushing frenzy. By pushing the correct buttons you can increase your score and compete amongst your friends as the ultimate Button Master. Game design by Foxic Games Music provided by apxn

- jugar a Button Masters -

Captura de Zom-b-benSave the human from the zombies and kill them

- jugar a Zom-b-ben -

Captura de StarcatzMove Catz with the arrow keys, avoiding enemies and their projectiles, and grabbing powerups and coins. Hold down the Z, X, or C keys to fire hairballs. Fill your prestige meter by killing lots of enemies, not firing when you don’t have to, grabbing blue pickups, and not getting hit. When the prestige meter is full and starts flashing, hit the space bar to turn into Admiral Catz, temporarily turning your weapon into a huge, powerful laser! Survive as long as possible and maximize your score by grabbing more pickups, killing more enemies, and not wasting hairballs! Hit M to mute or unmute everything. Use N to toggle music only. Use P to pause, R to quickly restart the game, and Q to toggle quality. In-Game Music by Kevin MacLeod.

- jugar a Starcatz -

2039 Rider
Captura de 2039 RiderCruise through the future on your super fast tilty flippy bike, doing flips and unlocking bikes all as fast as you can. 2039 rider.

- jugar a 2039 Rider -

Captura de PixelTapDestroy as many pixel enemy as you can in 60 seconds! Call your friends to compete with you!

- jugar a PixelTap -

Mushbooms Level Pack 2
Captura de Mushbooms Level Pack 2Select and place bombs with your mouse. Activate bombs using the space key

- jugar a Mushbooms Level Pack 2 -

Mad Hat Dragon Magic Mix Up
Captura de Mad Hat Dragon Magic Mix UpMad Hat Dragon has lost control of his Magic Gems! Help him collect them before they cause too much trouble! Using the mouse cursor guide Dragon to collect his gems while avoiding dangerous Flying Bombs!

- jugar a Mad Hat Dragon Magic Mix Up -

Fast & Dangerous
Captura de Fast & DangerousYou have the opportunity to compete against street elite racers and make yourself a reputation amongst other competitors. Earn money from betting on races. Tune up your car to improve it with money you earned. Your strongest desire is to conquer the world of street racing.

- jugar a Fast & Dangerous -

Captura de ShootriumA simple shooting game that requires you to avoid and shoot monsters and survive as long as possible! Deploy turrets to aid you in survival and get power ups to increase stats.

- jugar a Shootrium -

Bounzy 2
Captura de Bounzy 2Killing zombies with bouncing bullets has never been this fun! Can you survive the apocalypse?

- jugar a Bounzy 2 -

Captura de GrenadierWOW! From all the skilled soldiers you have got the most talented grenadier in your team. His name is Ron and he has been training with grenades since he was only ten years old. He learned this art of war from his father who was a great soldier too. Join Ron in a top secret mission and kill all the enemies hidden into the walls of rocks using your grenades. In each level there are more enemies placed in very strategic places. Use your grenades and you mind to destroy them all. Shoot them out and advance on the field of war. When you need, you can explode your bombs to open new ways to reach the enemies. Good luck!

- jugar a Grenadier -

Captura de ElectronsElectrons is a physics/magnetism based game. Collect all the positive particles in each level while avoiding the other particles.
Collect all the blue (positive) particles to pass each level. Avoid the other particles(Electrons). If one hits you then you lose a life. Be Carefull! The Electrons are attracted towards you.

- jugar a Electrons -

Captura de ElectropedeClear the grid of a chronic insectoid infestation. Shoot bugs, collect power-ups.

- jugar a Electropede -

Eclipse Assault
Captura de Eclipse AssaultDuring the rare event of an eclipse, our city is under attack. Drive your tank into the darkness, and shoot down the waves of incoming enemies. Beware, strange forces come out at night.. Features 12 waves of side-scrolling action Never seen before shooter in the darkness Enemies with different weapons and strategies Normal version and Hard Mode 17 Upgrades and 6 Achievements Automatic High-score system

- jugar a Eclipse Assault -

Scylla Starfighter
Captura de Scylla StarfighterScylla Starfighter is a flash game that uses the last flash 3D technology that makes the game visuals unique, it uses some of the graphic effects that uses the actual game consoles all, free, and in your web browser!rnrnThe Scylla squadron was created for the protection of the civilians of the alliance. It was composed of pilots with superhuman skills, able to destroy entire armies with a single ship. In Scylla Starfighter you controll Nataliya, one of the Scyllas that has the mission to protect the people from the Ragnaquians, a group of fundamentalist that says that its god has awaken and he wants to destroy the people of the alliance.

- jugar a Scylla Starfighter -

Blast the Mooks Level Pack
Captura de Blast the Mooks Level PackClick and hold to release a bomb. Get the mook creature to the food item in each level.rnrnPlayers can create and share levels. Following in game hints for more info!rnrnMore Mook games coming soon!

- jugar a Blast the Mooks Level Pack -

Captura de DN8:PulseThe sequel to last years "casual" bullet hell shooter, we've kept the evolving power-ups, being able to select your own path, the random soundtrack and pushed them forward with the use of stage3D. ( The game defaults to 30fps to enable it to run on the widest majority of machines. If you've got a good graphics card please go to Options / Graphics and turn it up to 60 ).

- jugar a DN8:Pulse -

Enigmata: Stellar War
Captura de Enigmata: Stellar War

The third game from my Enigmata series. The first two games were space shooters, this one is a whole new Genre. The Enigmata series has a total of over 10 million views.

This new game uses an all new engine, my fastest running yet.

Over 700 hours of testing assures the quality of this game.

The game has 15 levels each with unique bosses. There are over 25 units you can build, each with 3 unique upgrade combinations.

The game has PvP ability using playtomic's server, unlocked after beating level 4. It can be accessed through the SW Battle icon located in the map. New video of battle gameplay:

There are also hidden games, such as the infected Fion drone attack.

- jugar a Enigmata: Stellar War -

Run Box
Captura de Run BoxAvoid the Falling blocks and reach the top of the level. All while trying avoid enemies. Have fun.

- jugar a Run Box -

Snakes On a Cartesian Plane
Captura de Snakes On a Cartesian PlaneThe mother of all snake games with 28 variations on that game you played on your candy bar cellphone.

- jugar a Snakes On a Cartesian Plane -

Biozombie Shooter Level Pack
Captura de Biozombie Shooter Level PackUse different types of weapons to destroy hordes of zombies and mercenaries, explore new dangerous levels in order to find the exit and survive in this 3D shooter game. Instructions: Arrow keys – Move. A,D – Step left/right. Ctrl – Shoot. Mouse – Aim. Space – Jump.

- jugar a Biozombie Shooter Level Pack -

Empires of Arkeia
Captura de Empires of ArkeiaOrcs, pirates, and strange blue fishfolk are swarming all over the islands! Gather your forces, develop new technologies, craft devious tactics, and push these invaders out of our lands!

- jugar a Empires of Arkeia -

Sushi Corner
Captura de Sushi CornerRun a busy sushi restaurant! Serve your customers the items that they order. Serve their food within the stipulated time or they will leave. You have lives and lose one each time a customer walks out without being served.

- jugar a Sushi Corner -

Action Slip
Captura de Action SlipAction Slip is a retro action Shump with upgrades and advanced enemy patterns. Blast through over 50 waves of ships across 5 unique worlds.

- jugar a Action Slip -

Pipeline Purge (The O Team)
Captura de Pipeline Purge (The O Team)Oil is pouring into the sea and destroying the ecology of the gulf of mexico. Barack and the O-Team must save the day!

- jugar a Pipeline Purge (The O Team) -

Sift Heads - Assault
Captura de Sift Heads - AssaultThat's right, we just created a new Sift Heads side shooter game named Sift Heads Assault. An intense level shooter game where you must clear the waves of assailants. You will be able to upgrade your weaponry, use grenades and even increase your resistance to bullets. You can use objects as barricades and even move them around. Try to clear all waves.

- jugar a Sift Heads - Assault -

Captura de SensoRabbitHelp a very sensitive rabbit to get all carrots from the minefield. Use his abilities to avoid mines and enemies. Be fast, smart and lucky to get all the gold medals available.

- jugar a SensoRabbit -

aero crusher
Captura de aero crusheran exciting combination physic, action and puzzle game with extraordinary graphic, very polished. In some PC it get better performance in full screen mode, just right click and select full screen

- jugar a aero crusher -

Captura de QuackTheDuckDid you ever play with rubber duck in the bath? It's time for a total recall! Get into the role of the brave Quack the duck and protect your right to party! Evil toys and boss will try to stop you, yeah right - not in your bath time! Quack them all!

- jugar a QuackTheDuck -

The Fleet
Captura de The FleetYour mission: Journey to the center of enemy territory to eliminate any and all threats to the fleet. During your first few missions, you will be aided by some of the fleet's top fighters. However, not everyone is as brave as you...

- jugar a The Fleet -

Cheerleading Toss
Captura de Cheerleading TossToss your cheerleading and break all of the spirit sticks in order to move on.

- jugar a Cheerleading Toss -

Notebook Wars 3
Captura de Notebook Wars 3You have to destroy all the enemies you can in this paper-shooter with 45 customizable planes, 20 different upgradable weapons, and 50 different enemies, plus 5 epic bosses! This is madnes!!

- jugar a Notebook Wars 3 -

Bubble Fish
Captura de Bubble FishIn Bubble Fish game you have to shoot your bubble fishes to other bubble fishes. If you can 3 colour of fish bring together, the colour of group is destroying. And this is the aim of game. In ocean you have to destroy all bubble fishes for the next level. If you see some bubble on your gun, you have to make something.

