Videojuegos Online de Puzzles

Captura de K-NIKA

K-NIKA es un sencillo y adictivo videojuego de habilidad en el que el usuario deberá encestar el mayor número posible de canicas en una cesta.

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Captura de BlueOnA physics-based stacking game with 30 challenging levels. Find a way to stack shapes on the platform safely. Touch stars for your achievement.

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Grid Elements
Captura de Grid ElementsIn this puzzle game, blocks all move simultaneously, so you have to use walls to push the blocks away from each other and get them into the correct pattern. The player is encouraged to complete each level with the minimum moves possible which makes the game more challenging for experienced users who want to go back and play again to achieve 100% after completing all levels.

- jugar a Grid Elements -

Dino Shift 2
Captura de Dino Shift 2Jump and shift your way to victory in this charming sequel to Dino Shift. Collect blocks of the same color to unlock the level's exit. Casual enough for the every day flash gamer with just enough difficulty to satisfy core players!

- jugar a Dino Shift 2 -

Vegy Crush
Captura de Vegy CrushMatching 3 flash puzzle game. 3 or more of the same vegy in line or group to remove them of the stage.

- jugar a Vegy Crush -

Rainbow Mechanic
Captura de Rainbow MechanicGuide the beam to create a gorgeous spectrum of light.

- jugar a Rainbow Mechanic -

Napoleon Waterloo 2.0
Captura de Napoleon Waterloo 2.0Napoleon is not satisfied whit the outcome of Waterloo battle so there he is to do it over again. Point and click the cannons and help Napoleon defeat his enemies and rule the world. Enjoy :)

- jugar a Napoleon Waterloo 2.0 -

9 Ball Pool 3D Challenge
Captura de 9 Ball Pool 3D ChallengeAn improved game of 9 ball pool with the American set of rules. This game is very immersive and allows you to make very precise shots with some practice.

- jugar a 9 Ball Pool 3D Challenge -

Space Football
Captura de Space FootballPlay the sport of the future where the goalkeeper is the target instead of the goal. Try to hit him with your football cannon with as few shots as possible. Enjoy and Share your score on Facebook. :)

- jugar a Space Football -

Catch The Ball
Captura de Catch The BallLaunch newbie players as ragdolls in order to train them for the world cup ... Yeah Right !!! hehe just too much fun to make them think that is the purpose of it. Try to the balls with your football cannon with as few shots as possible. Enjoy and Share your score on Facebook. :)

- jugar a Catch The Ball -

Diamonds ancient city
Captura de Diamonds ancient cityIn the ancient city of Egypt was a lot of diamonds. Diamonds infinite value and great prosperity. Play the game the ancient city of diamonds and spend time with interest.

- jugar a Diamonds ancient city -

Captura de Robo-ManagerSokoban - you must put the boxes on the platform - a classic puzzle in which teleports added. . It completely changes the mechanics, and makes the game much more interesting. In addition, the game has a map editor, in which you can create your own puzzles.

- jugar a Robo-Manager -

Captura de DynetzzleDynetzzle is an original puzzle game. Player have to imagine dice from given nets to solve puzzles.

- jugar a Dynetzzle -

Captura de ColornautsGuide your colornauts and save them avoiding traps and obstacles!

- jugar a Colornauts -

Captura de PiggelinA fun puzzlegame, try to beat it as fast as you can!

- jugar a Piggelin -

Dino Puzzle
Captura de Dino PuzzleSimple but addicting, fun and easy kids game with dinosaurs! Click on them to remove them from the board. Don't let the pile of dinos and eggs to reach the top.

- jugar a Dino Puzzle -

Cute Animal Care
Captura de Cute Animal CareCute Animal Care and feeding cute animals in the game consists of 5 sections in total are trying to complete the game. Once logged in you come across the window by selecting it from the bottom third of the animal they want to drag the animal to that of the order and will pass. Located on the top section and play the right way you need to supply the number of animals you will see. Your time is required before the numbers of animals should care. Good fun.

- jugar a Cute Animal Care -

Animals Connect 2
Captura de Animals Connect 2Fun mahjong connect game with animals.

- jugar a Animals Connect 2 -

Captura de Monstre3Destroy all evil monstres which has been invaded your lands

- jugar a Monstre3 -

Captura de HippocriticalGuide the hungry monkey to victory. Collect the pineapples and bananas, remove the jungle long grass and squash the evil zebras. Just make sure the hippos don't get you!

- jugar a Hippocritical -

Four identical balls
Captura de Four identical ballsFour identical balls is a puzzle game. The objective of this game is to dispatch orbs by aligning four of the same orbs in a square. Each level requires a set number of orbs to be dispatched. The time is limited at each level.

- jugar a Four identical balls -

Color Range
Captura de Color RangeColor Range which consists of 36 episodes in total in the game you'll play a game. Your goal in all red smiley smileys to turn blue. To do this, you must separate all of the lines are intersecting. Click Start to start the game and part of text by selecting the entries are doing. Click on the smiley you want to change the location by dragging and location are changing. After every move that you make the correct colors are changing and must complete all sections of the colors by doing the same. If parts need to be aware of different time for each section include envelopes must complete this section before time and should try to make the most beautiful degree.

- jugar a Color Range -

Valentine Bubble
Captura de Valentine BubbleBubble shooter game for Valentine.

- jugar a Valentine Bubble -

Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss
Captura de Fireboy and Watergirl KissFireboy trying to win Watergirl's heart. This love seems to impossible. Consisting of a total of 20 level in this game. You can help him. Fireboy' s heart can reach to Watergirl at least moves. If heart hits the walls more than 8, you lose game. Minumum number of moves to reach the heart, earn more points. if you will be succesful in the game level. This level will be recorded. after you can start from the latest level you played.

- jugar a Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss -

Good Day
Captura de Good DayFrom the skies above, you influence a lowly creature on the planet in this simple to play solitaire board game. Players roll a die, move their player token, and then place down a pattern on the 3x3 grid to influence the overall benefits of each tile. Is your player standing on a positive tile? That's a good day. Is your player standing on a negative tile? That's not such a good day. Quick to pick up, takes some time to master. A perfect game to teach the critical thinking. Also includes a head-to-head mode where you can challenge a friend in pass-and-play fun times.

- jugar a Good Day -

Lovely Mahjong
Captura de Lovely MahjongLovely Mahjong is a tile matching puzzle game. You must touch on any free tiles, those that haven't other at left or right to select them and match them with other free tiles with the same face to eliminate them from the board. This mahjong is inspirated in Valentine's day and is dedicated to people in love.

- jugar a Lovely Mahjong -

Puzzle Chain Reaction
Captura de Puzzle Chain ReactionYour goal is to explode all of the circles on the screen, but you only get a limited number of clicks per level.

- jugar a Puzzle Chain Reaction -

Shapefold 2
Captura de Shapefold 2The brainbender is back! Now with new puzzles, better system, more fun, and more brain straining. Put the puzzle pieces together in this unique game. Good luck, you will need it!

- jugar a Shapefold 2 -

Treasures of Aladdin
Captura de Treasures of AladdinAwesome and greatly addictive free match-3 puzzle game with a lot of skill levels and amazing art style. Find all Aladdin’s treasure by matching precious stones in this excellent brain-teaser. Open one door by another solving the mysterious puzzles which become harder and harder, earn and use various bonuses, score and publish the points and win the prize!

- jugar a Treasures of Aladdin -

Captura de PixeDotCompete against the computer, the first one to reach 5 points wins the game.

- jugar a PixeDot -

Save The Owl
Captura de Save The OwlSave the cute Owl from enemy birds,dark clouds and bombs. There are 20 unique levels - waiting for you.Have a fun :)

- jugar a Save The Owl -

Captura de Deadtonatorz1. Destroy horde of zombies under Dr. Maynard Bomberbugs supervision in five hazardous areas. 2. Tactic is essential. The more you rage, the more difficult it will be. 3. Watch your surroundings to work out your way eliminating zombies. 4. Defeat all the unique zombies with your magnificent bugs.

- jugar a Deadtonatorz -

Army Stacker
Captura de Army StackerHelp the army's engineering team to build a tower up to the goal! Use various elements to reach the needed height, go for the most stars!

- jugar a Army Stacker -

Cut it : The Flash Version
Captura de Cut it : The Flash VersionEnjoy Unlimited Slicing of the blocks to stabilize the Life cubes & bring a planet to life in this relaxing Physics Puzzle.

- jugar a Cut it : The Flash Version -

marshmallow picnic
Captura de marshmallow picnicTwo marshmallow friends with different abilities are going into journey through the forest. Help them pass all levels, there are many dangerous traps, mind breaking puzzles and lot of joy

- jugar a marshmallow picnic -

Go Under
Captura de Go UnderPuzzle platformer featuring a malformed marshmallow like alien.

- jugar a Go Under -

Los Puzzles de Cocoln
Captura de Los Puzzles de Cocoln

- jugar a Los Puzzles de Cocoln -

Cuido a mi Cocoln
Captura de Cuido a mi Cocoln

- jugar a Cuido a mi Cocoln -

Captura de Stars!Stars! is fun and addicting puzzle game with space theme. Click on stars to remove them. When you remove more stars you will get more points.

- jugar a Stars! -

Skeletons Extermination
Captura de Skeletons ExterminationSlice and destroy the buildings! Kill all the skeletons and regain the freedom lost 4000 years ago!

- jugar a Skeletons Extermination -

Fruit Punch
Captura de Fruit PunchFruit Punch is a physics based puzzle game. Match all the similar fruits as fast as possible as time is a constraint and you have limited clues to utilise like shake and single click available. Careful with time. you have to punch all fruits with in time.

- jugar a Fruit Punch -

Snail in the maze 2
Captura de Snail in the maze 2In the maze located apples. Snail moves apples in the right places. Sometimes it is hard to do. Free space is limited and have to think logical, that would pass the level.

- jugar a Snail in the maze 2 -

Twinkling Sky
Captura de Twinkling SkyTwinkling Sky is a fabulous online game that contains physics puzzle elements and you are very likely to enjoy the experience of playing the game. There are 40 super cool levels featured in the game and in level of the game, you have to place the tiles with proper distance between them. Later, you will have to click on the hammer to cause it to hit the tiles to make them all fall until the last one falls to touch the anvil that lights up. As the levels creep up, it becomes more and more challenging to make the arrangements of tiles.

- jugar a Twinkling Sky -

Mondrian's Memory
Captura de Mondrian's MemoryMondrian’s Memory is a simple, colourful memory game. We created this game as an homage to painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), who was an early influence in the art style of minimalism, which was the theme of the Ludum Dare #26 global game jam, April 26-28, 2013. We have since completed subtle refinements to the game.

- jugar a Mondrian's Memory -

ClickPlayTime 3
Captura de ClickPlayTime 3The November instalment of ClickPlayTime

- jugar a ClickPlayTime 3 -

Clay Matcher - Time Trials
Captura de Clay Matcher - Time TrialsClay Matcher returns in the all new Time Trial Edition. Try your skills at Match 3 with four new timed trials. How high can you score in 4 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and 30 seconds. Match your way to the top of four leaderboards and show the world how fast you can think.

- jugar a Clay Matcher - Time Trials -

Gon And Mon
Captura de Gon And MonDescription Many people believe that the king of the jungle is a lion, but they probably have not heard about Gon and Mon yet, the spectacular monkey duo that dares confronting death in all its forms known to man. Get ready for a monkey business that mainly involves collecting bananas, frequently will challenge you to pass thru fire or even walk on water, occasionally can bring you joy when a level is completed, all this and much more just to complete all 20 stages and have loads of adventuring fun! Remember that fire does not affect the big monkey, while the smart little monkey is always ready to build a bridge or two. Good luck!

- jugar a Gon And Mon -

Black & White Walkers
Captura de Black & White WalkersEnjoy this minimalist yet challenging platform puzzle through 25 levels where you need to be careful with the black or white stuff.

- jugar a Black & White Walkers -

3D Strike
Captura de 3D StrikeRemove the 3d bricks carefully from the board.

- jugar a 3D Strike -

Furtive Dao
Captura de Furtive DaoA enthralling action-puzzle in Chinese style! Help the Red Panda to raise money for the shelter!

- jugar a Furtive Dao -

Totems Awakening 2
Captura de Totems Awakening 2The ancient people are back with more sleeping totems to awake. New obstacles and challenges await. See if you can wake the totem in time to earn a star on each level.

- jugar a Totems Awakening 2 -

Magic ink
Captura de Magic inkthis is a drawing game, draw path and collect the stars..

- jugar a Magic ink -

Blob Thrower
Captura de Blob ThrowerShoot blobs with different properies to merge yellow blobs. Your blobs can be regular, sticky, explosive or inflated. Or sticky, explosive and inflated at the same time!

- jugar a Blob Thrower -

JIDOU Yakitori
Captura de JIDOU YakitoriForest chef contest began, the cooks a lot of delicious food, however, to eat the delicious, but needs some Kung Fu, hurry to help him get the food!

- jugar a JIDOU Yakitori -

Jim Loves Mary 2
Captura de Jim Loves Mary 2You probably remember Jim and Mary’ story, don’t you? The two lovers who had to go against all odds and solve all kinds of riddles to meet? Now you have a chance to play the continuation of this story and help Jim and Mary stand up to their next challenge – a mysterious forest full of wild animals and treacherous traps!The game can be played by 2 players on one keyboard.

- jugar a Jim Loves Mary 2 -

2D World
Captura de 2D WorldWelcome to the 2D World – an easy, yet tremendous world of puzzles and challenges of different kind. Here you will find any types of levels, created by other players: from funny and easy ones to hard and impossible to complete. And if you feel like creating your own masterpiece or simply could not find a level you like, then do not hesitate to visit the level editor. There you can create anything you want, using just your imagination.

- jugar a 2D World -

Chor Police
Captura de Chor PoliceRewind to Bollywood of the 70s, and catch all goons in Inspector-Vijay style.

- jugar a Chor Police -

Bomb Besieger
Captura de Bomb BesiegerEvil knights have captured the city! They have fortified themselves behind the walls... Can you be the brave knight, who can take back the city?

- jugar a Bomb Besieger -

Smiley Puzzle
Captura de Smiley PuzzleThe main goal is to make all the smiles green and happy by dragging them in the way that none of lines are crossing. The level is completed if there's no frown smiles on the board. Untangle smiles to make them happy!

- jugar a Smiley Puzzle -

Chocolate Factory
Captura de Chocolate FactoryRemove all chocolates by matching 3 or more of the same.

- jugar a Chocolate Factory -

Zombie Demolisher
Captura de Zombie DemolisherLaunch demolition balls at structures and destroy all the zombies

- jugar a Zombie Demolisher -

Guuby Jungle 2
Captura de Guuby Jungle 2Save the little Smiley Bubbles and save them from the breaker. Round up three Smiley Bubbles of same colors to save them. Unlock crazy bonus during game and release them faster. Earn the maximum points by saving all the Smiley Bubbles

- jugar a Guuby Jungle 2 -

Labyrinth Madness
Captura de Labyrinth MadnessTry to escape the labyrinth on time by collecting as many points as you can on your way. Escape all 24 levels to complete the game. Levels are random generated, so every time you get a different map. There are many bonuses like point-booster, bomb, teleport and others. There are achievements too :)

- jugar a Labyrinth Madness -

Challenge Roll
Captura de Challenge RollActivate buttons and watch out for spikes as you guide a small orb through each stage. Can you master all 10 stages?

- jugar a Challenge Roll -

Candy Shooter
Captura de Candy ShooterYour goal is to clear all the candy's from the board, scoring as many points as possible. You shoot at them with more candy's, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. The more candy's blow up at one shot, the more points you gain.

- jugar a Candy Shooter -

Mahjong Cubes
Captura de Mahjong CubesFun and colorfull Mahjong Cubes game.

- jugar a Mahjong Cubes -

Blocks Crush 2
Captura de Blocks Crush 2Drop down puzzle game. Make a group of 3 or more blocks of the same collor to crush them of the stage. The more in group the more points you will get. 4 or more in lines will give you a bomb and more points as well. Fill up the bar at the right side to advance to the next level. If the time runs out, you will lose the game.

- jugar a Blocks Crush 2 -

Happy cute pop
Captura de Happy cute popvery cute animals, very nice effect and sounds. Mathing pop game. new game.

- jugar a Happy cute pop -

Cheese Hunt 2
Captura de Cheese Hunt 2Little mouse is back! The only thing he wants is cheese! Use portals, balloons, magnets, books and many other things to help the mouse steel the piece of cheese.

- jugar a Cheese Hunt 2 -

Theft Punk
Captura de Theft PunkTheft Punk is a challenging top-down puzzle game spiced with the retro jazzy atmosphere. The main character is a silly little robber on a quest to steal all the diamonds in the city, and by the end of the game he will steal your heart as well. Stick with this charming bad guy to the end of his journey to discover the unexpected twist to his story. In this easy to pick up, hard to master game you'll find 30 unique levels divided into 5 different locations, each bringing new game features; polished sounds and graphics; smooth jazz music and humorous outro.

- jugar a Theft Punk -

Halloween Physics
Captura de Halloween PhysicsThe rebel pumkin run away. Use the gravity and physics to trap it into the cauldron by clicking the removable items on the screen to guide the pumpkin.

- jugar a Halloween Physics -

GamePops Classics
Captura de GamePops ClassicsDid you remember those damn sticky tunes from old video games? How beatiful and captivating they were? On GamePops you can listen to them and see if you remember which games they belongs to. GamePops is the video game music quiz and the Classics version has games from 1981 to 1999. Try to guess all the 64 games!

- jugar a GamePops Classics -

Ape Idols
Captura de Ape IdolsThe magical idols are bewildering to the curious ape. Push these historical structures around the tile based levels and place them on the activators. An interesting puzzle game that will boggle your mind!

- jugar a Ape Idols -

Captura de KnottyMove all of the circles in such way, that none of the lines overlap with eachother. The less moves the better.

- jugar a Knotty -

Panda Play Pad
Captura de Panda Play PadA panda is playing on his pad, a fun puzzle game. Combine as many of the same fruit blocks to score points (match 3 minimum). Special blocks will appear to help you. Unlimited levels, just do not let the blocks reach the top. A challenging and addictive game for all ages.

- jugar a Panda Play Pad -

Captura de UntanglerThis is simple, yet very addictive puzzle game. You need to untangle all buttons and strings on the screen. To complete a level, simply ensure that the lines do not overlap. The higher level, the more difficult it is. Green meens that trere is no overlaps, yellow meens that there is still a few. Red meens you have to work well on this area. Good luck!

- jugar a Untangler -

Monkey Towers
Captura de Monkey TowersArrange the monkeys in size order to complete the level.

- jugar a Monkey Towers -

Space Bubbles
Captura de Space BubblesDeep space bubble shooter game.

- jugar a Space Bubbles -

Color Cubes
Captura de Color CubesFun puzzler where you will have to mix and match colors in order to unlock barriers to beat the game

- jugar a Color Cubes -

Mystic Dreamworld
Captura de Mystic DreamworldLittle boy woke up from his bed, he found locked in a mysterious chamber. You need to help the little boy looking for clues in order to open the chamber door.

- jugar a Mystic Dreamworld -

Captura de GhostbombersThrow the grenades and catch the ghosts by standing under them. Watch out for the falling blocks and other items. There are 30 levels, some with special missions. Try to catch the ghosts with the least number of grenades to score maxiumum points. Unlock achievements in this fun game called Ghostbombers.

- jugar a Ghostbombers -

ClickPlayTime 2
Captura de ClickPlayTime 2Welcome to the second instalment of ClickPlayTime!

- jugar a ClickPlayTime 2 -

Captura de ClickPlayTimeClickPLAY Time is here! Look forward to new levels at the start of every month :)

- jugar a ClickPlayTime -

Plank Balance
Captura de Plank BalanceCute and funny physics based puzzle game. Your task is to delete blocks without letting the plank fall on the spikes!

- jugar a Plank Balance -

Harry Likes Plums
Captura de Harry Likes PlumsIn Harry Likes Plums, an unbearably cute green blob called Harry is armed only with a broken teleporter, a healthy obsession with plums and your wits. When he inevitably materialises just out of reach of his fruity fancy, you use the tools at your fingertips to get him those last few inches.

- jugar a Harry Likes Plums -

Blipmatics Laser Cannon
Captura de Blipmatics Laser CannonBlipmatic's Laser Cannon: Complete each level by shooting all the orbs with the laser cannon. Controls: Keyboard & Touchscreen.

- jugar a Blipmatics Laser Cannon -

Captura de NodeHackBecome a NodeHacker and hack your way through 25 challenging NodeGrid puzzles.

- jugar a NodeHack -

Captura de BubblyRemove groups of bubbles of the same color until they are all gone. You have 5 life!

- jugar a Bubbly -

Cut The Monster
Captura de Cut The MonsterCut the monster is an original cannon physics game with lasers.

- jugar a Cut The Monster -

Age of Wonder
Captura de Age of WonderTake the role of Eratosthenes as you travel Ptolemaic Egypt and educate the peasants by lobbing scrolls at them!

- jugar a Age of Wonder -

Trollface Quest 3
Captura de Trollface Quest 3The quest has returned! Beat the troll in this wicked quest of nonsensical puzzles and brain numbing mysteries! Troll your friends and watch their reactions as they fail each level. Check out our walkthrough if you're feeling frustrated, we've got the answers you seek! 20 classic levels well illustrated and orchestrated. Have fun, and don't forget trolls... tell yo friends!

- jugar a Trollface Quest 3 -

Aeolus Shift
Captura de Aeolus ShiftFill up the darkest squares with the colored cubes. Color is Infectious, some squares will only be satisfied by certain colors. Activate buttons with boxes or crates to activate gates. Push about crates with your boxes. Gravity Zones will push you about.

- jugar a Aeolus Shift -

Stars Remember
Captura de Stars RememberIn this game you should click on the stars that represent the zodiacal sign after that they appear to you. The level 0 is a tutorial to play the game. The game has 12 levels.

- jugar a Stars Remember -

Captura de FroxxisDo you remember the tale of the frog and the prince? Find out if it is true and make the little princess happy. - Click on at least 3 adjacent frogs of the same colour. - Click on at least 6 adjacent frogs to get a time bonus. - Click the owl to remove several random frogs per column. - Remove frogs of the same colour for 5 times one after another to get a new owl.

- jugar a Froxxis -

Gem Blocks
Captura de Gem BlocksGem Blocks. Puzzle flash game. Clear the table by lining up three or more gems of the same kind. You have 2 minutes to make your best score, so what are you waiting for.

- jugar a Gem Blocks -

Dino Breath
Captura de Dino BreathThe dino are having fun out there near the river. Somehow they found the statues of themself. The statues are lack of color. The dino have to use their breath to color all the status as the same color as themself.

- jugar a Dino Breath -

Kritaz Puzzle Vaults
Captura de Kritaz Puzzle VaultsHelp Kritaz unlock the treasures of the Puzzle Vaults by completing a series of devious and fun puzzles in a race against time.

- jugar a Kritaz Puzzle Vaults -

Smiley smash
Captura de Smiley smashSmiley Smash Is an fast paced and colorful block smashing game! You will need a quick eye and even quicker reactions! Instructions: Click and drag to select the smileys, select more than 2 of the same color smileys in horizontal or vertical line up and you will gain points, ninja smileys give you extra time!

- jugar a Smiley smash -

Monkey GO Happy MARATHON 4
Captura de Monkey GO Happy MARATHON 4One of the funniest and craziest Monkey GO Happy games is back! The incredibly popular Monkey GO Happy Marathon series has now got a fourth installment. This time with Mini Monkeys and Mini Toys!

- jugar a Monkey GO Happy MARATHON 4 -

Cover Soldiers
Captura de Cover SoldiersPhysics puzzle. Cover the soldiers of air raid.

- jugar a Cover Soldiers -

Infinite Refraction
Captura de Infinite RefractionBend and split lasers to power spaceships! Infinite Refraction is a sequel to the 2010 math puzzle game Refraction that incorporates state-of-the-art technology in automatic level generation and adaptive progression design.

- jugar a Infinite Refraction -

Captura de TrailsPaint the monochrome world by leaving colorful trails. Trails, is a minimalist puzzle game where you swipe the color box to color the gray path.

- jugar a Trails -

Captura de PivotAn exploration puzzle platformer. Find and collect the chest of gold from all 49 rooms to win the game. You must rotate the world to match the orientation of a chest before being able to collect it.

- jugar a Pivot -

Need Water
Captura de Need WaterNeed Water is a new challenging game like the where is my water game. Dig through the ground and try to get the water (and oil) to the factories. Destroy stones and control the liquids. The water should be guided to the water factory and the oil to the oil factory. Collect the diamonds that are hidden in the earth and buy new skills and items in the upgrade panel. Unlock the achievements and earn rewards. Try to complete all the challenging levels.

- jugar a Need Water -

Ball Rolling 2
Captura de Ball Rolling 2it's funny physics game,you can draw anything to Get the ball in the glass container.

- jugar a Ball Rolling 2 -

Eggs Don't Bounce
Captura de Eggs Don't BounceHelp defend a peaceful farm from evil boots invasion. Master your egg bouncing techniques through 30 colorful levels.

- jugar a Eggs Don't Bounce -

Cheese Barn
Captura de Cheese BarnThe mouse is hungry! Can you help him get his favorite cheese? Play a fun puzzle/mind game.

- jugar a Cheese Barn -

Gnome Garden
Captura de Gnome GardenHelp the gnomes manage their garden through the seasons.

- jugar a Gnome Garden -

Release the Mooks 3
Captura de Release the Mooks 3More Mook stacking and balancing! Release all of the Mooks onto the platforms to complete each level.

- jugar a Release the Mooks 3 -

Bubble Guaash
Captura de Bubble GuaashFun puzzle game. Move the magic bubble to the finish through 20 levels. Will you be able to find the right path?

- jugar a Bubble Guaash -

Join 3 Chocolates
Captura de Join 3 ChocolatesGood Game

- jugar a Join 3 Chocolates -

Cheese Adventure
Captura de Cheese AdventurePlaying for a mouse get to the royal cheese. Breaking the barriers swipe the mouse across 20 interesting levels.

- jugar a Cheese Adventure -

Captura de SquaresSpin and rotate, then cast the objects away!

- jugar a Squares -

Captura de SirtetTest your brain in this puzzle game fun. The game contains 25 levels. You need to destroy all the red blocks, using available shapes. Use bombs to blow up the sleeping blocks.

- jugar a Sirtet -

Captura de MagiciansYou play as a Magician who is stuck in a dungeon after a trick goes wrong. Use your powers to control multiple magicians at once, take advantage of their abilities to solve puzzles and avoid hazards. Can you complete all the levels and collect all the playing cards?

- jugar a Magicians -

Happy Flowers
Captura de Happy FlowersFun match 3 game with happy flowers.

- jugar a Happy Flowers -

Zombie Crypt 3
Captura de Zombie Crypt 3Zombie Crypt is back! Navigate Gerald and Ronald through a jungle, a desert and a volcano in this crazy puzzle platformer. Play with 2 hands simultaneously, or play with a friend.

- jugar a Zombie Crypt 3 -

Leave Me A Clone
Captura de Leave Me A CloneLeave Me A Clone is an exciting puzzle platformer where the player creates clones, solves puzzles and avoids danger!

- jugar a Leave Me A Clone -

Captura de TowerTrisTowerTris is a game about stacking falling blocks to create a mighty tower! Though TowerTris may have a 3D look, I assure you that no polygons were harmed in the making of this game.

- jugar a TowerTris -

Color Pixel Link 2
Captura de Color Pixel Link 2Connect numbers and create the correct image.

- jugar a Color Pixel Link 2 -

Captura de Meme-MoryTest your concentration and your spatial reasoning skills with this funny game!

- jugar a Meme-Mory -

Yepi Forever
Captura de Yepi ForeverPoor yepi suffers an accident with his spaceship. Can you guide him through the mysterious planet and help him unravel the mystery?

- jugar a Yepi Forever -

Barn Yarn
Captura de Barn YarnMeet Joe and Tom again and help them repair an old barn and prepare for the harsh winter! Hold sales of old things found around the house and purchase everything you might need to turn the ramshackle barn into a cozy and warm winter home for the farm animals.

- jugar a Barn Yarn -

Guide the King
Captura de Guide the KingGuide the King is all about perfect timing, perfect order and mostly trial and failure, the game was intended to be a 30 lvl game with many features but i ran out of ideas for the other levels so it has only 12 but since most of them are very hard you will still have alot of fun playing it, oh and by the way, every single level is beatable.

- jugar a Guide the King -

Dream Exit
Captura de Dream ExitDream exit is a cute puzzle and brain game where you have to help the little characters to get their dreamed exit along several levels. Use the different arrows and paths to find the best way to save all the characters.

- jugar a Dream Exit -

Captura de PyraraiderPyraraider is a fast-paced puzzle-platformer in which you play as a thief plundering a pyramid for treasure. Leaping over lava, pushing around boxes, acquiring power-ups, collecting coins, solving puzzles, it's all there! Beating the game will also unlock a OST download.

- jugar a Pyraraider -

Logic Color Infection
Captura de Logic Color InfectionLogic Color Infection levels. The goal of the game is to infect all yellow balls with brown color by colliding them with brown balls but keep green balls uninfected.

- jugar a Logic Color Infection -

Dead Hungry
Captura de Dead HungryDrop zombie heads and feed them, what else, brainsss…

- jugar a Dead Hungry -

Magic Color Infection
Captura de Magic Color InfectionMagic Color Infection levels. The goal of the game is to infect all yellow balls with brown color by colliding them with brown balls but keep green balls uninfected.

- jugar a Magic Color Infection -

Dark Maze
Captura de Dark MazeDark Maze is a huge mouse maze in which you take control of a ball of light in its quest to light up a castle whose greatest light source recently extinguished. As your goal is to light the castle, the entire maze is set in the dark. You must use your powers of light-bringing to see your way around and ultimately reach the 100th room. You have a maximum of 10 pulses as indicated by the rays around yourself, these are replenished at checkpoints (+1 pulse), bright flames (+all pulses) and green flames (purchase pulses). At the end of each level you gain points, with bonuses for A) not dying, B) beating the level quickly, and C) playing on higher difficulties. These points can be spent at green flames to acquire powerups, shortcuts, pulses and waypoints. The powerups available are: red flame (long lasting pulse), blue flame (ever lasting pulse), white flame (very bright player + when used lights a specific area), and cyan flame (waterproof player) Purchasing shortcuts will grant you an easy way of getting to the exit in a particular level, however this item is very expensive. Waypoints allow you to teleport to between levels, this is useful as the maze takes on a non-linear progression with plenty of alternate paths and you may find yourself wanting to revisit an area for crystals.

- jugar a Dark Maze -

Mirror Islands
Captura de Mirror Islands5 diference game, with 8 intresting levels for attentive people, colorful pixelart graphic, atmospheric jazz chiptune music.

- jugar a Mirror Islands -

escape from the scrapyard
Captura de escape from the scrapyardTurn the world with mouse and fly away!

- jugar a escape from the scrapyard -

Care Baby Bears
Captura de Care Baby BearsToday, we are going to take care of two cute baby bear. In the game, you have to take a shower for the bears, feeding, scratching, injection, etc.. Finally, also can make dress up for the two bears! Try to finish the game, and get higher scores! Have fun!

- jugar a Care Baby Bears -

Pop A Cap
Captura de Pop A CapMatch three - tetris type game. You have to rotate the elements and switch the colors in order to place 3 or more of the same type in a row, column or diagonally.

- jugar a Pop A Cap -

Pixel Golf
Captura de Pixel GolfIt's a classical vintage stale video game mini golf. Play 20 holes of mini golf and try to get the lowest score as possible. Every level has a new challenging features.

- jugar a Pixel Golf -

People Connect
Captura de People ConnectHelp the peoples to connect to theirs pairs. Play the increasing difficulty levels and try to find all the matches before the time expires.

- jugar a People Connect -

Captura de PaintcarsYour job is to paint every tile in the color marked on the tile. You can't paint a tile twice and the cars move simultaneously so think before making a move.

- jugar a Paintcars -

Apple Harvest
Captura de Apple Harvest"Apple Harvest" is physics based puzzle game. Draw a line with your mouse to collecting falling apples in the boxes.

- jugar a Apple Harvest -

What's unnecessary
Captura de What's unnecessaryThe unique physic puzzle game. Your objective is to move things in the box. One thing is unnecessary.

- jugar a What's unnecessary -

Captura de CureCure the zombies in this fun physics game!

- jugar a Cure -

Collinks Remix
Captura de Collinks RemixA fast paced color linking puzzle game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. Use strategy, logic, and time management skills to be as efficient as possible and reach higher levels. It's not all about brains though. You'll need to react quickly along with being clever or you won't get far.

- jugar a Collinks Remix -

Kids Puzzle
Captura de Kids PuzzlePhysics puzzle. Construct the pyramide from the simple objects and you are winner!

- jugar a Kids Puzzle -

Rolling Drones 2
Captura de Rolling Drones 2Your job in this great platformer game is to let the robot explode. To get this done you have to lead the robot till the bombs, because only with the bombs he can explode. You have to reduce or to increase the objects which are under or behind the robots to let him roll to the bombs.

- jugar a Rolling Drones 2 -

Drawing Squares
Captura de Drawing SquaresDrawing Squares is the logic game that will blow your mind! The point of the game is, to complete a square on your classmate behalf. To do this you must draw a line where your classmate WILL NOT take advantage of your move and complete a square. The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner is the one who scores the most points.

- jugar a Drawing Squares -

Cloth Rotation
Captura de Cloth RotationRemove all similar blocks by connection them.

- jugar a Cloth Rotation -

Shapes Factory
Captura de Shapes FactoryDrag the shapes to the matching boxes. Don't lose any empty box!

- jugar a Shapes Factory -

Hairless Adventurer
Captura de Hairless AdventurerHelp to a hairless adventurer collect all stars

- jugar a Hairless Adventurer -

Oh, Honey
Captura de Oh, HoneyHelp the bees to collect enough honey. Fill the jug with honey to pass the level. Remove obstacles and solve puzzles.

- jugar a Oh, Honey -

Captura de JECTJECT explores the intrinsic human fascination with throwing bouncy balls. This physics based game offers increasingly challenging puzzles built on a maddeningly simple game mechanic: can you throw a ball into a goal?

- jugar a JECT -

Candy Wrapper
Captura de Candy WrapperFast Paced reflex game

- jugar a Candy Wrapper -

Monkey GO Happy 6
Captura de Monkey GO Happy 6The incredibly popular Monkey GO Happy series just got a SIXTH MONKEY for 2013! Make the Monkeys GO HAPPY!

- jugar a Monkey GO Happy 6 -

Captura de BonnyStackOne physical game. The game, players use the mouse to click to produce various shapes graphic, let all graphics stack up, did not fall within the prescribed time, you can pass the level!Enjoy with little game's friends come to play it!