- jugar a Bubble Fish -

Exotic spa resort
Captura de Exotic spa resortJessy opening an exotic spa ressort and she is going to have a tons of customer to serve to take a bathtub, massage and tons of others fun things to do in a spa. After that, collect the most money as you can to go to the next level. Good luck.

- jugar a Exotic spa resort -

Under the Rubble
Captura de Under the RubbleBlow up zombies using TNT and ensure maximum damage.

- jugar a Under the Rubble -

Ghost Racer
Captura de Ghost RacerPlay this awesome motorbike game and feel the freedom of riding a true american chopper. The game is inspired by Ghost Rider the movie. Just drive your motorbike on the side of the opponent and knock them down!

- jugar a Ghost Racer -

N3rd Boy
Captura de N3rd BoyN3rd Boy is a vertical speedrun platformer. It's all about getting through increasingly harder maps, the fastest way possible - mixed up with a nerdy story. The game features 42 levels with 5 different tilethemes, 9 achievements, a crazy boss fight and Mochiscores. Music composed by Dennis Keitel. Who's the fastest nerd in town?

- jugar a N3rd Boy -

Fly Zombie Fly 2
Captura de Fly Zombie Fly 2Launch the undead ragdoll through the air in this sequel to Fly Zombie Fly! Try to get as far away as possible from the gallows and use the money to buy upgrades, such as fire extinguishers, rockets and parachutes, to help you het even farther! Can you make it all the way through the various levels?

- jugar a Fly Zombie Fly 2 -

Bamboo Dino
Captura de Bamboo DinoDino has to fight in order to get his eggs back. Help him win the fight! Evil creatures stole Dino's eggs. Help the poor dino get his eggs back. A fun action/upgrades game.

- jugar a Bamboo Dino -

Vampire Jetpack
Captura de Vampire JetpackThe Vampire Jetpack runs on the energy of the person riding in it. Pick up new riders to replenish your energy. This will also allow your riders to fight the alien invasion.

- jugar a Vampire Jetpack -

Forest Hunt
Captura de Forest Hunt

Hunt the forest for all sorts of animals and be aware that not everything get you good points. There are secret objects will get you bonus points as well could lose some points if you shoot the wrong things.
Try to unlock different skin types by completing each levels.

- jugar a Forest Hunt -

Captura de EmpireFallA mercenary or a hero rises to save the empire. A Paladin, a Ranger or a Mage, your team has the difficult to task to fight thiefs, barbarians, assasins and mages to keep the peace in the Empire. The game is expansion of the King's mercenaries. The game contains 8 missions total. Major changes : Game : Added more game options, 3 missions , black knights, barbarian brothers and the xanthar the demon lord. Items : All potions are instantly consumed. More premium items. Characters : Paladin - mass healing and cleanse. Ranger - more deadly arrows. FireMage - powerfull heatblast deflecting projectiles

- jugar a EmpireFall -

Columns Master 2
Captura de Columns Master 2Columns Master is back in a new setting! Once again you drop stacks of gems, to match 3 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. But watch out for the stone dropping bumblebees! Make the correct match to prevent them from dropping an unmatchable stone.rnInstructions: Use the arrow keys or WASD. Left and right to move, up to change the order of the gems, down to drop.

- jugar a Columns Master 2 -

Bebry City Life
Captura de Bebry City LifeAn action puzzle with neat graphics based on a theme that everyone can enjoy.

- jugar a Bebry City Life -

Fallout Racer
Captura de Fallout RacerFallout racer is a racing and shooting game combined. You are the last remaining driver and you have to take down the alien cars by shooting them. Complete the missions and buy new upgrades for your car. Go drive your car around and shoot the enemies!

- jugar a Fallout Racer -

Sixty Second Millionaire
Captura de Sixty Second MillionaireCombine skill and strategy to collect a million dollars in only sixty seconds in this unique platformer.

- jugar a Sixty Second Millionaire -

Vanguard Flight
Captura de Vanguard FlightEngage the Coalition of Worlds in this retro style shoot ’em up.

- jugar a Vanguard Flight -

Captura de ASCIIVader

Poor Squareface forgot to get any weapons to fight off the evil Multiplinoids, so to save the rest of his people he'll have to hold them off by staying alive as long as possible! The multiplinoids will keep coming, though, so you'll have to dodge like a maniac!

Use the arrow keys to move; that's it!

- jugar a ASCIIVader -

Chubby Penguin
Captura de Chubby PenguinBaby penguins have gotten themselves lost again - in the midst of seal country! Waddle carefully and lead the baby penguins to safety.

- jugar a Chubby Penguin -

Robbi Bobbi
Captura de Robbi BobbiCatch the falling parts from the top. Do not catch a meal and a bomb. The game consists of 5 levels. Fifth level is unlimited.

- jugar a Robbi Bobbi -

Bunny Run
Captura de Bunny RunBunny Run is a cute arcade game where you play as a tubby rabbit called Fluff, it's your job to steal as much grub as possible while avoiding dangers and obstacles in you path!

- jugar a Bunny Run -

Nightmare Runner
Captura de Nightmare RunnerEscape an endless nightmare haunted by monstrous creatures.

- jugar a Nightmare Runner -

Battle Gear Mini
Captura de Battle Gear MiniThe mini soldiers are ready to the battle! Take charge of military operations and enter enemy's territory from the air, sea and land.

- jugar a Battle Gear Mini -

The Three Balls
Captura de The Three Balls

In this game you have to manipulate time and direction of movement of the balls to put them (and hold for 2 seconds) to the platform with the appropriate color of the ball.

 If your ball flew beyond the card, press R to start the level again to slow down time, use the SPAC E.

Enjoy the game!

- jugar a The Three Balls -

Speed Friends
Captura de Speed FriendsRace against 3 other cars. Win the race to unlock new tracks. Be the fastest driver and discover all the new tracks. If you are into gears, brakes, speed and turbo races, this is the game for you!

- jugar a Speed Friends -

Spider Sphere
Captura de Spider SphereGuide your Spider Sphere through this candy-coloured, but dangerous world, using the built-in grappling hook to navigate this ridiculous rollercoaster. Avoid spikes, deep drops and other perils and try to get as far as you can!

- jugar a Spider Sphere -

More Than Survive
Captura de More Than SurviveSurvive and upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction!

- jugar a More Than Survive -

Stick Figure Badminton 2
Captura de Stick Figure Badminton 2

WASD/Arrow keys to move.

Space to swing.

- jugar a Stick Figure Badminton 2 -

My Little Friends
Captura de My Little FriendsMy Little Friends is the story of a big robot in a tiny world. Protect your little friends from the bad things that come from the sky. But be careful you dont land on your friends in the process!

- jugar a My Little Friends -

Something, Something, Pirates
Captura de Something, Something, PiratesEntertaining shooter / physics game with 18 levels.

- jugar a Something, Something, Pirates -

Captura de miniPassage

With three passages, only a combined score will put you in the miniPassage hall of fame. It takes speed, skill, and fast reactions to beat each level in as little time as possible. Dodge lava, avoid fireballs, fly over water and zoom up ladders to get to the end of each passage. Only the tombstones will tell the tale of your history.


 Arrow Keys to Move, Z to Jump. (You can even double jump :O)

- jugar a miniPassage -

cronus raid
Captura de cronus raidWorld War II Shooting game. this game has customization feature, where player can modify the game and impress their friends

- jugar a cronus raid -

Zap zap game
Captura de Zap zap gameOn the playing field need to manipulate the ball with the flippers. The main objective to get more points. The second aim survive longer. Game control of left, right, space.

- jugar a Zap zap game -

Salad Frenzy
Captura de Salad FrenzyHelp salad chef slice different ingredients to make delicious salad bowl. Avoid the rotten ingredients and only slice the good one.

- jugar a Salad Frenzy -

Dogfight Alpha
Captura de Dogfight AlphaDogfight Alpha is a bullet hell type game in the vain of many classic arcade shooters, the aim of the game is to last as long as you can avoiding the barrage of ammunition coming your way, and defeat your opposition in a blaze of glory. Can you prove your wings and become top dog-fighter?

- jugar a Dogfight Alpha -

Swine Flu Exterminator
Captura de Swine Flu ExterminatorEvil swine flu is on the rampage in your hospital!! Grab your disinfecting gun and blast all the blobs!

- jugar a Swine Flu Exterminator -

City Rambo
Captura de City RamboTry to kill all of the enemies.

- jugar a City Rambo -

F 16 Attack
Captura de F 16 AttackWonderful mission game is back with lots of upgrades and weapons to shoot the enemies and save ourselves. In this game you will be on the mission. Fly your F-16 Fighter plane and attack the enemy. Move with the arrow keys, shoot with Space bar, and change between weapons with the number keys. Avoid bullets and rockets while trying to clear the screen of enemies. Your main aim is to destroy all the fighter planes, helicopters and their defense air force. Protect yourself and Upgrade your weapons, missiles after every level. Good Luck!!

- jugar a F 16 Attack -

Disc the Duck
Captura de Disc the DuckThis Duck is trying to escape. Lucky us we have a slingshot to change his mind. Hit the duck for points, Each hit whill give you points depending on the size of the duck you knocked down.

- jugar a Disc the Duck -

Duncan Castle Defense
Captura de Duncan Castle DefenseYou are under attack from zombies and must defend your castle against the incoming horde. They will assault the castle from both the land and air, so be prepared to climb the tower in order to kill the flying zombie bats and dragons. Go for head shots and get extra cash to upgrade your guns between levels.