- jugar a BonnyStack -

Captura de GemwarsGemwars is a great combination of popular block collapsing genre and turn based strategy game in which you are playing against computer in 40 levels of increasing difficulty! Hours of challenging and addicting gameplay guaranteed!

- jugar a Gemwars -

Bottle On Head Level Pack
Captura de Bottle On Head Level PackContinue the shooting adventure! Plenty of new sticky bottles are there to shoot down in the level pack of the cute physics shooting game Bottle On Head. This time 18 new levels will test your shooting skills.

- jugar a Bottle On Head Level Pack -

Bricks Breaking Hex
Captura de Bricks Breaking HexEnjoy our classic Bricks Breaking game? Then this highly addictive hex-shape puzzle is not to be missed! Your target in this game is to connect and remove bricks of the same color so as to clear the board. You will be given a play area which contains numerous hexagonal tiles of different colors, and you can click to destroy any group of connected bricks of the same color. When a column of bricks are removed, the remaining columns will merge. You can proceed to the next level when all of the bricks are destroyed. 5 stars will be placed on the left of the screen, and when you destroy a single piece of brick which is not connected to other tiles of the same color, a star will be deducted. When all of the stars are used and only singled bricks are left, the game ends. Connect and combine as many identical pieces as you can - remember not to leave any of them alone!

- jugar a Bricks Breaking Hex -

Captura de AnnihitileSimple and short puzzle game made in one day sprint! Annihilate all 15 levels.

- jugar a Annihitile -

Classic Mines
Captura de Classic MinesMind your steps as you charge into the dangerous minefield, or the result will be devastating. In this classic puzzle, your goal is to reveal all the tiles but avoid the mines. You will be given a large grid which contains numerous covered tiles, and 99 of these tiles are landmines. Click any of the tiles to reveal it; if the tile does not contain a mine, a number will be displayed on the tile, indicating the quantity of landmines in the adjacent blocks. If you hit a mine, the game ends immediately. If you would like to flag a tile which may contain a mine, you can right-click the tile or move the cursor to it and then press Spacebar on your keyboard. If you would like to cancel the label, simply right-click it or press Spacebar again. The timer at the top left corner of the screen will count the amount of time you have spent. If you are not satisfied with your progress, you may click the Reset button above the grid to receive a new puzzle. Accept the challenge now and defuse all explosives!

- jugar a Classic Mines -

Money Kickers
Captura de Money KickersPass the moneybag from one thief to another!

- jugar a Money Kickers -

New Splitter Pals
Captura de New Splitter PalsSplitter Pals are back! Cut your way through 40 brand new levels and create your own with the powerful level editor!

- jugar a New Splitter Pals -

Grand Banda
Captura de Grand BandaTwo elderly ladies living a peaceful life in a town by the sea spending their time doing things grannies usually do. Well... unless they're not plotting, sneaking, stealing and plundering.

- jugar a Grand Banda -

Beaver Blocks Level Pack
Captura de Beaver Blocks Level PackOnce more, little beavers are separated from their family. The level pack comes with 28 brand new levels, with challenging puzzles. Remove wooden blocks to help the return of the beavers to the safety nest, and avoid evil foxes.

- jugar a Beaver Blocks Level Pack -

Pretentious Game 2
Captura de Pretentious Game 2It's time to move on. More platformer puzzles and surprise ending.

- jugar a Pretentious Game 2 -

Gems Swap II
Captura de Gems Swap IIThe bright gems are back to form more amazing cascades for you to explore! Are you ready to clear the board and destroy them all? Your target in this game is to swap the positions of the gems so that at least 3 pieces of the same kind form a horizontal or vertical line and then be destroyed. When the game starts, numerous gems of different shapes and colors will be placed on a large block. Click to swap the positions of any two adjacent pieces on a horizontal or vertical line, and connect 3 or more identical pieces horizontally or vertically so that they can be removed. When all pieces in the block are destroyed, you can proceed to the next level. The timer on the left of the screen will indicate the remaining time, and when time is up, the game ends. Complete your gorgeous collection of shiny jewels and earn flashy prizes now!

- jugar a Gems Swap II -

Gems Swap
Captura de Gems SwapEnter the amazing clusters of shiny bright gems! Your goal in this game is to form a line of 3 or more identical gems so that they can be removed. When the game opens, you will be given a grid which contains numerous gemstones. Click two horizontally or vertically adjacent gems to swap their positions, so that at least 3 gems of the same kind form a horizontal or vertical line and can be removed from the grid. Your score is displayed on the left of the screen, while the red bar on top of the grid shows your remaining time. Extra time will be given when gems are successfully removed from the grid. When the bar reaches its end of the left, the game is over. Form more combos to receive huge bonuses and crown yourself with a glittery diadem!

- jugar a Gems Swap -

Sudoku Challenge
Captura de Sudoku ChallengeSudoku game with 4 difficulty levels. Can you solve all the sudoku puzzles?

- jugar a Sudoku Challenge -

Legor 5
Captura de Legor 5An award winning highscores puzzle game Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor!

- jugar a Legor 5 -

Gem Cannon Deluxe
Captura de Gem Cannon DeluxeHit the gems from wooden boxes. Try hit all boxes in one shoot.

- jugar a Gem Cannon Deluxe -

Unfreeze me 2
Captura de Unfreeze me 2Frozen birds are in trouble again! In the sequel to the popular game you'll get new challenges. Unfreeze all the cuties!

- jugar a Unfreeze me 2 -

redwhite slice
Captura de redwhite sliceCut pieces of the level with the red ball, every time - with one red ball. you get more points - the smaller the area of level.

- jugar a redwhite slice -

El Parque de los Barriguitas
Captura de El Parque de los Barriguitas

Juega en los columpios y con los animalitos en el divertido parque de Los Barriguitas. Memoriza los diferentes movimientos y repítelos en el orden correcto para conseguir muchos puntos.

- jugar a El Parque de los Barriguitas -

Tank Wars Arena
Captura de Tank Wars ArenaBrace yourself tank drivers and get ready to travel back in time to the shooting era of classic Tank games!! Face against your enemies alone, or call your best friend to enjoy playing the 2 players game mode, pick the desired difficulty level, get inside the military tanks and rush towards victory! In this new shooting game there can be only one side as winner. Do your best to become a winner, otherwise suffer the consequences of losing the war!

- jugar a Tank Wars Arena -

Feed Me Moar
Captura de Feed Me MoarFollowing an experiment, the ordinary hamsters and other lab animals have become a real problem – big and very hungry monsters. Your task now is to feed these creatures!

- jugar a Feed Me Moar -

Captura de StoneQuestEnter an underwater puzzling world as you move stones, collect gems and solve all puzzles.

- jugar a StoneQuest -

Workaholic Adventures
Captura de Workaholic AdventuresChallenging puzzle-platformer with different, unique, game mechanic. Go trough 40 puzzling levels in 3 different worlds or create your own levels.

- jugar a Workaholic Adventures -

Ninja Twins
Captura de Ninja TwinsNinja Twins is a paced puzzle game on you control two ninjas moving them at the same time. The game have 30 levels in total. Your objective is touch the chest with one of the characters avoiding the ninja stars in the minimun movements possible. Only one advise: Expect the unexpected! About the difficulty levels: Level 1 to 9 = Very easy / Easy / A little tricky Level 10 to 20 = Normal / Hard Level 21 to 27 = Hard / Very Hard Level 28 to 30 = At the moment only Chuck Norris has finished these levels

- jugar a Ninja Twins -

Bomber Clash
Captura de Bomber ClashPlace bomb and kill all enemies to clear a level. Collect power ups to get rid of the invaders.

- jugar a Bomber Clash -

Gift Fall
Captura de Gift FallIt's your birthday time and guest have put your birthday gift on the table. The problem is, there are several garbage and useless stone that littered the table. It's your roles to clean all the garbage and keep all the gift on the table! Either as a timewaster or brain teaser, Gift Fall is a fun physic games for all families, young or old. Including up to 200 levels to beat and bonus score that reward risky moves!

- jugar a Gift Fall -

Сyclop Physics Level Pack
Captura de Сyclop Physics Level PackThis is a level pack to the original Cyclop Physics game. You have to move one-eyed figures to the platforms of the correspong colors. To change figure's shape just click on it.

- jugar a Сyclop Physics Level Pack -

Max Damage 3
Captura de Max Damage 3Max has grown up and returns with destructive new toys including the rocket shot, TNT, and jetpack. Shoot your way through 50+ levels of physics-puzzling goodness, including the all-new 3-star rating system and achievements. It's the most awesome Max Damage yet!

- jugar a Max Damage 3 -

Cute Monster Head Crush
Captura de Cute Monster Head CrushYour task is to match 3 or more head monsters displayed and get highscore

- jugar a Cute Monster Head Crush -

Clay Matcher
Captura de Clay MatcherClear the board in this match 3 game by swapping patterned blocks to make rows of three or more. Submit your highscores.

- jugar a Clay Matcher -

Troll Cannon 2
Captura de Troll Cannon 2Fire your insane Troll Cannon, meet other memes and master some delicious levels in this funny physics shooter game!... Problem?

- jugar a Troll Cannon 2 -

Hit the Troll Level Pack
Captura de Hit the Troll Level PackYou have to remove all troll faces from the screen. This is a level pack to the original Hit the Troll game.

- jugar a Hit the Troll Level Pack -

Skulls and Bones
Captura de Skulls and BonesGreat artillery game. Features: the Dracula, his assistant, zombies, skulls, bones, and explosions! Was found a way to resurrect the Dracula! You must collect all the remains and perform the mystic ritual. Help to resurrect the Dracula from skulls and bones!

- jugar a Skulls and Bones -

Smart Golf
Captura de Smart GolfThe objective of the game is to move the coin within the game area and collect the keys that appear in your way. You will be able to reach the destination area only after collecting all the keys. Collecting the diamonds will fetch you bonus points.

- jugar a Smart Golf -

Snail Shell
Captura de Snail ShellMatch 4 or more with falling snail shells.

- jugar a Snail Shell -

Captura de CollapsabowlLogic and skill are equally important in this unique physics based collapse puzzle game. Get rid of all the colored marbles, pop out the same color neighbors. You can use helpers, but use them wisely through 25 increasingly difficult levels. Collect as many points as you can and take your place in the hall of fame.

- jugar a Collapsabowl -

Dino Eat Meat
Captura de Dino Eat MeatThe little dino are hungry. They need lot of meats to feed their stomach before falling out. Help cut the rope and delivery the meat to the dino with the dark red skin. Avoid the meats from falling into yellow dino mouth as they are not belong to the groups.

- jugar a Dino Eat Meat -

Save the Frog Princess
Captura de Save the Frog PrincessCute puzzle physics game, where player uses mouse to fire cannon. The objective is to kill all robots on the field and avoid hitting the princess. Save kidnapped princess on all 32 challenging levels.

- jugar a Save the Frog Princess -

Crossliner 2
Captura de Crossliner 2Exciting fun in 36 auto generated level. Your goal is to avoid crossing lines, by moving the points. If all these points are green you have won the level.

- jugar a Crossliner 2 -

Captura de JeweltasiaWelcome to Jeweltasia, a world of physics and magic! Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels, and complete 50 levels of varying challenges. The wizard will give you some much needed power-ups along the way in this gravitational collapse game!

- jugar a Jeweltasia -

Rolling Fall 3
Captura de Rolling Fall 3Cut the chains, release the balls and kill all damn zombies!

- jugar a Rolling Fall 3 -

Captura de Astrodiggerhis is an arcade/puzzle game where you collect diamonds on levels. You can dig only down, never up. Spend your score to buy temporary upgrades and protective suits in a shop. Collect precious minerals for additional score.

- jugar a Astrodigger -

Blow Ghost
Captura de Blow GhostBlow the ghosts!

- jugar a Blow Ghost -

Oh, My Candy! Levels Pack
Captura de Oh, My Candy! Levels PackThis little hamster loves candies. You should push them through different puzzles to feed this candy-lover.

- jugar a Oh, My Candy! Levels Pack -

Bristlies Level Pack
Captura de Bristlies Level PackHelp Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. This is a level pack to the original Bristlies game.

- jugar a Bristlies Level Pack -

Egyptian Treasure
Captura de Egyptian TreasureMatch all coloured blocks to defeat the mummy that protect the Pharaoh treasure! 21 Levels of increasing difficulty!

- jugar a Egyptian Treasure -

Slice the Box
Captura de Slice the BoxLittle boy stayed alone at home. He got bored. So, he decided to walk through the house. When he entered to garage he found big bunch of empty cardboard boxes. And to have fun he decided to cut shapes from the boxes.

- jugar a Slice the Box -

Captura de Liquid2Liquid 2 is a atmospheric game in which we have to guide water drops to the finish. To do so we use the “arrow keys” to rotate the playing field which will decide the direction of the water flow. The graphics style is pretty cool and the music is relaxing. In total there are 27 levels in 3 worlds with extra drops and some traps on the way.

- jugar a Liquid2 -

Snake Fight Arena
Captura de Snake Fight ArenaFor all those who really enjoyed playing as snakes and eating all kinds of fruits, well, this 2 players game is super improved and styled version of that all! Welcome to the Snake Fight Arena game! Pick your playing mode and starting eating your enemies, devouring whole fruits, collecting powerups and having lots of surviving fun!

- jugar a Snake Fight Arena -

Captura de CRUSADE VClear Europe from the invasion of monsters…

- jugar a CRUSADE V -

Canimals: Fruit Shot
Captura de Canimals: Fruit ShotHelp Mimi the dog destroy all the coloured blocks by slinging the correct coloured fruit at them.

- jugar a Canimals: Fruit Shot -

Captura de Cut20 puzzles and many game modes to have a good time fun.

- jugar a Cut -

Speed Miner
Captura de Speed MinerMine as many blocks as you in this easy to play game!

- jugar a Speed Miner -

Candy Yummer
Captura de Candy YummerYou have found a passage to Candy World! Jump and eat candies, take special powers eating Colored Gellys, avoid obstacles and enemies to find the way back home in 35 sweet platform levels.

- jugar a Candy Yummer -

Home Sheep Home
Captura de Home Sheep HomeHelp Shaun, Timmy and Shirley work together to get home safely to the barn. Use each sheep’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles along the way!

- jugar a Home Sheep Home -

Block Towers
Captura de Block TowersVariation of match-3 puzzle game. The more score you get, the less time you get to next decision.

- jugar a Block Towers -

Cave Crawler
Captura de Cave CrawlerPlatform maze game. Climb your way out of dark labyrinths of complex cave tunnels! In this platform maze game, your spatial memory will be tested as you try to find your way up and out of dark, damp labyrinths of cave tunnels and passageways, each cave getting progressively larger and more complex!

- jugar a Cave Crawler -

Galactic Gems 2: Level Pack
Captura de Galactic Gems 2: Level PackAddition to the Galactic Gems 2 - 30 new levels !

- jugar a Galactic Gems 2: Level Pack -

Winter Insomnia
Captura de Winter InsomniaHelp the hedgehogs suffering from the insomnia in the winter because they are hungry! Make them roll, fly and jump in the right direction to collect apples.

- jugar a Winter Insomnia -

Underwater ClayMatch
Captura de Underwater ClayMatchIt’s a very amusing game with small fishes. The game is about the underwater world and it’s in a unique plasticine style. Both adults and children will play this game with pleasure. All the art in the game is handmade of plasticine. You won't find any similar games. No doubt, you will extremely enjoy playing the game with sea inhabitants who are placed in a natural habitat.

- jugar a Underwater ClayMatch -

Jump Sequence
Captura de Jump SequenceCan you arrange the gateways to make the correct jump sequence?

- jugar a Jump Sequence -

Easter Crazy
Captura de Easter CrazyHelp the Easter Bunny pack eggs to deliver for Easter. Line up 4 eggs of the same color to put them in the box. 5 eggs in a row will take out the whole line!

- jugar a Easter Crazy -

Land of Mines
Captura de Land of MinesEnjoy throwing monsters by exploding bomb and additional weapons. Take advantage of the mines that are scattered to save weapons usage.

- jugar a Land of Mines -

Match & Remove Players Pack
Captura de Match & Remove Players PackYou have to remove colored figures using limited amount of clicks. This is a level pack to the original Match & Remove game.

- jugar a Match & Remove Players Pack -

Captura de SteamyBallsSteamyBalls is an innovative puzzle game. Guide the energy balls through the factory vents, by switching the direction of the pipes with your mouse. Finish each level by matching the color of the exit points. Collect penguins for bonus points and try to get a three star rating in each level. Can you finish all 30 levels?

- jugar a SteamyBalls -

Monkey Banana
Captura de Monkey BananaThe hungry little monkey is longing for some tasty refreshments, but he needs to climb the appropriate ladders or he will fall into the traps set by the humans. When the game opens, the monkey will stay at the bottom of the screen, while a banana will be placed at the top of one of the ladders. Move your mouse to change the position of the monkey, then click the mouse again and the monkey will start to climb. As the monkey will turn whenever he encounters a horizontal step on the ladders, you need to predict the correct path so that the monkey can reach the banana. If the monkey has taken a wrong path, 1000 points will be deducted, but you may still continue to play until all 10 levels are completed. The amount of time you have spent at each level is recorded at the top right corner. Quickly stop the monkey from starving and gorgeous rewards shall be yours!

- jugar a Monkey Banana -

Hex Rotate
Captura de Hex RotateColor the blue hexagons red in this puzzle game, using the rotation hexagons to move them around.

- jugar a Hex Rotate -

Circus Balls
Captura de Circus BallsMake rectanges or squares with the same circus balls.

- jugar a Circus Balls -

Path Memory
Captura de Path MemoryIn a deserted village, the paths constructed by the villagers long ago are now covered with grasses and moss. As an archaeologist, your task is to rebuild the paths which connect the houses. At each level of the game you will be presented a number of houses, and the paths will appear one by one for a few seconds. After the paths have vanished, you need to click the houses in the same sequence so that the roads can be reconstructed. As you advance in the game, the number of houses will increase and the paths will be more complicated. The game ends immediately if you click any wrong house. Work carefully to reproduce the beauty of the ancient community!

- jugar a Path Memory -

Pour The Fish Level Pack
Captura de Pour The Fish Level PackOhh nooo! The fish sucked into the tube again… You must help!

- jugar a Pour The Fish Level Pack -

Captura de tubixTubix is a puzzle with 18 levels in which by rotating the images to create aesthetic forms from chaos.

- jugar a tubix -

Super Cool Kid: Dungeon Adventure
Captura de Super Cool Kid: Dungeon AdventureBest your friends high scores as you compete for treasures and heroism in this action-packed puzzler. Find the NyanNyan Cat and the treasures of old to increase your score as you dig deeper and deeper into Super Cool Kid: Dungeon Adventure. All whilst avoiding water and lava.

- jugar a Super Cool Kid: Dungeon Adventure -

Fruity Annie
Captura de Fruity AnnieFruits are blocked by branches. Use tools to help Annie collect fresh fruits! Total of 25 levels and 7 tools, all tools can be placed wherever you want! Just use your imagination to pass different levels!

- jugar a Fruity Annie -

Renga Samurai
Captura de Renga SamuraiAs a Samurai, you have mastered all skills except intelligence! But never fear. This game is designed to fix that. Solve all levels of brick-slashing puzzles to become the greatest Samurai ever! You have limited cuts to slice the bricks to fit into the shape on the right. Choose your moves wisely...

- jugar a Renga Samurai -

catch a ghost
Captura de catch a ghostIf you get stuck,click the retry button.It is not finished that there's no way when you killed the ghost. 如果在一些地方卡住请按retry键。还没完成,消灭掉鬼魂就没路了

- jugar a catch a ghost -

Bear Clix
Captura de Bear ClixClassic match three puzzle game. Enjoy this fast-paced brain teaser and share your highscore.

- jugar a Bear Clix -

Captura de CublesAre you looking for a highly addictive and super fun casual arcade/puzzle game? Then Cubles is THE game for you! It doesn't matter whether you are more into brain cracking puzzle games or simply like casual arcade games. This game offers it all and is guaranteed to give you hours and hours of addictive and challenging fun! The basics of the game are simple: find and select rectangles or squares with corners of the same color. Sounds simple right?! Well wait till the Cubles hit the play-field and start being a nuisance with their water splashes, bombs and locking of tiles. At this point nobody really knows exactly what a Cuble is or where they came from so you just have to check them out for yourself..

- jugar a Cubles -

Crazy Old Man
Captura de Crazy Old ManYou crazy old man who somehow found himself in a basement filled with puzzles. In order to escape you need to pass through all the levels and to solve all puzzles.

- jugar a Crazy Old Man -

Penguin Island
Captura de Penguin IslandA fun logic puzzle game. The idea is to hop over nearby penguins to empty islands to remove them. You can click any penguin and drag vertically, horizontally or diagonally towards an empty island to start the hop. Objective is to remove all but one penguin from the grid.

- jugar a Penguin Island -

Captura de RobogoUnknown virus has spread in the systems, destroy infected bots. Several security drones are still operation.Use rockets, mines, megabombs and laser to clean all 40 levels.

- jugar a Robogo -

Color Zapper
Captura de Color ZapperShoot colorful lasers towards enemies to blast them away! Use a huge array of items, to combine colors, redirect lasers, blow up obstacles, and much more in this addictive crazy puzzle game!

- jugar a Color Zapper -

Doodle Roll
Captura de Doodle RollTwist and turn the platforms to guide the doodle ball home. There are 30 levels of thought provoking fun in this physics based puzzle game.

- jugar a Doodle Roll -

Cactus Roll
Captura de Cactus RollPlay this 30 levels puzzle to solve. Use mouse to click any object to remove it. Be careful not to touch the scorpion or an vulture. Help Cactus boy to reach his lover. You can click any object to remove it.

- jugar a Cactus Roll -

Captura de SokobWorldPush the blocks to their destination, Sokoban-style puzzles!

- jugar a SokobWorld -

Awesome Builder
Captura de Awesome BuilderYou're awesome builder! Build the highest tower of the city. Show your friends that you're the best! :) See details and updates at:

- jugar a Awesome Builder -

Table Top
Captura de Table TopControl your ball along a challenging maze whilst also trying to find the source of the mysterious voice. Enjoy!!!

- jugar a Table Top -

Captura de BeneathA procedurally generated platformer where you find yourself trapped undergroung with coworkers. You'll have just a short while to determine the guilty party and save your job! Good luck in guessing the culprit!

- jugar a Beneath -

Cube Crawl
Captura de Cube CrawlTest your hands and path-finding skills in this intense reflex-puzzle game! Crawl through the cubes! Avoid dastardly Red Blocks! Stay away from your path, ala lightcycles! It's the most fun you'll ever have with colorful rounded cubes!

- jugar a Cube Crawl -

Captura de SkipJackThis is a great thinking and puzzle game. In this you have to help skipjack overcome the obstacles and reach the finish point in each of the levels.

- jugar a SkipJack -

Gem Hoarder
Captura de Gem HoarderThis is a mixer of Falling Blocks Tricks and Match 3 with a complete new game-play. The control scheme defines some game play: Movement: Arrow Keys Stop falling blocks: Space Key Rotate Block: 'R' Key Matching three or more gems of the same color will cause them to disappear. A level is complete when either all of the gems have been removed or only gems of one color are on the board.

- jugar a Gem Hoarder -

Captura de FoldsFolds is an origami puzzle game with a relaxing theme. Try to fold the paper into the right shape without going over the fold limit!

- jugar a Folds -

Demologic 2: Level Pack
Captura de Demologic 2: Level PackThere is nothing like "Job is done" for skilled wrecking truck drivers. Drive your truck and demolish the building that well, so they fall and break evil stattuete. Destroy the stattuete. Only red blocks can destroy it.

- jugar a Demologic 2: Level Pack -

Throw The Head
Captura de Throw The HeadHelp your friends! Throw them your own head!

- jugar a Throw The Head -

Aliens in the Box - Revenge
Captura de Aliens in the Box - RevengeThe aliens are back!!! Use your mighty powers of gravity to drop the little green dudes into the box. Be fast if you want to save the world and return them to their planet.

- jugar a Aliens in the Box - Revenge -

Building Blocks
Captura de Building BlocksShine with your abstract thinking ability in Building Blocks, in which you need to select the correct pieces so as to construct the shapes successfully. At each level of the game, the silhouette of a shape will be displayed in the middle of the screen, and a number of tiles will be shown underneath. Click and drag the suitable tiles to complete the shape, but note that the pieces cannot be removed once they are placed onto the shape. If no more moves can be made, the game ends. The time you have spent at each level will be counted at the bottom of the screen, and the faster you complete the task, the higher your score. Discover the various possibilities and have fun in the colorful puzzles!

- jugar a Building Blocks -

Captura de BubblingsYou wake up on an “apparently” deserted island. Your plane has crashed but you will soon discover that you are not alone as you thought. The Bubblings, small and friendly characters who live on the island,will do everything to help you get back to your home. Match three or more of your new friends and use their magical powers as a signal to attract a ship to the shore.

- jugar a Bubblings -

Captura de CubistoneHelp Sam and Dino to understand the power of a strange stone : the Cubistone. Control colored stone with your mouse. Match them with the flying colored stone and go for a chain reaction. Go through more than 30 level and survival mode, with upgrades and abilities that you can unlock.

- jugar a Cubistone -

Mr.Box in Hat
Captura de Mr.Box in HatSave Mr.Box from evil hats! Shoot the hats and don`t hurt Mr.Box.

- jugar a Mr.Box in Hat -

Blo Boxy 2
Captura de Blo Boxy 2Destroy green boxes and help blo to reach the finish area. Avoid red enemies and falling down

- jugar a Blo Boxy 2 -

Blinkz 2
Captura de Blinkz 2Ready for fun? Reunite the cute colored blocks with Blinkz 2 challenge!

- jugar a Blinkz 2 -

Captura de BlocketrisBlocketris - Play classic tetris game with construction blocks. Have fun!

- jugar a Blocketris -

Wake Up the Box 5
Captura de Wake Up the Box 5Those sleepy boxes are back and need to be woken up! Draw shapes on the play-field and let gravity take its course to knock the boxes awake.

- jugar a Wake Up the Box 5 -

Curve Drawer
Captura de Curve DrawerA relaxing curve drawing puzzle. Try out how fast can you draw curves. Fastest hands will get more stars.

- jugar a Curve Drawer -

Free Aliens
Captura de Free AliensMahjong style game with Aliens theme and achievements.

- jugar a Free Aliens -

The Pink Hog
Captura de The Pink HogColor the world and collect all coins.

- jugar a The Pink Hog -

Glitch, the Gardener
Captura de Glitch, the GardenerHelp Glitch, the Gardener to plant a ruffian bushes. This is puzzle game in 3d environment that based on classical sokoban rules. The game includes 45 levels. Have fun!

- jugar a Glitch, the Gardener -

Sheep Physics
Captura de Sheep PhysicsConnect your sheep and create a stable tower.

- jugar a Sheep Physics -

Gomoku Attack
Captura de Gomoku AttackGomoku Attack is a challenging strategy board game. This game is popular all over the world and goes by many names including Gobang, Omok, Wu Zi Qi, Luffarschack, or Five in a row. Challenage the computer and watch your time in this classic game of Five in a line.

- jugar a Gomoku Attack -

Captura de FrogaHelp Froga reach the door.

- jugar a Froga -

Addicted Labyrinth
Captura de Addicted LabyrinthCollect as many points as possible. You can escape the labyrinth any time you want, but... It grows, so try to control your addiction to points.

- jugar a Addicted Labyrinth -

Go Go Santa 2
Captura de Go Go Santa 2Welcome the sequel of cute and simple Christmas game Go Go Santa. New levels, more objects, new cute graphics and even more funny Christmas facts. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

- jugar a Go Go Santa 2 -

Star Rescue
Captura de Star RescueA magical adventure to rescue The Great Star Mother! Beautiful and charming platformer-physics-puzzle game. Features: - 30 levels - 10 medals - High-scores - Walkthrough

- jugar a Star Rescue -

Balls and Boxes
Captura de Balls and BoxesAre you ready to face the dazzling challenge? Your task in this game is to remember the exact locations of the balls and put them back into their original boxes after shuffling. When the game opens, you will be given 3 boxes, each contains a ball. The balls will then be taken from the boxes and their positions will swap. After that, you need to click and drag each of the balls back into their original containers. Each correct move gives 1000 points, and you can proceed to the next level if all answers are correct. As you advance in the game, the number of shuffles will increase, and one wrong click leads to the end of the game. Demonstrate your extraordinary memory and observation to put an end to the disorder!

- jugar a Balls and Boxes -

Captura de SNATAThis is SNATA. Simply jump on bombs to open and reach the elevator. Why? Because that's the way the cookie crumbles!

- jugar a SNATA -

A blocky Christmas
Captura de A blocky ChristmasA blocky Christmas, a Bart Bonte game. You are a star, you are magnetic, but can you complete all 16 levels? Merry puzzling!

- jugar a A blocky Christmas -

Captura de OlkoFun twist on Mahjong: grab tiles on the edges.

- jugar a Olko -

Classic Color Infection
Captura de Classic Color InfectionClassic Color Infection levels. The goal of the game is to infect all yellow balls with brown color by colliding them with brown balls but keep green balls uninfected.

- jugar a Classic Color Infection -

Cube Crash 2
Captura de Cube Crash 2Cube Crash 2 is the sequel to the addicting match 3 game Cube Crash. Cube Crash 2 offers a new, exciting, fast paced Arcade game play mode as well as the original Classic game play mode. In Arcade mode click to remove groups of 3 cubes of the same color to recharge your powerups and collect gemstones. Use your lightning bolts, bombs and various other powerups to destroy cubes or collect gems, but watch out for items in the grid which can damage you. If the fast paced play of Arcade is too much then check out the original game play of the Cube Crash in Classic mode. There is no time limit and the goal is to maximize your score as much as possible.

- jugar a Cube Crash 2 -

Hyper Block Game
Captura de Hyper Block GameTry to drop out blocks using less balls.

- jugar a Hyper Block Game -

Aqua Jelly Puzzle 2
Captura de Aqua Jelly Puzzle 2BOTH Aqua jelly must touch this ground in order to completed the level.

- jugar a Aqua Jelly Puzzle 2 -

Gibbets: Santa in Trouble
Captura de Gibbets: Santa in TroubleShoot the ropes to save Santa and his helpers from an evil hangman's noose. Be careful not to accidentally hit Santa instead...

- jugar a Gibbets: Santa in Trouble -

Snowball Siege 2
Captura de Snowball Siege 2Snowball siege is back for christmas with a new game! Knock down the present by throwing ice balls to the right targets, and find out what each present includes in each level!

- jugar a Snowball Siege 2 -

Christmas Pranks
Captura de Christmas PranksIt's Christmas time again and what better time to pull some Christmas Pranks? There is no Santa in this game! You are the Imp in this game and you are throwing Fupa's at the Christmas tree to knock off all of the ornaments and presents. Knock off all of the ornaments and presents to earn the most points and move on to the next level. You prankster you.

- jugar a Christmas Pranks -

Captura de MecanoThe marble ball belongs to the basket. Use the gravity and physics to return it to the basket by clicking the removable items on the screen to guide the ball.

- jugar a Mecano -

Blubble 2
Captura de Blubble 2Pop bubbles by matching 3 or more of the same colour.

- jugar a Blubble 2 -

Prisma Puzzle
Captura de Prisma PuzzlePlot your way to the finish in each level within the given amount of jumps.

- jugar a Prisma Puzzle -

Captura de BlocksClick any block and drag out a rectangle having four corners of the same color.

- jugar a Blocks -

Galactic Gems 2
Captura de Galactic Gems 2Collect galactic gems. Discover powerful bonuses. Explore new planets.

- jugar a Galactic Gems 2 -

A Short History of the World
Captura de A Short History of the WorldA thrill ride through the history of time. 38 exciting mini games, each one covering a different period in history from the Ice Age to present day. Additional new levels are exclusive to Mochigames!

- jugar a A Short History of the World -

Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis
Captura de Dibbles 4: A Christmas CrisisThe Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Command the Dibbles and help their king safely cross 33 Xmas themed levels. What's so important to him that he needs hundreds of his loyal subjects to lay down their lives this time? You'll just have to complete the game and find out! New features include: - Slippy, slidey ice - New Xmas pressies that get in the way and can be moved around to form part of the solution - New "Swan Dive" command - New "Ramp" command - Multiple start and finish locations on some levels Merry Christmas!

- jugar a Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis -

Nerdy Bee
Captura de Nerdy BeeOnce upon a time there was a honeycomb near a big pond, in that honeycomb there was a lonely & nerdy bee. One day he thought he may also be able to collect honey from flowers like all other bees, so next day he went to the pond to collect honey from lotus flowers, but unfortunately he was caught by naughty spider. Now your time to help our Little Friend!

- jugar a Nerdy Bee -

Captura de PemutusHelp Pemutus, the green boy, get down. To win a level you have to help Pemutus get down. Carefully choose what supporting wood blocks to smash.

- jugar a Pemutus -

Colonization Hex
Captura de Colonization HexConquer all lands in a swift manner and you will be rewarded. In this game, a map which contains numerous hexagonal tiles of different colors will be shown, and the tile marked with a star is your home tile. Your goal is to unify the color of the tiles so that they are all in the same color, but not necessarily the original color of your home tile. You may start by clicking a tile adjacent to your home tile, so that the color of the home tile and all connected tiles will be turned to the color of the selected tile, for example, when you click a purple tile adjacent to the home tile, all connected tiles including the home tile will turn purple. Continue the process until all tiles have the same color. Aim for the highest score by accomplishing your mission with the fewest moves!

- jugar a Colonization Hex -

Wooden Pieces
Captura de Wooden PiecesThis puzzle game will make you use your thinking ability in full measure! The new puzzle includes 2 modes of game: 1) Place different wooden objects on the immovable platform in such a way that none of them falls off 2) Roll a coin in a moneybox, clicking subjects to remove them Game contains 24 original levels

- jugar a Wooden Pieces -

Paintball Garden
Captura de Paintball GardenA simple puzzle color matching game. Paint flowers to make them blossom before the time runs out.

- jugar a Paintball Garden -

Bubble Shooter Xmas Fun
Captura de Bubble Shooter Xmas FunBubble Shooter Xmas Fun is a puzzle game, where one need to make all Xmas gifts fall down. There are many challenging levels with quite attractive graphical designs. I hope everyone will like it.

- jugar a Bubble Shooter Xmas Fun -

Count the Sheep
Captura de Count the SheepDisguised as sheep by covering themselves with sheepskin, the cunning wolves are hosting a masquerade with the aim to attack the innocent sheep. Can you bring an end to their fantasy with your eagle eyes? Your goal in this game is to count the correct number of sheep without being fooled by the disguised wolves. A number of sheep will appear at the start of each level, and you will have a few seconds to observe them. After that you need to report the exact number of sheep on the grassland, and you can click the corresponding number on the screen or use your keyboard to give your answer. Click the Submit button to check the result, and you can proceed to the next level if your answer is correct. As you advance in the game, the number of sheep will increase, and more disguised wolves will join the game. Drive the evil away and protect your sheep from harm!

- jugar a Count the Sheep -

Ship Shuffle
Captura de Ship ShuffleOh no ! The harbor is packed! Rearrange the boats so that the tugboat can get out of the harbor before time runs out

- jugar a Ship Shuffle -

Frog Crossing
Captura de Frog CrossingHelp your Frog to cross the river and access the food.

- jugar a Frog Crossing -

NiuNiu Bouncing
Captura de NiuNiu  BouncingBounce the Little Cow to Jump and Collect the Fruits to Pass Each Level.

- jugar a NiuNiu Bouncing -

Zombies vs Penguins
Captura de Zombies vs PenguinsThe Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon!

- jugar a Zombies vs Penguins -

Captura de IncredipedeIncredipede is a puzzle game that celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world. The game follows Quozzle, a lone Incredipede on a dire quest to rescue her sisters. She has a unique ability to grow new arms and legs wherever she needs them, transforming into a snake, a spider, a horse, a monkey - anything you can imagine. You can give her antlers or a tail, use nature as a blueprint or strike out in weird new directions. Control Quozzle as she learns to swing through the trees, climb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava, and even soar through the air on thermal winds.

- jugar a Incredipede -

Help for Fish
Captura de Help for FishA fish jumped the river and got stuck on top of a board and some green boxes. Help the fish to go back into the river before he dies.

- jugar a Help for Fish -

Captura de CollinksEnjoy linking blocks in this wonderful puzzle game. Play in 7 unique styles with 4 difficulty settings for a total of 28 ways to play! Play action mode for a fast paced game, relax with shift mode, or use strategy in swap mode.

- jugar a Collinks -

Funny Bees
Captura de Funny BeesHelp the lost bees to reach their hive and try to collect all the pots with honey you'll see through 25 levels! Good luck;)

- jugar a Funny Bees -

Champions Zuma
Captura de Champions ZumaNew Sport version of classical Zuma-game. Destroy football balls by forming groups of 3 or more balls of the same colors.

- jugar a Champions Zuma -

Spite and Malice
Captura de Spite and MaliceSpite and Malice, also known as Cat and Mouse or Skip-Bo, is a card game for two players.

- jugar a Spite and Malice -

Spring Joy
Captura de Spring JoyTile shooter where you need to pop or drop tiles dangling from bouncy springs above the rising ocean. As time goes on, the water rises. Make clusters of tiles of the same color to score points and clear the level. Drop tiles in the ocean to lower the water. Don't let the water get too high!

- jugar a Spring Joy -

Remove Them Christmas 2
Captura de Remove Them Christmas 2Match the pieces and try to remove them all. Upload you score to the world and challenge your friends on Facebook/twitter...

- jugar a Remove Them Christmas 2 -

Captura de XirquitsXirquits is a fast paced action puzzle game, keeping your nerves on high voltage!

- jugar a Xirquits -

Diamonds Dust
Captura de Diamonds DustDiamonds breaking game.

- jugar a Diamonds Dust -

Mad Lab and the suguss
Captura de Mad Lab and the sugussThe Mad Lab's Doctor need your help to carry out his experiments ! He needs electrical power !! So you and the suguss together are going to connect the generator. And by forming a group of the same colour suguss, then deleting the group you can collect Watts. Be carefull time is running ! A puzzle game for smal and large people.

- jugar a Mad Lab and the suguss -

Real Pinball
Captura de Real PinballTry to keep the ball as much on the table. You have only three lives so try to get a good score.

- jugar a Real Pinball -

Cute Physics
Captura de Cute PhysicsIn this physics based game your goal is to knockdown all the ninja boxes with slingshot and ninja balls. When all ninja boxes down level will complete.

- jugar a Cute Physics -

Unfreeze me!
Captura de Unfreeze me!Find ways to launch jets of water at frozen birds to help set them free in this unique puzzle.

- jugar a Unfreeze me! -

Blob and Blocks 2
Captura de Blob and Blocks 2Guide this cute green blob to the green grass. Click blocks to remove them.

- jugar a Blob and Blocks 2 -

Dinosaur Hexajong
Captura de Dinosaur HexajongMahjong solitaire game with Hex tiles set in the Dinosaur Era.

- jugar a Dinosaur Hexajong -

Captura de StackEmUpThink physics is boring?! Think again, with this mindblowing game based on physics. Have fun clicking away boxes while learning basic physics!

- jugar a StackEmUp -

Happy Cut
Captura de Happy CutCut 1 and more same flowers to get dropping coins. Try cut wisely to help the dog catch the coins to win more time. Cut different flowers and Black Skulls will lost 1 life. One cut with 3 and more same flowers will get addtional bonus!

- jugar a Happy Cut -

Squirrel&Golden Nut
Captura de Squirrel&Golden NutCollect all Golden nut in 20 challenging physic levels. Help the squirrel to collect the golden nut, jump and avoiding snakes and bees.

- jugar a Squirrel&Golden Nut -

Atom Robot Puzzle Level Pack
Captura de Atom Robot Puzzle Level PackAtom Robot Puzzle. Flash puzzle game. Remove car and airship and catch atom battery. This game like a Block Remover with casual gameplay. Have fun this puzzle.

- jugar a Atom Robot Puzzle Level Pack -

Brightrock Legend
Captura de Brightrock LegendStart your adventure in Brightrock! Fight fiendish creatures, orcs, undeads using your skills and ability in three different puzzle/combat styles. Buy new weapons, gain XP Points, collect all Gems to become Brightrock hero! Brightrock Legend, a great Adventure-Puzzle Game by

- jugar a Brightrock Legend -

Captura de PixxChange the colour of the squares until the entire screen is a single colour. Use the buttons of each color to change the pixels, starting with the upper left corner, trying to match the surrounding squares.

- jugar a Pixx -

Happy dead friends: players pack
Captura de Happy dead friends: players packComplete the new 60 levels from players of Happy Dead Friends original. Here are still one simple rule - no free hands. Enjoy!

- jugar a Happy dead friends: players pack -

Raising a baby 2
Captura de Raising a baby 2The mother has to take care of her baby while doing a side-job in this game. Doing a side-job: She attaches the eyes on the doll by color and receives gold. Looking after the baby: She gets close to the baby whenever the baby frowns and does what the baby wants. Buy goods: She purchases goods for the baby through the internet. When the movement of the mother becomes slow, eat and her stamina will be replenished.

- jugar a Raising a baby 2 -

Plastic Bricks
Captura de Plastic BricksThe variation of the classic Tetris in lego style:)

- jugar a Plastic Bricks -

Captura de GemislandsYou have reached the treasure island. You'll have to work hard and be very skilled to be able to collect all the gems of the island. Time is against you, because if you take too long pirates arrive soon.

- jugar a Gemislands -

Captura de HEXEPA simple yet increasingly challenging puzzle game about lighting a path through hexagons.

- jugar a HEXEP -

Happy Monster Friends
Captura de Happy Monster FriendsFind right place for this cute monster to connect all hands and make him happy.

- jugar a Happy Monster Friends -

Colour cube
Captura de Colour cubeRemember the classic rubix cube? Did you love it?Well now you can do lots of variety with more or less cubes than the normal version. Use the mouse to change the cube.

- jugar a Colour cube -

Shocking Chain
Captura de Shocking ChainUnleash chain reactions to achieve the higher score! Use your skills and timing to compete with other people all around the world Includes: - 1000 challenging levels (each one with it's own highscore board) - A new challenge everyday (3 levels with a separate highscore board)

- jugar a Shocking Chain -

Creepy Couples
Captura de Creepy CouplesDraw a line to connect as much scary faces as you can before time runs out

- jugar a Creepy Couples -

Sphere Dimension
Captura de Sphere DimensionClick a sphere if it has at least one sphere of the same color near it. Each additional connected ball doubles the score! The goal is to achieve higher and higher scores without blocking yourself!

- jugar a Sphere Dimension -

Simple Wire Maze - EP 4
Captura de Simple Wire Maze - EP 4Escape this maze made of color metal wireframes.

- jugar a Simple Wire Maze - EP 4 -

Color Tower Balls
Captura de Color Tower BallsThis is an exciting puzzle (logic) game that you have never seen before!

- jugar a Color Tower Balls -

Centipede avoider
Captura de Centipede avoiderCentipede avoider is puzzle game that is played using the mouse. Your objective is to avoid colliding with walls and balls. Collect all of the gems to get points. The game difficulty increases steadily along the course of the game. Try to get as much points as possible.

- jugar a Centipede avoider -

The Little Girl of the Post Office
Captura de The Little Girl of the Post OfficeYou are now the little girl of the post office and are going to deliver the letters. Click the number of the letter and click the correct mailbox and the mail will go into the mailbox. Your level will go up if you place 12 letters into the correct mailbox.

- jugar a The Little Girl of the Post Office -

Captura de ProtoboticProtobotic is a puzzle-shooter with a unique geometric design aesthetic. The goal of the game is to advance your weaponized robot through a series of challenges to escape from a science facility. Each level offers the perfect number of new challenges that will keep the player engaged all the way through to the Portal-inspired ending.

- jugar a Protobotic -

Captura de SolitudeSpot 6 differences at each level of this moody game. Find out what is solitude!

- jugar a Solitude -

Match n' Dig
Captura de Match n' DigClick adjacent blocks of the same color and escape from the falling ceiling, reach depth 100 to win this pyhsics match game. Don’t be crushed by the blocks!!

- jugar a Match n' Dig -

Aqua Jelly Puzzle
Captura de Aqua Jelly PuzzleThe Aqua jelly must touch this ground in order to completed the level.

- jugar a Aqua Jelly Puzzle -

Another Brick in the Wall
Captura de Another Brick in the Wallput another brick in the wall and blast away three-in-a-row bricks of the same color

- jugar a Another Brick in the Wall -

Dino Drop
Captura de Dino DropDino Drop is a prehistoric-themed with similarities to “Bejeweled” and “Diamond Mine". Arrange the dinasour eggs so that there are 3 or more eggs of the same color in a row. Try to get 3 in a row to earn points and move to the next level.

- jugar a Dino Drop -

Halloween Party Popper
Captura de Halloween Party PopperIn this intense game of Halloween Party Popper you are sure to be kept on the edge of your seat as you try and destroy the Halloween marbles of all the same color before the line reaches the end and you lose! In this game the Halloween marbles are lined up and will gradually gravitate towards the hole. It is your job to stop them from going to the hole by shooting Halloween marbles at them from the pumpkins mouth and destroy them by forming groups of 3 of the same color. If you are too slow and are unable to destroy all the Halloween marbles before they reach the hole, then you lose the game. Fun game tip: To switch out Halloween marbles you can press the space bar. This is sure to help you in the game!

- jugar a Halloween Party Popper -

Hospital Tycoon
Captura de Hospital TycoonYou are going to cure the sick children who come into the hospital. Let the children sit on the chair by dragging them with your mouse and examine their sickness by using the magnifying glass on top of the screen after clicking the children on the chair. When the examination is over, move the children to the injection room, manufacturing room and treatment room according to their sickness and cure them by using the bandage, medicine box and injection on the right.

- jugar a Hospital Tycoon -

Candy And Ice
Captura de Candy And IceWelcome to Ice Cream wonderland. Your job is to move the candy from ice cream wonderland. Move it from the field and clear all levels. Challenging levels, can you complete them all?

- jugar a Candy And Ice -

Planet Of Logic
Captura de Planet Of LogicThis is a great little puzzle. Match same colored blocks to destroy them!

- jugar a Planet Of Logic -

Paint It
Captura de Paint ItPaint against the clock, in this puzzle painting game.

- jugar a Paint It -

Portal 2D
Captura de Portal 2DThe popular puzzle game now in 2D, uses almost every feature from the real game in 25 enigmatic levels.

- jugar a Portal 2D -

Diamond temptation
Captura de Diamond temptationPlaying the perfect answer to the gemstones. Rubies, diamonds, emeralds, fill the empty space of the glass. Diamonds falling from the top. Not to overflow the screen.

- jugar a Diamond temptation -

Future Buddy
Captura de Future BuddyThe tiny creatures from future are trapped in present by evil moss the jelly king. Help the future buddies to return home by helping them to reach the time machine. How to play:- You can connect the Future Buddy to the holders by clicking on both Buddy and Holder. You can cut the rope by dragging the hold down mouse over the rope and release it. This game contains 3 worlds. Total 60 levels. Each world contains 20 levels. 1) The Farm House This world will always open 2) The Tree House To unlock this world you need to collect 48 stars out of 60 from "The Farm House". 3) The Garden To unlock this world you need to collect 54 stars out of 60 from "The Tree House".

- jugar a Future Buddy -

Captain Backwater
Captura de Captain BackwaterGet ready for the biggest pirate puzzle adventure ever. Meet Captain Backwater - the most feared pirate in the Caribbean. Help him to loot dangerous treasure caves, find the biggest pirate treasure ever and rescue Backwater's beloved Mary O'Maley. This adventure is a real brain challenge for you full of danger, fun and fame. ★ fresh & challenging gameplay ★ many extras & special items ★ clear 100 treasure caves ★ complete the cursed amulet ★ become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean ★ share your achievements with your friends

- jugar a Captain Backwater -

Monster Castle
Captura de Monster CastleDrag and connect three or more Puzzles in the same color to Mouse. You are able to connect them in eight different directions. The surrounding chips will also disappear when you connect Bomb.

- jugar a Monster Castle -

Captura de NetbotsChallenging puzzle game with well balanced levels and a motivating storyline. The scientists from the Netbots Science Lab need your help!

- jugar a Netbots -

Atom Antics
Captura de Atom AnticsThe new hit puzzle game - A real brain challenge Professor Twiddie's Atom Antics is addictive, entertaining and fun puzzle game. It's the ultimate brain challenge for you. Proof that you are genius. Help Professor Twiddie. Touch and slide the atoms around the playfield to match the pattern shown on the small image. 200 unique levels will keep you entertained for months. The game saves your progress automatically. FEATURES: ✔ Easy to learn, hard to master ✔ 200 Levels (more will come with updates) ✔ Auto-saves your progress ✔ Relaxing music ✔ Fun, fun, fun!

- jugar a Atom Antics -

Accurate Slapshot Level Pack
Captura de Accurate Slapshot Level Pack30 new fun levels with some improvement. Physics-based game. Try to aim as accurate as you can avoiding different obstacles and taking advantage of them and score a goal. The faster you score the more stars and points you get.

- jugar a Accurate Slapshot Level Pack -

Angry Halloween
Captura de Angry HalloweenYou’re the crazy pumpkin who lives in the kingdom of pumpkin. The people in pumpkin never really wanted him around, so at last they kicked him out. But this crazy pumpkin wanted to make them pay so he built a catapult and planed to destroy their castles.

- jugar a Angry Halloween -

Captura de SkullsMatch skulls in this spooky game, a match 3 game with a fun game mechanism. The game includes a shop with different power-ups to get and 30 challenging levels to complete. Move the zombie hand with the mouse, click to drop a skull. Connect same colored skulls in groups of at least 3 to clear them. Remove all locks from the stage to clear the level. Spend your hard earned coins in the shop for some useful power-ups like poisonous fluids and bombs!

- jugar a Skulls -

Captura de Maze3DSolve 3D mazes in this puzzle / action game. Use your mouse to rotate the maze and try to move the ball to the right hole.

- jugar a Maze3D -

Binga 3
Captura de Binga 3Part 3 of the Binga series.

- jugar a Binga 3 -

Daddy! Solve it for me!
Captura de Daddy! Solve it for me!Gomsee's cute daughter is asking her daddy to solve the puzzle for her. I cannot lose my face as a dad! I will surely solve it for my lovely daughter!

- jugar a Daddy! Solve it for me! -

Pheus and Mor
Captura de Pheus and MorThis is a story about two best frends, a boy Pheus and his dog Mor. Help them to solve puzzles and find out what happened!

- jugar a Pheus and Mor -

Ninja Painter 2
Captura de Ninja Painter 2Ninjas have never been…painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventure! Ninja Painter 2 is an arcade puzzle game with addicting gameplay. Paint the walls through 36 levels in 6 different locations and try to get all the achievements!

- jugar a Ninja Painter 2 -

Jelly Tower
Captura de Jelly TowerHave you ever tried to build up a castle from cards or even toothpicks? It is totally funny and addictive, because a little wind could destroy everything. Try to build up a tower in this game adding the proper elements. Keep the tower balanced, otherwise, it will fall apart and you will lose. Have fun!

- jugar a Jelly Tower -

Matching Monkeyz
Captura de Matching Monkeyz"Matching Monkeyz" is a cartoonish style memory matching game with unique gameplay. As you progress through levels you'll find monkeys that need to be collected in pairs of 3 and even 4. Challenge your brain through 15 entertaining levels and make the highest score!

- jugar a Matching Monkeyz -

Railway Valley 2
Captura de Railway Valley 2You are a Rail Company Manager who is responsible for a whole railroad network full of crossings and junctions, connected all cities of the Railway Valley.

- jugar a Railway Valley 2 -

Talent Shoot 4
Captura de Talent Shoot 4More fun balloons shooting are back with move levels. This is the continuing of talent shoot part 3. Shoot the balloons, every level you have three lives to hit the target require to move to next level. Try to hit the bomb explosion in the middle of the pack.

- jugar a Talent Shoot 4 -

The Master of Chopsticks
Captura de The Master of ChopsticksYou are going to pick up the grains on the plate with the chopstick and move them to the blue plate. Your level goes up when you complete the mission within the time limit.

- jugar a The Master of Chopsticks -

Angry Pumpkins
Captura de Angry PumpkinsIn this Halloween themed physics based game your goal is to knock down all the Frankensteins with slingshot and angry pumpkins. When all Frankensteins down level will complete.

- jugar a Angry Pumpkins -

Chicken Farm
Captura de Chicken FarmThe crow has to avoid the chickens in the poultry farm and eat the feed as much as possible~ The size of the body becomes smaller if you bump into the chickens while eating the feed and the game will be over if you keep on bumping into them~!

- jugar a Chicken Farm -

Mad Shapes 3 ADS
Captura de Mad Shapes 3 ADSCollect all of the shapes in each level by placing identical shapes on the playing field. Use power-ups to change the gravity, shape and size of objects. Move shapes using teleports and different mechanisms.

- jugar a Mad Shapes 3 ADS -

Captura de GolfunIn Golfune, to tire out a ball in a hole, you will first need to solve a small puzzle. Unusual Golf - this should be fun.

- jugar a Golfun -

Twelve O
Captura de Twelve OThe most challenging experience you'll have with a clock since learning how to tell time. Twelve O is an original puzzle game about setting every clock in each level to 12. Inside the game's 27 levels are connected clocks, clocks that move in opposite directions, and even ones that move at different speeds. Twelve O provides a fresh challenge to pass the time while you play with it.

- jugar a Twelve O -

Fruit Faces
Captura de Fruit FacesFunny bubble shooter game with fruit faces.

- jugar a Fruit Faces -

Infectonator 2
Captura de Infectonator 2Infectonator 2 is here! Sequel to the hit Infectonator series, this new game adds a lot of depth, giving you the control to infect entire continents one by one, more funny characters, better graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator 2 gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominating the World once again!

- jugar a Infectonator 2 -

Captura de RabbitSaveWorldThere was full of carrots in the world. One day there was a rabbit, she was very happy to eat carrot. Cut the grass field, let carrot drop in her mouse, to rescue the world!

- jugar a RabbitSaveWorld -

Skull Skull Fall
Captura de Skull Skull FallStack the skulls in groups of 3 or more to make them disappear. Careful, don't let them rise above the safe area. Have fun.

- jugar a Skull Skull Fall -

Rebuild the Temple 2
Captura de Rebuild the Temple 2Remove stone bricks from the Chinese temples without destroying it.

- jugar a Rebuild the Temple 2 -

Colo Ball 2
Captura de Colo Ball 2Guide the ball and clear all color blocks. Collect crystals and avoid enemies. Use color changing blocks to change the ball color. You can clear blocks that are in the color of the ball. Upgrade the ball to improve its skills, unlock and use new balls - football, basketball, baseball, tennis.

- jugar a Colo Ball 2 -

Hidden Expedition: The Missing Wheel
Captura de Hidden Expedition: The Missing WheelYou are all about to leave for a fun filled boat trip when the captain notifies everyone that the ship's wheel has been stolen. Look through various scenes of objects and find the items listed.

- jugar a Hidden Expedition: The Missing Wheel -

Catching Moles
Captura de Catching MolesMoles and mice had appeared in the green melon farm. Quickly catch the moles and the mice with your hammer. Watch out, because other animals of the forest will also appear. You cannot harm the frogs and the rabbits because they are the animals of the forest.

- jugar a Catching Moles -

The Master of Packaging
Captura de The Master of PackagingYou’ve working at a bakery as a part-timer! Try to become the master of packaging by packaging the breads that come in like flood. Cover up the 4 points with the wrapping paper by clicking your mouse and put a ribbon on it by dragging your mouse.

- jugar a The Master of Packaging -

Captura de PsylineThe principle of that experimental game is basically nothing more than dragging an orb into a gate. Seems easy at first sight, but is not! The orb follows a Psyline, which it's bound to and which the player is able to draw. Apart from that the orb underlies the physical laws, which make it harder to let the orb reach it's goal.

- jugar a Psyline -

Captura de GoggleyesYou should destroy three or more one-colored balls in this beautiful and colored puzzle. The more balls you destroy the more points you'll have. Colorful graphic and funny music make this game sweet and fascinating.

- jugar a Goggleyes -

JUR 2 Episode 1
Captura de JUR 2 Episode 1Help Jimmy to fight his way out of Limbo in episode 1 of Jimmy's thrilling adventure! A side-view platform puzzle game, Jimmy is a short, sweet, simple yet challenging affair worth a minute or two of your time.

- jugar a JUR 2 Episode 1 -

Ocean Match
Captura de Ocean MatchGet 3 of the same ocean creatures in a row.

- jugar a Ocean Match -

Extreme Blocks
Captura de Extreme BlocksVery addicting and fun blocks removing game. The best way to spend some of your free time.

- jugar a Extreme Blocks -

Captura de Box'n'Ball2Puzzle with pneumatic control. Guide the Ball to the goal with least clicks. Help to take a key and to leave dangerous places. Move the green ball to the exit by clicking near it, while avoiding getting burned by those red lasers and staying away from the spikes! Try to open secrets levels.

- jugar a Box'n'Ball2 -

Jem Match 2
Captura de Jem Match 2Match the jems and gain points. How much can you earn?

- jugar a Jem Match 2 -

The Lava Escape: Level Pack
Captura de The Lava Escape: Level PackGuide this cute box to his destinattion! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction!

- jugar a The Lava Escape: Level Pack -

Remove Them Jems
Captura de Remove Them JemsMatch the pieces and try to remove them all. Upload you score to the world and challenge your friends on Facebook/twitter...

- jugar a Remove Them Jems -

Cyber Kulkis: Casual
Captura de Cyber Kulkis: CasualCyber Kulkis, a small, spheroidal entity is on a quest. A quest full of glory and logical madness. A quest of clearing weeny worlds and minute lands of waste. And there are only two rules that he has to live for: 1. Do **not** die! 2. Move forward 'till the stop comes. Anything else is but a distraction or a tool to complete the magnificent goal. Cyber Kulkis: Casual takes you on the journey through 20 easy-to-medium difficulty levels filled with fruits and deadly traps.

- jugar a Cyber Kulkis: Casual -

Fruit Crazy
Captura de Fruit CrazyHelp Kevin control the production line! Collect all the lines of fruit in this challenging puzzle mix of strategy and matching!

- jugar a Fruit Crazy -

Bird Line Up
Captura de Bird Line UpLine up your birds in the correct order.

- jugar a Bird Line Up -

Cubizz Memory
Captura de Cubizz MemoryUltimate Memory and Brain trainer! Easy to play on start! Ready for all ages!

- jugar a Cubizz Memory -

Captura de PlexagoPlexgao is a game of mind. A simple turn based puzzle game in which you build shapes, jump enemies, and fight for board control. Play against the 5 different Ai or play your buddy via the local Versus option. Intuitive like checkers, complex like chess.

- jugar a Plexago -

Dungeon Tactics 2
Captura de Dungeon Tactics 2Turn by turn medieval Chess/Pacman-like New, nice addictive flash game The dungeon of fear is the only remains of the castle of the families of Cavalades. During the XIIe century, this family is the source of many battles against the neighboring lords. Solicitating the famous battle of Calvary which was the scene of many atrocities. Use Arrows key for ESCAPE BY THE MEDIEVAL HANGING CAGE - BEWARE OF SQUELETON - One step for one step !

- jugar a Dungeon Tactics 2 -

ZooZ Ball
Captura de ZooZ BallA fun puzzle game by Shimiegames: color the bricks and match the goal in a fun bouncing world!

- jugar a ZooZ Ball -

Sudoku World
Captura de Sudoku WorldA great game of sudoku in which you will work your brain to the fullest. has 3 different levels and world rankings. With board lightly colored to distinguish good groups. a challenge to prove you're the best player in the world.

- jugar a Sudoku World -

Zombies for Soup
Captura de Zombies for SoupMake delicious zombie soup by solving the puzzles and then chopping the heads off and rolling them to the pot.

- jugar a Zombies for Soup -

Lull Them All!
Captura de Lull Them All!Your goal is to lull all children on the level to sleep. To do so, it is necessary to cover them up or to give them teddy bears. Some children are sensitive to noise and light, so you will have to figure out how to lull them to sleep!

- jugar a Lull Them All! -

Adventure of Water Drop 2
Captura de Adventure of Water Drop 2Break rock barriers to guide cute water drop to the exit, collect stars and solve liquid based physics puzzles while avoiding obstacles like spikes!

- jugar a Adventure of Water Drop 2 -

Nano Recon
Captura de Nano ReconYou are nano the robot. Your mission is to explore these caves and find your way out. However, be very careful while navigating as rocks can randomly fall, close and move. This game provides detailed game play instructions as you play along. So its a simple game thats a whole lot of fun to play!

- jugar a Nano Recon -

War ships
Captura de War shipsPlace your boats on board, and then begins to bomb your enemy. Will you get to sink all their ships?

- jugar a War ships -

Captura de AurumA game about the true weight of gold.

- jugar a Aurum -

Cargo Bridge 2
Captura de Cargo Bridge 2The Cargo Bridge is back! Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there are more levels, more bridge connections, more cargo and more fun! Design a bridge on a blueprint and test it when you are done! Your workers will use the construction to get cargo located at the other side of the valley, and bring it back. Your goal is to collect all items in each level. Key features: - 60 levels across 3 colorful themes, with more to come! - 3 level packs: Green Hills, The Moon, Construction Site - 6 tools for bridge building: walks, wood, steel, rope, springs and TNT! - New gameplay elements like bee swarms, space portals and crane hooks! - New cargo types - Level editor and community levels so you can play on maps created by others - Possibility to sign up and keep you game progress safe on our servers

- jugar a Cargo Bridge 2 -

Captura de ZmiiZmii is a close relative of the popular ‘Snake’, but this game is a bit different to a classic one. All the ‘edible’ squares on the field have different colors. If you collect 3 of the same color in a row, they disappear and you get extra points. On the field there are also bonuses that become visible only when the snake approaches them. Each bonus gives you some advantage in the game: Cherries add 112 points and change the color of all elements on the field. Banana adds 56 points. Pear adds 23 points and speeds up the snake. Apple adds 23 points and slows down the snake. There are two game modes: endless, lasting until the snake collides any obstacle, and the levels where you need to collect a certain amount of points to level up.

- jugar a Zmii -

Gems Planet
Captura de Gems PlanetSpace themed match three game with gems.

- jugar a Gems Planet -

Split image and balls
Captura de Split image and ballsOn the playing field is the image. Required to collect from different parts of the whole picture. Total screen located 20 small parts of the picture. Controlled with a mouse or keyboard.

- jugar a Split image and balls -

Loki Toki
Captura de Loki TokiLoki Toki is a funny creature that love nuts. Help him avoid obstacles and catch his favorite food.

- jugar a Loki Toki -

Bloody Sieged!
Captura de Bloody Sieged!Your castle is under siege! Again! But now you can be more brutal - use more bombs, cannons, spikes and other stuff to beat up enemies. Physics and your brains will help you!

- jugar a Bloody Sieged! -

House of Chocolates
Captura de House of ChocolatesThe object of the game is to match as many boxes as possible in a limited time. You need to match the pieces in places so that the whole board becomes highlighted before advancing to the next stage. Have Fun!

- jugar a House of Chocolates -

Athos vs. Beasts
Captura de Athos vs. BeastsTrow the bombs at evil beasts to destroy them. Physics based action puzzle. Box2D engine. Features 30 base levels 4 chapters (Church, Town, Bastion, Castle) 3 special levels (blowing tubes) good reward system, score is matter 9 types of trowing objects (bombs, spears, stones) ability to choose which new level to play (3 and more) Game has theme. France of XVII century. And has "bookish" style just like you are reading some adventure story with colorful pictures. No need for complicated tutorial. There is little hints appearing at the start of first levels, picture and some words. Beast character has funny animation and goofy sounds.

- jugar a Athos vs. Beasts -

Captura de Ball-BoxMatch 3 or more of the same color to free balls from the board

- jugar a Ball-Box -

mesmemarble 2
Captura de mesmemarble 2The objective of the game is to simply find the exit. Try to pick up all the stars as you go for more points. Check out the powerups and avoid the bad ones. Survey the maze first. Move around the red marbles or lose life! Good Luck!

- jugar a mesmemarble 2 -

Hamster Ball
Captura de Hamster BallThe objective of the game is to move the hamsterball to the orange flag and stop there as quickly as possible. Make sure you avoid the spikes and pitfalls so the poor hamster dosent die. Make sure you collect the stars on the way! Enjoy!

- jugar a Hamster Ball -

Metal Wall
Captura de Metal WallReach the exit without touching the walls in this cool puzzle game, Metal Wall. The main objective is to reach the exit by moving the stick and not touching the walls. Make sure you time your movement properly to reach the end.

- jugar a Metal Wall -

Oh, My Candy! Players Pack
Captura de Oh, My Candy! Players PackThis little hamster loves candies. You should push them through different puzzles to feed this candy-lover.

- jugar a Oh, My Candy! Players Pack -

Complete The Gear
Captura de Complete The GearJump on all gear in this one-button game! Featuring 2 game modes, 51 levels, 5 different gears types, obstacles and bonuses!

- jugar a Complete The Gear -

Captura de SwindlerDrop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure!

- jugar a Swindler -

Azon penguins
Captura de Azon penguinsHope you enjoy! and have nice a day with "Azon penguins" ^_^.

- jugar a Azon penguins -

Jam Extended
Captura de Jam ExtendedHelp jam to reach the ground, click on blocks to remove them, collect strawberries to earn points and dont fall down. Beat all 40 levels.

- jugar a Jam Extended -

Tower Builder
Captura de Tower BuilderBuild highest tower.

- jugar a Tower Builder -

Super Space Roller
Captura de Super Space RollerThe game is a space themed, grid based puzzle where your challenge is to paint the space paths red while avoiding aliens.

- jugar a Super Space Roller -

wildcat bricks
Captura de wildcat bricksUse small bricks to create everything you want. Solve the puzzles and share your codes with your friends

- jugar a wildcat bricks -

Meeblings Player Pack 1
Captura de Meeblings Player Pack 1After 120 million plays of meeblings 1 and 2, the time is right for 50 new levels designed by you, the players. Enjoy hours more challenging fun with the familiar colourful friends, the Meeblings.

- jugar a Meeblings Player Pack 1 -

Captura de Popstaruse mouse to click the block.gather same color,the more the better more bonus with less blocks at the end of the stage.

- jugar a Popstar -

Physics Marathon: Remover
Captura de Physics Marathon: RemoverLight and relaxing physics removal game. Enjoy!

- jugar a Physics Marathon: Remover -

Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Captura de Lost Kingdom ProphecySerena and her friends team up to go on a mind-blowing adventure and save the entire world from tragedy. Dive into this Hidden Object game and become a hero, today!

- jugar a Lost Kingdom Prophecy -

Captura de CubinectA simple yet challenging puzzle game with sliding blocks. Re-arrange the blocks on each level to bond all of the green and pink blocks into groups, without leaving any behind!

- jugar a Cubinect -

Smart Birds
Captura de Smart BirdsIt is wonderfull puzzle game. Help birds to unlock nesting boxes with magic lanterns. Place birds on screen so all the locks are highlighted with lanterns to complete level.

- jugar a Smart Birds -

Fishhead & The Heart of Gold: Chapter 1
Captura de Fishhead & The Heart of Gold: Chapter 1Poor Fishhead. All he wants to do today is relax at home without a care in the world. Unfortunately for him Tomatoman & Highhair want to demolish his house! You must stop them!

- jugar a Fishhead & The Heart of Gold: Chapter 1 -

Zombie Sports : Tennis
Captura de Zombie Sports : TennisEven Zombies like to keep fit by playing some Tennis! Smash the eyeballs around and collect the brains!

- jugar a Zombie Sports : Tennis -

Captura de RectRotRotate and jump your block through 40 challenging levels in this brain-teasing puzzle game!

- jugar a RectRot -

Captura de TumbleDotsTumbleDots is a fast-paced match-3 game with a unique control spin. Try it free as a flash game—and then try it free on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! "This is probably the first game I have played where I have actually laughed out loud while playing."—What's That App? "simple yet addicting game"—AppsOnTapp

- jugar a TumbleDots -

Fusion Rocket
Captura de Fusion RocketFusion Rocket is a completely original puzzle game, with a simple pick up and play type gameplay. This game is recommended for fans of the match 3 genre. Those who enjoy Bejeweled or Chuzzle will absolutely love Fusion Rocket. To play the game, you click and move your mouse to compress a row of gems. When 3 or more gems combine they explode, releasing particles that charge up other nearby gems. This can cause more gems to explode and create chain reactions.

- jugar a Fusion Rocket -

Mission Planet X
Captura de Mission Planet XPlanet X is a unique puzzle game in which you need to find the accurate path to carry your rocket towards the Planet X. You have to face many obstacles and challenge, but also a lot of fun around the way.

- jugar a Mission Planet X -

Angry Policeman
Captura de Angry PolicemanPolice, theft, money, medals, catch the thief to become police talent. A new games like Angry Birds.

- jugar a Angry Policeman -

My bad soul
Captura de My bad soulPlatform game with puzzle and action.

- jugar a My bad soul -

Paper Pipe Twist
Captura de Paper Pipe TwistCan you twist the pipes into place to put out all the fires? A fun puzzle game with hand-drawn artwork. Figure out the twists and turns of the fiendish Puzzle Mode, or test yourself against the infinite Challenge Mode! HOW TO PLAY: Click to twist a group of four pipes. Link the taps to the fires, without any leaks.