- jugar a Duncan Castle Defense -

The Silver Nugget
Captura de The Silver NuggetCan you get the nugget safely where it belongs…or is the west a little too wild for you? Find out now in The Silver Nugget!rnrnClick to shoot, press R to reload. Your cursor will flash if an interactive part is coming up!

- jugar a The Silver Nugget -

Captura de AbyssYou were exploring this strange old place with some friends and got lost. Now it seems that a strange force has you locked inside. Before you lose your mind you should start trying to figure out how to escape this abyss!

- jugar a Abyss -

Epic Friends
Captura de Epic Friends

Use your upgradeable friends to destroy the enemies. Don't let the enemies get to the bottom!

Chose between 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard, each one containing 100 waves of crazy enemies and 10 bosses.

- jugar a Epic Friends -

Hellbound Rampage
Captura de Hellbound RampageTo survive, you must keep destroying everything you see in front of you, from cars to tanks and buildings.

- jugar a Hellbound Rampage -

Alien Hunter
Captura de Alien HunterHelp the colonists survive the alien hordes!

- jugar a Alien Hunter -

American Muscle Car Parking
Captura de American Muscle Car ParkingDrive an American muscle car and park it. There is moving traffic so watch out and do not damage your car. So it is a parking game with a little twist to make it more difficult.

- jugar a American Muscle Car Parking -

Dig Dweller
Captura de Dig DwellerDig Dweller is a simple arcade game Dig underground to find and destroy different vermins, score as higher as you can and progress many levels as you can.

- jugar a Dig Dweller -

Wild West Sheriff
Captura de Wild West SheriffFind all the hidden bandits in the Wild West.

- jugar a Wild West Sheriff -

Bubble Shooter Unleashed
Captura de Bubble Shooter UnleashedIn this game you need to shoot more and more bubbles. You will find diamonds among the bubbles. Get more score by collecting these diamonds. You will find 5 exciting challenging achievements inside the game. Now see high score board inside this game. It will let you show your performance to each player, who is playing the game. I hope you will like the game.

- jugar a Bubble Shooter Unleashed -

Blast Out
Captura de Blast OutThe title really says it all! Place BOMB on the play-field to knock the GRIFFINS off the screen, whilst ensuring the angel birds survive. Left CLICK to place explosives, SPACE BAR for detonation. If BOMB placed wrong, no problem, CLICK on the BOMB again and re-place.

- jugar a Blast Out -

The Nerds
Captura de The NerdsThe Nerds game is another physics game, but instead of shooting birds you're shooting nerds! In the game, players use a cannon to launch the Nerds at evil robots stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the evil robots on the playing field. As players advance through the game, new Nerds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player.

- jugar a The Nerds -

Zombie Sharks: Sharks of the Dead
Captura de Zombie Sharks: Sharks of the DeadSnipers have been deployed to protect the Australian Fairy Penguin from an unknown predator which is reducing their numbers. No one could have guessed that the predators were in fact ZOMBIE SHARKS! Stop them from killing the penguins for as long as you can!

- jugar a Zombie Sharks: Sharks of the Dead -

Captura de EarthShockCan you protect the Earth? Only the greatest of heroes will be able to marshal their forces and defeat the incoming horde.

- jugar a EarthShock -

Boss Slayer
Captura de Boss Slayer

Destroy a serie of bosses as fast as you can and save the Earth in this Retro Bullet Hell. Keep upgrading the ship to get awesome firepower.


Use the mouse to play or alternatively the arrow keys (if chosen)

- jugar a Boss Slayer -

Revolution Against the Triangles
Captura de Revolution Against the TrianglesIn a world full of shapes, triangles decided that just 3 sides were allowed. It's time to fight and release the shapes!

- jugar a Revolution Against the Triangles -

GoPlay Kindom
Captura de GoPlay KindomHave fun in the Kindom

- jugar a GoPlay Kindom -

Super Ski Runner
Captura de Super Ski RunnerThe original classic is back -- crazier, polished, and more suggestive than ever. Collect pills to stay alive as you dodge dancing trees and rocks, all to the beat of awesome music! Features: + Cool Power ups + Fluid graphics and crazy visuals + Over 20 Unlockable Hats & Achievements + Online High Scores + Same euphoric goodness as the original This is my farewell to the Ski Runner series. I hope you all have some memorable experiences with it :] You guys rock and have made it one hell of a ride!

- jugar a Super Ski Runner -

Housewife vs Zombies
Captura de Housewife vs ZombiesThe zombies are coming? But you're no ordinary citizen - armed with whatever slashing weapon you can find, slice and dice those zombie parts before the horde overrun town! Good luck.

- jugar a Housewife vs Zombies -

Bonkers Conkers 2
Captura de Bonkers Conkers 2The Bonkers Conkers are back! After removing the greedy squirrels from Nuttingham forest in Part 1, Harmony was restored once again…Unfortunately One dark day, a new enemy arrived along with their metal monsters and axes. The lumberjacks began to cut and burn Nuttingham Forest down to the ground! Armed with your trusty slingshot and an army of Conkers you must sling, parachute, and explode your way through 20 puzzling levels in a world of physics and fun! New lumberjack enemies, buzz-saws, fans and turbo boosts make Bonkers 2 a brand new player experience!

- jugar a Bonkers Conkers 2 -

Captura de OneShot2Reach a portal by using no upgrades, only your skills

- jugar a OneShot2 -

Bunnies and Zombies
Captura de Bunnies and ZombiesA little shooting game I made for my BA of animation graduation project. Due to having to learn AS3 along the way as I created this game, you can see it is still incomplete for a full feature game. I'd like to collaborate with a professional programmer to complete it and/or work on other projects.

- jugar a Bunnies and Zombies -

Battle for Planet Zogran
Captura de Battle for Planet ZogranMain hero is a starship trooper on the enemy planet. He should pass through the underground, across the planet surface and the space station to complete his own mission.

- jugar a Battle for Planet Zogran -

Captura de OutworldYou are the commander of a mining colony, located on an alien world. The aliens are bombing your colony and you must survive as long as possible by shooting down the alien bombers and shipping in more supplies for your crew.

- jugar a Outworld -

Captura de BalloonsEnjoy the classic balloon pop game. Fire at balloons using your mouse!

- jugar a Balloons -

Captura de FLAPFLAP Flying Pigeon Left Clik to flap ! Make the best distance

- jugar a FLAP -

Warrior Plane
Captura de Warrior PlaneWorrior plane is all about angry plane, that is move towards enemies. Enermies are coming from the top, you have to defend plane from enemies by using arrow keys of the keyboard. Kill the enemies by firing bullets, that will lets you to the next level. Left arrow - Move left Right arrow - Move right Down arrow - Move down Up arrow - Move up Spacebar - Fire bullet

- jugar a Warrior Plane -

Captura de A.R.C.SCommand a squad of mercenaries to protect your base.

- jugar a A.R.C.S -

Black Beast Operation
Captura de Black Beast OperationBlack Beast Operation is an exciting shooting game based on some flash action games..destroy the enemy base by using guns...Shoot down all beasts without fail..Win the war..

- jugar a Black Beast Operation -

Humaliens Vs Giant
Captura de Humaliens Vs GiantThe battle between two game finally started, who is better between Giant Tower Defense or Humaliens Battle? You decide!

- jugar a Humaliens Vs Giant -

Dude Bear Level Pack
Captura de Dude Bear Level PackClick and destroy blocks to move the bear. Help him to collect all little hearts. Win the love of the she-bear!

- jugar a Dude Bear Level Pack -

Double Edged
Captura de Double Edged

Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press < to attack and > to jump.

- jugar a Double Edged -

Captura de Demgorgon2The human world rejoiced at the disappearance of the entire Demogorgon genealogy. It was impossible to fathom that this rejoicing would come to a fag-end, the previous battle was a victory worth cherishing for time immemorial. Underworld master of the demons, Demogorgons anger has broken all hell lose. Demogorgon was believed to be dead, but he is immortal as he has multiple bodies. The underworld has broken all the embargos and is charging towards human kind for the re-entitlement of the worlds supremacy. The previous defeat has infected the demons with more terror, something that the mankind may not be able to pursue. Demogorgon forces were able to infiltrate other dark havens in the universe and have introduced powerful enemy units to tackle the human sorcery. The reign of human apogee is still unknown; the heroes of the previous battle are the only hope to perturb the motion of these monsters.

- jugar a Demgorgon2 -

I Will Die
Captura de I Will DieI Will Die is a Strategic game with solo sad intrumental theme in the background. He don\\\'t want to live without her. So, he decided to die. Help him die to pass each level.

- jugar a I Will Die -

Firebug 2
Captura de Firebug 2The follow up to the highly successful Firebug! Can you get Firebug to the end of all 33 levels and collect all the Jelly Beans? New features, including improved Double-Jumping, Fans (get a lift), Doors and Switches. Brand new wacky hats, skins, critters, tilesets and worlds. Quick-fire platform game play where the levels burn away while you play!

- jugar a Firebug 2 -

Jelly Escape
Captura de Jelly EscapeSince the beginning, there has always been a need for entertainment. With the purpose of supplying this need, Jellies are born... In this world, creatures grow with only one objective in mind: Escaping.

How quickly can you escape? Are you able to do tight moves? Now it's up to you helping it escape! Run through great challenging levels, discovering lots of new features, and collect all the energy to unlock bonus levels and jellies!

- Over 50 levels

- Over 15 bonus levels

- 18 unlockable Jelly skins

- Set jelly all over the place!

- Special guest jellies from famous games!

- Unlockable original sound track for download!


- Amazing victory celebrations!

- You gonna want to eat those tasty jellys! But don't!

The list of special Jellies are:

# Makhor - from Qasir Al Wasat
# Talbot - from Talbot's Odyssey
# Mr. Bree - from Mr. Bree: Returning Home
# Vez'nan - from Kingdom Rush
# Gish - from Gish
# Viridian - from VVVVVV
# Joseph - from Machinarium
# Meat Boy - from Super Meat Boy
# Boy - from Limbo

- jugar a Jelly Escape -

Johnny Upgrade
Captura de Johnny UpgradeJohnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero with no skills at all! Collect coins in order to afford the upgrades you need to beat the big arcade level and its evil boss!

- jugar a Johnny Upgrade -

Bots N' Bubbles
Captura de Bots N' Bubbles

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your robot.  Also has a 2 player mode so you can play with your friend!

15 levels in all in standard 1 player mode.  Also an endurance mode to compete for high scores and see how long you can stay alive.

- jugar a Bots N' Bubbles -

Perfect Shot
Captura de Perfect ShotAs a hired gun, we expect efficiency and confidentiality from you. You will be marked on the accuracy of your marksmanship in all the missions and your ability to remain undercover throughout the mission.

- jugar a Perfect Shot -

Crazy Steam Bros
Captura de Crazy Steam BrosCrazy Steam Bros is a retro-style horizontal shooter with a humorous steampunk twist. Crazy Steam Bros follows the story of Anton and DuPont, two brothers who have built a steam-powered flying machine. Your mission is to guide the brothers as they try to save the world from the evil Baron who has unleashed an army of mechanized terrors. This translates to flying through levels, destroying enemies, and defeating the boss at the end of each level. You must fight the Baron's forces, gain power-ups, and defeat all the bosses!

- jugar a Crazy Steam Bros -

Quad Blits
Captura de Quad BlitsQuad Blits is a simple, fun and addictive platform game with 30 levels. Collect squares to increase your final score, and collect the level block on each level to progress through the game! You will need to time your jumps between platforms, avoid falling platforms, work out how to maximize your score, and get through all 30 levels with 5 lives!

- jugar a Quad Blits -

Star Bunny
Captura de Star BunnyStar Bunny. Save the univers from the evil robots that want to conquer it.

- jugar a Star Bunny -

Archer VS Zombies
Captura de Archer VS ZombiesA zombie horde has overrun the city! Out of ammo and outnumbered, Ben and his dog Jet, retreat to the distant mountains. There, Ben will battle unrelenting waves of zombie attacks until he may finally be rescued.

- jugar a Archer VS Zombies -

Through the wars v2.2
Captura de Through the wars v2.2This is a horizontal clearance version of the action game, characters all across different games, director of ability is different, as long as the use of a key input instruction can play luxuriant stunlock, make the game player can fully experience the excitement of the game. This also reproduce the classic arcade game, let everyone nostalgia and novel. Classic arcade games such as: Annals of the Three Kingdoms, star, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, at the same time we will also add some homemade scenes and characters to play! Please pay attention to our game update! The current version is V2.2, thank you support!

- jugar a Through the wars v2.2 -

Captura de iRemainedPost-apocalyptic shooter with many weapons and upgrades. The virus spread faster than ILOVEYOU, only 1% escaped infection. For the past two weeks I have seen no sign of other survivors. Nowhere is safe. When I spotted an old stagecoach at the side of the road I had to take my chances. Fortunately it still works and I can use it as a mobile research lab...

- jugar a iRemained -

Inspiration Dave
Captura de Inspiration DaveInspiration Dave is a platformer. You control a character on a mission to find inspiration through musical notes throughout whatever world he lives in - via going through 33 small platforming stages, with three goals: Finish the stage, collect all 20 notes, and finish the stage 100% very quickly! Only finishing the stage is necessary. There are unlockable secrets for how many notes you collect and stages you finish quickly. I wrote the soundtrack and created the graphics myself, for better or worse! :) Made over 12/11-3/12, but mostly 2012. follow other game updates at twitter: read about game updates, dev, etc: the music!

- jugar a Inspiration Dave -

Protect The Gold
Captura de Protect The GoldProtect the gold with your death worm and upgrade your defenses to stop the attacking army

- jugar a Protect The Gold -

Angry Bees
Captura de Angry BeesFight through 20 grueling waves of Bee Packed Action! With fully upgradable weapons, powerups, achievements, unique enemies and stunning final battle with the Robotic Bee Boss!

- jugar a Angry Bees -

Guns Defense
Captura de Guns DefenseDefend the base from the enemy intruders. Place the guns and destroy enemy units. Upgrade your guns to resist the onslaught.

- jugar a Guns Defense -

Titok : Nonton Konser
Captura de Titok : Nonton KonserTitok and Eddie were watching a concert, but they want to pee. Because there is only one toilet they have to race

- jugar a Titok : Nonton Konser -

Captura de PlayGOPhysics game with achievements and breakout elements. You have 10 different stages. Beat the game and get all the achievements! THE GOAL: SURVIVE!

- jugar a PlayGO -

Captura de OneShotReach a portal by using no upgrades, only your skills

- jugar a OneShot -

Captura de ContactCollect the circles similar to your color, the red circle will destroy you. With each level the number of circles will increase. Be the best!

- jugar a Contact -

Generic Defender
Captura de Generic DefenderGeneric Defender is your average shooting game, where you have to defend against incoming hordes of enemies. The game is quite hard and won't probably let you pass every wave at first try. Will you get trough to the last wave though? Generic Defender features 3 different weapon types, which can fully be upgraded.

- jugar a Generic Defender -

Crazy Toys
Captura de Crazy ToysThe boy was reduced to the size of a teddy bear. It smells like some evil magic. Toys went crazy! They are in a hurry to leave home to take over the city. Do not let monsters to pass. You should understand the origins of this madness. 9 improvised weapons of different types: nailthrowers, crossbows, air rifles. Crowds of crazy toys, fur and severed heads, and almost unbeatable bosses. P.S. the boy does not get damaged. If at least 1 toy gets to the right screen edge – you lose!

- jugar a Crazy Toys -

Captura de UltrawesomeCollect all stars and escape from the fire's towers. Good Luck!

- jugar a Ultrawesome -

Silent Company
Captura de Silent Company“M”: Return to menu. rn“R”: Reloadrn“Q” or “TAB”: Open rifle scopern“Mouse Click”: Shoot

- jugar a Silent Company -

Steampack - C64 Edition
Captura de Steampack - C64 EditionC64 EDITION - Stempack if it was coded in 80's on C64 machine :) Now with Autosaves and more levels :) Story: Every gentlemen knows that money doesn't grow on trees !! In fact, money grows near sky islands ! PIck up your steam jetpack and go collect money and rubies in the sky ! :)

- jugar a Steampack - C64 Edition -

Final Ninja Zero
Captura de Final Ninja Zero

Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Click with the MOUSE to throw a ninja star - click and hold to shoot out a rope to swing from and climb up. Press DOWN to stealth.

- jugar a Final Ninja Zero -

Nissan Racing Challenge
Captura de Nissan Racing ChallengeDrive all the famous Nissan cars on 12 different tracks. Choose one of the 6 Nissan cars and upgrade them with the money you win with the race. Complete the 6 laps as quickly as you can to win.

- jugar a Nissan Racing Challenge -

Dole Deporter
Captura de Dole DeporterHelp David Cameron deport the plebs in order to save money! Round them all into the cage so they can be shipped abroad!

- jugar a Dole Deporter -

Through the wars v2.0
Captura de Through the wars v2.0This is a horizontal clearance version of the action game, characters all across different games, director of ability is different, as long as the use of a key input instruction can play luxuriant stunlock, make the game player can fully experience the excitement of the game. This also reproduce the classic arcade game, let everyone nostalgia and novel. Classic arcade games such as: Annals of the Three Kingdoms, star, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, at the same time we will also add some homemade scenes and characters to play! Please pay attention to our game update! The current version is V2.0, thank you support!

- jugar a Through the wars v2.0 -

Dolphin Ball 2
Captura de Dolphin Ball 2Help the dolphin clear all the balls before the balls are close to the seabed. You can clear the balls by shooting them into groups of 3 or more of the same color. Any balls that are hanging on to what you cleared will also fall.rnMove your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.

- jugar a Dolphin Ball 2 -

Epic Robot Battle For Territory
Captura de Epic Robot Battle For TerritoryGame made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23. The theme was “Tiny World”. The game is a simple 2 players battle, where you have to hit the other robot or other world, until destroy it completely.

- jugar a Epic Robot Battle For Territory -

Chainsaw Princess
Captura de Chainsaw PrincessButcher trolls and take back the sweet and mystical land of Magicandia, one blood soaked platform at a time. Available now on the iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Android Marketplace.

- jugar a Chainsaw Princess -

Tomato Shoot
Captura de Tomato ShootCowboy shooting game. Use mouse.

- jugar a Tomato Shoot -

Captura de QWOPTERZuide 4 helicopters through a maze of colorful obstacles simultaneously and get high scores. The helis only collide with blocks of their own color.

- jugar a QWOPTERZ -

Dial Zero
Captura de Dial ZeroMove : Arrow keys. Fire: Space

- jugar a Dial Zero -

Infinite Pre
Captura de Infinite PreThe turn-based tactical shooting game. Many types of aircraft is controllable, all kinds of fun micromanagement, enjoy the fun of tactics. Implanted the Global Ranking, and challenge your limits!