- jugar a Paper Pipe Twist -

Indi Cannon Players Pack
Captura de Indi Cannon Players PackShoot Indiana to collect coins. Avoid traps, use idols to get rid of bats and spiders. Detonate explosive Indiana to collect coins with it's body parts. Stone Indiana crushes carnivorous plants and obstacles.

- jugar a Indi Cannon Players Pack -

Destroy the radiation!
Captura de Destroy the radiation!This game is forcing you to think carefully and to experiment in order to pass all levels. Creating new or removing existing blocks you need to move radioactive containers at a special panel.

- jugar a Destroy the radiation! -

Little Farm Mahjong
Captura de Little Farm MahjongThis time we bring you a mahjong you will look very funny. This game is full of farm animals and you have to find their respective partners. If you like mahjong games, sure you'll like this, because it has a country music that will make you can not stop playing.

- jugar a Little Farm Mahjong -

Fresh Fruit - Gold Match
Captura de Fresh Fruit - Gold MatchFresh fruit is always useful. Play puzzle with fresh fruit and have fun. Beat records and become a champion.

- jugar a Fresh Fruit - Gold Match -

Myor cat
Captura de Myor catA game like Angry Bird

- jugar a Myor cat -

R0B3R7 the Robot
Captura de R0B3R7 the RobotHelp R0B3R7 complete the puzzles and escape each level. The game has 20 levels and also a level editor that you can use to make your own.

- jugar a R0B3R7 the Robot -

Elemental Balance
Captura de Elemental BalanceExplode bombs to burn wood with fire and rust metal in water. The Fire, Sky, Water, and Earth worlds feature unique gameplay elements for a total of 48 addictive and challenging levels.

- jugar a Elemental Balance -

Jump Me
Captura de Jump MeA short and sweet puzzle game designed as a quick distraction. In 'Jump Me' you must move each piece into the outlined areas. There is a catch though: a piece can only move once, unless that piece jumps another. Enjoy the simple gameplay on your first play through and then challenge yourself by completing each level to perfection.

- jugar a Jump Me -

Captura de JamHelp jam to reach the ground, click on blocks to remove them and dont fall down. Beat all 21 levels.

- jugar a Jam -

Heart Cubes
Captura de Heart CubesHeart Cubes is a physics based puzzle game. Although it looks simple to match the heart cubes, as move further in game it makes tedious to complete the level. Match all the similar cubes as fast as possible as time is a constraint and you have limited clues to utilise like shuffles and single click available. A simple and stunning brain teaser with a time constraint. Now submit scores and check your abilities among others.

- jugar a Heart Cubes -

Super Balls 3
Captura de Super Balls 3In the fantasy world of diamonds falling from the top can fill the entire screen. Remove diamonds from the field by clicking with the mouse.

- jugar a Super Balls 3 -

Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3
Captura de Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3A third part to the hugely popular Monkey GO Happy Marathon series! Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3!

- jugar a Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3 -

Silly Sausage
Captura de Silly SausageUse your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.

- jugar a Silly Sausage -

Puzzing Level Pack
Captura de Puzzing Level PackThere is quite a challenge for your logic, nice graphics to please the eye and soft sound effects. A fine combination to carry you away.

- jugar a Puzzing Level Pack -

Hippos vs Rhinos
Captura de Hippos vs RhinosThe evil rhinos have invaded the land of happy hippos. It is up to you to remove them.

- jugar a Hippos vs Rhinos -

Anaconda: The space snake
Captura de Anaconda: The space snakeThe snake bite again!

- jugar a Anaconda: The space snake -

Blob and Blocks: New Levels
Captura de Blob and Blocks: New LevelsBlob based on Gish physics! Guide this cute green blob to the green grass. Click blocks to remove tham.

- jugar a Blob and Blocks: New Levels -

Animal Catcher
Captura de Animal CatcherCollect the same animals in groups of 4 or more. Try to catch only the good animals, they will bring you bigger bonuses.

- jugar a Animal Catcher -

Knight and Witch
Captura de Knight and WitchRid the world of the evil king and his monster minions. Use knight and witch skills to eliminate all enemies and collect treasures across 35 levels of physics puzzle mayhem. The Witch masters fireball (explodes on impact) and telekinesis (moving things around). The Knight masters the spikeball (destroy things) and jumping. An editor is also available from the main menu. You can share the level online or by a level code.

- jugar a Knight and Witch -

Tokyo Guinea Pop
Captura de Tokyo Guinea PopBubble Guinea Pop returns, this time in Tokyo Zoo. Help the Guinea Pigs use snakes and bubblegum to rescue the animals from the ZooWrangler!

- jugar a Tokyo Guinea Pop -

Jelly Cat
Captura de Jelly CatGuide this cute jelly cat to the exit! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction!

- jugar a Jelly Cat -

Pixel Jump
Captura de Pixel JumpCan you jump through all 24 levels in this addicting one-button platform-skill game?

- jugar a Pixel Jump -

kill Pirates: Level Pack
Captura de kill Pirates: Level PackNew Level Pack.Use the bombs to kill all pirates, don't kill the policeman. Great physics game with 30 levels to complete.

- jugar a kill Pirates: Level Pack -

Blockie Block
Captura de Blockie BlockBlockie Block is an addictive game where you need to get green Blockie man to the finish. To do so, you need to crack correct green squares. Have fun!

- jugar a Blockie Block -

Ball Breaker
Captura de Ball BreakerFun breakout type game where you use a 3 wheeled breaker vehicle to keep the ball bouncing to break all blocks.

- jugar a Ball Breaker -

Captura de P-CatFun and exciting puzzle game with cat and dogs. Help the cat grow and don't let the dogs to catch it.

- jugar a P-Cat -

Chest Guest 2
Captura de Chest Guest 2A Fun Colourful Matching Memory Game

- jugar a Chest Guest 2 -

Sugar, sugar 2
Captura de Sugar, sugar 2Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 30 levels and unlock a bonus freeplay mode!

- jugar a Sugar, sugar 2 -

Qube 2
Captura de Qube 2Qube is back with an exciting Blitz mode! Once again you have to strategically drop the blocks in the cube, to match 3 or more. Use a bunch of new power-ups to help you with this task!

- jugar a Qube 2 -

Jelly Tower Planets
Captura de Jelly Tower PlanetsHave you ever tried to build up a castle from cards or even toothpicks? It is totally funny and addictive, because a little wind could destroy everything. Try to build up a tower in this game adding the proper elements. Keep the tower balanced, otherwise, it will fall apart and you will lose. Have fun!

- jugar a Jelly Tower Planets -

The Lava Escape
Captura de The Lava EscapeGuide this cute box to his destinattion! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction!

- jugar a The Lava Escape -

Ultimate Cruise
Captura de Ultimate CruiseRun a cruise liner business and get rich! Upgrade your ship, buy new facilities, look after your passengers and entertain them. Watch your money and try not to go bust! Go through the in-game tutorial before you begin - there is lot involved. Tips - Do not over spend - keep at least $2 million cash after buying anything from the shop. - Constantly look after your passengers - move them to different facilities on the boat and respond quickly to passengers who want to do something. - You can only buy upgrades for your boat when you reach an island. - Ticket prices can only be set when you are sailing from one island to another. - Set exposure (advertising) higher to attract more paying customers. - The more customers you have, the more money you will make through ticket prices. - Do not set ticket prices too high, otherwise you will not get any passengers on your next voyage. - Do not upset too many passengers, or you will not get many passengers on your next voyage. - Borrow money whenever you can - it is important to have cashflow and to use the money to invest in new facilites. - Monitor the daily expenses and income graphs to see what facilities are providing you with the most cash and what is costing you the most.

- jugar a Ultimate Cruise -

Zoo Mahjongg
Captura de Zoo MahjonggFind all the parts of the Zoo animals in this special Mahjong tile game.

- jugar a Zoo Mahjongg -

Captura de GemtrisGemTris is a tetris like game where you have to create lines of gems with the same shape and/or colour. To help you doing that you can change the next gems shape or colour at the cost of some points. Enjoy!

- jugar a Gemtris -

The Blocks Revenge
Captura de The Blocks RevengeBlocks are invading and you are the only one who can stop them. Click on groups of two or more blocks to destroy them and don't rest because there are millions of them.

- jugar a The Blocks Revenge -

The Mechanicer
Captura de The MechanicerHumanity has reached the heights to create robots, but have not been able to make an intelligent copy. You - one of the prototypes of robots. Prove that you can go through all the trials and tests! Features: - Exciting levels - A variety of puzzles and game objects are used - Atmospheric, total immersion in the game - Amazing soundtrack

- jugar a The Mechanicer -

Blob and Blocks: Double Quest
Captura de Blob and Blocks: Double QuestBlob based on Gish physics! Guide this cute green blob to the green grass. Click blocks to remove tham.

- jugar a Blob and Blocks: Double Quest -

Global Cooling
Captura de Global CoolingUse the left-click button on your mouse to play. Match up the Arctic creatures as fast as you can to earn a high score before the ice melts.

- jugar a Global Cooling -

Bloody Blocks
Captura de Bloody BlocksDrop blocks, bombs. Connect four or more blocks with the same color to destroy them. Pass the levels to unlock new colors!

- jugar a Bloody Blocks -

Tom TAPper
Captura de Tom TAPperDescripton: Uve always dreamed of adventures, treasures and dangers? Your dreams came true Tom TAPper will give u all of this! Different levels, traps, enemies Want to stay alive be careful and attentive all the time! TAP of your finger always lead to unexpected move of Tom. So be sure that to pass each level from the first try is almost impossible! Are your skills ready for all of this?... Features: Always unexpected TAP-gameplay 60 levels of fun! Cool pixel graphics The atmosphere of adventure Fights with enemies and bosses

- jugar a Tom TAPper -

Captura de BlockapicaClick on any group of the same pieces to remove them and try to clear the whole board. The unmatched pieces will take your hit points. Game over when you have no more hit points.

- jugar a Blockapica -

Remove Creatures
Captura de Remove CreaturesDraw a line with your mouse a path on the hexagons to remove two or more creatures of same kind.

- jugar a Remove Creatures -

Ragdoll Achievement
Captura de Ragdoll AchievementWe have to do some test today! Use weapons and your imagination to unlock all ahievements! PS Dummy don't feel any pain, really! Check walkthrough if you stuck

- jugar a Ragdoll Achievement -

That Bomb Game
Captura de That Bomb GameBlast those blocks off the screen and earn some cash in this physics based puzzle game.

- jugar a That Bomb Game -

Space Lighs Out: Level Pack
Captura de Space Lighs Out: Level PackThe objective is to turn all lights on the board out. By clicking a piece you will reverse the state for that piece and every adjacent piece. Turn all lights out.

- jugar a Space Lighs Out: Level Pack -

Summer Flowers
Captura de Summer FlowersFind five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.

- jugar a Summer Flowers -

Chudovista Bubble Shooter
Captura de Chudovista Bubble ShooterFun bubble shooter game with your favorite monsters theme!

- jugar a Chudovista Bubble Shooter -

Match Around the World
Captura de Match Around the WorldDiscover the most famous places in the world with this Match 3 game.

- jugar a Match Around the World -

Medieval Magic
Captura de Medieval MagicMedieval Magic is a mew puzzle game by Try yourself as a medieval alchemist! Click at the group of three or more stones of the same color to destroy them .

- jugar a Medieval Magic -

Kill Troll
Captura de Kill TrollHelp save the kingdom by killing the smelly troll and save our knight with stunning 3D effect and real physic game play. Using your problem solving skill to solve each level rela physic puzzle.Each level are more challenge and interesting than the last.

- jugar a Kill Troll -

Captura de TriVilleIn this game you must join 3 or more items to create one item form the next level. From two base items, wood and stone, create the greatest town before you run out of empty spaces.

- jugar a TriVille -

Jelly Tower Seasons
Captura de Jelly Tower SeasonsHave you ever tried to build up a castle from cards or even toothpicks? It is totally funny and addictive, because a little wind could destroy everything. Try to build up a tower in this game adding the proper elements. Keep the tower balanced, otherwise, it will fall apart and you will lose. Have fun!

- jugar a Jelly Tower Seasons -

Captura de azewKing Nolyn sent you on a quest to search for wi-fi connection throughout the whole castle. Azew is a puzzle platform game with a bit different mechanics and a little sense of humor. Every level is a room from witch you need to get out by rotating it. Rotating the room will allow you to control not just the main character, but all the characters on the screen, even the enemies. Be wise and use your enemies to help you pass some of the levels. For more detailed explanation see in-game help. Have fun

- jugar a azew -

Bring Me Home Level Pack
Captura de Bring Me Home Level PackGuide this cute pink alien to his destinattion! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction! Make sure that the alien will reach the finish!

- jugar a Bring Me Home Level Pack -

Pixel Strain
Captura de Pixel StrainBring the Blue Pixel in the Yellow Boxes. Control with the Mouse.

- jugar a Pixel Strain -

Captura de BloweeeA mind-blowing colourful puzzle. Bloweees are very explosive, think hard and blow up longest chains to multiply your points and prevent reactor explosion.

- jugar a Bloweee -

Blob and Blocks
Captura de Blob and BlocksBlob based on Gish physics! Guide this cute green blob to the green grass. Click blocks to remove tham.

- jugar a Blob and Blocks -

Gumball Line-up
Captura de Gumball Line-upThe gumballs have escaped. Get them back into the gumball machine before they overwhelm the game board in this fun puzzle game.

- jugar a Gumball Line-up -

Bots and Blocks
Captura de Bots and BlocksUse your ability to create blocks to crush those pesky bots!

- jugar a Bots and Blocks -

Captura de MoirDrag and drop tiles from the selection area onto the stage to complete a ball's path. Get all balls to their goals to complete each stage. Features: -30 stages -10 Achievements -Shared Object to remember game progress -Minimal file size. Under 500kb so it will load immediately for almost any user

- jugar a Moir -

Adventure Differences
Captura de Adventure Differences5 intriguing adventure pictures and seven differences in every of them. Differences are excellent hide and it is not that quick to discover it! Find differences prior to time runs out! Should you make five errors and click inside the incorrect place the game is more than. Use mouse to click on differences. In case you miss you start off at the beginning. Good luck!

- jugar a Adventure Differences -

Captura de BubblesBubbles is a puzzle based shooting game. Aim to shoot the same colored balls to match the balls in the board.matching 3 or more balls make it disappear fro the scrolling board.Use mouse to aim perfectly for a wonderful shoot.

- jugar a Bubbles -

Captura de BombRunnerA maze-riddled mix of minigolf and pinball set in deep space. Guide your bomb through 24 levels, improve your ship with upgrades, battle against epic bosses and save the galaxy!

- jugar a BombRunner -

Captura de JUR 2Poor, poor Jimmy. Killed by a freak window and plunged into the depths of Limbo, Jimmy's soul has been claimed by the Sax man and must now battle his way to freedom. Features music made by me, graphics made by me and sound effects made by me. Probably not something to be proud of. Has taken me a month to remake Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection, hence why it is now called JUR's Unlikely Resurrection. Oh and Newgrounds doesn't support a title long enough to fit the entire name in.

- jugar a JUR 2 -

Link Cut
Captura de Link CutDraw a line to link 3 and more same clolor balls to clear. If your line has other color ball, you will lost 1 life.

- jugar a Link Cut -

bioPhysics 3D
Captura de bioPhysics 3DThe aim of the game is to put mines for breaking boxes which are higher than a mark. Mines stuck with the texture 1 and are displayed as red ones. And mines which are not stuck with texture 2 are grey.

- jugar a bioPhysics 3D -

Bomb And Bomber
Captura de Bomb And BomberClean your city from bombs. Bombs can only be removed in type of groups of two or more. If you leave one bomb from a bomb type, you will fail automatically. Have fun.

- jugar a Bomb And Bomber -

Max and Michele
Captura de Max and MicheleThis love story of two people, Max and Michele to whom you will help will meet pushing aside obstacles in their way.

- jugar a Max and Michele -

Cross Clear
Captura de Cross ClearA match game, try to find same color blocks which are cross linked. Be careful that wrong click will reduce your time or your scores.

- jugar a Cross Clear -

Fancy Pandas
Captura de Fancy PandasA physics puzzle game. Join all pandas together. The pandas have different gravity. There are chimps(friend of panda) and enemies in the game. The chimps too have different gravities. Use them wisely to complete the levels. If any pandas touch the enemy characters the level will fail. The game contains 50 levels.

- jugar a Fancy Pandas -

Dino Times Mahjong
Captura de Dino Times presents new colorful free addictive online mahjong game. This mahjong game requires your skill, experience and memory. Click at the same tiles with two opened adjacent sides. Destroy all tiles on the table to pass to the next level.

- jugar a Dino Times Mahjong -

Tiny Fish Factory
Captura de Tiny Fish FactoryThe objective of this game is to swap one fish with an adjacent fish to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more fish. Fish disappear when chains are formed and new groups of fish fall from the top to fill in will be awarded with bonus score points for saved time.

- jugar a Tiny Fish Factory -

Cross The Line
Captura de Cross The LineShoot a ball out of a cannon. The goal is to have the ball cross the finish ( A bright green line ).

- jugar a Cross The Line -

Best unicorn hidden numbers
Captura de Best unicorn hidden numbersBest unicorn hidden numbers Game. Find the hidden numbers and go to the next level.

- jugar a Best unicorn hidden numbers -

Chic-i Girls de la Suerte
Captura de Chic-i Girls de la Suerte

Chic-i Girls de la Suerte es un juego donde podrás elegir tu Chic-i Girls favorita para jugar uniendo 4 o más fichas del mismo color. Elimina las fichas grises, conseguir muchos puntos y tener mejor suerte durante el día.

- jugar a Chic-i Girls de la Suerte -

Killheads Match (Android)
Captura de Killheads Match (Android)Killheads are back! How long can you survive attacks of bloody zombies? The game is fully optimized for Android devices!

- jugar a Killheads Match (Android) -

Monarch Patience
Captura de Monarch presents new solitaire game. You need to move all of the cards from the table to the foundation. The foundation may be built up or down regardless of suit. This game have picturesque graphics that make this game even more addictive.

- jugar a Monarch Patience -

Planets Defender
Captura de Planets presents new physics game. The terrible guests arrive to our planet. World governments does not know if they comes with war or peace. So, they are decide to direct magnetic field so that the flying asteroids help to destroy these guests. Balance and direct the comet movement in this addictive skill game.

- jugar a Planets Defender -

The Hardest Game
Captura de The Hardest GameMake your way through 7 levels without dying.

- jugar a The Hardest Game -

Farm it
Captura de Farm itFarm It! is a classic line and dot game. Join the dots with lines when you turn comes and create as many squares as possible so that you complete the level. You will play against computer when you are in single player mode. If it's two player mode then you will need another player to play with you on the same device or smartphone. If you create more squares than the other player or computer, you are the winner and the level is completed. The next level will get unlocked as soon as you complete the current level. There is a very good eye appealing user interface on the game and you will get addicted to this game fore sure! So, Go grab this game and start defeating the computer!

- jugar a Farm it -

Devil Blocks 2
Captura de Devil Blocks 2Send the devil back to hell. Now with more level of exciting fun. Click on green to destroy them. You can move the blue one and the yellow block will open your way every 3 seconds.

- jugar a Devil Blocks 2 -

Captura de BlowUpSmileyPut at least three Smiley's of the same color together so that they burst and disappear.if reach some score it will move to the next level,If Smiley's reach the bottom limit line the game is over.

- jugar a BlowUpSmiley -

Captura de COLBOXsimple fun and relaxing puzzle ambient game.

- jugar a COLBOX -

BreakOut Classic
Captura de BreakOut ClassicMove your paddle with you mouse and try to destroy all bricks, avoiding bombs and getting target shot and hearts!

- jugar a BreakOut Classic -

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold
Captura de Forty Thieves Solitaire GoldSneak into the cave of the forty thieves and get the gold in this popular card game. See how often you can steal their treasure!

- jugar a Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold -

Brick Breaker
Captura de Brick BreakerA classical Arkanoid game with many levels to enjoy!

- jugar a Brick Breaker -

Bub Break
Captura de Bub BreakBreak bubbles through 20 levels to complete this fun, and addicting kids game filled with power ups, silly bubble pictures, and fun joyful music.

- jugar a Bub Break -

Captura de GhosrunCreate match 3 color or more to escape from te haunted house. Simple addictive match three game with good quality.

- jugar a Ghosrun -

Original Mahjong
Captura de Original MahjongA pure original, great looking Mah-Jong game.

- jugar a Original Mahjong -

Happy Dead Friends
Captura de Happy Dead FriendsFind the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures, for connect all hands and make creatures happy.

- jugar a Happy Dead Friends -

Captura de PIXEL FIELDDescription: Move the base around but watch out as the 3 connected swinging pixels don't hit a bad pixel.

- jugar a PIXEL FIELD -

Sand Enigma Solitaire
Captura de Sand Enigma presents new card solitaire game with picturesque graphic and captivating gameplay. You come across the arid desert from one oasis to another. The trip is difficult and you should play solitaire games in each rest.

- jugar a Sand Enigma Solitaire -

Orange Block Attack
Captura de Orange Block AttackGet ready to draw yourself through 14 nerve-wracking levels! Focus, skill and speed is needed to survive the onslaught of orange blocks. Be sure to make as many consecutive correct inputs to get a really good score.

- jugar a Orange Block Attack -

3d maze
Captura de 3d maze3d maze game. Use arrow keys.

- jugar a 3d maze -

Quasimodo's Rooms
Captura de Quasimodo's RoomsQuasimodo is imprisoned in the city tower. To escape he must reach the door of each level. Help him in this great new adventure. Good luck! ARROWS to move the cursor. Z to destroy a block. Z to move platforms X to destroy blocks Tips and help: info (at) Another game by

- jugar a Quasimodo's Rooms -

Captura de LOSTIts a puzzle game, where you control a creature and try finding the exit.

- jugar a LOST -

Captura de SpaceSurvivorsDid you ever dream of appear in the zero gravity? It is partly physic puzzle and partly action. The spaceship was crashed and now you are supposed to evacuate spacemen avoiding different dangers, such as swamping holes, hungry aliens, sharp spikes, blowing fans, etc. There are 20 various cosmic modules (levels) expecting you. Also, there are 2 difficulty modes oriented for either fans of casual or hardcore games. You can always choose the difficulty mode in the settings menu. Are you cool enough to collect all the stars on each level? (However, it is enough to lead every spaceman to the exit to continue.) Good luck!

- jugar a SpaceSurvivors -

Cats Patience
Captura de Cats PatienceTry new online card game by While owners are at work the cats are playing cards. Dedicated to all pet and solitaire lovers! New levels and vivid graphics make this game exciting.

- jugar a Cats Patience -

Captura de Stack-A-RamaStack-A-Rama is an addictive fun physics puzzle game suitable for all ages and skill levels ! The aim of each level is to stack the shapes without losing any over the sides. As the levels progress, more and more shapes need to be carefully balanced. The quicker they are placed the higher the score, but speed also increases the likelihood of failure.

- jugar a Stack-A-Rama -

Monster Farm Factory
Captura de Monster Farm Factoryyou must be skilful and patient to accept this challenger

- jugar a Monster Farm Factory -

Free Cut
Captura de Free Cutbreak bricks and new feature ared designed.

- jugar a Free Cut -

Fox'n'Roll Players Pack
Captura de Fox'n'Roll Players PackFunny physics-based puzzle. Players pack for original Fox'n'Roll. Help the smiley to reach the happy fox so they can be together.

- jugar a Fox'n'Roll Players Pack -

Soviet Spy Patience
Captura de Soviet Spy PatienceNew picturesque solitaire with stylish graphics by Your goal is to clear the table; two cards of the same rank can be moved to the foundation. If you failed to spot the pair turn over the stock.Solve the mysterious puzzle, pass all levels.

- jugar a Soviet Spy Patience -

Captura de AggroThis is a fun game made?? for physics! In this game you will find: Funny art! 25 levels 4 funny heroes 5 of enemies Exlusive soundtrack And more

- jugar a Aggro -

Captura de BasketbirdThrow birds through baskets.

- jugar a Basketbird -

Captura de PropulsionUtilise your mastery of geometry and momentum to beat this 2D puzzle-platformer! Bounce your bullets off the walls to destroy the enemy aliens on each of the 30 premade levels before building your own levels in the included Level Editor to send to friends.

- jugar a Propulsion -

Captura de WoopatonicBlitz match three game. One minute to play. Drag pieces with mouse to make rows of three or more. Match more than three pieces to get more scores. Make matches by dragging the same piece to get combos.

- jugar a Woopatonic -

Bunny vs Beetles
Captura de Bunny vs BeetlesHelp the bunny to resist beetles, who want to eat his harvest.

- jugar a Bunny vs Beetles -

Steampunk PP
Captura de Steampunk PPSteampunk physics remover is back. New pack of the levels from the players around the world waiting for you. Your objective is to place the good heroes to the saving surface, and to throw out of the screen the villain by destroying the wooden box, bombs, etc.

- jugar a Steampunk PP -

Captura de BristliesHelp Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, just restart a level several times and skip level button will appear.

- jugar a Bristlies -

Loose Cannon
Captura de Loose CannonBlast your cannon, shoot your rifle and jump around to beat 30 levels of pirate mayhem in this physics puzzle.

- jugar a Loose Cannon -

Bubble Mix
Captura de Bubble MixMix of 5 different bubble games for instance a match 3 game with bubbles and a bubble shooter game.

- jugar a Bubble Mix -

Captura de selFishBe SelFish, yes be the most selFish fish in the pond. SelFish is a fun puzzle skill game. You play as a small gray fish. Go through many levels, eating smaller fish to become the biggest fish around. If you are too small and decide to eat a bigger fish, you will be the one to get eaten. This game starts out easy, but becomes much harder as you get to the higher levels. Hope you enjoy the addicting challenging gameplay and art style. This game is brought to you by and created by Milica Andjelkovic and Stefan Nikolic.

- jugar a selFish -

Spacedude! Gravity! Danger!
Captura de Spacedude! Gravity! Danger!Help Spacedude escape an enemy ship, collecting powerups on the way.

- jugar a Spacedude! Gravity! Danger! -

Shuriken Drop
Captura de Shuriken DropShuriken Drop is a simple to learn, yet difficult to master action puzzle game! Whilst it looks like a simple Tetris style game to beginners, It quickly transforms into a considerably more challenging experience once the first Shuriken Drops!

- jugar a Shuriken Drop -

Captura de KabloomoAddictive chain reaction game with awesome explosions

- jugar a Kabloomo -

Weather Mahjong
Captura de Weather MahjongNew online mahjong game from We are sure the game will be interesting for peoples who just discover the games of this genre. Try to resolve all puzzles in quiet and relaxing atmosphere while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Find identical tiles and click at them to destroy.

- jugar a Weather Mahjong -

Get It Dark
Captura de Get It DarkTest your mind with this puzzle. You think you`re hot? You`re not! Good luck comrade!

- jugar a Get It Dark -

Landscape Puzzle
Captura de Landscape PuzzleMake the puzzle picture with sense

- jugar a Landscape Puzzle -

Crossword GO10
Captura de Crossword GO10Solve the clues and complete crossword GO10

- jugar a Crossword GO10 -

Holi Color Matcher
Captura de Holi Color MatcherFun and colorful match 3 game inspired by the Indian Holi festival of colors.

- jugar a Holi Color Matcher -

Captura de GemolitionGet your hardhat and goggles on, because here comes Gemolition! Just pick the right colors to match into rows or columns, or more gems will drop in to complicate things! Gems can path all the way across the board, but they're dainty, they can't muscle past diagonally!

- jugar a Gemolition -

Captura de AdynatopiaThis is a game about moving in impossible ways through an impossible space. You will need to bend your perception of reality to beat it. good luck.

- jugar a Adynatopia -

Ming Mang
Captura de Ming MangA board game based on the Tibetan strategy game Ming Mang. The game has four difficulty levels and four different board setups. Can you beat the Master?

- jugar a Ming Mang -

Froggy and Duckling
Captura de Froggy and DucklingDiscover a beautiful story about friendship and show your skills in this cool difference game! Find the differences between the sets of pictures in each level and watch the adventures of two cute creatures: Froggy and Duckling! Complete each level to be able to get to the new one and find out what happens next! Have fun!

- jugar a Froggy and Duckling -

Birds Defenders
Captura de Birds DefendersDestroy all cages and free the birds. Stick the dynamite on wooden blocks. Get a higher score for the speed.

- jugar a Birds Defenders -

Sweet Shop Swap
Captura de Sweet Shop SwapSatisfy your sweet tooth for puzzles with the super-sugary match three game!

- jugar a Sweet Shop Swap -

Cat Food
Captura de Cat FoodCats are very fond of fish, help to get to the red-haired cat's favorite food.

- jugar a Cat Food -

Captura de FourPlayEnjoy a good quick game of FourPlay also known as 4 in a row. Play against the computer and find out if you can beat it.

- jugar a FourPlay -

Attack Zombie
Captura de Attack ZombieIn this game you need to stop the terror of zombies. For this purpose, destroy them using a giant slingshot.

- jugar a Attack Zombie -

All-in-One Mahjong
Captura de All-in-One MahjongMahjong is a free solitaire game where the player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board. Choose between time and score mode, compete with your friends and have fun! Don’t forget to turn on the internet radio in settings!

- jugar a All-in-One Mahjong -

Human Brain Escape 2
Captura de Human Brain Escape 2Solve Puzzles ,and find your way out of the Humain brain , in this enjoyable escape game from

- jugar a Human Brain Escape 2 -

Creature Keepers
Captura de Creature KeepersCreature Keepers - Match three or more animals to get points and make room for even more. Animals will only swap places if there is a match! Creature Keepers also features as a mini activity in a bigger game called Safari Sanctuary where you can maintain your own Animal Sanctuary! Care for sick animals, construct buildings, play mini-games and complete missions!

- jugar a Creature Keepers -

the Funnies
Captura de the FunniesTake a teleporting cookie, an emotional ax, and a pirate refrigerator on a mildly humorous adventure. Blast enemies to dust, upgrade your weapons to do it faster and collect 50 coins in 11 levels over the span of 3 worlds. Get ready to question our sanity!

- jugar a the Funnies -

Blo Boxy
Captura de Blo BoxyHelp the blo boxy reach the finish line. Avoid Red boxes and click on green to destry them.

- jugar a Blo Boxy -

Guinea Game
Captura de Guinea GameA flash platform adventure. The game involves helping a Guinea Pig find wings, by guiding him through a maze of levels (with puzzles to solve on each). Using pixel graphics and a score system this game is pleasing to the eye, challenging and an exciting journey.

- jugar a Guinea Game -

Captura de SqrHow does one feel being an experimental rat? What will he do in an isolated space with no means for survival when even laws of physics are against him?

- jugar a Sqr -

Jolly Jong Journey
Captura de Jolly Jong JourneyClassic mahjong solitaire game with a twist, make the match in a given sequence in order to win a level.

- jugar a Jolly Jong Journey -

Ugi - The Time Traveler
Captura de Ugi - The Time TravelerDraw a path so that Ugi the alien gets to the time portal, than hit Play. Use as few paint as possible in order to get more stars. Hit Undo or Clear to erase the paint, if you made a mistake.

- jugar a Ugi - The Time Traveler -

Zombie Launcher Winter Season
Captura de Zombie Launcher Winter SeasonThis dead guy loves oranges! Shoot zombies and collect oranges with them to complete levels. Winter version of the Zombie Launcher game.

- jugar a Zombie Launcher Winter Season -

Captura de BalloonerTry to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzzle game. 5 balloon types with unique skills and 24 puzzles are waiting for you!

- jugar a Ballooner -

Captura de BlokblokIn BlokBlok, you solve puzzles. Guided by excited sprites, your goal is to create blocked images to the liking of these little guys. After selecting a cursor setting, you flip the blocks of a level into the positions of their example. This can only be done in limited steps, so you have to choose wisely when you make a move! The goal of the game is to unlock and finish all levels. The faster you solve the puzzles, the more gratitude of the BlokBloks! Can you achieve three stars on each level?

- jugar a Blokblok -

The Pit
Captura de The PitAfter falling into the pit your last task is to survive the dangers all around you. Do not get burned by the fire, do not get hit by the spears and above all do not fall of the magical ground.

- jugar a The Pit -

Fruit Exchange
Captura de Fruit ExchangeRotate fruits and get a connected group of 3 or more of the same fruits.

- jugar a Fruit Exchange -

Addit Blitz
Captura de Addit BlitzThe goal of Addit Blitz! it to create as many combos of 10 as possible. Select the colored blocks to add them to one another, once you reach 10 you'll score points and be ready to try and get the high score. Bonus points are awarded for how fast and how frequent you cause a match as well as the color types yo use

- jugar a Addit Blitz -

Blockzz Remix
Captura de Blockzz RemixRemake of classic NES game.

- jugar a Blockzz Remix -

Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2
Captura de Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2Monkey Go Happy Marathon is back! 30 MORE levels of Monkey Madness with this Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2!

- jugar a Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 -

Captura de RoboTechnicTop-down robot game, where player controls robot to do various tasks. Robot can be designed by changing chasis, carrier type, wheels, head, robot arm place also it can be upgraded with parts which you collect in game, but beware the road cones to avoid penality! Use robotic hand to carry boxes from one place to another, go through obstacle course, collect parts. The game is non-profit project and was created for real life robot event called “Robots Intellect 2012” which takes place in Lithuania where grand prize is 9000 Euros!

- jugar a RoboTechnic -

Flower Clix
Captura de Flower ClixClassic match two game with flower theme, click on matching flowers to score points!

- jugar a Flower Clix -

Captura de SplitManSplit your character into identical clones. Skillfully use the clones to reach the exit portal in each level.

- jugar a SplitMan -

Stalk The Frog
Captura de Stalk The FrogThis funny frog bets you won't catch him!

- jugar a Stalk The Frog -

One and One Story Distribution
Captura de One and One Story DistributionThe story of a boy, the story of a girl, the story of both: One and One Story, a game about love, pain and life. One and One Story is not your common platformer. Watch the gameplay change as the protagonists face the euphoria and trials of their relationship.

- jugar a One and One Story Distribution -

Bubble Shooter 4
Captura de Bubble Shooter 4Bubble Shooter 4 is a great game in which u should shoot the bubbles in the same colour. Give your best to shoot as much bubbles as possible to make a lot of scores.

- jugar a Bubble Shooter 4 -

Shiva Chain
Captura de Shiva ChainClassic match two game with Shiva theme

- jugar a Shiva Chain -

Rolling Fall 2
Captura de Rolling Fall 2Kill the zombies by cutting the chains and exploding the Bombs but be careful there are good guys too.

- jugar a Rolling Fall 2 -

Disco Cubes
Captura de Disco CubesRoll and match colored cubes on the disco beat! Rotate a cube around the isometric playing field, to match the color on top with 3 or more adjacent cubes. Make all required matches before you're out of energy! With 2 game modes, this original action puzzler provides a real challenge for both beginners and advanced players!

- jugar a Disco Cubes -

Mayan Glyphs
Captura de Mayan GlyphsClassic match two game with Mayan theme

- jugar a Mayan Glyphs -

Alternate Dimensons
Captura de Alternate DimensonsUse the UFO and the cube to your advantage to pass each unique level!

- jugar a Alternate Dimensons -

Pick & Dig episode 3
Captura de Pick & Dig episode 3Use mining tools to collect coins and learn new skills in training room. Found all hidden gems for complete game.

- jugar a Pick & Dig episode 3 -

Hit The Troll
Captura de Hit The TrollClear all the levels from the trolls by using the special abilities of the three heroes. Each shape has its own specifications and special abilities like weight, explosions and elasticity!

- jugar a Hit The Troll -

Captura de MasyuMasyu is a logic puzzle game where your goal is to draw a loop through all the circles on the board. The board consists of black and white circles. Each circle has a rule that adds depth to the puzzle and causes you to think logically.

- jugar a Masyu -

The Vault Job
Captura de The Vault JobThe Vault Job is a physics based puzzle game where you need to stop the burlargs robbing the bank.

- jugar a The Vault Job -

combo break
Captura de combo breakIt's raining colored shapes in this physics based match 3 game. Keep the game clean by matching up the different shapes by color.Click shapes with the same color that connect with at least two other shapes.

- jugar a combo break -

Picnic in the nature
Captura de Picnic in the natureFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.

- jugar a Picnic in the nature -

Gold Rush Puzzle
Captura de Gold Rush PuzzleNew picturesque match-3 game Click at the group of three or more bricks of the same colour and they will be destroyed. Pass twenty logical levels.

- jugar a Gold Rush Puzzle -

Mushroom Passion
Captura de Mushroom PassionColorful match-3 bubble shooter game with cute and funny and slaphappy animals :). Help the squirrel get all those tasty mushrooms that hidden in the heap before the rain comes. She is in love with them :).

- jugar a Mushroom Passion -

Captura de FlubblesFlubbles the color matching game with a difference. Extract the flubble juice by by splicing the flubbles into increasingly larger flubbles until they burst.

- jugar a Flubbles -

Wild Animal Pairs
Captura de Wild Animal PairsWild Animal Pairs is a versatile game which gives fun to teens and educates the kids. This is a high quality game by Gamesrishti Studios.

- jugar a Wild Animal Pairs -

Cooking Ninja
Captura de Cooking NinjaDo you have what it takes to be the Cooking Ninja? Slice the fruit and vegetables before the time runs out. The more you slice in one go, the more points you earn.

- jugar a Cooking Ninja -

kill Pirates
Captura de kill PiratesUse the bombs to kill all pirates, don't kill the policeman. Great physics game with 30 levels to complete.

- jugar a kill Pirates -

Captura de DelusionTurn all the round tiles to the pink squares. A puzzle game to train your brain. Choose the easy, medium or hard mode after you played the training level.

- jugar a Delusion -

Feed Starvy challenge
Captura de Feed Starvy challengeClick on the fruit, than click on the empty spot in order to move it. Form a 2x2 square of the same kind of fruit. Make combos to get more points and power-ups. Combine ice cream with any fruit. Spoon clears all around it. Use fork to clear a column and a row.

- jugar a Feed Starvy challenge -

Captura de HexonHexon is a mind-bending puzzler - light the whole board in as few moves as possible.

- jugar a Hexon -

Cute Cubes Collection
Captura de Cute Cubes CollectionA collection of four minigames - Grow Up, Action Cubes, Remove All and Cubes, Cubes, Cubes.

- jugar a Cute Cubes Collection -

Ancient Mahjong Deluxe
Captura de Ancient Mahjong DeluxeThe unhurried game mahjong ancient board game. The board game is widely used in ancient China. During the game you need to phase out the pieces of two by two. Whenever you have to remove the equal and do not have any left or right.

- jugar a Ancient Mahjong Deluxe -

All That Matters
Captura de All That MattersHelp Walter reunite his unloving family in this puzzle-platform game. Control different family members each having their own controls to overcome problems.

- jugar a All That Matters -

Captura de Hole!Your goal is to put the ball in the hole (the darker region) level by level to reach the end of the game.

- jugar a Hole! -

Light it 3
Captura de Light it 3Light all the bulbs with each other and the battery by connecting them with the correct amount of lines.

- jugar a Light it 3 -

Jungle Tower 3
Captura de Jungle Tower 3Jungle Tower 3 is a third part of popular physics high-scores game with very original and addicting gameplay! Its a mix of balancing and matching game!

- jugar a Jungle Tower 3 -

Uncover Tomato
Captura de Uncover TomatoHelp the tomato to grow ripe. Split wooden blocks and chains. And uncover it for the raindrops.

- jugar a Uncover Tomato -

Roll the Baubles
Captura de Roll the BaublesChange the coloured tiles in the 6 x 6 board, roll 4 or more baubles of the same colour next to each other to remove them. The tiles under the disappearing baubles will disappear too if the colour match. A board is solved when all its tiles become grey, then you can move on to the next board.

- jugar a Roll the Baubles -

Bubble Blast Redux
Captura de Bubble Blast ReduxBubble Blast is back and in 3D! Highly addictive falling puzzle game with multiple modes of play! Bubble Blast Redux takes you back to the original Bubble Blast with a new twist. The 3D interactive playing field that twists to the moves you make to alter the physics of the bubbles themselves! Become the best player by using all your skills with twisting the stage, setting up crazy combos, and completing the new sequence wheel!

- jugar a Bubble Blast Redux -

Cube Craze
Captura de Cube CrazeYou will have to use your brain to walk in right path in order to solve the puzzle, if you walk wrong you are undone. An addictive puzzle game which will challenge your ability to solve puzzles. There are four game modes, easy, normal, hard and extreme mode.Can you leave the game with out just solving the next level? Why don't you try?

- jugar a Cube Craze -

Sliding Cubes
Captura de Sliding CubesPlaying this game you can get some rest while moving blocks over the cells and at the same time show your logical skills for solving the puzzle. See how good you are in solving complex tasks.

- jugar a Sliding Cubes -

Christmas Jewel Deluxe
Captura de Christmas Jewel DeluxeSanta has come bearing gifts. Delete the pictures you see together and not let it flood the screen. It will become more difficult. If you like games for Christmas, you'll like this a lot.

- jugar a Christmas Jewel Deluxe -

Hopper Destroyer (Prolog)
Captura de Hopper Destroyer (Prolog)Logical game, you need to build a true connection to a result of destroying all the enemy bunker, 16 levels, great music, eye-popping puzzles await you.

- jugar a Hopper Destroyer (Prolog) -

Captura de BeJeeSwap adjacent smiles to create rows of 3 or more identical smiles.

- jugar a BeJee -

Captura de FISPFISP is a collection of ten frustrating sliding puzzles, in which your goal is to slide a gold square piece to the goal squares, through a maze of other awkwardly-shaped pieces. How many can you complete?

- jugar a FISP -

Ball Ornaments
Captura de Ball OrnamentsEasy funy christmas puzzle. Decorate 150 balls.

- jugar a Ball Ornaments -

Isoball X1
Captura de Isoball X1Overclock your brain with the most challenging Isoball game out there. 36 mind stretching levels, 18 achievements, a highly complex sandbox, and many other surprises to encounter along the way to keep you coming back for more! - Extremely challenging levels: Test your mental strength. - Unrestricted progression: Play levels in any order, skip levels you're stuck at and come back to them later. - Hidden achievements: Can you find them all?

- jugar a Isoball X1 -

Captura de NeonCubeA colorful and tricky puzzlegame

- jugar a NeonCube -

Captura de Click-O-ManiaMatch 3 Click Game

- jugar a Click-O-Mania -

Carrom Pool
Captura de Carrom PoolBeat the computer in this pool game with a touch of India! Find the angles, aim and clear the board to win. Do it fast and make few mistakes for a top score. Get the combos to earn the big points!

- jugar a Carrom Pool -

Imperfect Balance 3
Captura de Imperfect Balance 3The destruction continues with 45 new constructions.

- jugar a Imperfect Balance 3 -

Speed Breakers Deluxe
Captura de Speed Breakers DeluxeIn this game there is a matrix of gems, you need to destroy the gems by clicking groups that have at least 3 same coloured stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 objects, you will be awarded with a bomb. Click the bomb to destroy all nearby pieces. Other 2 arrow pieces make you life easier, click on them. You need to work fast, because new rows of bricks will be added constantly from the bottom pushing the ones one the board upwards.

- jugar a Speed Breakers Deluxe -

Let It Rain
Captura de Let It RainLet It Rain is a physics based game where you water flowers by making raindrops fly back to the clouds to make it rain.

- jugar a Let It Rain -

Bottle Caps
Captura de Bottle CapsFun Match 3 game with Bottle Caps.

- jugar a Bottle Caps -

Football Chain
Captura de Football ChainA chain reaction game, totally football themed. 20 levels, increasing difficulty: will you be able to beat all the levels ? Don't worry to try to finish all the levels in a single play...your progress are auto-saved every time you start a new level!

- jugar a Football Chain -

Zombie Boom
Captura de Zombie BoomBlast the zombies and save the innocent bystanders in Zombie Boom. Can you complete all 25 levels of zombie carnage in this physics based puzzle game?

- jugar a Zombie Boom -

Colour Robots
Captura de Colour RobotsDrop down robots and create groups of 3 or more of the same robots. Buy upgrades and use them wisely.

- jugar a Colour Robots -

Captura de PopBlockUP KEY(change shape),DOWN KEY(move down),LEFT KEY(move left),RIGHT KEY(move right),END or SPACE KEY(direct to bottom),ENTER KEY(pause game); 上方向键变形,其它方向键移动方块,END或者空格键使方块直接下降到底部

- jugar a PopBlock -

Captura de JustSudokuNo beautiful appearance, just SUDOKU. Have fun!

- jugar a JustSudoku -

The Wizard of Blox 2
Captura de The Wizard of Blox 2Only a true wizard can perform these 33 magic tricks and make the blocks disappear!

- jugar a The Wizard of Blox 2 -

Texas Treasures
Captura de Texas TreasuresNew addictive match 3 free online game in western style by The hard life of the pioneers of American Old West was full in risk, danger and bandits. But the nature opened its innumerable treasure to the brave people who could solve puzzles.

- jugar a Texas Treasures -

Blosics 3
Captura de Blosics 3INTRODUCING BLOSICS 3 - OUR NEW PHYSICS PUZZLER! Sequel to extremely popular BLOSICS 2 - experienced by over 40 million online players! • 30 NEW LEVELS! Prepare to enter a vivid world filled with exciting challenges. Colored blocks come alive and transform into impressive structures. They can even talk - but don´t expect to be BFF with them. They don´t like you and they’re stupid! • GET RID OF THE BLOCKS! Use 5 different Power Balls to shoot the blocks and try to hit their weak spots. Find the right strategy to get rid of as many blocks as possible. • AMAZING PHYSICS! Aim right and watch fascinating chain reactions! Discover hidden secrets and beat the high score. • EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE! Once you pop, you can´t stop! • ALSO AVAILABLE ON iOS! If you like the game and you want more - get the iOS version. It's bigger, better, stronger!

- jugar a Blosics 3 -

Jelly Pop
Captura de Jelly PopSwap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Try to create groups of 3 or more. There are four, fun games modes.

- jugar a Jelly Pop -

Captura de PlatagolfDo you like Golf? Do you like Platformers? Well, you've come to the right place. With Platagolf not only will you refine your mouse golfing abilities, you'll also get to explore 50 levels of simple to incredibly difficult golf platforming. Platagolfing. All you need is a mouse and the will to become the Platagolf master!

- jugar a Platagolf -

Tremor Hatch
Captura de Tremor HatchUse the repel gun or the cutting gun to break the egg shell and let the egg hatch. You will need to jump from high places or make objects fall on you.

- jugar a Tremor Hatch -

Spaced Away
Captura de Spaced AwayWith only a small fuel reserve and even fewer oxygen, trapped in an escape pod you have to find your way back home through a dense asteroid field. How? Use your brain and orbital acceleration.

- jugar a Spaced Away -

Blockage 2
Captura de Blockage 2In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored squares that need to be carefully positioned in order to fill color gaps.

- jugar a Blockage 2 -

Tumble Fruit
Captura de Tumble FruitA physics game about feeding cute animals.

- jugar a Tumble Fruit -

Spin Them Up
Captura de Spin Them UpClick and spin the diamonds to connect & match three or more. Keep an eye on time and make sure you score max. before the time runs out.

- jugar a Spin Them Up -

Odd Ducks
Captura de Odd DucksRemove every single cat or cat like block from the screen but save the ducks. This is a Red Remover inspired game but with a way more relaxing gameplay. It’s cute, it’s fun, but is it that easy? Check it out and have fun…

- jugar a Odd Ducks -

Kitchen Defence
Captura de Kitchen DefenceGet rid of the annoying fly in the kitchen using cherries, spider, oranges, ropes and even insecticide.

- jugar a Kitchen Defence -

The Nao's Brick Challenge
Captura de The Nao's Brick Challenge

The Nao's Brick Challenge te pondrá en el papel de Nao, un viejo maestro que ha sido atacado por unos monstruos que guardaba en su sombrero. La misión será recorrer 5 mundos diferentes para acabar con las torres construidas por los malvados monstruos. La mecánica de juego se asemeja a los clásicos arcades de "romper ladrillos" y además incorpora una interesante historia, unos gráficos muy artísticos y muchas novedades jugables gracias a la incorporación de niveles con físicas.

- jugar a The Nao's Brick Challenge -

Square friends
Captura de Square friendsThough, someone may like solitude but sometime such time occurs when you need to talk to someone. Even, if you are a square. In «Square friends» flash game you just need to help a small blue square to find it different color friends. It is so in a hurry that only walls can stop him so the exit from labyrinth, where it is looking for friends, gets rather tricky.

- jugar a Square friends -

Rich Mine 2
Captura de Rich Mine 2Strategically cut ropes to guide the gems to the gnome in each hazard-filled level of this addictive physics-based puzzler.

- jugar a Rich Mine 2 -

Abacus Logic
Captura de Abacus LogicThe purpose of the game is empty the board by removing two or more squares. You can click on a group of squares provided that there are two of them or more linked together. The gravity laws apply here and the squares that are on top of removed squares will fall down. And when you remove an entire column, the columns to its right will go to the left.

- jugar a Abacus Logic -

Fluffy Rescue Levels Pack
Captura de Fluffy Rescue Levels PackAdditional levels for those who liked solving puzzles in the original game. Cut web threads, use flower cannons, return fluffies to their nests.

- jugar a Fluffy Rescue Levels Pack -

Skullhunter: level pack
Captura de Skullhunter: level packUpgrade your weapons, solve puzzles and try to complete all levels in this physics based game!

- jugar a Skullhunter: level pack -

Blitz 13
Captura de Blitz 13Blitz 13 is a solitaire tile puzzle game. The objective of the game is to clear the screen of tiles before the player runs out of tiles in their deck and wild cards. Tiles are numbered from 1 to 13, the current tile will be displayed on the deck, and must be cleared by selecting the next tile in sequence with a value of one greater or less. If the current tile has a value of 13 the player can select a tile with value of 1 and vice-versa. Try to string runs together to gain bonus multipliers and extra wild card. Beware long runs require forethought and strategy. Tackle each level one at a time and get the best score possible in each or try the endless mode to see how long you can last.

- jugar a Blitz 13 -

Zombie Launcher 2
Captura de Zombie Launcher 2This dead guy loves oranges! Shoot him and collect all of them across 31 levels. Launch zombies into the air, solve puzzles, have fun!

- jugar a Zombie Launcher 2 -

Ricochet Kills 2 PP
Captura de Ricochet Kills 2 PPNew 80 levels. Kill all your enemies with your gun by making a perfect angle and by taking a right shot.

- jugar a Ricochet Kills 2 PP -

Mushroom Cannon 3
Captura de Mushroom Cannon 3Mushroom Cannon is back! Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon, then click to fire the mushroom.

- jugar a Mushroom Cannon 3 -

Invisible Runner 2
Captura de Invisible Runner 2

Invisible Runner 2 es la segunda parte del popular juego Flash de DevilishGames. El juego mantiene la mecánica innovadora del juego original e incorpora mejoras gráficas y jugables a lo largo de 25 nuevos niveles. Además, el juego también está disponible para iOS de forma gratuita a través de la App Store.

- jugar a Invisible Runner 2 -

Flood of Colors
Captura de Flood of ColorsFresh version of classic flood type game with many great improvements.

- jugar a Flood of Colors -

Mysterious Treasures
Captura de Mysterious TreasuresBeware of the Pirate's Curse while pursuing gold coins on the mysterious Caribbean island! The object of the game is to collect as many "HAPPY" coins as possible while at the same time trying to avoid collecting "CURSED" coins. The game comes to an end when either player cannot successfully move the chip onto a square that has coins on it. You have 5 ships. If you collect more "CURSED" coins, you will lose the ship.

- jugar a Mysterious Treasures -

Captura de kubesKubes is an Exciting and Fun game to play with strategy. Click the same color Kubes of three or more to clear it. Use strategy to clear each level. You have to achieve the target to reach next level.

- jugar a kubes -

Sliding in Struggle 2
Captura de Sliding in Struggle 2Sliding in struggle against the computer for gold coins.

- jugar a Sliding in Struggle 2 -

Sticky And Bouncy Players Pack
Captura de Sticky And Bouncy Players PackPlayers pack of Sticky And Bouncy, a unique physics puzzle game by and where you make objects sticky and bouncy to make the red ball reach the flag.

- jugar a Sticky And Bouncy Players Pack -

Ze Hexagon
Captura de Ze HexagonThe classic board game of Hexagon. Move the stones, so you end up with more stones than your opponent

- jugar a Ze Hexagon -

Pipe It Again
Captura de Pipe It AgainPopular highscores puzzle game is back! Fully playable also on Android cell phones! + Level editor + over 200 levels in players maps!

- jugar a Pipe It Again -

Count to 100
Captura de Count to 100This game is for those with good observation. You have to find the digits from 1 to 100 ascending. Good Luck!

- jugar a Count to 100 -

Glass Balls
Captura de Glass BallsDrop balls in columns and create groups of 3 or more of the same balls to remove them from the game.

- jugar a Glass Balls -

Marble Match Up
Captura de Marble Match UpClick on any marble that has at least one matching, linked partner. If there are several linked marbles then the amount scored increases exponentially. Use the undo button to go back to your previous turn.

- jugar a Marble Match Up -

The Village
Captura de The VillageAt the rise of a medieval town ye stand. Place the pieces wisely. Gather your peasents and work fast.

- jugar a The Village -

Mini Bubble
Captura de Mini BubbleMini Bubble is addicting and fun bubble shooter game.

- jugar a Mini Bubble -

Columns Master
Captura de Columns MasterThis game is a mix of genre match3 and Tetris. Rules are very simple. On the top three figures fall and you must set them to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of three or more of the same figure. I hope you enjoy it.

- jugar a Columns Master -

Captura de DuckAndRollDuck And Roll is a game where you have help duck to get back into the water. To do this you need to remove blocks and cut the ropes. You can also blow up a bomb for push duck or other items. The game is quite simple, but you can try to collect 3 additional stars on each level.

- jugar a DuckAndRoll -

Greenator Reloaded
Captura de Greenator ReloadedSequel to our very own unique physics puzzle game Greenator, Greenator reloaded combines more fun levels and addictive gameplay. Play more games on and

- jugar a Greenator Reloaded -

Green Physics 3
Captura de Green Physics 3Third version of the popular golf-themed physics-based game where you will have to solve the puzzles to get the ball to the hole.

- jugar a Green Physics 3 -

The 7 Elders
Captura de The 7 EldersCan you defeat the 7 Elders in battle using only your deck of cards and wits? Based on the popular Triple Triad card mini-game from Final Fantasy.

- jugar a The 7 Elders -

Blocks and Stars
Captura de Blocks and StarsFun match three game! Click on groups of three or more blocks to remove them. The bombs and the arrows are the only way to get the stars and the diamonds.

- jugar a Blocks and Stars -

Light it
Captura de Light itConnect all the lamps with the main battery to light them.

- jugar a Light it -

Wild West Treasures
Captura de Wild West TreasuresNew addictive match 3 free online game in western style by The hard life of the pioneers of American Old West was full in risk, danger and gangsters. But the nature opened its innumerable treasure to the brave people who could solve logical puzzles. Are you ready to accept a challenge and to pass all 20 skill levels through primeval Wild West?

- jugar a Wild West Treasures -

Skullhunter - ricochet
Captura de Skullhunter - ricochetRichicet your arrows and try to complete 30 chalanging levels! Create and share levels with other players!

- jugar a Skullhunter - ricochet -

Captura de AdamasA match three Game with exciting levels to challenge your brain.Clear Three or more jewels of the same color by swapping with mouse.You have to clear the highlighted jewels to play the next level. Watch out the Timer !

- jugar a Adamas -

Captura de AnacondaEat food, grow and don't run into yourself.

- jugar a Anaconda -

Element Quest
Captura de Element QuestMatch the elements coming from 12 directions in this frantic match 3 game. Do not let them reach the core! Play the leveled normal mode or the shorter blitz mode.

- jugar a Element Quest -

5 Differences (Fantasy pack)
Captura de 5 Differences (Fantasy pack)Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.

- jugar a 5 Differences (Fantasy pack) -

Dynamite Blast 2
Captura de Dynamite Blast 2The sequel of the popular game Dynamite Blast. New weapon, new levels, more fun. Blast barges, towers and vehicles with dynamite. Load your TNT on the beams of buildings or bridges and try to take them out so the rubble falls below the yellow line.

- jugar a Dynamite Blast 2 -

Skeleton Launcher Levels Pack
Captura de Skeleton Launcher Levels PackDid you like shooting skeletons in the original game? Then there are additional levels for you to beat! 25 harder levels for you, fans!

- jugar a Skeleton Launcher Levels Pack -

Captura de LooopsCute and clever collide in Looops, a puzzle game about making everything come full circle.

- jugar a Looops -

Match and Remove
Captura de Match and RemoveErase all figures from field. Figures of the same colour disappear when touch each other. The game is challenging and addicting. Good luck.

- jugar a Match and Remove -

Echo Madness
Captura de Echo MadnessEcho Madness is game where the objective is to repeat the patterns shown on the screen. After the pattern is shown, the player must reproduce the pattern with the arrow keys. The game is played in three phases, each phase being more complex and fater than the previous.

- jugar a Echo Madness -

Cosmic Fisher
Captura de Cosmic FisherSteadily aim your cannon, launch the harpoon and reel in the valuables, but watch out for space pirates! Even if you won't see a single fish in this fishing game, it's still a fishing game in its own meaning. No storyline, no interesting characters, just a fishing trip filled with asteroids, exploding mines and angry pirates. Game contains 30 levels, upgrades for your ship, highscores and plenty of stuff to catch.

- jugar a Cosmic Fisher -

ClickPLAY! Rainbow
Captura de ClickPLAY! RainbowThe Play Button just won't stop hiding!

- jugar a ClickPLAY! Rainbow -

Fluffy Rescue
Captura de Fluffy RescueCute fluffies are kidnapped by the evil spider! Help them to return to their nests! Cut web threads, use flower cannons, guide fluffies through 30 levels of forest puzzles.

- jugar a Fluffy Rescue -

Perfect elements
Captura de Perfect elementsPerfect elements is a puzzle game. The objective of this game is to swap one element with an adjacent element to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more elements. Bonus points are given when more than three identical elements are formed or forms two lines of identical elements in one swap. Elements disappear when chains are formed and elements fall from the top to fill in gaps. The bar starts in the middle and progresses as you get a 3 element combo. Over time, the bar decreases. The bar decreases faster as the stage level increases. The game is over when the bar reaches the beginning. Your objective is to get as much points as possible. This game has two modes: single mode and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is a two-player game. To win, you must gain more points than your opponent. Each player has 10 minutes to play.

- jugar a Perfect elements -

Captura de floodploxMatch wits against the evil alien talking head Gorlan in this colorful strategy puzzle game. Conquer as much space as you can before Gorlan does or he might eat your brains or put you in a specimen jar!

- jugar a floodplox -

Captura de InarisInaris is a simple puzzle game where you must fit the blocks together and create groups of squares and rectangles to keep the board clear.

- jugar a Inaris -

BattleCity - Boss's coming!
Captura de BattleCity - Boss's coming!Like your old friend, you must very familiar with BattleCity. This version is improved and add many special features such as enemies can eat bonus, boss tank(invisibility or home attacker or player attacker...) You'll get more fun in the game, don't hesitate, come to fight!

- jugar a BattleCity - Boss's coming! -

3d Block Burst
Captura de 3d Block BurstA classic puzzle game in 3D. Click on 2 or more blocks to break them. Break only one block and you lose health. Clear the entire board to win the level. Get big combos to score bonus points.

- jugar a 3d Block Burst -

Submarine Smasher
Captura de Submarine SmasherThe ocean is poluted by too many submarines. Go help the ocean by smashing these submarines!

- jugar a Submarine Smasher -

Captura de TheNerdsA well designed canon based physics puzzle flash game. Use the super hero s super powers to save their pets wich have beeing captured by the evil robots. Every level can be acomplished with 1 or 2 shots max so choose your hero wizely. Gather coins and stars to get extra points. Each level increases in difficulty and game is pretty hard, wich increase the replayability value.

- jugar a TheNerds -

Skeleton Launcher
Captura de Skeleton LauncherCan you imagine an undead who loves chicken eggs? This cute skeleton has a passion for them! Shoot him with a cannnon, collect eggs across 40 levels, have fun!

- jugar a Skeleton Launcher -

Beach Poker Fantasy
Captura de Beach Poker FantasyNow you can test you poker skills by challenging some sexy girls on this dress up adventure, but don't be fooled by their sexy appearance, they can leave you without a dime!

- jugar a Beach Poker Fantasy -

Captura de PearlsForPigsmatch 3 game, shoot pearls towards groups of the same colour to gather th pearls, don not let the pearls chain get too long or you wil loose. Use special items like bombs, multipliers, reverse and pause to harvest pearls more effectively.

- jugar a PearlsForPigs -

Toy Shop
Captura de Toy ShopDrag toy parts onto the work table and assemble the toy in the proper order.

- jugar a Toy Shop -

Ship Loader
Captura de Ship LoaderGreat casual physics game. Your task is to load containers of different weight into the hold of the ship using magnetic crane. If you stow the cargo incorrect the ship can lie over and captain will fall from the deck into the sea.

- jugar a Ship Loader -

Drop it
Captura de Drop itDrop It is an unusual physics game where you use different tools to drop objects around. To earn points you should throw green items out of the screen and avoid droping red ones.

- jugar a Drop it -

Captura de MorphicineA green plasticine blob in search for harmony. An original fairy-tale world, skinned over a real physics engine.

- jugar a Morphicine -

Captura de SHUTTLEShuttle Rescue the astronauts Save people with Arrows Keys Beware of gravity planet !

- jugar a SHUTTLE -

Wrong Block
Captura de Wrong BlockTry the new way to play match-3 puzzles - we've rejected a classic model where you have to swap pieces and have created the new one with a single click!

- jugar a Wrong Block -

Laser Sokoban
Captura de Laser SokobanPush the lasers on the marked spots to activate them. Activate all the lasers but take care, you can not push more than one laser at a time.

- jugar a Laser Sokoban -

UNO - Card Game
Captura de UNO - Card GameThe classic fast-paced and exciting card game for all ages. Get rid of all your cards first and score points for the cards your opponents still hold. The first player wins.

- jugar a UNO - Card Game -

Captura de SKULLHUNTERSolve puzzles, upgrade weapons.Try to complete 30 challenging levels and earn all achievements!

- jugar a SKULLHUNTER -

Gems Shooting
Captura de Gems ShootingUse mouse to shoot the similar colors of gems

- jugar a Gems Shooting -

Fancy Animals
Captura de Fancy AnimalsPut in sequence Fancy Animals of the same species.

- jugar a Fancy Animals -

Ancient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders
Captura de Ancient World Mahjong - 7 WondersAncient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders is a classic Mahjong game by Mahjong Spielen. The game has 7 layouts similar to the 7 Ancient World Wonders. I hope you enjoy it. Read in-game instructions!

- jugar a Ancient World Mahjong - 7 Wonders -

Rubble Trouble
Captura de Rubble TroubleHelp the workmen to demolish the old buildings using a variety of tools.

- jugar a Rubble Trouble -

Captura de CubeClacker"CubeClacker" is a funny Action-Puzzle. The goal of the game is to collect as much "Cubes" as possible to reach the top of the highscore.

- jugar a CubeClacker -

Captura de PusherPusher likes to be alone inside his colorful block world. Use boxes to throw all the evil robots out. Avoid spikes, laser beams and robots. Use movable object as a shield against laser beams and spikes and as a weapon against robots.

- jugar a Pusher -

Rolling Hero 3
Captura de Rolling Hero 3Roll trough the galaxy , unlock achievements, collect credits, unlock bonus levels.

- jugar a Rolling Hero 3 -

Los Puzzles de PinyPon
Captura de Los Puzzles de PinyPon

Los Puzzles de PinyPon es un juego donde lo pasarás genial resolviendo puzzles. ¡Hay 30 diferentes!, puedes jugarlos, coleccionarlos en la galería e imprimirlos en papel.

- jugar a Los Puzzles de PinyPon -

Captura de TetbumzSimple Tetris game by Tetris Spielen. You have to rotate and move the pieces to create complete horizontal lines. you get 10 points for each completed line however completing more than 1line will give you double points i.e. 20 points for each completed line. Press “Space bar” to pause/resume.

- jugar a Tetbumz -

Sketcher 3
Captura de Sketcher 3Sketcher 3, not unlike its predecessor, is a game going around the idea of connecting the dots to create a picture. This sequel is themed around vehicles.

- jugar a Sketcher 3 -

Messy Kitchen
Captura de Messy KitchenGet veggies into the correct pot by moving trash out of the way and sometimes, you just need to shake things up!

- jugar a Messy Kitchen -

Fly Run
Captura de Fly RunControl the mouse to prevevt flies being caught. Let the flies fly to the food and you will get points, when they escape for a certain time you can go in the next level.

- jugar a Fly Run -

Match 3 Balls
Captura de Match 3 BallsClick the two similar balls and match three or more balls

- jugar a Match 3 Balls -

Cannon Experiment
Captura de Cannon ExperimentUsing cannon to activate the mechanisms and drop ball into the basket.

- jugar a Cannon Experiment -

Jump Up 2
Captura de Jump Up 2Jump Up is back after a long wait. This time it has more levels, more elements and much better graphics. Don't want to say this but still we are trying to land closer to flag :D

- jugar a Jump Up 2 -

Wheelbox: The Fallen Star
Captura de Wheelbox: The Fallen StarHelp a little robot to collect all parts of a star and to rescue its planet from full darkness.

- jugar a Wheelbox: The Fallen Star -

Cube Crush
Captura de Cube CrushCompete with your friends in this classic SameGame. Your goal is to clear the board by clicking groups of three or more cubes. Groups are connected cubes of the same color. The more cubes you can crush with one click, the higher your score will be. Each level the required amount of cubes, you need to crush, to reach the next level will increase. Have fun!

- jugar a Cube Crush -

Zombie Catapult
Captura de Zombie CatapultAim the catapult to launch the zombie into the coffin. The smart obstacles will make your task harder. Select the shot size which would give you the best trajectory for the zombie's flight. Use the catapult wisely. Fill the sky with flying zombies!

- jugar a Zombie Catapult -

Captura de Red-n-GreenYou got two sad creatures - red one and green one. You have to feed them with candies on all of 20 fun levels of this physics-based puzzle with cool graphics.

- jugar a Red-n-Green -

Captura de O.DrownA fun-loving, scenic ocean, shooting game. Shoot the taunting pirates with your sea-faring cannon. Can you get them all before your ammo runs out?

- jugar a O.Drown -

FlyTangle 3
Captura de FlyTangle 3FlyTangle is a puzzle game. It's based on planar graphs in graph theory.

- jugar a FlyTangle 3 -

Let's Play a Game Demon King
Captura de Let's Play a Game Demon KingYou are a Demon King, when the warriors come to rescue the princess, you use the bubbles trap and are ready to eat them. At this time, the princess suggests to play a game with you, and you agreed. If you win the game, you can eat warriors, including the prince.

- jugar a Let's Play a Game Demon King -

Blobbs 2
Captura de Blobbs 2The blobbs return in a long awaited sequel. And this time they've brought friends, a lot of friends. With 8+ new blobb types, a level editor and a whole bunch of achievements. Blobbs 2 will be a whole new challenge to new players and Blobbs veterans alike.

- jugar a Blobbs 2 -

Captura de BlindyDrag and Drop direction signs for Blindy to follow. Click door to start. Get all slices of cheese to finish each level.

- jugar a Blindy -

fruit master 2
Captura de fruit master 2fruit , cut,cut,cut

- jugar a fruit master 2 -

Jungle Collapse
Captura de Jungle CollapseExploding "block collapsing" highscores game with 14 levels of increasing difficulty!

- jugar a Jungle Collapse -

Linx: Easy Levelset
Captura de Linx: Easy LevelsetA unique logical game, where your objective is to connect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem. This easier levelset can be considered a warm-up for some of the more tricky puzzles ahead. Practice well and learn the mechanics of linking those bases.

- jugar a Linx: Easy Levelset -

Captura de DIFLECXN--

- jugar a DIFLECXN -

Ice Challenge
Captura de Ice ChallengeTraverse through countless generated levels to solve increasingly large puzzles. Use arrow keys to move, pick up coins and hourglasses for score and extra time, and avoid spike traps while making your way to your companion.

- jugar a Ice Challenge -

Brick Galaxy
Captura de Brick GalaxyBuilding blocks are what put life together, but what happens when those blocks are smashed into little pieces … In Brick Galaxy, players take on the role of an orbital defense platform, assigned to repel all foreign objects from colliding into and breaking apart the planet Earth. Use the arrow keys to fire maneuvering jets that allow you to intercept and redirect all manner of objects from hitting the planet below and send them back to where they came from.

- jugar a Brick Galaxy -

Melody Friends
Captura de Melody FriendsJoin the Melody Friends on their quest for the perfect melody. Stomp to create fantastic ripples of music and color. A casual, musical puzzler with a simple, yet engaging, game mechanic.

- jugar a Melody Friends -

Captura de Orbis60Orbis60 is a 60 second casual skill game from MunsieGames. Click on the orbs and grow them as large as possible while not popping other orbs.Increase the score multiplier for big points by popping similar orbs.

- jugar a Orbis60 -

Melon Level Pack
Captura de Melon Level PackRemove the wooden beams of the left mouse button to push a watermelon on the spikes

- jugar a Melon Level Pack -

Glass Checkers
Captura de Glass CheckersA glass version of checkers game

- jugar a Glass Checkers -

Memo tactics - Copa America Argentina 2011
Captura de Memo tactics - Copa America Argentina 2011Get on the field and test your memory by reconstructing a series of various soccer tactics. As you'll progress through the levels, the tactics will get more complicated and tricky.