- jugar a Infinite Pre -

Super Pitcher
Captura de Super PitcherYou don't have to shoot a handgun in order to be enshrined in the hall of fame for sharpshooters - aim and shoot all designated objects and get the rewards in the fair, and you know you will be adored. This game opens with a page stating the valid and wrong targets of the round. Press the Continue button on the screen to start the game, and you will be given three rows of moving targets, scrolling from right to left. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot the baseball. You may hit multiple objects by using a single baseball and this will bring you a higher score. The objects will move at a faster pace when you advance in the game. Remember not to fire at the invalid objects as one life will be deducted if you do so. If a 1 Up target appears, you may knock it down to get one extra life. You will lose if all 3 lives are gone, so mind your aim in order to survive. The board on the right shows the remaining seconds, your current score, and other related information including the number of throws, hits and misses, plus the percentage of accuracy, the number of targets hit and the completeness of the level, and your score will be calculated based on these data. Hit the bull's eyes and win a prize for your beloved!

- jugar a Super Pitcher -

Captura de SURVIBALLRoll the ball trough obstacles to the destination. Use arrow keys to control the ball. the game starts from extremely simple to extremely complicated.

- jugar a SURVIBALL -

Necrorun 2.0
Captura de Necrorun 2.0A new version with a lot of expansion content for necrorun.rnTwo new stages that introduce 10 new enemies, permanent power ups to unlock, new art and some surprises!

- jugar a Necrorun 2.0 -

Special Trooper Forces Level Pack
Captura de Special Trooper Forces Level PackUse different types of weapons to shoot hordes of enemy soldiers, collect ammunition and medkits in order to survive and find the exit on each level in this 3D shooter game.

- jugar a Special Trooper Forces Level Pack -

Angry Monkey
Captura de Angry MonkeyMonkey to save the other mokeys to go home for the New Year. Methods of operation: a simple non-Ivy, simply press the [Spacebar], you can let the monkey jumps up

- jugar a Angry Monkey -

Crazy Bat
Captura de Crazy BatAlert! You are attacked! Angry bats have invaded your dungeons! Use different weapons and your skills to defeat your enemies. 4 games in one: bat'n'ball, shoot'em up, arcade and cards. 60 levels with 8 enemies and 8 trophies to unlocked.

- jugar a Crazy Bat -

Dark Hour
Captura de Dark HourKill all robots invaders! Upgrade and purchase new weapons in order to stand a fighting chance.

- jugar a Dark Hour -

Dummy Crusher
Captura de Dummy CrusherDummy Crusher is a super addictive puzzle game with a very simple objective: Launch missiles at all the ragdolls that explode in a pile of blood! Get all sorts of different weapons and use them against the dummies! How far can you make it in this challenging game? Good luck!

- jugar a Dummy Crusher -

Subterranea Revisited
Captura de Subterranea RevisitedPlatform Action! Guide our intrepid explorer through the caves retrieving the treasures and avoiding the guardians in this enhanced faster paced and expanded edition of Subterranea. See how quickly you can escape from the caverns!

- jugar a Subterranea Revisited -

Space Shooter Dummy
Captura de Space Shooter DummyA basic shooter game

- jugar a Space Shooter Dummy -

Captura de ZombieTownYour chopper crashed in a zombie infested town, clear location to get parts to make a comm device to contact command. earn money form killing zombies to buy better weapons.

- jugar a ZombieTown -

Captura de Aargh!

In this game you will find:

  • 16 Levels

  • 4 Bosses

  • Fort sieges

  • Sea Monster

  • 15 Unique weapons

  • Upgrades and Achievements

  • Ship customization

  • Exclusive soundtrack

  • And much more!

Controls - mouse only.

- jugar a Aargh! -

Labyrinth iXi
Captura de Labyrinth iXiCrush tons of monsters and robots with your battle jeep and reveal amazing story about iXi Labyrinth! Please rate, comment, show to your friend! Thank you!

- jugar a Labyrinth iXi -

Justice Hero
Captura de Justice HeroYou are the Justice Hero, a brave police officer who's job is to catch the bank robbers, recover the stolen money and send the criminals to prison. When somebody robes a bank you are the one who's called to solve the case and you must do your job as good as possible! Follow those robbers on the road by driving your police car as fast as possible and catch them as fast as possible! Try to avoid the traffic and don't hurt the other people on the road! Good luck!

- jugar a Justice Hero -

Captain Gorgujo Space Survival
Captura de Captain Gorgujo Space SurvivalSurvive all the waves and set the highest score if you can !

- jugar a Captain Gorgujo Space Survival -

Shopping Mall Parking
Captura de Shopping Mall Parking

Shopping Mall Parking es un espectacular juego 3d donde deberás trabajar como mozo de centro comercial. Aparca los coches en los espacios asignados todo lo rápido que puedas y lleva cuidado para no abollarlos.

- jugar a Shopping Mall Parking -

Zombie Last night 2
Captura de Zombie Last night 2Sequel of the excellent zombie shooter. Now even more zombies, more lethal weapons, even more opportunities to improve your character. Now death is not the end of the game is just the beginning of your journey.

- jugar a Zombie Last night 2 -

Doodle Space
Captura de Doodle SpaceGuide your brave doodle spaceship through hordes of hostile asteroids and UFOs, collecting stars and bonuses.

- jugar a Doodle Space -

Velocity blaster
Captura de Velocity blasterIn a parallel universe in the distant future, space travel has made land ownership obsolete, and this led to anarchy and war. The government lost control, and many people went on to start their own civilizations. The military didn't like that, of course, and the aliens just wanted to shoot things. Can you defeat all three bosses?

- jugar a Velocity blaster -

Karkanoid 2
Captura de Karkanoid 2The game space combat. By moving the platform space destroy a brick wall with the ball.

- jugar a Karkanoid 2 -

Gun Runner!
Captura de Gun Runner!It's you against an army of armed guards, blades, traps, land mines, and even radioactive bubble gum! Dodge obstacles and kill any who stand in your way to reach the end!

You get various weapons as you progress through the game, such as the Fire Stick (a giant match that burns opponents) and The Blaster (a weapon that takes you back to the Mega Man days). This is, I think, my most gory game to date. If you don't feel like playing through the entirety of the game, just watch the animations, which can be found in the "Extras" tab on the Main Menu. Cool!

Mucho Achievements available through Mochi! Yuh.

- Eric, ESP Animation

- jugar a Gun Runner! -

Zombie Crypt 2
Captura de Zombie Crypt 2

Zombie Crypt 2,

The game is based on the concept where the player has to control 2 characters simultaneously. 1 with the WASD keys and 1 with the arrow keys. because of the controls the game can also be played by 2 players. The objective of the game is for the player to use both characters to destroy all the zombies and reach the exit without dieing. zombies can be killed by using a lot of different traps or by dropping large crates on them.

Zombie Crypt 1 was released about 9 months ago and did better that i could have ever imagined. here are some stats:

The game has been played over 9.500.000 times
it was featured on newgrounds frontpage
it was featured on NotDoppler

here are some screenshots

Choose Level

Stage 2

Stage 03

Stage 05

Stage 06

Stage 10

Stage 11

Stage 12

Stage 13

Stage 14

Stage Complete

- jugar a Zombie Crypt 2 -

kick-A-mime 2
Captura de kick-A-mime 2Kick the mime as far as you can. Earn money and buy upgrades.

- jugar a kick-A-mime 2 -

Captura de NeunundneunzigMade for the Something Awful Bi-Weekly Game Jam, theme was taking a song and gamifying it. So about the game, it's just your typical platformer with jumps, double jumps, and walljumps. every screen has 3 balloons, once they're popped you'll go to the next level. There's 33 levels. Arrow keys to move, X to do various jumps.

- jugar a Neunundneunzig -

Super Zombie Shooter Level Pack
Captura de Super Zombie Shooter Level PackShoot your way through hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, collect weapons and ammo in order to survive and find the exit on each level in this 3D shooter game.

- jugar a Super Zombie Shooter Level Pack -

009 Galaxy Fireballs
Captura de 009 Galaxy FireballsCollect Brush to start drawing Press mouse button to draw the shape. Save your shape and brush from burning balls, it will burn it, and you will lose one life. You can attempt 8 shapes in a level to draw the required pixels. You have total 8 chances to play this game, means if burning balls hits you 8 times, game will be over. Use different strategies and skills to collect maximum score by playing maximum levels.

- jugar a 009 Galaxy Fireballs -

Aliens are coming!
Captura de Aliens are coming!Save the planets, save yourself! Aliens are coming to all planets, fight them with the special designed Alien shooters, because they come with the strangest ufos you've ever seen! This funny action game is an old arcade classic with new stunning effects and cool levels!

- jugar a Aliens are coming! -

wildcat spy
Captura de wildcat spyIn this original spy game, you are a spy in a plant suit. If you stay still no one can see you, but make one move and enemies will notice you.

- jugar a wildcat spy -

Captura de ScansorialCarve through the rocks to clear a path upwards in this fast-paced arcade game. Destroy colorful blocks for power-ups and earn trophies for your exploits.

- jugar a Scansorial -

Titok : Jaga Ujian
Captura de Titok : Jaga UjianTitok has a job to look after the exam, let's help prevent them from cheating

- jugar a Titok : Jaga Ujian -

Stick-Point-Oh! 2! - The Hidden Caverns
Captura de Stick-Point-Oh! 2! - The Hidden CavernsYou are a tiny stick man, with an unusually large head, and big guns! Choose from a variety of crazy weaponry, like Fire Toads and the Worm Blaster from the shop to dispose of your foes!