- jugar a Memo tactics - Copa America Argentina 2011 -

Captura de PatchaHave you ever thought that the mess under your bed could become alive? Well, hold on, as it could! But don't be afraid, the creature that became alive one night is pleasant. He's fluffy, cute and friendly. There's only one problem... He's always hungry. Wait... wait... don't run to your kitchen, he doesn't like sweets, but he becomes crazy about plastic buttons! 30 levels of different physics puzzles are waiting for you! So you can feed your new friend with his favorite food. Also there are some nice surprises in the levels; will you be able to find all of them? So what are you waiting for? Give a try to your brain power now!

- jugar a Patcha -

Captura de Hoppin'popA "columns"-like game wrapped in a world of weird (but wonderful) creatures.

- jugar a Hoppin'pop -

Summer Match
Captura de Summer MatchSummer Match, is a free match three flash game. Your goal is to get as many points in 90 seconds as possible. Swap elements of the same color and create horizontal or vertical sets. The bigger those sets the higher your score!

- jugar a Summer Match -

South Sea Pirates Mahjong
Captura de South Sea Pirates MahjongNew free online mahjong in pirate theme. You have old pirate map that leads to the treasure, solve all puzzles, travel thru inhabited island, full of dangerous adventures, and capture the precious trunk.

- jugar a South Sea Pirates Mahjong -

Captura de LinxA unique logical game, where your objective is to collect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem.

- jugar a Linx -

Test Chamber
Captura de Test ChamberPush the cubes onto the lighted surfaces to solve the tricky puzzles in this Sokoban-like game.

- jugar a Test Chamber -

Magic Muffin Frog
Captura de Magic Muffin FrogJump through 30 levels to get to lick the magic muffin. The gourmet frog wants to taste it! Contains an editor.

- jugar a Magic Muffin Frog -

Flow Game
Captura de Flow GameA new type shooting game.use particles which from particle generators to destroy generators.hold up particles and use mouse to control them

- jugar a Flow Game -

Physics melon
Captura de Physics melonВispose of wooden beams and smash a watermelon on the spikes Nepoluchilos if possible restart of the equation

- jugar a Physics melon -

Toy Attack
Captura de Toy AttackNew free logic and skill tower defense game. Your task is to defend the toy station from toy-enemies.

- jugar a Toy Attack -

Aztec Pyramid Mahjong
Captura de Aztec Pyramid MahjongThe popular ancient board game in the Aztec theme.Play this addictive free online variation of the mahjong, combine two similar free stones and clear the board. Twenty levels, impressive quality graphics, relaxing music are main features of this free mahjong.

- jugar a Aztec Pyramid Mahjong -

Boom! Crush!
Captura de Boom! Crush!Fun match two game with stack of blocks. Your goal is to crush the blocks and don't let the stack to reach the top.

- jugar a Boom! Crush! -

Captura de QuadranA simple logic/platfrom game. Your goal is to define your actions for the current level. By pressing the play button you can check if your moves are correct and if they aren't, then you can delete or add new actions. Possible actions: do nothing, move left, jump and move right. You've to reach the green blocks.

- jugar a Quadran -

Three Musketeers Secrets - Episode 1
Captura de Three Musketeers Secrets - Episode 1Three Musketeers Sekrets - interactive find difference comic story about Musketeers

- jugar a Three Musketeers Secrets - Episode 1 -

Bean Baby
Captura de Bean BabyThis is a very interesting game ,Control baby go home after collecting gold coins ,Come try it.

- jugar a Bean Baby -

Pickies 2
Captura de Pickies 2Match rows and columns of cute little Pickies 2

- jugar a Pickies 2 -

Spoof Grid
Captura de Spoof GridAfter the Tron remake now play Tron the spoof game! Clu and his evil team stole Flynn's disc. Don't let Flynn and the others get it back. Throw the disc to your teammates and try to beat all levels.

- jugar a Spoof Grid -

Sea Bubbles
Captura de Sea BubblesBubble Shooter game below the surface of the Ocean.

- jugar a Sea Bubbles -

Captura de MarmootRat has became a germ in this world. They even bring some trouble to the guinea pig world. They intrude the guinea pig habitat to expand their territory. Marmoot, the guinea pig hero cannot stand any longer. he will expel them with all his might. Help Marmoot by throwing tomato bomb to the intruders but beware don't hurt your friends there. Featuring 50 levels with a good quality and funny art design. Marmoot will give you the challenge in each level.

- jugar a Marmoot -

Captura de RoboMathHow much Simple Math can you Handle,...?

- jugar a RoboMath -

Beetle Frenzy
Captura de Beetle FrenzyClick and drag a row of boxes, forming groups of three or more boxes. Collecting 100 boxes will take you to the next level. You will get bonus At the end of each level. The game has a time limit of four minutes.

- jugar a Beetle Frenzy -

Alchemy Swap
Captura de Alchemy SwapCreate lines of magic potions in this fun, fast paced puzzle game that is inspired by Bejewelled Blitz.

- jugar a Alchemy Swap -

Drag And Shoot Blocks
Captura de Drag And Shoot BlocksPhysical game where you make fall down all the block.

- jugar a Drag And Shoot Blocks -

Frog Escape
Captura de Frog EscapeAn interesting and addictive puzzle game Goal You will have to stop the frog by locking its path on the leaves so that it cannot find a way to the water. Game modes: In normal mode you have ample time to make your moves. In time challenge you have a fixed time to shut the frog in leaves

- jugar a Frog Escape -

Captura de MixedUpA simple logic game. The goal is to move the circles until none of the lines will colide.

- jugar a MixedUp -

Melody Mahjong
Captura de Melody MahjongSlide 2 of the same Mahjong tiles next to each other to remove them from the game.

- jugar a Melody Mahjong -

Captura de SlortAddictive match 3 puzzle game that’ll really get you thinking, Use your mouse to slide the blocks and match up the colours, be carful of the edges!

- jugar a Slort -

Captura de TzolkinThe Mayan's hidden secret is revealed. It can't be stopped. It can't be ignored. It must be faced. The power of Tzolkin is yours. Will you embrace it? As the end of the world draws near, only one hope remains. Tzolkin. The ancient Mayan calendar holds the key to mankind's salvation, or its early end. For those who dare to face it, they must unleash the hidden symbols in a puzzling and skill demanding game in order to unlock Tzolkin's mechanism.

- jugar a Tzolkin -

Balls Shooting
Captura de Balls ShootingBalls shooting game. Aim with your mouse and shoot the similar color balls.

- jugar a Balls Shooting -

Color Hex
Captura de Color HexPuzzle game that is easy to pick, but can introduce really hard levels. With in-game level editor for neverending fun. Tutorial in game, during gameplay.

- jugar a Color Hex -

Captura de ThunderBlocksThunderBlocks is an exciting fast paced match 3 style puzzle game with a unique 360 degree twist. Use your brain and reflexes to best the 70 stages before lightning strikes, and beware the Chompoids!

- jugar a ThunderBlocks -

Match 3 Neon
Captura de Match 3 NeonMatch the neon's, gain points and level up. How far can you get?

- jugar a Match 3 Neon -

Caribbean Treasures Mahjong
Captura de Caribbean Treasures MahjongYou have an ancient pirate map that leads to the treasure, solve all hundred puzzles, travel thru inhabited island, full of dangerous adventures, and capture the precious trunk.

- jugar a Caribbean Treasures Mahjong -

Monster Box
Captura de Monster BoxMonster Box is a game from the game category of Point and Click. Your memory will be useful in this game! You must break out all watches that come out of the box, but beware, you should never touch the same monster twice! Be quick!

- jugar a Monster Box -

Captura de JunkYardRecycling is fun but tricky in this physics puzzle game. Click away the junk!

- jugar a JunkYard -

Candy Shot
Captura de Candy ShotShoot the candy! Score points by shooting at least 3 copies

- jugar a Candy Shot -

That Way
Captura de That WayGet the smiley to the stars by flying shapes “that way”

- jugar a That Way -

Blocked In
Captura de Blocked InChallenge your brain in a relaxing yet puzzling game. The yellow block is stuck, you need to get him out.

- jugar a Blocked In -

Match 3 Jewel
Captura de Match 3 JewelMatch 3 Jewel, is a free match-three arcade style video game based on jewels.
The goal of this type of flash game is to get as many points in a given time frame as possible.

To achieve this, you swap jewels to form horizontal or vertical sets of jewels of the same color.The more gems you can connect this way, the higher your score will be.
Furthermore there are special stones as a reward if you connect more then 3 gems.

You can read the instruction for some detailed information or just start playing, it won´t be hard to figure it out while you are doing it.

Created by

- jugar a Match 3 Jewel -

Colorful Pumpkins - Match 3
Captura de Colorful Pumpkins - Match 3Click the two similar pumpkins and match three or more pumpkins

- jugar a Colorful Pumpkins - Match 3 -

Diamond Chess
Captura de Diamond ChessClick a diamond and then a lattice. If there is at least one way for the diamond going to the lattice, then the diamond will be moved to this lattice. Five or more diamonds in a group will removed those diamonds.

- jugar a Diamond Chess -

Feed the Mooks
Captura de Feed the MooksHelp fill the belly of a Mook today! In this unique physics game which blends genres

- jugar a Feed the Mooks -

Aztec Tower Mahjong
Captura de Aztec Tower MahjongClick at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted. Twenty levels, impressive quality graphics, relaxing music are main features of this free mahjong.

- jugar a Aztec Tower Mahjong -

Zuma Ball
Captura de Zuma BallFun Zuma type of game, shoot balls and get 3 of the same balls in a row.

- jugar a Zuma Ball -

My Hero Factory
Captura de My Hero FactoryThe game throws you in the role of the item shop keeper in a not so fantasy/medieval world. You role is to gear up the local peasants for them they become warriors (provided a little money), and die happily for the sake of the kingdom (and your shop of course) facing hordes of organised monsters.

- jugar a My Hero Factory -

Polar Slide
Captura de Polar SlideA fun puzzle game with the aim to move all marked blocks to the designated destinations. Push and crack ice cubes with your bulldozer on your way to the goal! The less moves you do – the higher score is. If you complete the level in the shortest way you get five stars. Solve all levels and unlock all achievements! OK, let's train your brain now!

- jugar a Polar Slide -

Captura de SwapArrange the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same color in a row. To move an smiley face click on an face and then click on another smiley face that is to the left right above or below the first smiley face you clicked on.

- jugar a Swap -

Mahjong Kingdoms
Captura de Mahjong KingdomsMahjong Kingdoms offers a very addictive quick play mode that gets the players competing for high scores on the leader board. To try different difficulties or just to play a different tile layout or see different backgrounds, simply try the adventure mode. No matter if you are a newcomer or a seasoned player; this game will entertain you.

- jugar a Mahjong Kingdoms -

FlyTangle 2
Captura de FlyTangle 2FlyTangle is a puzzle game. Your goal is to move flies around, until the lines between them don't cross.

- jugar a FlyTangle 2 -

Captura de GolferrificHow good are your golfing skills? Smash the glasses on each level and try to figure out the puzzles.

- jugar a Golferrific -

Blue Moon
Captura de Blue MoonEvil spirits want to take over the blue moon. Destroy them in this brain teasing puzzle game.

- jugar a Blue Moon -

Stack 4 Stars
Captura de Stack 4 StarsStack boxes to collect stars. Avoid mines and black holes. Play through levels in the normal mode or play the fast paced arcade mode.

- jugar a Stack 4 Stars -

Stripe Physics
Captura de Stripe PhysicsPhysics based puzzle game. The objective of the game is to bring the red ball onto the platform, by using objects with different physical characteristics.

- jugar a Stripe Physics -

Black and White Mahjong 2
Captura de Black and White Mahjong 2Combine a black Mahjong tile with a white Mahjong tile.

- jugar a Black and White Mahjong 2 -

Captura de MahjonggClassic Japanese Taipai, a matching game where your goal is to bring down the stack of tiles to nothing. Can you tackle the stack?

- jugar a Mahjongg -

Rescue Bear 2
Captura de Rescue Bear 2In Rescue Bear 2, your mission is to save the bears. Click on the wooden beams to remove them and make the animals roll into the barrel. Play all 25 levels!

- jugar a Rescue Bear 2 -

Eluder 1.0
Captura de Eluder 1.0Eluder is a challenging platform game with many mechanics for easier environmental travel and defense. Learn and understand each puzzle's pattern and progress until the end. Do not play if you don't enjoy challenging games. Controls: Movement - Arrow Keys Jump - Space Bar Additional control explanation in "Tutorial Mode".

- jugar a Eluder 1.0 -

Captura de 15CastawayCan you lead the helpless castaways to safety? A twist on the classic mechanics of the 15-piece puzzles that are solved through the gliding of the pieces to the empty, remaining space. Hungry sharks, underwater mines, boats, secluded islands and the poor castaways themselves populate 40 diabolical levels that will challenge your wits in this fresh take on a famous puzzle! Are you up to it?

- jugar a 15Castaway -

Captura de SundropsCarefully aim and launch your sundrops to collect all the pearls in each level in this physics based puzzle game.

- jugar a Sundrops -

Side Effect 2
Captura de Side Effect 2Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored sides in this new and completely free version of the game!

- jugar a Side Effect 2 -

The Jumpers
Captura de The JumpersThe jumpers are searching for a home. They travel through a hostile world filled with dangers. On their trail is a pack of hungry green ghosts . Jump carefully, one wrong move and you're gone.

- jugar a The Jumpers -

Pearl Breaking
Captura de Pearl BreakingDestroy all the pearls by clicking them in groups of the same type. Magic wand has magic power of destroying single pearls, you can get only five magic wands in each new game. To get high score, you need to remove as many as possible pearls at one time.

- jugar a Pearl Breaking -

Frogs vs. Storks
Captura de Frogs vs. StorksEvil storks have invaded the pond!! But the frogs are putting up quite a fight!! Navigate your frogs on the other side of the pond without getting eaten by the storks and collect all the goodies along the way! But beware, this seemingly easy game gets harder fast! Before you know it, you'll be thinking your way out of desperate situations in this fun and addicting board/puzzle game where each level is different every time you play it!!!

- jugar a Frogs vs. Storks -

Angry Cat
Captura de Angry CatA group of greedy pigs want to go to a cat's home to steal its food. Now, they are marching to the cat's home. The cat is very angry. Come to help the cat protect its home and food. Come on, get a high score!

- jugar a Angry Cat -

Jelly Cannon
Captura de Jelly CannonA shooting puzzle with a nice soft body physics.

- jugar a Jelly Cannon -

Rabbit Po Rabbit Cubs Cake Bumper
Captura de Rabbit Po Rabbit Cubs Cake Bumperfruit can add a lot of energy! the children to eat more fruits oh The best casual games

- jugar a Rabbit Po Rabbit Cubs Cake Bumper -

Deep Ocean Bubble
Captura de Deep Ocean BubbleThis is a game similar to Puzzle Bobble. By controlling the fort, player is to eliminate bubbles on the screen by controlling the fort. The higher the stage number is, the greater the difficulty will be.

- jugar a Deep Ocean Bubble -

Captura de FlyTangleMove flies and make connections between them not to cross each other.

- jugar a FlyTangle -

Captura de DeleteGet the Red ball to the door by deleting the wooden blocks.

- jugar a Delete -

GYro Ball
Captura de GYro BallBall Game

- jugar a GYro Ball -

Angkor Quest
Captura de Angkor QuestFree greatly addictive arcade game with excellent graphics by Take a fascinating quest on the ruins of the ancient temples of Angkor. Solve the puzzles to win in this exciting online match 3 game.

- jugar a Angkor Quest -

Desire To Fall
Captura de Desire To FallUnder your control drop of oil! Goal of the game as deeply as possible to divert the "black gold ", but it is not easy, because the screen is moving inexorably upwards!

- jugar a Desire To Fall -

Purple Invaders
Captura de Purple InvadersPurple Invaders is 30 levels of challenging physics puzzles levels and is inspired by Red Remover. Keep the green smilies on the screen and get rid of the purple invaders, what could be more simple. The game gets progressively harder throughout with some really fiendish levels at the end.

- jugar a Purple Invaders -

Jungle Way
Captura de Jungle WayJungle Way is fun jungle themed puzzle game.

- jugar a Jungle Way -

Captura de InfectuousClick a neighbour cell to get influence on its group. Click on another neighbour cells until you or you opponent get stuck. The most influence one wins the game. As easy as playing rock-paper-scissors for anyone that love a speedy puzzle-strategy games.

- jugar a Infectuous -

Chick Shower
Captura de Chick Showeryou can play with your mouse

- jugar a Chick Shower -

Ping Break
Captura de Ping BreakPing Break is a nice puzzle games, where you break the ball and go to next level.

- jugar a Ping Break -

Hop And Pop
Captura de Hop And PopHop and Pop the Easter bunnies are holding their yearly competition to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. Play as Hop in this challenging bubble shooter, and try to defeat Pop by collecting the most eggs before the time runs out! Do this by aiming colored eggs at the giant egg wheel, trying to match 3 of the same color. Don't forget you can hop around, to make the perfect shot!

- jugar a Hop And Pop -

Bloons 2: Spring Fling
Captura de Bloons 2: Spring FlingSpring is here! Bloons is back with a basket full of brand new Spring themed levels. Help Monkey find his lounge chair on the beach by getting through all 48 levels - and can you find the 2 secret levels?

- jugar a Bloons 2: Spring Fling -

Hit Ball
Captura de Hit BallKnock out all the red balls and blocks. Do not let your ball fall into the pit. Use ricochet. If your ball is rolling very slowly, you can click "Skip". Be smart, shoot accurately. Use the opportunity to save the ball. Good luck!

- jugar a Hit Ball -

Ninja Dog
Captura de Ninja Dog

Ninja Dog es un genial juego de física arcade. Un malvado brujo ha convertido en perro al ninja más valiente de la región. Para recuperar su forma original el intrépido Ninja Dog deberá completar 46 niveles repletos de sorpresas, humor y peligros.

El juego tiene un guión lleno de humor, gráficos espectaculares, banda sonora pegadiza y jugabilidad extremadamente adictiva.

- jugar a Ninja Dog -

Morpho Ball
Captura de Morpho BallHelp the Morpho Ball to save his girlfriend. He can move and change the size to complete his task. Use Up and Down keys to become bigger or smaller.

- jugar a Morpho Ball -

Thirsty Parrot Remixed
Captura de Thirsty Parrot RemixedFind the fruity combos and keep the thirsty parrot happy. This juicy matching-game will test your speed and eye for fruit. Remember - Polly wants juice, so you better start squeezing some fruit!

- jugar a Thirsty Parrot Remixed -

Captura de bloXplatterSplat blocks through 35+ levels earning tons of sweet medals!

- jugar a bloXplatter -

Penquin Pass
Captura de Penquin PassGet your penquin to the other side of the water by building an ice walkway with various shapes.

- jugar a Penquin Pass -

Captura de G-BlocksManipulate gravity, stack or destroy blocks, and head for the goal in this challenging puzzler!

- jugar a G-Blocks -

Zodiac Starz
Captura de Zodiac StarzBecome the Zodiac master in this fast and fun collapse-style game. Collect the stars and complete the twelve astrological signs!

- jugar a Zodiac Starz -

Pudding Strike
Captura de Pudding StrikeIn the world of candies, players take control of a flock of pudding citizens that are attempting to rescue their princess that have been stolen by a group of evil puddings. On each level, the evil puddings are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as chocolate, jelly drops and cookies, and the object of the game is to eliminate all the evil puddings in the level. Using a slingshot, players launch the pudding citizens with the intent of either hitting the evil puddings directly or damaging the structures, which would cause them to collapse and kill the evil puddings. In various stages of the game, additional objects such as explosive candies are found in the levels, and may be used in conjunction with the puddings.

- jugar a Pudding Strike -

Happy Easter
Captura de Happy EasterClick and drag a row of eggs, forming groups of three or more eggs. Collecting 100 eggs will take you to the next level. You will get bonus At the end of each level. The game has a time limit of four minutes.

- jugar a Happy Easter -

Color Cleaner
Captura de Color CleanerThe aim in Color Cleaner is to remove every shape using the number of clicks allowed. When shapes of the same color touch, they can be removed with just one click. 30 levels to conquer in this fun puzzle physics game. Can you figure out every level?

- jugar a Color Cleaner -

Captura de BlopsBlops is an addicting match-3 game with stunning graphics and addicting gameplay! Playable on both computer and android devices!

- jugar a Blops -

chained smiley unplugged

- jugar a chained smiley unplugged -

Captura de CounterLimitVery addictive bubble shoot game

- jugar a CounterLimit -

Birds on a wire
Captura de Birds on a wireMake them noisy birds go away in this fun match-three shooter.

- jugar a Birds on a wire -

Captura de TwinsThe object of this game is to destroy all the balls by connecting pairs of the same colour. The line you use to connect a pair cannot bend more than twice. It is not difficult to find the pairs but the essence of the game is to find them as quickly as possible, it's all about speed.

- jugar a Twins -

Catburger factory
Captura de Catburger factoryBuild pipes for meat, stakes and other food in catburger factory.

- jugar a Catburger factory -

The Jellybeans (rainbow quest)
Captura de The Jellybeans (rainbow quest)It´s time for Jellybeans to explore the sky, but prepare to face a big jellybean mess, think fast and be careful. This time you have to arrange 3 similar characters in a row or a column to make them disappear and earn maximum points to get to the next level, remember if a rainbow appears and your are in trouble click it.

- jugar a The Jellybeans (rainbow quest) -

Captura de ImpaleGet fun in killing zombies by sharp spikes, saws and other traps

- jugar a Impale -

Captura de Stack-ItGet the square and target to touch!

- jugar a Stack-It -

Acool Diamond Blocks
Captura de Acool Diamond BlocksDescription A classic nostalgic game developed by Acool Games. Maybe each one has a deep impression about the classic game with lasting appeal, Tetris, within several simple blocks can bring you a variety of joys. Controls Use keyboard to control. Press ↑to rotate, spacebar to drop, ←/→ to shift to left/right. Pause the game if necessary by pressing 'P'.

- jugar a Acool Diamond Blocks -

Crash the Robot!
Captura de Crash the Robot!Physics-based puzzle game with 45 unique levels. Use bombs, bring into operation different mechanisms and you will know how many ways of robot destruction exist. A diverse gameplay will not let you get bored!

- jugar a Crash the Robot! -

Captura de RoboSocketsRoboSockets is a juicy mix of tetris, pipes and match 3 game mechanics resulting in the truly unique gameplay. It’s as simple as genius and brings a breath of fresh air to the tried bejeweled-type games. Apart from introducing brand new gameplay, RoboSockets boasts of classic for a quality title virtues: cheerful UI, intense graphics and a vast replayability potential. Full version of RoboSockets is available for iPhone and iPod touch at iTunes App Store. Full version includes: unlockable facts of RoboCivilization, Facebook integration, more game modes including story mode, Retina display support, global achievements package and regular updates: Become a fan of RoboSockets:

- jugar a RoboSockets -

Bubble Shoot
Captura de Bubble ShootClear bubbles from the board by shooting with water gun and reach the target score before the timer runs out to advance level. Score as many points as possible.

- jugar a Bubble Shoot -

Ancient Persia Mahjong
Captura de Ancient Persia MahjongNew picturesque addictive variation of ancient game. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted

- jugar a Ancient Persia Mahjong -

Captura de JoltBallPuzzle Game.

- jugar a JoltBall -

Build Fast
Captura de Build FastStack all the blocks without letting any of them fall! Carefully position them quickly before time runs out and they fall on their own. Move the mouse to place blocks.

- jugar a Build Fast -

Bloons 2 Distribute
Captura de Bloons 2 DistributePop your way through 100 levels of Bloons 2, with all your favorite bloon types from the original and some brand new ones like reverse gravity, monkey ace and camo bloons! Get stuck on a level? You can watch a solution of the level you are stuck on, or if you really just want to pass it, you can use a super monkey to blast through it!

- jugar a Bloons 2 Distribute -

Beads Break
Captura de Beads BreakBreak the adjacent beads of the same color before timer over.

- jugar a Beads Break -

Captura de MoleculariaWow, use atoms to make molecules! :o

- jugar a Molecularia -

Hungry Shapes 2
Captura de Hungry Shapes 2Feed the hungry shapes again in this addictive physics puzzle.

- jugar a Hungry Shapes 2 -

Bubblins 60s
Captura de Bubblins 60sYou have 60 seconds to match as many Bubblins as you can!

- jugar a Bubblins 60s -

Captura de TriPopA classic match three game with two modes. In timed you can play against the clock, in skilled you can almost play infinitely with no time pressure.

- jugar a TriPop -

Brickshooter deluxe
Captura de Brickshooter deluxeBrickShooter is a uniquely addictive challenging game for strategists of all levels. Try to clean field from colored bricks during 60 levels.

- jugar a Brickshooter deluxe -

Captura de AstekaMemoLocate matching blocks diagonally, vertically or horizontally. You get to the next level once all blocks are cleared. The more blocks of the same value you clear in a row, the higher you will score. There are three game levels. If time runs out or if there are no more moves to make, the game is over. The faster you clear the level the more bonus you will get.

- jugar a AstekaMemo -

Captura de iFindFind different hidden shapes throughout a variety of visually stunning levels. Can you find them all before time runs out...

- jugar a iFind -

Toy Station Defence
Captura de Toy Station DefenceTower defence free online strategy game by There is a real war in the toy supermarket. Your task is to defend the toy station from toy-enemies. You can buy any of 5 weapons and put them only in the special cells. Win the battle and pass to the next level. There are 5 skill levels and 20 waves in each for addictive and tense gameplay.

- jugar a Toy Station Defence -

Lord Of Pearls
Captura de Lord Of PearlsBecome a master of pearls! Colorful match3 under water, hold pearls and Trim weight.

- jugar a Lord Of Pearls -

Boss Mahjong
Captura de Boss MahjongBoss challenges you to play the game. Be the winner! Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened.

- jugar a Boss Mahjong -

Forest Labyrinth
Captura de Forest LabyrinthUse all your skill and logic while playing this addictive nice game. Help the hedgehog to move the fruit into the special cells. The game has 20 levels and next level is harder than the previous one. Score points and publish online.

- jugar a Forest Labyrinth -

Insect Defence
Captura de Insect DefenceYour goal is to defence the food from insects. Put the weapon into special quads.

- jugar a Insect Defence -

Captura de BuildrisBuild your way to the top or sometimes to the bottom! Buildris is based upon Tetris, although it has a really unique gameplay. Use special tiles to reach the ‘Gold Tile’ through 50 levels or try to make the best levels with the Editor, so we can use it in our upcoming new game: Buldris Player’s Pack.

- jugar a Buildris -

Egypt Crystals
Captura de Egypt CrystalsVery interesting game in a genre match3. The Egyptian atmosphere won't leave you for a second. With each new level your purpose will increase, and time for purpose performance to decrease. How many levels you can pass?

- jugar a Egypt Crystals -

Cut and Shine
Captura de Cut and ShineEach level requires you to help a Sunflower to find the way out of dead block condition. Lead it through all 30 levels of the game and the Sunflower will shine of happiness. You have only one tool to use – a saw, which let you saw everything what is supposed to be sawed. But except of the saw you will need to apply your logic and sharpness to cope with the task. Be careful with the mushrooms! If the Sunflower eats them the laws of physics will be changed for it. Also stay away from the teleports – they can lead it to the most unexpected way.

- jugar a Cut and Shine -

Emma - It's Valentines
Captura de Emma - It's ValentinesJoin Emma in the companion adventure to Liliths’s Valentines day. Emma is preparing a tasty treat for her friend Lilith. Will the present arrive intact? Make up a story with your kids as you play through this Difference Spotting Adventure. Happy Valentines from the folks at Difference Games!

- jugar a Emma - It's Valentines -

Balancing Building
Captura de Balancing BuildingPlay this free balancing game absolutely free. Your task is to build the architecture using the falling blacks, rotate the blocks with the mouse. The architecture should be stable and as long as possible.

- jugar a Balancing Building -

Captura de JorinapekaFigure out possible path. Then click to start moving and gathering up points.

- jugar a Jorinapeka -

Cube Droid
Captura de Cube Droid

Cube Droid saves the galaxy es un original juego de puzzles que sitúa al jugador en el papel de Cube Droid, un robot militar jubilado que deberá acabar con la invasión de unos misteriosos cubos metálicos que han cubierto la superficie de los 6 planetas que forman la galaxia.

El juego cuenta con un apartado artístico repleto de estilo y está compuesto por 36 espectaculares niveles llenos de puzzles y acción con una dificultad creciente para los jugadores más exigentes.

- jugar a Cube Droid -

Ancient Egypt Mahjong
Captura de Ancient Egypt MahjongYou have a possibility to play the Egypt variation of the ancient Chinese patience game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted.

- jugar a Ancient Egypt Mahjong -

Captura de SandDropsCollect sand drops in the desert with your amazing puzzle skills! Put the sand drop pieces on drops with the same color. Can you make all the walls disappear in the 60 levels? If your sand drop piece doesn't match, you can toss it in the pot of stars. But beware! This will cost you a life.

- jugar a SandDrops -

Bubble Girl
Captura de Bubble GirlBubble shooter game with bubbles spinning around a centre point.

- jugar a Bubble Girl -

The Colorful Chess
Captura de The Colorful ChessThe colorful Chess ® is the most amazing variant of chess, and an excellent mental challenge. Imagine a classic chess board, with colored boxes instead of the black boxes. Four different colors defines four different movements for the pawn above each box. Welcome to the XXI Century chess variant

- jugar a The Colorful Chess -

Keep It Rollin'
Captura de Keep It Rollin'Play the ball to the target area.

- jugar a Keep It Rollin' -

loca ball
Captura de loca ballloca ball is a puzzle game that you win by explote all the balls shooting balls with the same color. - 18 level - many weapons - blocks and other object in many levels

- jugar a loca ball -

Aqua Fish Puzzle
Captura de Aqua Fish PuzzleThis is a very nice puzzle games where you are matching up cute fishes.

- jugar a Aqua Fish Puzzle -

Mad Diamond
Captura de Mad DiamondMad Diamond,a brilliant new matching game with many different challenges: Collect the same diamonds to eliminate and upgrade if your collection reach to a certain number. Enjoy it now~

- jugar a Mad Diamond -

Shot Shot Pirate
Captura de Shot Shot Pirate

Shot Shot Pirate! es un juego protagonizado por un simpático pirata que vuelve a sorprendernos y divertirnos, esta vez con un cuidadísimo juego de física. Haciendo uso del ratón y algo de astucia, controlaremos los disparos del cañón para hacer que las gemas emplazadas a lo largo de 32 niveles caigan bajo nuestro poder. Shot Shot Pirate! sumergirá al usuario de nuevo en el mundo de originalidad y diversión de la licencia "Roll Roll Pirate!" creada por DevilishGames.

- jugar a Shot Shot Pirate -

Super Dragon Mahjongg
Captura de Super Dragon MahjonggSuper Dragon Mahjongg is a new game by Flash Games. The Mahjongg Solitaire is very simple to play: match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board and expose the tiles under them! The game ends if you have no more pairs of identical tiles or you cleared completely the board. You can help yourself with 'hint' button (or press 'h' key) to show available couples but you'll lose points for this action

- jugar a Super Dragon Mahjongg -

Clicky Blocks
Captura de Clicky BlocksClear the board or face the consequence!

- jugar a Clicky Blocks -

Elemental Explosions
Captura de Elemental ExplosionsA match 3 game with an elemental theme. The goal of the game is to keep the elemental blocks from getting over the red line by clicking away series of same coloured blocks. The more elemental blocks you get in one series the higher combo score you get.

- jugar a Elemental Explosions -

Hexamania 2
Captura de Hexamania 2Hexamania is back, with new features, and more entertaining than ever!

- jugar a Hexamania 2 -

Colorful Zuma
Captura de Colorful ZumaZuma classic game. Faster Oh! Challenge is here! Left mouse click launches the ball, scroll to the track at the end of the marbles before they eliminate the hole with the ball can eliminate the three colors. The black ball is a special ball, which he hit the ball will disappear.

- jugar a Colorful Zuma -

Captura de EnjoyRemove the blocks to make happy faces get in touch with sad faces to cheer them up.

- jugar a Enjoy -

Zoo Escape 2
Captura de Zoo Escape 2After their first daring escape, the farm animals have been recaptured and sent back to the petting zoo from hell. But does this dampen their want for freedom? NO! No one is going to deny these poor, unsophisticated animals their freedom. Another breakout is planned and this time they're going to escape for good! It's your task to solve the puzzles on each level to allow the animals to roll to freedom! Use various objects in each level to grant freedom to each animal. Pumpkins, onions, bales of hay, carts, wheels, boxes, barrels etc can be used to help you free those animals! This new version of the game has more levels and more challenges! Can you help them escape?

- jugar a Zoo Escape 2 -

Scared Alien
Captura de Scared AlienFun physics game with colourful art and 30 different levels. Help to the Alien to get home and save he from bad tomatos and toxic slime.

- jugar a Scared Alien -

Captura de MonotrisThe objective of this Tetris variant game is to form basic Tetris shapes (tetrominoes) using falling blocks. If the shape and the colour is the same as the top item in the queue, it will be romoved. Remove all shapes from the queue to finish the level. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the falling blocks. Press UP key to rotate and down to speed up.

- jugar a Monotris -

Babel Tower Builder
Captura de Babel Tower BuilderTower Construction Game. Build the 20 different structures and earn money to write your name in the winners Board.

- jugar a Babel Tower Builder -

Zoony Match Lite
Captura de Zoony Match LiteZoony Match Lite is an addictive Match-Puzzle game which is easy to learn and simple to play. Relocate the Zoonies and match up 5 or more of the same color to help the Zoonies escape. Complete the game before time runs out. Use the Zoony Bomb and multi-color Zoony to help you out and be aware of the sleeping Zoonies, they cannot be moved. Watch out for the mushrooms, they will block your way for a random number of rounds.

- jugar a Zoony Match Lite -

War on Paper
Captura de War on PaperEnthralling battles, insidious enemies, sophisticated puzzles and much more await you in twenty levels of exciting new game War on Paper.

- jugar a War on Paper -

Christmas trouble
Captura de Christmas troubleCrafty Goblin tries to spoil our holidays. He changed some our gifts with bombs. You have to disarm as many bombs as possible.

- jugar a Christmas trouble -

Captura de BizzleBizzle is a combination of puzzle and billiard game. You have to put all balls in the table with a limited number of shots. There is no specific order of shot.

- jugar a Bizzle -

Captura de WinterGemsRelaxing Match 3 Fun for Cold Winter Days! Swap gems horizontal or vertical by clicking one after another. Match 3 or more items of the same color to score. You have 90 seconds. Try to make as many points as possible!