- jugar a Stick-Point-Oh! 2! - The Hidden Caverns -

Missile test
Captura de Missile testAre the test missile launch. You are the navigator guided missile. Required to maneuver through the moving obstacles.

- jugar a Missile test -

Infinite Monsters
Captura de Infinite Monsters

Your mission is to take down the evil purple box!  Do this, but watch out for enemies!  Upgrade your weapons and abilities as your level up!


Arrows (WASD) to move, and CONTROL to jump.  Spacebar continues conversations.

- jugar a Infinite Monsters -

smiley tower defense
Captura de smiley tower defensea cool tower defense game about smiley and their combination

- jugar a smiley tower defense -

Flying Fruits
Captura de Flying FruitsThrow fruits with a catapult. The aim is to get the farthest throw.

- jugar a Flying Fruits -

Weirdos vs Flyers
Captura de Weirdos vs FlyersPurchase weirdos and place them on the ground,  Use magic to help kill enemies as well.   Arrow keys or WASD can also be used to scrolling.

- jugar a Weirdos vs Flyers -

Space Alpha
Captura de Space AlphaMove the ship and press SPACE to shoot ennemies !

- jugar a Space Alpha -

Captura de SoulcatcherA game about ferrying positive souls from this life to the next, while avoiding the negative souls that want to hitch a ride.

- jugar a Soulcatcher -

Age of Defense 6
Captura de Age of Defense 6Play the classic Age of Defense with over 30 new weapons, special effect, enemies and worlds!

- jugar a Age of Defense 6 -

Bread Duck
Captura de Bread DuckWhen an important medical operation went wrong, an ordinary duck was left with the torso of a loaf of bread. Now only Bread Duck can save the world from the evil sentient bread knives, hell bent on causing trouble and generally being a nuisance. Can you help Bread Duck save the world, or at least save his sanity? Use the arrow keys or WASD to move Bread Duck and any other key to jump!

- jugar a Bread Duck -

Warflash Level Pack
Captura de Warflash Level PackExplore big military base and shoot hordes of enemy security guards in order to find the exit on each level and survive in this 3D shooter game.

- jugar a Warflash Level Pack -

Snake MiniX
Captura de Snake MiniXSnake MiniX, the addictive game for toddlers, kids and adults Navigate the Snake through different worlds and eat as much food as possible.

- jugar a Snake MiniX -

Drop The Diamond
Captura de Drop The DiamondMove your smile and collect all diamond for exit from the room.

- jugar a Drop The Diamond -

The Ghost Shooter
Captura de The Ghost ShooterGhosts have attacked on our society and you have assigned the job to kill the ghosts they are so scary and you have to kill them before small kids should see them.

- jugar a The Ghost Shooter -

Dark Night Sky
Captura de Dark Night SkyIn the far future, earth was destroyed by an asteroid. It is up to you and the last spaceship to colonize a planet by surviving 15 days of alien attacks until the planet is terraformed. Upgrade your weapons and hull after every wave and survive as long as you can, until the planet you have chosen is terraformed and you win the game. Spend only an essential amount of money for your upgrades and don’t let your biodomes get destroyed. Be the first one, who stays at the first place on the highscore.

- jugar a Dark Night Sky -

Passage of Time
Captura de Passage of TimeAvoid obstacles and collect memories in this runner game that will make you look at life from a different point of view. Time passes fast, so hurry.rnrnThis game was made for a 48 houre competition. We tried to do a simple, yet fun game with a message about how time passes fast. We are proud to announce it won the first place.rn

- jugar a Passage of Time -

Air Maze 3
Captura de Air Maze 3Action physics game. Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles.

- jugar a Air Maze 3 -

Tinks Quest
Captura de Tinks QuestTink is back and this time he's taking on bigger stars. He's flown off of the avoider genre and right into platforming. Hop, skip and spring away with Tink on his quest to save the sky.

- jugar a Tinks Quest -

Age of Spell
Captura de Age of SpellNow our heroes are going to run the mission, and the castle was empty, but do not worry, we have a variety of spells to use to attack enemies. Defend your castle with magic of spells, use the various of defender armies.

- jugar a Age of Spell -

Teppo Jutsu
Captura de Teppo JutsuCool platform action game. Play and have fun.

- jugar a Teppo Jutsu -

Super Sergeant Shooter Level Pack
Captura de Super Sergeant Shooter Level PackShoot hordes of enemy soldiers and collect supplies in order to stay alive and find the exit on each level in this 3d shooter game.

- jugar a Super Sergeant Shooter Level Pack -

Zombie Crypt
Captura de Zombie CryptZombie crypt is a platform / puzzle game where the players controls 2 characters. one with WASD and one with the arrow keys. Use both characters to find a way to kill all the zombies and reach the exit.

- jugar a Zombie Crypt -

Captura de AquwarAn underwater combat game where the objective is simply to destroy enemies and rack up the highest score you can.

- jugar a Aquwar -

Through the wars v1.0
Captura de Through the wars v1.0This is a horizontal clearance version of the action game, characters all across different games, director of ability is different, as long as the use of a key input instruction can play luxuriant stunlock, make the game player can fully experience the excitement of the game. This also reproduce the classic arcade game, let everyone nostalgia and novel. Classic arcade games such as: Annals of the Three Kingdoms, star, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, at the same time we will also add some homemade scenes and characters to play! Please pay attention to our game update! The current version is V1.0, thank you support!

- jugar a Through the wars v1.0 -

Captura de PenguinosThe evil Penguinos have attacked you and stolen your things! March into their lair with your one and only weapon and retrieve your items!

- jugar a Penguinos -

Bubble Billiards
Captura de Bubble BilliardsBubble Billiards Game. Use mosue.

- jugar a Bubble Billiards -

Paper Dodge
Captura de Paper DodgeHelp paperboy to survive the rain. Use your arrow keys to move left/right and up to jump. Collect the powerups to survive longer and free your way by destroying the blocks. Have fun.

- jugar a Paper Dodge -

Brave watermelon
Captura de Brave watermelonHelp the brave watermelon to get save his children.

- jugar a Brave watermelon -

Catapult vs Zombies
Captura de Catapult vs ZombiesIn this game zombie attacks in a village? They are killing people. Don’t worry coz you have a catapult. Don’t let them pass and kill all of them to go next level. I know you are not a loser.

- jugar a Catapult vs Zombies -

Brave Rabbit Beat Monsters
Captura de Brave Rabbit Beat MonstersKill as many monsters as possible in each level.

- jugar a Brave Rabbit Beat Monsters -

Captura de BoxNinjaSlice as many boxes as possible but dont hit the bombs!
To Slice hold left mouse button down while moving the cursor through the box.

- jugar a BoxNinja -

FireBoy & WaterGirl 3: The Ice Temple
Captura de FireBoy & WaterGirl 3: The Ice TempleControls

Use A,W,D to move WaterGirl and the ArrowKeys to move FireBoy.
Click the green gem on the bottom of the screen or press "P" to pause the game.

- jugar a FireBoy & WaterGirl 3: The Ice Temple -

Party Van Madness
Captura de Party Van MadnessNavigate the city's nightlife in this staggeringly fun and blurry-eyed action car challenge. Become the designated driver and help your cool underage friends hit every club and bar in the city. It's time to join the party so play this game online now!

- jugar a Party Van Madness -

Black Sails
Captura de Black Sails

Become a pirate! Plunder enemy units, buy new ships, upgrade your fleet.

- jugar a Black Sails -

Mouse and Guns
Captura de Mouse and GunsUse the arrow keys or WASD to move.  Use the mouse to shoot.rnrnUpgrade guns, dual wield, get new abilities, blast apart waves of enemies!  Get the cheese in as little time as possible for the best score!

- jugar a Mouse and Guns -

Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend
Captura de Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

Sequel to  the successful game "Achilles" which has had over 60 million plays (mochibot:


Inspired by the films 300 and Troy, the greek theme is a popular one, but one that hasn't been overused, this game tries to capture the testosterone fuelled combat of these films.


Violent side view fighting game, battle 5 different armies, cutting enemies in half, decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kicking heads at them... At the end of each level, there is a skilled boss to beat, with their own fighting moves, appearance, voice and death animation



  • Voice acting from an Emmy award winning actor + another good actor for the bosses
  • rn
  • All new graphics
  • rn
  • Dramatic music score composed especially for the game
  • rn
  • 2 Gameplay modes, normal and survival
  • rn
  • Achievements
  • rn

- jugar a Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend -

Infinity Bit Dungeon
Captura de Infinity Bit DungeonSurvive as long as you can as you journey into the dark and infinity dungeon with the spaceship. The dungeon is dynamically generated and every play is a new journey.

- jugar a Infinity Bit Dungeon -

Captura de DiffusionDiffusion is very important topic for biology. The goal of diffusion game is to make sure that both sides of field contain equel amounts of black and white molecules. Have fun and don't forget to read informations.

- jugar a Diffusion -

Space is Key 2 (Distributable)
Captura de Space is Key 2 (Distributable)You wanted more, now you've got it! Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness! Repair your space bar, as it's going to be a bumpy ride! Once you're done jumping through the original 20 levels, why not throw yourself in the deep end with 10 levels in challenge mode?! But remember, Space is Key.

- jugar a Space is Key 2 (Distributable) -

Super Hunter
Captura de Super HunterJack is a Super Hunter. This time he was ordered to follow an international thief. The thief however , is very aware of his surroundings.

- jugar a Super Hunter -

Sweet Catcher
Captura de Sweet CatcherToss and catch as many sweets you can in your mouth.