- jugar a WinterGems -

Red Menace
Captura de Red MenaceJoin the battle of minds against Russia's top scientists in a fun physics game!

- jugar a Red Menace -

Balance of Tower
Captura de Balance of TowerA physics-based skill/puzzle game. Balance the stack of blocks to the target area.

- jugar a Balance of Tower -

Power Puzzle
Captura de Power PuzzleRotate blocks to make pathways and get power to the finish

- jugar a Power Puzzle -

Easy Brick
Captura de Easy BrickThe Goal of the game is to remove all bricks from the board. The minimum number of bricks in group can not be lower than 2. When you click a brick, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks that are above of the destroyed bricks will fall down and merge with other bricks. To get a bigger bonus when you destroy a group of equally colored bricks, it is better to have as many bricks as possible. The game has 28 levels. After every seventh level you'll get a new colored brick and 5 magic bricks. If level is cleared number of magic bricks will be restored to 5 and bonus points will be awarded depending on number of colors in level.

- jugar a Easy Brick -

Demolition of violence
Captura de Demolition of violenceuse your mouse to drag and then release to fire the ball. get as many points as required to complete the levels. throw green blocks will give you points, but whites will not, and reds will cost your points. many unlockables is wating for you:)

- jugar a Demolition of violence -

Push and Pull
Captura de Push and PullA timing based action puzzle game that sends you flying through razor sharp blades to find the love you lost. Sometimes it will seem obvious. Sometimes it will be hard. Just remember that there will always be a way.

- jugar a Push and Pull -

Monster Match
Captura de Monster MatchYour objective is collect maximum score by exploding the similar monster tiles.

- jugar a Monster Match -

Hide Caesar 2 Player's Pack
Captura de Hide Caesar 2 Player's PackFollowing the success of Hide Caesar and Hide Caesar II, we present a new selection of physics puzzles, created by the community using the powerful level editor tool. Drop objects into the scene to shelter the roman coin from a hail of pebbles. Don't let the coin get hit by the stones or fall to the ground. All the features from Hide Caesar II return, including ropes and pivots, and Evil Caesar coins, which must be gotten rid of to pass the level. Hide Caesar 2 Players' Pack comes complete with a level editor and online hi-score tables.

- jugar a Hide Caesar 2 Player's Pack -

Barry Lost His Marbles
Captura de Barry Lost His MarblesHelp restore Barry's sanity by firing marbles out of his head and knocking him into his goal.

- jugar a Barry Lost His Marbles -

Isoball 3
Captura de Isoball 3The third installment of the smash hit puzzle series, Isoball 3 contains 75 new levels to test your skills, as well as 6 sandbox stages, 9 trophies, a brand new look and several unique block types to challenge you in many new ways.

- jugar a Isoball 3 -

Captura de TuboidsTubiods is a colorful game of puzzle with swim tubes in water.

- jugar a Tuboids -

Christmas Balls
Captura de Christmas BallsClassic match two game with Santa and cascade explosions

- jugar a Christmas Balls -

Goodbye Sadness
Captura de Goodbye SadnessThere are some sadness faces, and when they touch a laughing face they will switch to be happy. Can you make all these faces to say goodbye to sadness?

- jugar a Goodbye Sadness -

Deep Trip
Captura de Deep TripTake a deep trip! Ambient underwater soft-survival match puzzle.Match colorful jellyfish to get oxygen! Play to relax and concentrate.

- jugar a Deep Trip -

Ever Rising Water
Captura de Ever Rising WaterTake control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will raise water level! So Keep it balanced and keep scoring. Game also features many Achievements, Power ups and a Challenge mode.

- jugar a Ever Rising Water -

Holiday Frenzy
Captura de Holiday FrenzyHoliday Frenzy is a festive Slide/Match and Pop game that's a real blast! Drag rows and columns to make groups of matching holiday items. When you have a group ready, "Click it" to start the chain reaction. The bigger your chain reaction, the larger your score.

- jugar a Holiday Frenzy -

Perfect Match Fit
Captura de Perfect Match FitA classy twist of matching game and high scoring antics. Couple this game with fun pixel graphics and a post to your Facebook stream when YOU want to (think Farmville notifications... and then think the opposite). Just playin', Zynga. You know I love you just like I love Justin Bieber.

- jugar a Perfect Match Fit -

Ricochet Kills 2
Captura de Ricochet Kills 2Kill all your enemies with your gun by making a perfect angle and by taking a right shot.

- jugar a Ricochet Kills 2 -

Doodle Devil
Captura de Doodle DevilDoodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. And now you have to aid Doodle Devil in destruction of everything. You’ve already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you don’t know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you! Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies... which will destroy everything.

- jugar a Doodle Devil -

Balls of Elvis
Captura de Balls of ElvisClassic match three game with Elvis and cascade explosions

- jugar a Balls of Elvis -

Chiken Get Home
Captura de Chiken Get HomeThis is a puzzle game. Help the little chicken get home, repair the road, avoid the graue woelfe. Drag the road box, move them,repair the road , security get home.

- jugar a Chiken Get Home -

me and the key 2
Captura de me and the key 2Get the key in each level. Point, click, drag, drop, type and think ...

- jugar a me and the key 2 -

Bomboozle 2
Captura de Bomboozle 2A sequel to the immensely popular Bomboozle, which has garnered over 50 million plays to date, Bomboozle 2 is a frantic step up on every level! Group like-coloured blobs together in threes or more for oodles of points, and use bombs to create carnage on a massive scale! Run out of possible moves though, and your Bomboozling time is over...

- jugar a Bomboozle 2 -

Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates
Captura de Ice Breakers: Penguin PiratesWelcome to the next chapter of Ice Breakers! In Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates you will have to sharpen your matching skills to beat the clock. has added some new twists to the game such as changing the color of tiles and clearing a path for special items like maps to drop off the board. Don't let the first few levels fool you. Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates will challenge you! Get to it, Matey. Penguin Pirates await!

- jugar a Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates -

Golden Autumn Mahjong
Captura de Golden Autumn MahjongMahjong Variant: Slide 2 mahjong stones next to each other to remove them from the game.

- jugar a Golden Autumn Mahjong -

Captura de Maneuver----------------------------Controls!------------------------------- SPACEBAR - Reset level CTRL - Key shortcut to return to level select M - Pause or Play current song Click or P key - Pause menu Arrow Keys - Move around on platforms Right click - Return to level select screen, Mute, Play music, Quality, Particles Auto play next level will turn off if you return to level select screen. Achievements are on the second page!!! ----------------------------Description!---------------------------- Hurray my first AS3 game! Particle effects and everything! I'm really happy with the way it looks. I need to change my pants everytime I see the level select page. It's also my first puzzle game! And quite the original idea huh? :P Anyways I poured hours of work into this, please ENJOY!! For those complaining about the music, you can right click and mute or press M! :D And yes, all of the levels are possible ;) Even if they start off easy but get very difficult! See walkthrough here: --------------------------------Tips---------------------------------- - Platforms decrease their counter when move on them, so don't be decieved by their current state when you are on them. - Look at where the end to the level could be, sometimes it's obvious! - Getting rid of the nearest tiles as fast as possible usually works, if there is a 3 tile and a 2 tile, move back and forth between them! - Don't give up! Please I tried hard to make every level and even the bonus level! :D Soundtrack: - Lost Love [ ] By: corbetweller - Arival To Earth (Piano) [ ] By: ililililil - First Rendez-Vous [ ] By: Para (Koriigahn) And thank you! Enjoy!

- jugar a Maneuver -

Blocks Filler
Captura de Blocks FillerFill the empty spaces with blocks in this addicting and fun puzzle game!

- jugar a Blocks Filler -

Captura de FragmentsFragments is basically a combination of tangrams, n-puzzle, and a few other puzzle games. It includes 50 puzzles, each with its own par to to make things even more challenging - if you are up for it. The goal is to move all the colored shapes into the shaded area. Optionally, make as little number of moves as possible.

- jugar a Fragments -

Plasma Bubbles
Captura de Plasma BubblesWelcome to Dr. Raman's plasma lab. You are his new assistant and your job is to make sure that the plasma reactor is fed with the needed plasma bubbles.

- jugar a Plasma Bubbles -

Blosics 2 Level Pack
Captura de Blosics 2 Level PackAddition to the coolest game on the Internet - Blosics 2! - 30 NEW LEVELS !!! created by players, picked by the game creator - new unlockable item - LASER SIGHT !!! The idea of the game remains the same: you have to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them, there are many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish. Enjoy!

- jugar a Blosics 2 Level Pack -

Construction Academy
Captura de Construction AcademyFree online skill physics balancing building game by Build your own construction by placing blocks one by one in such way that the architecture is stable and not shaky. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to take new figure. To rotate the figure click the mouse left button. There are 20 levels with variety of items.

- jugar a Construction Academy -

Star Snatchers
Captura de Star SnatchersHead out into outer space, collect valuable resources and watch out for the police!

- jugar a Star Snatchers -

Captura de EclipseShift continents and invoke natural disasters to bring about the Eclipse!

- jugar a Eclipse -

Aztec Mahjong
Captura de Aztec MahjongNew picturesque addictive variation of ancient game mahjong by The archaeologists have discovered mahjong tiles near Tenochtitlan and now you have a possibility to play the Aztec variation of the ancient Chinese patience game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted. There are 20 levels and extremely impressive graphics.

- jugar a Aztec Mahjong -

Captura de MoonlightsTower building game. Avaialble for your iPhone, iPod, iPad with HD graphics and Game Center.

- jugar a Moonlights -

fire hero
Captura de fire heroSuper market is on hero is coming.

- jugar a fire hero -

Wake Up the Box 2
Captura de Wake Up the Box 2The boxes are back, and once again sleeping! Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the playfield.

- jugar a Wake Up the Box 2 -

Cuboy Facebutt
Captura de Cuboy FacebuttCuboy's hardworking Boss has decided to take some time off work. Unfortunately for him, Cuboy misunderstands his house-sitting duties and starts an innocent but catastrophic FACEBUTT rampage inside Boss's home.

- jugar a Cuboy Facebutt -

Track the Ball
Captura de Track the BallTrack the Ball is a sliding puzzle game featuring 28 levels with multiple achievements to collect and a level editor to create mazes and share them with players from all around the world!

- jugar a Track the Ball -

Captura de GemClixSmash touching blocks in this supremely beautiful, action packed puzzle game.

- jugar a GemClix -

Code Breakers
Captura de Code BreakersYou have a special mission. You have to break code sequence, before your time run out. First combinate codes with correct color, later becomes some harder combinations and combos. There are lot of levels, upgrades and achievements. Break the code to the system, time is running.

- jugar a Code Breakers -

Motocross Racing
Captura de Motocross RacingUn jeu de course de motocross dans lequel il faut progresser à chaque étape. A motocross racing game in which progress is needed at every stage.

- jugar a Motocross Racing -

Boundless bounce
Captura de Boundless bounceIt took me ages to finish this game because it's so damn addicting. Try it.

- jugar a Boundless bounce -

Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure Hunt
Captura de Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure HuntSearch for treasure on a desert island and horde Cap'n GoldGrubber's swag for him so he can retire.

- jugar a Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure Hunt -

Jungle Drop
Captura de Jungle DropYour mission is to find the four magical diamonds. Choose a column, click once to take the diamonds and click again to release the taken diamonds. Make columns of 3. The more diamonds you get, the more points you obtain.

- jugar a Jungle Drop -

connect master
Captura de connect masterConnect Master is a fun puzzle game to practice reaction speed, remembrance, resilience. It is easy to play, and it is good for any ages. The objective of this simple game is to connect two matching icons using three or fewer straight lines. It means that you must be able to connect the two matching pairs with a line that turns no more than twice and is not blocked by another icon. You are given a limited amount of time to accomplish this for all of the pairs of icons at each level.

- jugar a connect master -

Captura de Front2backThis is a tricky and challenging puzzler-skill game. Your objective is to get to the exit. You do this by jumping on and around platforms, rotating the screen and by shifting from the foreground to the background and back again. You can shift between fore and backgrounds at any time (while moving or not.) You can only shift if there is an empty spot available, otherwise you will remain in the layer you currently find yourself. Shifting and rotating are key components of this game and you must learn to use them effectively if you want to solve the puzzles. Also, take note of the angle of the lines on the outside of the shifting area - that will tell you the direction of shifting your avatar will take as you move between layers. Goodluck!

- jugar a Front2back -

Ball Blocker
Captura de Ball BlockerDraw lines with your mouse - sounds easy, hmm? You'll need all your skill in this puzzle game to unlock 5 different worlds and 50 level.

- jugar a Ball Blocker -

Electric Box 2
Captura de Electric Box 2Play the sequel to the world's most electrifying puzzle game!

- jugar a Electric Box 2 -

Perfect Hoopz
Captura de Perfect HoopzUse your skills and finesse to shoot some hoopz !

- jugar a Perfect Hoopz -

Captura de OrbitalUse gravity and well timed rocket thrusts to slingshot your ship around the planets, collecting stars and destroying debris while saving fuel and minimising time taken.

- jugar a Orbital -

Plant 'n' Flower
Captura de Plant 'n' FlowerIn this match and remove game, use your mouse to click 2 or more adjacent plants of the same type to remove them. Clear as many as you can before the sun goes down. Plants will move towards the Sun as it rotates around the game board. Take good care of Ms. Weatherspoon's plants!

- jugar a Plant 'n' Flower -

Captura de ColorfulDreamColorful bricks, colorful dream, in view of the colorful world, eliminate the colorful bricks, it can achieve their dreams.

- jugar a ColorfulDream -

Blox drag
Captura de Blox dragUse the mouse to drag the blocks so you can reach the exit point.

- jugar a Blox drag -

Pipe It 3 The Madpet Edition
Captura de Pipe It 3 The Madpet EditionThe best part of Pipe It games, created specially for kids! 10 levels of increasing difficulty and 10 Madpet animals included!

- jugar a Pipe It 3 The Madpet Edition -

Floating Mahjong
Captura de Floating MahjongNice Floating Mahjong Game :) Have Phun!

- jugar a Floating Mahjong -

Race With Rabbit
Captura de Race With RabbitThe tortoise is having another race competition with the rabbit. Will the rabbit be the winner this time? Let's try. They can only walk a line once. The faster the tortoise moves, the higher score you will get. Have fun!

- jugar a Race With Rabbit -

The Lost World
Captura de The Lost WorldBubble Shooter game with beautifull graphics. Follow the map and find the Lost World.

- jugar a The Lost World -

Big Bucks
Captura de Big BucksThis is a real-time property development board game. Unlike other board games, everyone is playing the game at the same time. Your objective is to bankrupt the other players and make the maximum amount of money. Buy, sell, upgrade, and rent properties. Manage your money carefully or you may find yourself forced to sell a property to pay a debt. Look out for power-ups, they can be used to help you, increase/decrease property values and hurt other players.

- jugar a Big Bucks -

Aequilibrium 2
Captura de Aequilibrium 2Physics-based puzzle with new 20 levels.

- jugar a Aequilibrium 2 -

String Chaos 2
Captura de String Chaos 2String Chaos 2 is a puzzle game, feating achievements, a highscore list as well as a dozen different worlds (such as volcano world, ocean floor or swamp) each with their different rules. To solve a level, you have to drag and drop marbles connected by strings around. Once no strings cross each other (turn green) the level is completed. The faster you are, the higher your score.

- jugar a String Chaos 2 -

The Same Cube
Captura de The Same CubeClic on the same cube And use color bomb

- jugar a The Same Cube -

Captura de BeadsSplit mode When playing this mode, the goal of the game is to make sure that one side of the field contains all the black balls, while all the white balls are on the other side. This will result in the background colours being purely black and purely white. Achieve (and maintain) this within the time, and you win. Mixed mode When playing this mode, the goal of the game is to make sure that both sides of the field contain equal amounts of black and white balls - this will result in the background colours being the exact same shade of grey. Achieve (and maintain) this within the time, and you win.

- jugar a Beads -

Captura de GearzzleGoal of this puzzle game is to spin up the orange gear. Move blue gears in order to transmit motion from the operative gear (green).

- jugar a Gearzzle -

Peg Solitaire European
Captura de Peg Solitaire EuropeanPeg solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. This is the European version of the game.

- jugar a Peg Solitaire European -

Captura de PazuruChoose box by select it to eliminate it. When the eliminated box is adjacent to similar boxes, the boxes will also be lost. Remove as much as possible so that the composition of the boxes are below the winning line. Do it as fast as you can before the lab rat is down in the liquid.

- jugar a Pazuru -

Ball Shooter 2
Captura de Ball Shooter 2Your Favourite Challenging Game - Ball Shooter with new themes and a magic ball to change your shooting position. Shoot fast, shoot smooth - remember you need to clear all the balls on board to reach the next level. The more balls you clear, the higher you score! So get set and GO!

- jugar a Ball Shooter 2 -

Busy Bee Restaurant
Captura de Busy Bee RestaurantMr. Bee's restaurant is open! As the chef, your task is to matck the food and drink ingredients with the ones on the conveyer belt as fast as possible and make sure the food and drinks could be served on time. Enjoy this fun skill game!

- jugar a Busy Bee Restaurant -

Special Agent Bunnet versus Doctor Dishwater
Captura de Special Agent Bunnet versus Doctor DishwaterSpecial Agent Bunnet answers an urgent call from the Chief of Police - only he has the lack of sense necessary to get up at four in the morning and drive around deactivating slime bombs placed throughout the city by Doctor Dishwater.

- jugar a Special Agent Bunnet versus Doctor Dishwater -

light up 2
Captura de light up 2The game light up 2 is here for you now, in the game you need to make all bulbs light up, can you do it?

- jugar a light up 2 -

Tetris Race
Captura de Tetris RaceUse your mouse and Space bar to play lay this fun tetris race game. Click three or more identical squares to remove them. Press Space bar to speed up the squares. The game ends when there are only diamonds left.

- jugar a Tetris Race -

Prism - Light The Way
Captura de Prism - Light The WayHelp the Bulboids illuminate the Glowbos in Prism - Light The Way a beautifully presented light-based puzzle game.

- jugar a Prism - Light The Way -

Captura de GlobsGlobs is a simple game where you match colors to merge Globs and get massive points. It's really addicting try it today! Control it by clicking the buttons at the top of the screen or by using the number keys on your keyboard.

- jugar a Globs -

Captura de BamBloxA fun game of breaking glass blocks to get a stack of blocks to fall.

- jugar a BamBlox -

Soccer Balls
Captura de Soccer BallsSoccer physics-based puzzle action game. Whether you like soccer or not, it doesn’t matter. Annoy the referees by kicking balls at them!

- jugar a Soccer Balls -

Electric Box
Captura de Electric BoxIt's time to think outside the box. Connect power from the power supply to the set target. Use the mouse to move your inventory. Click the left mouse button to drag it to the grid.

- jugar a Electric Box -

Noodle Shop
Captura de Noodle ShopHow good r u with noodles? Run this noodle shop and look after the customers, server 'em up the best noodles in the world.

- jugar a Noodle Shop -

Captura de Bananers!Save Monkey Kingdom in this puzzling game of logic packed with 16 levels, a level editor, and awards!

- jugar a Bananers! -

Sneaky Differences
Captura de Sneaky DifferencesYour mission is to use your sneaky skills to find the 10 differences in each photo.

- jugar a Sneaky Differences -

Pizza Puzzle
Captura de Pizza PuzzleMama mia! Match the proper ingredients to make the perfect pizza pie!

- jugar a Pizza Puzzle -

Thirsty Parrot
Captura de Thirsty ParrotFind the fruity combos and keep the thirsty parrot happy. This juicy matching-game will test your speed and eye for fruit. Remember - Polly wants juice, so you better start squeezing some fruit!

- jugar a Thirsty Parrot -

Bob the thief 2: the kort fnox
Captura de Bob the thief 2: the kort fnoxfind the fastest way to get all the gold and quit. upgraded level and challenge!

- jugar a Bob the thief 2: the kort fnox -

Maze Ball 3D
Captura de Maze Ball 3DMove the ball to the goal hole but be careful of the sinking holes, the ball must not drop at these holes. Exit holes are locked. You must get the key to unlock them. Move mouse around the labyrinth maze to tilt it and move the ball. You can design your own levels with level editor option in the game.

- jugar a Maze Ball 3D -

Lazer Maze
Captura de Lazer MazeLazer Maze is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 players. Each player controls a generator that shoots periodically. The players have to buy blocks which alter the shots flight or modify it in other ways, and reroute it into the opponents generator.

- jugar a Lazer Maze -

Captura de POGZOh noes! The POGZ have fallen asleep and are in Grave Danger! Wake up a POG by hitting it with a ball bearing and wake up all POGZ to clear each level. Can YOU save them all?

- jugar a POGZ -

Mr Felt
Captura de Mr FeltMr Felt Join the dots in order without touching the route

- jugar a Mr Felt -

Bottons Attack
Captura de Bottons AttackDrag, Hit and Score! A simple soccer game to challenge your friends!

- jugar a Bottons Attack -

Shoot the Snake
Captura de Shoot the SnakeShoot all the snakes hidden inside the pyramid.

- jugar a Shoot the Snake -

Donut Dance
Captura de Donut DanceDonut Dance - Tappi Bear Mini Game Series 02 Tappi Bear, roll your hands and move your hip, let's dance..... Who steal my Donut?! Do you see which naughty Tappi steal the donut? Can you help the leader to catch the petty thief? Pay attention, remember the last donut location and tap the bear. Follow the rhythm, Let's Dance!

- jugar a Donut Dance -

Rescue Bear
Captura de Rescue BearPoor Bear can not go back the nest,please click the wood and let the Bear get into the nest!!!

- jugar a Rescue Bear -

Of Crates and Creatures
Captura de Of Crates and CreaturesThis is NOT your grandfathers crate puzzle! Push all crates to the exit, but beware of the creatures who want to keep the crates for themselves. Kill bugs with "lasers" and fake crates.

- jugar a Of Crates and Creatures -

Captura de CheepersPut same colored balls together to make them disappear in this cute skill game. Make sure to clean all the balls as instructed on the right panel before your time runs out.

- jugar a Cheepers -

Captura de BlockageCarefully position colored blocks in this brain-melting original puzzle platformer.

- jugar a Blockage -

Captura de PuloBounce your way through 30 levels in this simple but addicting game!

- jugar a Pulo -

Save Cubes
Captura de Save CubesYour objective in this game is to save as many cubes as possible. Try to beat the highest score, if you can, off course.

- jugar a Save Cubes -

Potion Quest
Captura de Potion QuestRPG.Puzzle.Destroy 90 different enemies, cast 40 spell, mix potion to create magic.

- jugar a Potion Quest -

Captura de UNDERUNDER Petroleum compagnie Digging, collecting gems and finding oil Without getting crushed by the rocks

- jugar a UNDER -

Mushy Mishy
Captura de Mushy MishyMushyMishy is a flash sliding puzzle game. Try to score as much as possible and last as long as possible. If you have kept at least half of the grid empty when the timer runs out, you can advance level.

- jugar a Mushy Mishy -

Max Damage 2
Captura de Max Damage 2Max is back with new toys including a machine gun and laser. Topple bbq's onto fridges, burn bookcases and disintegrate microwaves! Cause maximum damage to pass 50 levels of physics-puzzling goodness.

- jugar a Max Damage 2 -

Drastic Elastic
Captura de Drastic ElasticYou play as a jumping blob to pass across 30 space ways and defeat 3 alien galaxy guards. (Inspired by "Jump!" on vintage ATARI 65XE)

- jugar a Drastic Elastic -

Grey Level
Captura de Grey LevelNavigate your space hovership towards the landing platform and avoid obstacles on the way. Play more free games!

- jugar a Grey Level -

Captura de LabyrexUnleash your inner engineer on over 40 head-twisting challenges in this engaging puzzle game.

- jugar a Labyrex -

Graveyard Golf
Captura de Graveyard GolfGraveyard Golf is a great miniature golf game set in a spooky graveyard. These 18 holes will challenge your skill and send a chill down your spine. Practice your aim while avoiding spiders, sand traps, and more.

- jugar a Graveyard Golf -

Toy Bricks Destroy
Captura de Toy Bricks DestroyPhysics based puzzle game, destroy number of box and make sure character does not fall outside screen. Green box is very elastic.Need to be careful!The blue box can fly to sky. Get the star, get extra score! Seize the right time, you can get the star and complete a level! Hope you have fun at the game! Total 32 levels challenge for you.

- jugar a Toy Bricks Destroy -

Gibbets 2
Captura de Gibbets 2Save the innocent people being hung by shooting the nooses with your bow and arrow. Be careful not to miss!

- jugar a Gibbets 2 -

Rainbow Seven
Captura de Rainbow SevenTry to complete the rainbow in this simple, yet challenging puzzle game.

- jugar a Rainbow Seven -

Flower Rescue
Captura de Flower RescueThe flowers in the garden are suffered from drought. Please rescue them by connecting the hoses and water them as quickly as possible. Come on and join the fun flower rescue plan! Enjoy!

- jugar a Flower Rescue -

Feyruna Crystals
Captura de Feyruna CrystalsFree the cute glow worms from their crystal prisons!

- jugar a Feyruna Crystals -

Master Mahjong
Captura de Master Mahjongmahjong game but with better graphics, sound effects and music. it will go very well.

- jugar a Master Mahjong -

Tropical Swaps - Combotastic
Captura de Tropical Swaps - CombotasticSwap the blocks & match the pieces in this new 'puzzle-mode' Tropical Swaps game! Put all the animals together to solve the puzzles in Fusetastic, or build the biggest combo you can in Combo Challenge, but make sure your stacks don't get too high or it's all over!

- jugar a Tropical Swaps - Combotastic -

Captura de PixelotlPixelotl is a laid-back 2D puzzle-platformer in which you control a salamander-like creature who on a mission to save his friends.This was a final project for a video game design class at Rutgers University. There are fifty levels split into five different worlds, each with different themes and challenges! Unique in this game is the use of elastic platforms/blocks and a controllable gravitational field. While most platformers have rigid and stationary platforms, we instead have different colored blocks which move fluidly and react to the player. Also, by holding down spacebar, you can increase the gravity around him, making him much heavier and triggering interactions with nearby blocks. Quick tip: If you hold down forward as you are walking or jumping into a block, the Pixelotl will automatically try to scamper up, letting you reach higher places! Also, some blocks will have different properties and powers to reach even HIGHER! Have fun!

- jugar a Pixelotl -

Steam And Brass
Captura de Steam And BrassComplete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screen, before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected to the system.

- jugar a Steam And Brass -

Captura de FlipStarCan you solve all starfish-flipping puzzles?

- jugar a FlipStar -

drop blocks
Captura de drop blocksStack the blocks! How high can you try?

- jugar a drop blocks -

Bob & Sam in Egypt
Captura de Bob & Sam in EgyptA very addictive game with many levels. Simply click on groups of matching colors to remove them. Every level offers a new and exciting challenge. Complete all the levels to return the gold to the pyramids.

- jugar a Bob & Sam in Egypt -

Captura de SlimeySlimey is a puzzle game where the goal is to collect points by collapsing rock monsters to piles. Player controls the main character Slimey and tries to avoid rock monsters that follow Slimey. You can move Slimey by clicking the arrow controls around Slimey. To stand still you can just click Slimey itself. After each of your moves the stone monsters will move towards you. They are not clever, so try to lure them to crash each other. This way they will collapse to stone piles. You should also try to get the stone monster to hit a stone pile which will cause it to crash as a part of that pile. If any of the stone monsters will catch you, you splash to death.

- jugar a Slimey -

Balls and Number 2
Captura de Balls and Number 2New version of Balls and Numbers! In this version added play skills (Easy - Medium - Hard) where you can play with positive numbers, positives and negatives, and Numbers & Formulas. Multi LeaderBoard and Social Network Connection. Destroy all the balls in numerical ascending order..and don't forget the time... enjoy.

- jugar a Balls and Number 2 -

Captura de MorpleeMorplee's planet is being attacked by alien invaders! Can you beat the mini-game tower, take out the alien mother-ship sitting on top and save Moplee's planet?

- jugar a Morplee -

MultiBall Rampage
Captura de MultiBall RampageHow long can you survive an endless torrent of bricks? At least, most of the time, you have more than one ball.

- jugar a MultiBall Rampage -

Animal Click 2
Captura de Animal Click 2second part of this great game animal in you'll have to find equal groups. Lots of action. You'll like it.

- jugar a Animal Click 2 -

Animal Carousel
Captura de Animal CarouselSpin animals in a cute game with happy music, make circles of four the same animals through 15 levels.

- jugar a Animal Carousel -

DooBoo Spidrix
Captura de DooBoo Spidrix24 exciting physics-based puzzle-levels with colorful impressive graphics and 10 funny characters. Game features: - 24 exciting physics-based puzzle-levels subdivided into three locations: summer, winter, sea. - 10 funny characters each having 3 animation sets and corresponding sound track - Colorful impressive graphics. - Merry music reflecting the funny characters, which creates fun atmosphere in the game. All this together is perfect for gruntling.

- jugar a DooBoo Spidrix -

Swap Girl
Captura de Swap GirlSwap 2 tiles to get 3 of the same in a row.

- jugar a Swap Girl -

Legor 3
Captura de Legor 3Legor is back! A third part of popular puzzle logic game! Harder than ever!

- jugar a Legor 3 -

Digit Bit
Captura de Digit BitAfter a close encounter with a rival robot, you make your way to the charging station. You notice that your movement function is being overriden! The rival robot implanted a chip into your motor complex! You must avoid entrapment while earning as much money as possible. Good luck!

- jugar a Digit Bit -

World Cup Pax
Captura de World Cup PaxPlay WorldCup Pax and Help your team to win.

- jugar a World Cup Pax -

Puzzle Blox
Captura de Puzzle BloxMove the red block outside in a short time. Looses score as time goes up.

- jugar a Puzzle Blox -

Puru Puru Fruit Bubbles
Captura de Puru Puru Fruit BubblesPlay this cute puru puru bubble shooter game, with cute pink puru puru :)

- jugar a Puru Puru Fruit Bubbles -

Magic Seeds
Captura de Magic SeedsPlant the seeds as fast as you can on the right fields and try to unlock all the achievements in 20 levels.

- jugar a Magic Seeds -

Royal Envoy
Captura de Royal EnvoyTake the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing game of pirates, treasure and hot-air balloon adventures! Don’t lose a chance to experience all of the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras: Take a peek at the authentic artwork, learn how the characters were created, enjoy the original soundtracks or get the magnificent wallpapers that will turn your desktop into a magical kingdom!

- jugar a Royal Envoy -

BallFrog 2
Captura de BallFrog 2Break your way through 30 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destroy all the targets in a single turn for massive points! Reach the end and see how well you did on the scoreboard.

- jugar a BallFrog 2 -

Banana Lure
Captura de Banana Lurelittle monkey wants to eat bananas. But bananas are at the very top of the trees. It has to climb up till the top and get the bananas. Please use the left and right arrow keys to make little monkey jump between two trees to dodge the poisonous mushrooms. Have fun!

- jugar a Banana Lure -

Age of Japan 2 (mid)
Captura de Age of Japan 2 (mid)Age of Japan 2 continues oriental theme, that you like so much. Classic match three blends together relaxing music, nice and harmonious gameplay. You'll pass a lot of time enjoing this game. The game's goal is not only to get three same elements together. Now it is only the instrument in the Master's hands. You are the tutor of young Emperor and you must not allow Japan to be destroyed.

- jugar a Age of Japan 2 (mid) -

To The Moon
Captura de To The MoonTO THE MOON Calcule la trajectoire pour mener le satellite sur la lune Computes the path to carry the satellite on the moon

- jugar a To The Moon -

Captura de FloodSave the city. Build the flood bank.

- jugar a Flood -

Turtle Run
Captura de Turtle RunDon't get squashed by balls as you make your run to the ocean!

- jugar a Turtle Run -

Captura de HexaShiftShift lines of Hexes using your mouse (drag&drop) to make groups of three or more Hexes. Bigger destroying group gives much more points! Try to destroy several groups at the same time to make combos. Two game modes: fast (action) and slow (puzzle).

- jugar a HexaShift -

Heartballs 2
Captura de Heartballs 2Shoot heartballs in a game of skill. Shoot as close as possible to balls with the same symbol and don't let too much balls on the screen.

- jugar a Heartballs 2 -

Brain Memory: Nature
Captura de Brain Memory: NatureBeat all the modes in this nice match card game. You need to start clearing the "Very Easy" mode to unlock the next modes. The Extreme mode have 66 Cards! Can you finish it?

- jugar a Brain Memory: Nature -

Dream Stack
Captura de Dream StackDream Stack is a relaxing game based on physics engine. You have to keep the colored shapes from filling the screen. To destroy a shape, you must hit it with a bullet of the same color. If a shape has a pattern, you must use a bullet with the same pattern and color to destroy it.

- jugar a Dream Stack -

Ice Cube Bear XP
Captura de Ice Cube Bear XPThrow the ice cube bears into waves to set them free. Extra Pack with 20 levels.

- jugar a Ice Cube Bear XP -

Captura de GoonDooShoot the cannon - Realistic physics shooter game "I swear this is fun"

- jugar a GoonDoo -

Blast Up
Captura de Blast UpBlast Up is an explosive 2D platform physics game, that challenges your strategic clicking skills. Blast your soccer ball around the interactive levels, opening doors, breaking windows, swimming through water and more. Solve each level to unlock new courses and achievements. Compete against the world for highscore glory.

- jugar a Blast Up -

Sea Journey
Captura de Sea JourneyA unique match3 game for you to range the seas and seek for adventures.

- jugar a Sea Journey -

Tetris hell
Captura de Tetris hellTry to stack as many blocks before you innevitable lose. You could try to make lines but we know it's not possible. This was a quick project animated by Mario Sifuentes and programmed by me (Eder). Based on a XKCD comic strip. Mario Sifuentes - Eder Díaz - Digital Invaders -

- jugar a Tetris hell -

The Spline
Captura de The SplineMove the Spline in order for the falling ball to collect all the suns in this physics-based puzzle. Can’t get enough? Try the free iPhone version!

- jugar a The Spline -

Captura de ColorBoxMake Line with boxes arrows keys to move Dwn Key to choose color Enter for bomb color If you loose boxes You'll be eated !

- jugar a ColorBox -

Springo Bingo
Captura de Springo BingoSpringo Bingo is an exciting mix of Bingo and match-3 puzzle action. The aim of the game is to rack up the highest score you can in 3 minutes. Use your skills to free up number balls for big bonuses and don't forget to use your power ups wisely!

- jugar a Springo Bingo -

Treasures of The Ancient Cavern
Captura de Treasures of The Ancient CavernCan you solve the mystery of the ancient cavern?

- jugar a Treasures of The Ancient Cavern -

Farm Twister
Captura de Farm TwisterA new "twist" on the popular farm theme. Players must save their animals from a tornado by placing them in the barn. But watch out! The barn can fall victim to the tornado too, unless you upgrade it. There's an in-game store where you can trade your coins for more animals, barn repairs, power ups, and more.