- jugar a Sweet Catcher -

ZombNet Defense
Captura de ZombNet Defense

You are the lost of the ZombNet Defence robots, designed to hold off zombie hordes until humanity can be relocated in the event of mass-infection.


Travel to three different areas to help defend the human race!

- jugar a ZombNet Defense -

Mars Cannon 2
Captura de Mars Cannon 2Mars Cannon is back with 30 new levels. Aim and shoot projectiles to eliminate all the dangerous aliens one planet Mars.

- jugar a Mars Cannon 2 -

Super Basketball
Captura de Super BasketballSIMPLE YET CHALLENGING GAME

- jugar a Super Basketball -

Classic Space Shooter
Captura de Classic Space presents a classic style space shooter game. Play more free games at

- jugar a Classic Space Shooter -

Shoot the blocks
Captura de Shoot the blocksShoot the blocks game. Use mouse.

- jugar a Shoot the blocks -

Schoolgirl vs Orcs
Captura de Schoolgirl vs OrcsThere are a lot of evil orcs living in bewitched forest and cute young schoolgirl has to go though that road. Try to survive using different weapons while all evil orcs are attacking you.

- jugar a Schoolgirl vs Orcs -

Land Lobber
Captura de Land LobberBecome Pirate of the Year by taking out as many peg leg pirates and on-stage targets as possible. Earn doubloons for your efforts and use them to buy and upgrade your weapons.

Hugh Grant & Salma Hayek star in "Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists", an animated adventure on the High Seas about a Pirate Captain’s quest to win the Pirate Of The Year Award - out in the UK on March 28th. For worldwide release dates visit

- jugar a Land Lobber -

Captura de Time4MoreCatTime-travelling cat + mouse-avoidance game + sequel = Time 4 More Cat! Another cat is snared by the mysterious collar, and through 7 different modes, a new powerup system, and a range of new enemies, it tries to find its way back to its family. Can you help?

- jugar a Time4MoreCat -

Captura de AtomiassasinShoot everything that moves!

- jugar a Atomiassasin -

Captura de StoneAgeHuntergame about hunter, which fights with angry ducks -Nice art -Simple gameplay -Timekiller

- jugar a StoneAgeHunter -

Captura de StarmadaThose evil aliens sure are dumb. They learned nothing from the humiliation of defeat at the battle of Starmageddon and continue to foolishly believe they can beat us. Here they come again intent on enslaving mankind, molesting our livestock and just generally being downright rude. We're not gonna stand for that. You know what to do soldier - give 'em hell... Shoot stuff. Collect stuff ejected from the stuff you just shot. Enemies armed with beam-weapons unleash a shockwave when they explode, similar in effect to your repulser, this can be helpful when fighting hordes of enemies.

- jugar a Starmada -

Star Pirates
Captura de Star PiratesBlast into space and build your fortune! Battle waves of fighters and plunder the vast wealth of space in this arcade space shooter. Use your new riches to upgrade your ship -- you're going to need it!

- jugar a Star Pirates -

13 Days After
Captura de 13 Days AfterThe sequel to 13 Days in Hell with more weapons and explosives. Shoot your way through the zombie infested city and try to reach Liberty Island.

- jugar a 13 Days After -

Just Another Snake Clone
Captura de Just Another Snake CloneCollect stars, get bigger and avoid colliding with the walls! ;o)

- jugar a Just Another Snake Clone -

Captura de DefendersThe penguins are in war!! You will be on the shoes of a pilot with the mission of destroy as many enemies as he can to bring peace to the penguin nation. Try to make the highest score and compete with your friend to see who of you is the best pilot.

- jugar a Defenders -

Monkey Jump
Captura de Monkey JumpJump as high as you can and don't fall. jump onto different tree, use the monkey jet-pack to get more higher

- jugar a Monkey Jump -

Schizo Ballz
Captura de Schizo BallzSchizo Ballz is a fast paced action/puzzle game where you sort out the balls to the side of matching color using only the bar in the middle. There are 40 Levels, 4 Difficulties, 12 Powerups/Powerdowns, 12 Unlockable Skins and Mods, 10 Unlockable Challenge Levels, and a Time Attack. This game also features SchizoHead's new electronic album! (Schizo Head is Alex Donovan and I have all the rights to use my music)

- jugar a Schizo Ballz -

Santa Claus
Captura de Santa ClausSanta claus collete gift from the monsters.

- jugar a Santa Claus -

Wacky Ballz 2
Captura de Wacky Ballz 2Guide your Wacky Ball towards the exit in every challenging level of Wacky Ballz 2. Collect coins and stars to unlock new balls with new abilities and use them well, because each level is packed with hazards. And, as if that isn\'t enough, the ground is rising up as well! Enjoy 25 levels of wacky puzzling platform action!

- jugar a Wacky Ballz 2 -

Captura de UltraSuperAwesomeSpaceShooterWithEnemyWavesThatGoPewPewIn this space shooter you'll have to stand against a series of enemies waves.

- jugar a UltraSuperAwesomeSpaceShooterWithEnemyWavesThatGoPewPew -

Defense Ghost
Captura de Defense Ghostit's a dark street, you need to defense a lot of ghosts. you can upgrade your weapon on gun shop or buy some defense trap and defense fire guns.

- jugar a Defense Ghost -

Heavy Pawnage
Captura de Heavy PawnageScour the land for destructible items such as crates and road cones for valuable resources (ammo, health pack and gold). Manage your resources and fight your way against hordes of drones. Frontpaged on Newgrounds and Kongregate Daily 3rd on Newgrounds ----------FEATURES------- ---------- -12 action packed levels -16 weapons -3 boss fights -awards -survival mode

- jugar a Heavy Pawnage -

Giant Walking Eye
Captura de Giant Walking EyeInvade the Earth. Upgrade your walkers. Destroy humanity. This distance runner puts you in a an alien eyebot strider through 25 of the world's major cities. Use your lasers and missiles to fend off the human's pathetic attacks as your claw harvests their flesh for the good of the alien species. As you pick up speed, you'll gain a powerful shield, protecting you from tanks, bazookas, and helicopters.

- jugar a Giant Walking Eye -

Floating Boxes of Wonder
Captura de Floating Boxes of WonderFloating Boxes of Wonder is a multiplayer action game in which you compete against your friends/enemy's to win the competition and gain bragging right. You can customize your competition and even play solo.

- jugar a Floating Boxes of Wonder -

Elly's jump! jump!
Captura de Elly's jump! jump!Elly step on the cards coming down from the sky and go up to the sky.

- jugar a Elly's jump! jump! -

Pouit XD
Captura de Pouit XDPouit XD is a small shoot em up games. The aim of the game is to avoid asteroid and get the better highscore. Good luck.

- jugar a Pouit XD -

Captura de HeliwarsCapture buildings, destroy enemy helicopters and wreak havoc on ground while flying a helicopter of your own!

- jugar a Heliwars -

Blobber - Just Jump
Captura de Blobber - Just JumpTry to master each level of this puzzle platformer. Just when you think you have it down, a new game mechanic is added to keep your interest until the very end.

- jugar a Blobber - Just Jump -

Captura de MissionDestroyMission destroy your enemies

- jugar a MissionDestroy -

Ugly Dino
Captura de Ugly DinoProtect your eggs and shoot against all the evil prehistoric bugs. Take time to plan your strategy or simply shoot, shoot, shoot!

- jugar a Ugly Dino -

Wacky Wings
Captura de Wacky WingsJust one button gives you the joy of flight! Compete against the other Wacky Racers to earn money and buy many different aircraft!

- jugar a Wacky Wings -

Tremor Ace
Captura de Tremor AceA fast paced space shooting game where you control the spaceship with the mouse as it shoots automatically at oncoming waves of enemies. Collect powerups and fight the endless waves of enemies.

- jugar a Tremor Ace -

Pixlander 2: Infinilander
Captura de Pixlander 2: InfinilanderPilot a 8-bit lander through randomly generated caves in a lunar setting. Avoid ice geysers, dodge falling rocks and navigate though dark caves in order to collect valuable lunar diamonds.

- jugar a Pixlander 2: Infinilander -

Hungry Mice
Captura de Hungry MiceNew online arcade game from Your task is to defend the food reserves in the cellar from the invasion of mice. In spite of the cheese was hidden thoroughly the rodents managed to make a tunnel just to the object. Do not let the mice to filch your supper! Toss the mouse to collect three or more mice of the same color to destroy them.

- jugar a Hungry Mice -

Captura de D-SpaceYour objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need resources, planets, solar systems and life forms to man your ships.

- jugar a D-Space -

Zombies Ate Juggles
Captura de Zombies Ate JugglesWelcome to Clown Town full of zombies! Protect Juggles, the Clown Town mascot from an outbreak of zombie clowns, evil knife-throwing dolls, werewolves and more! Use your various weapons and complete all levels.

- jugar a Zombies Ate Juggles -

Captura de BullfightingBullfighting Now!

- jugar a Bullfighting -

Combat Shooting Invincible
Captura de Combat Shooting InvincibleUse your aircraft or tank to join a fierce combat. You will have more fun with this invincible version!

- jugar a Combat Shooting Invincible -

Police Run
Captura de Police RunJump and Avoid obstacles so that the Police Officer wont catch you. Jumping Running Avoider Game.