- jugar a Farm Twister -

Firecracker Frenzy
Captura de Firecracker FrenzyDrag rows and columns to create groups of the same-colored firecrackers. Then click a firecracker to set off a chain reaction through all touching firecrackers of the same color. Click a bomb to set off multiple chain reactions in the different-colored groups around it. The larger your chain reaction, the more points you get. Collect as many points as you can before you run out of time or matches.

- jugar a Firecracker Frenzy -

Faraon Arcanoid
Captura de Faraon ArcanoidClassic arcanoid in faraon climate

- jugar a Faraon Arcanoid -

Dungeon Keeper
Captura de Dungeon KeeperDungeon puzzle game

- jugar a Dungeon Keeper -

Nemo Adventures
Captura de Nemo AdventuresFinding nemo

- jugar a Nemo Adventures -

Captura de ElectroSpinnerDo you want to try yourself in the role of an electrician? ElectroSpinner will bring you to the wonderful world of electric contacts, printed circuit boards and high voltage! Your job is to catch the escaped electric signals and bring them back to their sources. Sounds simple, but don't do hasty conclusions. Each circuit board has a unique set of components, some of them will simplify your job while others will make it almost impossible to complete. And the only thing you have under your control is a small spinner. So, prepare yourself for a challenge, this game will require both - your brain and your speed of reaction.

- jugar a ElectroSpinner -

Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time Machine
Captura de Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time MachineDr. Sweetvalley was performing a test run with his time machine. He ended up crashing the time machine and now he is trapped in the space time continuum. The situation seems desperate, but not all hope is lost. Dr. Sweetvalley managed to put together a small probe from the wreckage parts he can use to salvage all the lost time machine parts. Your job is to guide the probe and find the time machine parts scattered around numerous levels. Good luck!

- jugar a Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time Machine -

Tropical Swaps
Captura de Tropical SwapsSwap the blocks & match the pieces, blow up the bombs, and try not to get swamped in this fun-filled original action puzzle game! Sounds simple, right? But watch out! The more moves you make the faster the pieces fall in, and then there are the fused pieces, bombs, special bonuses and more! With a full in-game tutorial to get you started, and a series of Masterclasses to show you some advanced techniques, this is one puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more!

- jugar a Tropical Swaps -

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
Captura de Farm Frenzy 3: Russian RouletteFarm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette Enjoy one hour for free! Download Now Scarlett is back in an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure that's out of this world! Having restored farms and fed people all over the world, the plucky heroine of Farm Frenzy 3 thinks she's done it all. But when she learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made a crooked deal with a no-good contractor, she sets her sights higher than ever, vowing to prove herself worthy of taking over the account and feeding the hard-working space walkers three squares a day. To succeed, she'll need to use new buildings, products and friends as she grows crops, feeds animals, collects produce and manufactures goods. Don't miss this exciting new chapter in the award-winning and astronomically fun Farm Frenzy series!

- jugar a Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette -

FootBall Match
Captura de FootBall MatchFootBall Match is a flash football matching game. The aim of the game is to match three or more footballs of the same color.

- jugar a FootBall Match -

Captura de ColtrisMatch at least three falling blocks of the same color to make them disappear.

- jugar a Coltris -

Bricks Puzzle
Captura de Bricks PuzzleThis is a fun bricks puzzle game. You can practice your memory in this puzzle. Click to find the identical bricks and remove them. There are 5 levels. Remove all the bricks before it piles to the top. Enjoy!

- jugar a Bricks Puzzle -

Apollo's Arrow
Captura de Apollo's ArrowThe Ancient oracle relies on the hypnotic fumes that rise from an underground stream to induce her visions. You are the god Apollo, returned with bow and arrow to defend the oracle and blast away the boulders before they plug the ancient well forever.

- jugar a Apollo's Arrow -

Captura de IheartPandaYour goal is to supply the sad people with cuddly pink pandas so that they become loving and happy! Launch your pandas from the PandaCannon and spread the joy!

- jugar a IheartPanda -

Urchin Merchant
Captura de Urchin MerchantSea urchins are a hot item and you need to cash in. Match 3 urchins of the same color to clear and collect them before the commercial company's net reaches the bottom. Collect as many as you can before the net takes away your livelihood along with all the sea urchins!

- jugar a Urchin Merchant -

fishy catch
Captura de fishy catchA fun game for everyone to match the similar color fish

- jugar a fishy catch -

Catch Watermelon
Captura de Catch WatermelonA simple, and addicting game. Throw and catch a watermelon. Throw a watermelon as far as possible to earn points. But don't ever drop it!

- jugar a Catch Watermelon -

Lion Story
Captura de Lion StoryA wonderful spot the differences game. Explore the life of a lion as he tries to fit into the normal family life. Find the differences to see if Lion can just be one of the gang.

- jugar a Lion Story -

Blurst 2
Captura de Blurst 2Blurst is back and way more action packed, with 2 modes! Let the 1337 players handle action mode or try if you dare, then head over to classic and compete for a highscore in new revamped levels and gameplay!

- jugar a Blurst 2 -

Eternal Space
Captura de Eternal SpaceArkanoid remake, BreakQuest style game where you have to direct your ball too the various shapes and objects and brake them! Shoot missiles, use the gravity and collect bonuses to make the highest score. The game nice to play at such holidays as: birthday, christmas, heluin, new year.

- jugar a Eternal Space -

Iris Twinkle Toes
Captura de Iris Twinkle ToesA fairy princess and her friends go on an adventure.

- jugar a Iris Twinkle Toes -

Captura de PuzzboxI am PuzzBox. Copy my numbers. Can you copy all of them? Use your number keys.

- jugar a Puzzbox -

Blobby Breakout
Captura de Blobby BreakoutThe game is mouse controlled. Moving the mouse to the right or left moves the bar along the bottom of the screen. Use the bar to deflect your blobby towards the bricks to destroy them and 'breakout' your friends.

- jugar a Blobby Breakout -

Go Home Monkey
Captura de Go Home MonkeyMonkey wants to go home! Collect the star and get rid of the red square then place monkey in the green area to proceed to the next level!

- jugar a Go Home Monkey -

Captura de CNXSShapes vs time.

- jugar a CNXS -

Fresh Burger
Captura de Fresh BurgerA skill game with a sense of humor! You have to serve as much customers possible within a given time limit. Cash in lots of Highscore points, but beware to lose a life, would be a pity if you lose all your highscore points. Make yourself the Burgerking! Please play, until the pensioner enters the restaurant. And please play with sound !!

- jugar a Fresh Burger -

Captura de EyeCandyTry out the most colorful match 3 game ever! Clear groups of 3 or more like-colored candies and get maximum score. Play now!

- jugar a EyeCandy -

Obey The Game
Captura de Obey The GameIt's time to listen to the game. Guide your elephant through an ever-faster game of thinking, jumping, and saving girlaphants. Survive as long as you can, but remember to only do what the game tells you to!

- jugar a Obey The Game -

Puru Puru Digger
Captura de Puru Puru DiggerPlay this cute unique puzzle game with Puru Puru. Collect as many treasure chest and gold coin. With 20 level total in game progression.

- jugar a Puru Puru Digger -

Fishy Hues
Captura de Fishy HuesFishy Hues is simple flash puzzle game. Your aim is to turn the color of all fish to a single one.

- jugar a Fishy Hues -

Captura de AequilibriumPhysics-based puzzle with 20 various levels

- jugar a Aequilibrium -

Sniper Hunter 5
Captura de Sniper Hunter 5Sniper Hunter 5 is a hidden object type action game. Your goal is to find all the bad snipers and shoot them down with your rifle. In every level you can earn points and spend them to upgrade your rifle. Good luck and have fun!

- jugar a Sniper Hunter 5 -

Block Sweep
Captura de Block SweepFill the board with all the same colours, switching colours and gaining to your selection! You must play strategic to complete the levels in the lowest possible moves, saving moves for the next round when you may need them. Spreading your selection will give you more covered area and will allow you more touching colours to expand too! Grabbing the +1 Gives you an extra life! The cross fills all blocks in linear with it!

- jugar a Block Sweep -

Breakout Classics Crusher
Captura de Breakout Classics CrusherThis is remake of classic arkanoid game with some nice features. Move with your pod, bounce with ball and destroy all block to finish each level.

- jugar a Breakout Classics Crusher -

Parallel Penguin
Captura de Parallel PenguinPenguin has their parallel world. Whenever penguin and it's parallel get power up, they will be transported to another world. You must control both penguin and it's parallel to escape from stupid walrus

- jugar a Parallel Penguin -

Monkey Escape
Captura de Monkey EscapeMonkey Escape is a flash puzzle. The aim is to match 3 or more monkeys of the same type. You can earn points when you match more monkeys.

- jugar a Monkey Escape -

Dart Challenge
Captura de Dart ChallengeDart 501 Challenge is a simple flash game. Reach Zero exactly in as minimum throws as possible. Player starts with 501 points. each dart throw reduces the score hit zero to close out and end the game exceeding zero is a bust, score is not reduced.

- jugar a Dart Challenge -

Square Ball
Captura de Square BallUse the paddles to get the circle to the square.

- jugar a Square Ball -

Captura de GreenatorHit the blue and yellow with each other and convert them into green balls and a lot more! 30 levels of fun

- jugar a Greenator -

Monkey Metric
Captura de Monkey MetricA family of monkeys are threatened by an erupting volcano, when the bravest of them sets forth to stop it in this isometric puzzle game.

- jugar a Monkey Metric -

Miner Discoverer
Captura de Miner DiscovererTry to grab as many treasures as possible.

- jugar a Miner Discoverer -

Captura de NabtorNab the green food to gain health and points, avoid the red aliens to stay alive.

- jugar a Nabtor -

The Budget Invasion
Captura de The Budget InvasionInvade the earth on a budget. Utilize whatever means to eliminate all soldiers.

- jugar a The Budget Invasion -

Bird Pax
Captura de Bird PaxKnow your bird packs and join them together to raise your elevation and rule the skies.

- jugar a Bird Pax -

Flowers rain
Captura de Flowers rainСatch flowers. The real physic simple puzzle game.

- jugar a Flowers rain -

Move the Blocks
Captura de Move the BlocksThis is an easy mind game inspired from rubic cube. There are 13 levels to complete.

- jugar a Move the Blocks -

Captura de Sokobanomania30 braincrashes levels sokoban-style game!

- jugar a Sokobanomania -

Penguin Escape
Captura de Penguin EscapePenguin Chuck was taken to the tropical. But it's too hot there. Please help him get back home. Click three or more consecutive identical blocks to remove them. The penguin will escape from the exit. Have fun!

- jugar a Penguin Escape -

Captura de BuzzleIf you like to solve a puzzle, get your mouse and play in Buzzle. Solve 30 puzzles by placing colored parts in a box in accordance with a gray silhouette

- jugar a Buzzle -

Medieval Puzzler
Captura de Medieval PuzzlerMedieval Puzzler is a nice puzzle with natural physics created in cool medieval style. Your goal is to assemble a picture.

- jugar a Medieval Puzzler -

Captura de DotBoxDo you remember the game you used to play back in school? Now play it online! Playing a DotBox Game is easy. You win by having the most Dot Boxes. Use skill and strategy to beat your computer! Simply connect the dot's and make Dot Boxes. The player with the most Dot Boxes wins.

- jugar a DotBox -

Flood Filler
Captura de Flood FillerFill the board with all the same colours, switching colours and gaining to your selection! You must play strategic to complete the levels in the lowest possible moves, saving moves for the next round when you may need them. Spreading your selection will give you more covered area and will allow you more touching colours to expand too!

- jugar a Flood Filler -

Captura de TBAShoot from cannon to cannon in this rapid fire puzzle/skill game!

- jugar a TBA -

Castle Escape
Captura de Castle EscapeFive great zones to test your skills at. You need to use get all the blocks to there corresponding exit points, sounds easy.

- jugar a Castle Escape -

Captura de ColliderixWith the right timing, remove the wooden blocks so that the same colored spheres collide with each other.

- jugar a Colliderix -

Neon Boxes
Captura de Neon BoxesDo yo have a good memory? Copy arrangements to complete the game.

- jugar a Neon Boxes -

I Love Traffic
Captura de I Love TrafficSend all cars from all directions through the intersection! Guide speeding cars through increasingly busy intersections and avoid collisions. Get the required number through each level to move on! Levels get harder, traffic gets fuller... get ready for some major gridlock!

- jugar a I Love Traffic -

Pixel Swap
Captura de Pixel SwapUsing just your mouse and your reflexes, race against the clock to put together beautiful pieces of minimalistic pixel art. The game features 20 puzzles (10 Normal and 10 Hard). Complete the puzzles as quickly as possible and submit for the fastest times!

- jugar a Pixel Swap -

Smiley Difference 2: Sports
Captura de Smiley Difference 2: SportsThe funniest Spot the Differences game is back with a sports edition! Find the differences in 6 nicely rendered 3D images of sports like baseball, basketball, soccer,...

- jugar a Smiley Difference 2: Sports -

Go Go Eat Fruit
Captura de Go Go Eat FruitMatch two boxs has same images, clear all box, level up. More Combo more socre. How higher score can you get! 16 level challenge for you!

- jugar a Go Go Eat Fruit -

Captura de EarthquakeEarthquake is a puzzle survival game, in which you're trying to save a life of an old lady. Place a different blocks in her way to help her escape the quake.

- jugar a Earthquake -

Infinite Scroller 2
Captura de Infinite Scroller 2You have three goals: survive, survive and... survive! Navigate through a never-ending scrolling maze and try to reach the bottom of the screen as many times as you can! Collect bonus items for more speed and other assets. How long can you survive?

- jugar a Infinite Scroller 2 -

Bubble Blast
Captura de Bubble BlastA falling blocks style puzzle/reaction game. Compete for the highest score.

- jugar a Bubble Blast -

Demolition City
Captura de Demolition CityDestroy each building and tower with your dynamite. Each level has limited dynamite and requirements for dropping rubble below the goal line. Earn money and beat all 20 levels!

- jugar a Demolition City -

Space Sokoban 3D
Captura de Space Sokoban 3D3D Sokoban with 669 levels

- jugar a Space Sokoban 3D -

My Shapes
Captura de My ShapesClick, swap, line up but play tactical to get through the levels in time! This puzzle game calls upon your sense of observation, your capacity of anticipation but also your quickness of mind.

- jugar a My Shapes -

Twist Bang
Captura de Twist BangTwist and match the blocks to create immense combos. Outsmart the fiendish bombs and locks, unleash the powerful glowing blocks and grab the highest score you can!

- jugar a Twist Bang -

Pest Beat
Captura de Pest BeatThe pests are everywhere in the vegetable garden and eatting up the veggies! The veggies are all weaponed up and ready to fight off these insect pests! Please work as a commander-in-chief and win this battle! Have fun!

- jugar a Pest Beat -

Rebuild Chile
Captura de Rebuild ChileHelp the children from chile affected by the earthquake/tsunami by playing this game. All the funds will go to Unicef Chile.

- jugar a Rebuild Chile -

Auway Sudoku
Captura de Auway SudokuFill in the puzzle so that every row, column and 3×3 box contains the numbers from 1 to 9.

- jugar a Auway Sudoku -

Captura de BigBlockBigBlock is another flash puzzle game.

- jugar a BigBlock -

Ball Match
Captura de Ball MatchDestroy those ball by creating lines of 3 or more ball of the same kind, play 90 levels.

- jugar a Ball Match -

Captura de Grid16Tons of small games, each getting harder and harder as time speeds up. Survive as long as you can in the grid. If you liked Four Second Fury or any of the other games you'll like this one :).

- jugar a Grid16 -

Swept Away
Captura de Swept AwayClean-up may be an unpleasant job. But what if you clean up in a game? In this game you will really clean-up, so to speak You can move broom or scoop to clean the floors of the garbage left by litter bugs.

- jugar a Swept Away -

Achievement Unlocked
Captura de Achievement UnlockedWho needs gameplay when you have ACHIEVEMENTS? Don't worry about beating levels, finding ways to kill enemies, or beating the final boss... there are none. Focus solely on your ultimate destiny... doing random tasks that have nothing to do with anything. Metagame yourself with ease! Self-satisfaction never felt so... artificial!

- jugar a Achievement Unlocked -

Raining Cookies
Captura de Raining CookiesIt is raining cookies! Every Deviant's favorite meal... So let's help Doggy Chef collect them!!

- jugar a Raining Cookies -

Captura de MaverickShoot your way across the screen while avoiding spikes, cactuses, and brutal gravity switches. Get through all 15 levels to visit the magnificent magic pig. It's a breeze!

- jugar a Maverick -

Gem golf
Captura de Gem golfGem Golf is a mini golf game with a twist. The objective is still to get the ball into the hole in the fewest tries possible, but you can also earn extra points by hitting various gems on your way to the hole. Can you find that perfect shot that will get you a hole in one and collect extra gems on its way?

- jugar a Gem golf -

This is the Only Level TOO
Captura de This is the Only Level TOODo you like jumping? Do like spikes? There are both in this game, and a handful of different ways to try to beat the only level in the game. Confront each new stage challenge with a sort of heart and dignity that we can only befall on our most noble of creatures. Also you can unlock a velociraptor, how cool how is that?

- jugar a This is the Only Level TOO -

Little Furry Things 2
Captura de Little Furry Things 2The Little Furry Things are back! Release the Little Furry Things down one of eight tubes to match three in a row. Use bombs wisely to help.

- jugar a Little Furry Things 2 -

shrinkit falling
Captura de shrinkit fallingshrink and grow objects to knock smiley off the screen

- jugar a shrinkit falling -

Captura de UnunicumMatch similar pieces into groups of 3 or more by sliding all pieces in desired direction.

- jugar a Ununicum -

Captura de DoeorikiDoeo is back! This time you'll see them team up with the animated rascals Gogoriki, known from 4KidsTV. GO GO DOEORIKI!

- jugar a Doeoriki -

Complete the Level
Captura de Complete the LevelFill the empty spaces on the playing field

- jugar a Complete the Level -

Captura de SushiCatSushi Cat is lonely. Lonely and very hungry. Help Sushi Cat out by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win.

- jugar a SushiCat -

Star Marbles
Captura de Star MarblesStar Marbles is a simple but addicting puzzle game that is just fun playing.

- jugar a Star Marbles -

Captura de WurmiesWurmies are finished when every open joint is connected to another and closed. Open joints should never touch the walls or the back of a wurmie.

- jugar a Wurmies -

Captura de AtomixThe object of the game is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by sliding the atoms around. This has to be done in a set time limit for each level. The screen contains a small preview window showing what each molecule should look like. The tile-based playing field contains a number of atom blocks, as well as walls. You can move an atom around by selecting it, and moving it up, down, left, or right.

- jugar a Atomix -

Click Adventure
Captura de Click AdventureUse your mouse to find all differences in the picture. Mind the time and your click count. Complete 10 exciting levels. Find all five random mistakes per level and beat your personal high score.

- jugar a Click Adventure -

Captura de SamebloxGame about destroying blocks.

- jugar a Sameblox -

Grave E Tea
Captura de Grave E TeaIn Grave E Tea, you play a tiney purple man named Bobert. Bobert loves to drink tea and eat crumpets, but strange things happen when Bobert drinks tea. Eat all the crumpets to go on to the next level, but avoid Jelly Ghosts. Eating expired Jelly can give you food poisoning and lead to a much shorter life, or even a game over!

- jugar a Grave E Tea -

Chick cannon
Captura de Chick cannonA physics based puzzle game,Put the chick into the coop by firing rocks

- jugar a Chick cannon -

Code Breaker
Captura de Code BreakerA puzzle game involving logic where you must crack five numeric pass codes in as little time as possible.

- jugar a Code Breaker -

Bubble Collapse
Captura de Bubble CollapseBeautiful and addicting matching game, with unique game mechanics, different ocean locations, and 30 unique coins to find. Be sure to try this one out!

- jugar a Bubble Collapse -

Tetris Cuboid 3D
Captura de Tetris Cuboid 3DTetris in 3 dimensions. Play the game on the 4 sides of a cuboid.

- jugar a Tetris Cuboid 3D -

Invisible Cursor
Captura de Invisible Cursor

Invisible Cursor es un concepto de juego original donde el usuario deberá guiar el cursor del ratón a través de 25 escenarios diferentes. La complejidad del juego radica en que el cursor solamente es visible durante unos segundos. Para completar todos los niveles el jugador deberá emplear toda su habilidad e intuición.

- jugar a Invisible Cursor -

Ragdoll Ballance
Captura de Ragdoll BallanceSimple physic game

- jugar a Ragdoll Ballance -

Easter Physics
Captura de Easter PhysicsEaster themed physics game. Get the eggs to fall into the baskets of the same color

- jugar a Easter Physics -

Imperfect Balance
Captura de Imperfect BalanceUnbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance.

- jugar a Imperfect Balance -

Four Square ii
Captura de Four Square iiFour Square is tic-tac-toe on crack. The object is to make square of four blocks of your color. Completing multiple boxes in a single turn gives you a bonus. Now remade with better graphics!

- jugar a Four Square ii -

Ready, Steady, Memorize!
Captura de Ready, Steady, Memorize!Ready, steady...memorize! Test your memory in a fun and colorful way. Memorize patterns of colors and replicate them by painting with correct colors. Difficulty increases level by level - how many are you able to memorize?

- jugar a Ready, Steady, Memorize! -

zodiac memory
Captura de zodiac memoryrecreate the zodiac that was requested

- jugar a zodiac memory -

Assault Carnivale
Captura de Assault CarnivaleHelp the wizard defend Castelul de Lumina from Blestemadian attack in 20 days! Each soldier kill will affect their surrounding differently. Make you movement carefully and blow ahead!

- jugar a Assault Carnivale -

Claustrophobia - The Maze Game
Captura de Claustrophobia - The Maze GameEscape from the shrinking maze. Avoid walls. Pick up coins to upgrade. Pick up bombs to blow up the walls. Freeze and back the walls.

- jugar a Claustrophobia - The Maze Game -

3D Logic
Captura de 3D LogicLink every pair of like colored markers to complete the cube.

- jugar a 3D Logic -

Captura de BalanzBalanZ is a fun and addictive physics style game where you have to build the highest tower you can! The game has 15 levels and 3 minigames to unlock. Test your skills with this challenging game!

- jugar a Balanz -

Dude Bear: Love Adventure
Captura de Dude Bear: Love AdventureCollect all the hearts and win the love of the she-bear!

- jugar a Dude Bear: Love Adventure -

Captura de CollidoCollapse smiley blocks in a fun match3 game with two game modes.

- jugar a Collido -

Twist and Shoot
Captura de Twist and ShootRoll up, roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - hit the pegs to win a prize, but don't get dizzy spinning the board...

- jugar a Twist and Shoot -

Capsule X
Captura de Capsule XCapsule X is a puzzle in which you should operate the tank by means of a set of commands. Your objective to put all capsules into holes.

- jugar a Capsule X -

Fruit Bubble
Captura de Fruit BubbleClear all the bubbles of fruit from the board, scoring as many points as possible.

- jugar a Fruit Bubble -

Pea Princess
Captura de Pea PrincessPlay fun puzzle games for girls with pea princess.

- jugar a Pea Princess -

Feed the Fish
Captura de Feed the FishFeed the Fish is a puzzle/skill-based game. Its gameplay mixes such popular elements as color-matching, feeding management and gem collecting. Player has to overfeed fishes in the shoal using other smaller fishes. This causes them to burst and release gems which player collects to earn score. The amount of gained score is critically dependent on score multiplier which in turn depends on player's speed and effectiveness.

- jugar a Feed the Fish -

Peg Wars
Captura de Peg WarsThis strategy board game takes moments to learn and but skill and practice to master. Aim to take over the board by converting your opponents pieces to your color.

- jugar a Peg Wars -

Captura de StonerMove the stones to appease the ancient gods!

- jugar a Stoner -

Open Doors 2
Captura de Open Doors 2Simply move the square to the X… again! But now there’s double-doors, collapsible floors, and switches. Plus, get medals for completing the puzzle fast and in the least number of moves.

- jugar a Open Doors 2 -

Captura de enDiceEvery puzzle consists of several Dice. Each Die has a number on it representing how many moves it can make. Move each Die to the Outlined Zones with no moves remaining. While some Dice can be moved easily into the Zones, others will require more strategy.

- jugar a enDice -

Neon Layers
Captura de Neon LayersGuide the ball to the exit by turning on /off sets of neon lights. Auto-Graphics is on by default, if you find this annoying click the ‘G’ at the top of the game screen.

- jugar a Neon Layers -

Captura de DisbandIt’s a simple aim and strike game, the aim of the game is to disband the black guarding coins and pot white solider coins & red king coin into the corner pockets to free them from the formation. The fat guard coins don’t move much and rebound everything that hits on to them, so be sure that to avoid them while aiming. Do not pocket the Striker or other Black guard coins or you lose a strike. Finish the board by sinking all white solider and red king coins in time and in minimum number of strike to earn maximum score.

- jugar a Disband -

Captura de HexagonTired of all the match-three puzzle games and want to try something new? Hexagon is a new type of puzzle game that brings match three to an all new level! Try matching 6 blocks at the same time!

- jugar a Hexagon -

Marble Twist
Captura de Marble TwistPuzzle Mode: Using the same selection mechanic, using the fewest possible moves, group all the coloured tiles together! Arcade Mode: Make selections by clicking any two tiles. Selections rotate depending on how they are selected. Match thr

- jugar a Marble Twist -

Block Breaker 1
Captura de Block Breaker 1block breaker game

- jugar a Block Breaker 1 -

Captura de RicochetA physics based game where you move the ball through a maze of challenges. Use the angles that the ball bounces off the edges to direct it where you need it to go.

- jugar a Ricochet -

Captura de TooMatchTwoMatch as many blocks as you can! Had too much of match-3 games? Try this easy to learn puzzle. Discover dual-blocks, bomb power-ups and more. Unlock time attack mode for some reflex based action!

- jugar a TooMatchTwo -

Captura de Whac-A-MoleWhack moles with your hammer!

- jugar a Whac-A-Mole -

Captura de StoblobsFind two similar pieces, click them to remove from the board. Clear all pieces to level up.

- jugar a Stoblobs -

Brick Yard 2
Captura de Brick Yard 2Stack physics bricks in 12 different modes, unlock new shapes and disasters, and rise your tower to the sky!

- jugar a Brick Yard 2 -

Match V
Captura de Match VMake lines of five gems in this relaxing puzzle game. Remove gold and silver plates to finish a level.

- jugar a Match V -

Captura de 78In "78" you got to make as many hands as you can to post a WIN over your opponent. To get a hand the only thing you got to do is to throw a card higher than what your opponent has played, ACE is highest card. When you deal - the minimum hands you should make are 7 or else you have to make 8. Whatever hands you make over the minimum for example when you are playing minimum 8 and you make 10 hands your score becomes 10 - 8 = 2. When any one scores more than 5 he/she wins. You can choose a trump color, which in that game is higher over other colors.

- jugar a 78 -

2 billiards 2 play
Captura de 2 billiards 2 playBilliards game with 2 rules mode - 8-Ball and Straight Pool. Play against computer controlled opponent or with your friend in player-vs-player hot seat mode.

- jugar a 2 billiards 2 play -

Blockular 2
Captura de Blockular 2Sequel to the award winning Blockular

- jugar a Blockular 2 -

Captura de HoneyDropPuzzle Game where you rotate the playingfield and match colors to clear the level.

- jugar a HoneyDrop -

AE Pipes
Captura de AE PipesUsing a variety of pipe pieces presented randomly in a queue, the player must construct a path from the start piece for the onrushing sewer slime, which begins flowing after a time delay from the start of the round. The flooz is required to pass through a given number of pipe pieces in order for the player to pass to the next round. Some rounds also include an end piece, which must be the end of the pipeline the player has constructed, in addition to fulfilling the minimum pipe length requirement.

- jugar a AE Pipes -

Space Lines
Captura de Space LinesDestroy Space bubbles by forming groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Click the mouse to shoot the bubbles, press the space bar to swap the colour of the bubble to be shot.

- jugar a Space Lines -

Space Enemies
Captura de Space EnemiesDestroy the space enemies by connecting 3 or more enemies of the same colour. Use the mouse to drag the space enemies horizontally or vertically to move them.

- jugar a Space Enemies -

isoball 2
Captura de isoball 2Sequel to the highly popular puzzle game, Isoball 2 brings in 50 brand new levels of puzzling mayhem, 10 sandboxes, a shiny new skin, and some very nifty new pieces to make things more interesting. - Use conveyors to make the ball go up into really high places. - Timing is everything when you are working with the elusive phase bridges - Think outside the box and utilize portals to teleport the ball to distant locations.

- jugar a isoball 2 -

Marbles Lines
Captura de Marbles LinesIn questo gioco le biglie sono allineati e gradualmente passare alla buca. È necessario per impedire loro di andare al buco sparando marmi a loro e li distruggono formando gruppi di 3 palline dello stesso colore. Se non si riesce a distruggere tutte le palline prima che raggiungano il buco, poi si perde la partita. Premere il pulsante del mouse per sparare marmi e premere la barra spaziatrice per cambiare il marmo da sparare.

- jugar a Marbles Lines -

Magic Stones
Captura de Magic StonesDestroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 magic stones, then you can get a bomb!

- jugar a Magic Stones -

Super Video Blox
Captura de Super Video BloxMatch blocks of the same color while looking at music videos from YouTube.

- jugar a Super Video Blox -

Mahjong Solitaire Challenge
Captura de Mahjong Solitaire ChallengeMatch pairs of identical tiles in this classic puzzle game.

- jugar a Mahjong Solitaire Challenge -

Captura de Mahjong2This is a Chinese traditional mahjong game. A player wins the round by creating a standard mahjong hand which consists of a certain number of melds, namely four for 13-tile variations and five for 16-tile variations, and a pair. Playing Mahjong with Kristina, Cindy, Victoria, win the game and save your score.

- jugar a Mahjong2 -

Captura de KikolorColorful puzzle game where you must match the colors, use your reflexes and manage your time.

- jugar a Kikolor -

Captura de michimindRelease the bears from the anti gravity spell by guiding the hero with three kinds of blocks. The blocks all have different types of physical properties.

- jugar a michimind -

Intergalactic Battleships
Captura de Intergalactic BattleshipsClassic battleships board game but set in space.

- jugar a Intergalactic Battleships -

Dots II
Captura de Dots IISave your pens and pencils, it's the classic game of Dots, in Flash! Redesigned, and now with two player mode!

- jugar a Dots II -

Cover Orange 2
Captura de Cover Orange 2Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain.

- jugar a Cover Orange 2 -

Captura de BlockiesBlockies is a light hearted, feel good puzzle game. Match 3 or more of the blockies before the grid fills up and try to keep going for as long as you can.

- jugar a Blockies -

Pirate Solitaire
Captura de Pirate SolitaireWhat do you get if you combine Klondike with Freecell: Pirate Solitaire.

- jugar a Pirate Solitaire -

Kids Mahjong
Captura de Kids MahjongFun Mahjong game for Kids. It starts easy but it gets more difficult every new level.

- jugar a Kids Mahjong -

Captura de CuborFun puzzle game, roll your cubes to success and glory!

- jugar a Cubor -

Factory Balls 3
Captura de Factory Balls 3A new Bonte game, a new Factory Balls! Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level ...

- jugar a Factory Balls 3 -

Blosics 2
Captura de Blosics 2Physics game in which you have to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them. There are many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish.

- jugar a Blosics 2 -

Invisible Runner
Captura de Invisible Runner

Invisible Runner es un juego de plataformas donde el personaje es invisible. El jugador deberá recorrer 25 niveles repletos de sorpresas utilizando su habilidad, intuición y unos ítems que proporcionarán visibilidad al personaje durante unos segundos.

- jugar a Invisible Runner -

Aztec Mind
Captura de Aztec MindExtremely addictive puzzle game. Over 200 Levels with Unlocking Trophies in this cool 3D game.

- jugar a Aztec Mind -

Jungle Gems
Captura de Jungle GemsJungle Gems is a fun online adventure game that everyone will enjoy. Jungle Gems takes place in the deep amazon so be careful while playing this wildly addicting game.

- jugar a Jungle Gems -

Captura de Pop!Sling walnuts, pop apples, and feed your hedgehog to win!

- jugar a Pop! -

Captura de BoomerangerTry to hit all the targets in this physics game! Play the game in normal mode or unlimited boomerangs mode.

- jugar a Boomeranger -

Sweet Tooth
Captura de Sweet Tooth"Are you a sweet tooth? I am! See if you can spot all the differences between the two pictures. Try not to get the the urge to eat your monitor"

- jugar a Sweet Tooth -

5 Similarities
Captura de 5 Similarities

5 Similarities es un juego donde el jugador debe encontrar las similitudes en dos ilustraciones completamente diferentes. El juego cuenta con un excelente apartado artístico y una jugabilidad contrarreloj altamente adictiva.

- jugar a 5 Similarities -

Snake Apple Delicious
Captura de Snake Apple DeliciousReally cute snake game with adventure and classic game modes. Adventure mode is full of beautiful stages and achievements.

- jugar a Snake Apple Delicious -

Captura de BalloManiaGame like pinball. Arcade with dropping ball.

- jugar a BalloMania -

Captura de ClickolorJust try to find the wanted color and click it with your mouse! How many points can you make?

- jugar a Clickolor -

Run sheep, run
Captura de Run sheep, runSave sheeps. Move blocks to eliminate bad wolfes.

- jugar a Run sheep, run -

Captura de isoballPuzzle game-get the ball in the hole by building a track using various blocks. The objective is to build increasingly complex tracks with more unique blocks to assist the ball in reaching the destination hole. The game is against the clock over 20 levels. Complete the levels perfectly with velocity to unlock 5 bonus 'sandbox' levels where you get to build as complicated track as possible for more points. Progress through the rankings from red ball 'novice' to black ball 'architect'.

- jugar a isoball -

Captura de NumberedA tough number-based slide puzzle. Solve the puzzles by remaking the required code.

- jugar a Numbered -

Captura de ElectronixElectronix is a match-3 game with a strategic flair. Arrange pieces in rows or columns of three or more to clear them from the board - see if you can empty out the entire thing!

- jugar a Electronix -

Blocks Blocks 2
Captura de Blocks Blocks 2Little Racoon is stuck in some trouble on his way home. Please build up a bridge with the available blocks so that he can cross the river and go home. Drag the blocks to any position that you think will eventually form a bridge. Good luck!

- jugar a Blocks Blocks 2 -

Captura de BobolzClear the table from balls by knocking them into each other. Hit 3 balls of the same color and they will disappear. Simple and addicting. Enjoy!

- jugar a Bobolz -

A Classic Snake Game
Captura de A Classic Snake GameA Classic Snake game, without too much eyecandy. Also my very first game.

- jugar a A Classic Snake Game -