- jugar a Police Run -

Paper Dreams
Captura de Paper DreamsCONTROLS ->\r\n- MOVE - arrows or WASD ( you can move up, down, left, right )\r\n-SHOOT - Z / W / Y\r\n-SPECIAL POWER - SPACE / ENTER ( use bomb to protect yourself from enemies attacks , slow time to slow enemies down ( easier to dodge, and attack them ) or super laser to destroy enemies fast )\r\nMENU CONTROLS :\r\nM / 0 - mute music\r\n+ / - increase / decrease music\r\nESCAPE - return to last screen\r\nSPACE / ENTER - proceed between levels etc.\r\nThe objective of the game is to finish all the waves in each level by destroying all the monsters on the screen. By getting a better score in a level, you will receive more money. This money can be used in the shop. Inside of the shop you can select different costumes, weapons, special powers, and any different equipment you want to use. On higher difficulty modes, you will face different formations of stronger enemies. As a reward, you will receive more money. Try to beat the game on all difficulties, and get the best score possible to climb up on the ranking table. Don\'t forget there is also Survival mode that tests your skills to the max. Try to use different combinations of equipment to survive as long as possible.\r\nNote, money received equals the difference between a levels\' old highscore and new highscore (if a score was already set for said level).

- jugar a Paper Dreams -

Captura de SimpleUse arrow keys to dodge the blocks coming from the skies. Get the highest score by staying alive the longest

- jugar a Simple -

Apple Worm

- jugar a Apple Worm -

ballon Game 1
Captura de ballon Game 1Ballon Game 1, Mause ,Skill

- jugar a ballon Game 1 -

Balloon Killer
Captura de Balloon KillerKill the evil balloons.

- jugar a Balloon Killer -

Joe The Sniper
Captura de Joe The SniperJoe the Sniper must stop terrorists before it to late. Shoot them down with your sniper skill.

- jugar a Joe The Sniper -

Marshmallow Gorge
Captura de Marshmallow GorgeYou are a graham cracker thing who lives along some sort of hilly gorge made of chocolate, and it\'s raining marshmallows for whatever reason. Your goal is to eat as many of these marshmallows as possible in each round so you can gain calories to burn on awesome upgrades. It\'s only logical. A/D to move, W to jump, and S to make unneeded \"woo\" sounds.

- jugar a Marshmallow Gorge -

Special Forces Training
Captura de Special Forces Trainingjoin the special forces and win the war against the enemy

- jugar a Special Forces Training -

Risky Darts
Captura de Risky DartsThrow darts at the targets. Hit closer to the center for more points, and don’t hurt the poor fellow. Click the mouse to shoot a dart. If the dart lands on a target you get points. The closer to the center you are the more points you get. When throwing take into account the time it takes for the dart to travel. Shoot ahead of the targets!\r\nHave Fun! \r\n

- jugar a Risky Darts -

Miniboat Racers
Captura de Miniboat RacersRace your Miniboat around 6 courses and try to win the winning trophy.

- jugar a Miniboat Racers -

Jack In A Golden Trap
Captura de Jack In A Golden TrapIn the times of Gold Rush Jack was one of the gold miners. He found so much gold that he was ready to go back home and live a wealthy life. Unfortunately, he met a bad gnom, who wanted all his treasure for himself. Sneaky gnom trapped poor Jack in a gold mine. Now, Jack has to escape as fast as he can buying upgrades from the gnom. Key features: - colorful launch game with interesting story - lots of upgrades - many achievements to win and statistics to check - nice music and sound effects.

- jugar a Jack In A Golden Trap -

Range Man
Captura de Range Man

This retro platformer will challenge you with its brutal difficutly across 20 levels. Spikes, cannons, enemies, and bottomless pits are standing in your way. Can you best them and walk through the exit?

- jugar a Range Man -

Captura de HeroestickLead human, witch and the giant to conquer the stick world!


Mouse to control. Mine gold and harvest food to train your troops, buy upgrades and power-ups to and prepare to fight against stick army. See in-game instructions.

- jugar a Heroestick -

Jump, Goober, Jump!!
Captura de Jump, Goober, Jump!!When we say jump, we really mean it! Guide Goober through 30+ levels of non-stop platforming action! .

- jugar a Jump, Goober, Jump!! -

Airport Rush
Captura de Airport RushThis is one crazy airport, and you're in charge! Keep your passengers happy and get them to their destination ASAP to make your airport a success!

- jugar a Airport Rush -

R4CE 2078
Captura de R4CE 2078You are car thief in year 2078, you have to run from mars city with stolen car to your hideout. Upgrade your hacking device, drive like crazy and become the best speed racers thief in solar system!

- jugar a R4CE 2078 -

Bee Killer
Captura de Bee KillerWhen the chips are down and times are tough, mankind calls upon one man to save the day - THE BEE KILLER Find out if you have what it takes !

- jugar a Bee Killer -

Hungry Ducks
Captura de Hungry DucksVisit beautiful lakes with strange creatures. Some are good, some not so. Launch food to the good ducks, shoot bombs at the bad ducks. You are using an elastic flower to launch food and bombs. Different objects will help you shoot further and hit the right places. Bad ducks should be destroyed, and good ducks should be fed. Various enemies can stop you, so they also have to be destroyed. But some of them are hidden surprises - the eggs.

- jugar a Hungry Ducks -

ZOMBIE LAND (shelf battle)
Captura de ZOMBIE LAND (shelf battle)Tons of fun, skills, achievements, results table, saving the results for the survival of the best, and much more in besselere ZOMBIE LAND (shelf battle).

- jugar a ZOMBIE LAND (shelf battle) -

Space Explorer Game
Captura de Space Explorer GameSpace Explorer is the sci-fi top down action game with some RPG elements. You control the space ship in hostile environment of Alien base and should find the way to stop Alien invasion.

- jugar a Space Explorer Game -

Road Assault 3
Captura de Road Assault 3Use big arsenal of weapons to protect your supply truck from enemy forces in this shooter game.

- jugar a Road Assault 3 -

Dead in 60 Seconds
Captura de Dead in 60 SecondsYou are ex-policeman that gets infected by a zombie. Your goal is to run to your safehouse in less than 60 seconds in order to take the vaccine. Each attempt you earn points, that you can spend on upgrades. Run as fast as you can and kill dozens of zombies.

Aim & Shoot: Mouse
Reload: S or Down
Walk: D or Right
Run: W or Up
Run Faster: While Running Tap the Left Mouse Button

- jugar a Dead in 60 Seconds -

Captura de DigisporesDon't let any of the DIGISPORES touch you! Blast them all, and watch them explode. Things will get faster, and faster, and they never stop coming!

- jugar a Digispores -

Burrito Bison 1
Captura de Burrito Bison 1This simplistic game uses nothing more than the left mouse button. The goal of the game is to launch Burrito Bison and smash through the three giant gates to escape Candy Land.

You do so by bouncing on escaping gummy bears and gaining as much speed as possible.The problem here is being able to maintain the speed you gain! You lose it by bouncing on the ground (ouch!), landing on police officer gummies and smashing through gates.

After every run, you can spend the cash you\'ve collected on upgrading skills and purchasing new types of special enemies. By buying and upgrading them, you make them show up more often during runs.

Each one of those special enemies are associated to a mini-game of sorts. Essentially, the mini-games ask you to perform certain actions with your left mouse button, and by doing so successfully, you gain more speed and/or height. So land on those as often as possible!

- jugar a Burrito Bison 1 -

Bloom Defender
Captura de Bloom DefenderGrow unique defensive trees along the paths leading to the Mother Tree to protect it from elemental spirits.

Be strategic and cast powerful spells to weaken the elemental spirits and affect their behavior.

You must purge them before they reach the Mother Tree!

- jugar a Bloom Defender -

Burrito Bison Revenge
Captura de Burrito Bison RevengeBurrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel! More special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more money to steal, more, more & more!\r\n\r\nIf you haven\'t played the first Burrito Bison, you can do it right here:

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Dale and Peakot
Captura de Dale and PeakotHelp Dale get his chickens back from the coyotes with the help of Peakot, his magic hen.

- jugar a Dale and Peakot -

Alien Bottle Buccaneer
Captura de Alien Bottle BuccaneerBottle Smashing Game

- jugar a Alien Bottle Buccaneer -

Pirate's Time 2
Captura de Pirate's Time 2Pirate is back! Sail the raging seas and shoot bad guys with BIG cannon. Yarrrr!

- jugar a Pirate's Time 2 -

Congratulations to Omega
Captura de Congratulations to OmegaHello Everyone, this is another sumiga (SUper MIni GAmes) from This game is our present to our friend, an indonesian game magazine called "OMEGA". They have published the 100th volume on March 2012, so I make this simple mini games as a gift to celebrate the publication of the 100th voulme. :)

- jugar a Congratulations to Omega -

Aero Warfare 3D
Captura de Aero Warfare 3Ddestroys enemy ships without them destroy you!

- jugar a Aero Warfare 3D -

Bubble Shooter Classic
Captura de Bubble Shooter ClassicBubble shooter classic is an addicting bubble shooter game. It has high graphics and cool sound effects. Your goal is to match 3 or more of the same colors to score points. Each levels the bubbles come down a bit. Try to keep shooting bubbles as long as you can to score the maximum points. A classic bubble shooting game for every age!

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Gunship: Desert Assault
Captura de Gunship: Desert AssaultDestroy enemy aircraft, avoid scud missiles. Catch supply power ups to restore health or destroy all enemies in the area. To rescue POWs destroy enemy buildings and fly down and pick them up. Defeat 10 enemy tanks to bring out the enemy command chopper and destroy it to end the mission.

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Box10 ATV 4
Captura de Box10 ATV 4Drive over rocky terrain in the latest Box10 ATV game!

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Slotcar Legends